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I’m a horrible person to fall in love with because I’ll introduce you to all these things I know you’ll love. And I’ll make you feel like a part of my family. And I’ll randomly send you candid pictures I took of you cuddling with my dog. And I’ll make sure you associate everything that makes you happy with me. And then one day, without much warning, but because I have to, I’ll leave.
Day 28

An older woman came through my check lane with a watermelon-patterned baby swimsuit meant to fit a one-year old. She said it was in the discount area, but she wasn’t sure how much it was because it didn’t have a tag. After much searching, I found the product code and looked it up on the register.

Me: Looks like it’s going to be $7.95.

Her: Hmmm…. that’s awfully expensive. I’m not sure if I love her THAT much….

At this point, I thought she was talking about a one year-old grandchild. I was trying incredibly hard not to laugh, as horrible as that sounds. She was just so…frank about it all. I appreciated the (horrible, horrible) honesty. I think I let out a snort.

Her: Oh! I’m talking about my dog. She’s a miniature poodle. Want to see a picture?

The dog pictures more than made up for my disappointment.  

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I just got out of a test I know I failed horribly and I was feeling absolutely awful but then I saw pictures of your weasel goblin and your beautiful jaguar and I'm feeling okay again

sorry about your test!! I always did shitty on tests I thought I aced & kinda decent on the ones that had me sweating afterward

this was an anxious day for me too (still waiting to see if I got into a MSc program), but the weasel cheered me by propping up my tablet

Okay so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and watch 13 Reasons Why. Big mistake.

If anyone suffers from depression/suicidal thoughts and are easily triggered, I highly suggest not watching this Netflix series as it triggered my suicidal thoughts that I haven’t had in ages and thought I was finally recovering from.

The series is about a girl who commits suicide who doesn’t have any signs of depression or mental illness at all until the last few episodes as things start to pick up and get worse in her life. She is a normal healthy girl who got bullied into thinking death was the only way out. The series doesn’t mention anything regarding mental illness and the impact it can have on suicide. It is the worst advocate for mental health ive ever seen and im just so disapointed that it got as popular as it did.

The series glorifies the satisfaction of death and how it’s the perfect revenge. It put more focus on the drama happening within the group of bullies after her death than her herself.

As a person who went through a lot of what Hannah did in highschool and wanted to die, I’ve never been so insulted by something in my life. The cute indie music. The cartoony pictures and the way she made her suicide tapes look pretty. Using TAPES because the 90’s are back and that’s vintage and cute so why not.

This is just not something anyone who is suicidal should watch. I’ve been trying to find ways to get my mind off the fucking show and I can’t because I am so goddamn curious to know what would happen if everyone found out I died. How horrible is that? I don’t need this

When you created an account to post the same picture of Keith every day but life decided to throw some shit at you so you haven’t been posting the same picture of Keith everyday.

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Hi! Sorry for bothering, but I was wondering if you have any tips for drawing people? My friend and I have an amazing idea for a comic book, and we have the storyline and everything together, and she asked me to draw the pictures. I'm horrible at drawing, so I was wondering if you had any tips? Sorry for wasting your time CX Thank you so much!

thank you :)

  Well Let’s draw!

Tip number I :Basics

i cant even draw a single bone of bone guy….anyway back to business, I mean boneguy

well damn….

thoes features will be our basic


btw lol sorry for my spell mistakes and english in general :I

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Oh my! You're from Austria? That's not much far from me! I'm from Poland but near Germany. And German is my third language, but well... I horrible in this language. But I still positively shocked that you're living not much far ^^

Hello! I’m surprised as well when finding out others are not so far away from where I live x) And don’t worry, German can be a pretty awful language! I hope you’re having a nice day over there in Poland ♥

hello everyone!! happy (early) halloween!! i drew questionable anime dads as questionable video game dads! why? fuck it i don’t know, it seemed like more fun than the standard halloween costume type thing

i chose bioshock’s booker and elizabeth for jotaro + jolyne because of alternate universe themes. handsome dio and giornangel was… uh… i guess ‘bombastically horrible villain dad’ was the motive there, in terms of who i could picture retelling Jack’s spoon story with utmost sincerity (giorno doesn’t want to be here)


I was tagged by the sweetie bby @study-ksj to post some random selfies!! ~  thank you very much for tagging me honey!! ♥♥ *huugs*

Ahh, Sorry for posting only one, it’s just that I loved the hairstyle of my hair and i thought this photo was a little better than the others heheh I’m horrible taking selfies hahah so yeah it’s me! *runs away*

tagging: @bamethyst, @cyphrs, @yusumii, @ryuzakki, @thaemis, @berribaek (you don’t have to do if it makes you unconfortable ofc) 

I am back finally!! Sorry, and hope to kick things off again.

Hey, I’m really sorry I was away and I didn’t have the ability to write or message anyone. I feel so horrible about it. I thought I’d be able to message Everyone with a picture while I was overseas, but I was doing a trip up and through rural areas.

If you are still willing, I don’t mind trying to do it again. The readings and more. It’s been a year since I have been able to come back to Tumblr. Been busy traveling and thought I’d have one chance at least to let people know with pictures of my travels.

I’m sorry to everyone, I care for you all. Sorry that it’s been so long.

I’m so sorry to everyone. I’m up for suggestions on how to repay you all. I love you all, and please message me whenever. I’ll be able to reply now I’m back home

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Headcannons? Wut r those?? How r they requested??? ((I'm still pretty new to Tumblr and all these fandoms 😶))

hello anon !!

headcanons are basically what you think a character does or how they act. i’ll explain more: for example, you could send me an ask saying: i headcanon that evan hansen likes to paint !!

it’s basically what you picture a character doing or saying that isn’t necessarily canon. i hope i explained okay ! if you want more examples, click on the link in my bio and have a look at my general headcanons ! hopefully that will make a little more sense

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Why is "nude fakes" worse than fanfiction? Should we not report all blogs who post fanfics too? Please inform me as I'm not very familiar with either. (sorry if there's bad english)

For those of you out of the loop, click here for what anon is referencing to.

The blog is posting photos photoshopped to look like sexual photos of RT employees. That is both humiliating, and also problematic on the small chance they start surfacing the web with people thinking they are actual nude pictures. As horrible as it is, the person doing it is pretty talented and that scares me because that makes it a possibility.

Fanfics are exactly that: FICTION. Firstly, not all fanfics are sexual, just a friendly reminder. They are written for fun and enjoyment, and keep things to your imagination. The majority of RT has said at one point or another they have no issue with it, and even make jokes about it, for example the Risingwood segment during On The Spot.

Fanfics are stories, and treated as such. They’re usually kept relatively PG13, and when they aren’t, it’s still just words on a paper (or screen) that aren’t hurting anyone.

The photos are trying to blur the line between real and fake, which is not okay.

The other issue is that the photos can easily be used to harass members of Rooster Teeth. If you don’t like fanfiction, you can just ignore it, or not read it, and it’ll never bother you. The photos are physical things, that can be tweeted easily, or linked, and aren’t ignorable like fanfics are.

I hope that helps you understand why they’re so terrible.