the picture's supposed to be grainy

Tyler Seguin - Famous Singer

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: can you please do an imagine where you are a famous singer and your boyfriend tyler seguin comes to your show. and PLEASE do an imagine about tyler seguin where you are a famous singer and there have been rumors you two are dating. And then maybe he comes to one of your shows and you confirm it.

Edited: Yes

Word count: 838

Summary: You’re a famous singer and he goes to one of your shows

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78, serirei? If it's not too late, love ur writing!

Thank you for your kind words, anon, as well as the prompt! I hope you enjoy this little fill.  c:  

78:  You weren’t supposed to hear that for the Writing Meme!

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Serizawa knows he’s not supposed to be listening. He’s not an eavesdropper, especially since he knows it’s not only impolite, but also unprofessional. Yet he can’t ignore the sound of the client’s voice in the lobby where Reigen’s ushered him out and shut the door to the back office.

“Your employee ruined my phone!”

The words are loud enough that Serizawa can hear them clearly, and he cringes, staring down at his desk in mortification. He’d used too much force to try and exorcise a spirit out of an electronic device and blown it to pieces.

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Minghao: Good Enough

Genre: Meta/angst/Minghao-centric

Word Count: 773

Characters: Xu Minghao, Kim Mingyu, Kwon Soonyoung

Prompt: 41: “We’re in this together.” 

a/n: Minghao is a precious human being and I hope this tour does him well. 

It started with the pictures.

“Wow, you look great!” Joshua offered brightly, pointing to a particular picture of him on the roof. It was grainy and out of focus, which was supposed to add to the retro vibe, but it still wasn’t cutting it for him. “It’s very aesthetic, even the sky is a little pink.”

Minghao winced, his fingers tensing around the book. “Hyung, you can’t even see my face.” the shot was too far and he wasn’t even looking at the camera, his figure looking miles away in comparison to the huge house.

The older one shrugged, giving a wan smile, knowing what he meant. “Don’t think too much of it.” and he patted his shoulder, walking out of the living room.

Minghao followed, going into the bathroom and locking the door. He started doing his usual face routine, something he had meticulously crafted to keep up with so-called beauty standards. It may have been a solid five minutes before he could look up and dry his face off, and cleaning the stray droplets along the mirror. He poked his face, the soft pale skin bouncing back like fluff. He glowered, making various facial expressions to his reflection.

Cool cutie, he glowered to his face. It was his image, but apparently his image wasn’t enough to put on camera. So what was enough? What exactly did they want?

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‘Platonic’ cuddling… enough said :-)


  “Mom, can Luke please come over?” Michael requested, flashing his mother his famously endearing grin.

  She smiled and shook her head fondly. “As long as his parents are okay with it.”

  Michael let out a little squeal of joy and ran back up to his room, where Luke was waiting on Skype. “Did your parents say yes?”

  Luke nodded excitedly. “Yours?”


  Luke smiled widely, causing Michael’s heart to flutter. “Alright, I’ll get ready. See you!”

  “Wait!” Michael pouted, not wanting to say goodbye.

  Luke looked back up at Michael’s slightly grainy picture. “What’s up?”

  The older boy blushed a little. “S-Stay on the line..?”

  Luke smiled, butterflies rising in his stomach, and nodded. “Sure. Whatever you want, Mikey.”

  Michael smiled and blushed more, looking down. A few moments later a muffled shuffling sound came from his computer. He looked up and started giggling as he saw Luke trying to pull a hoodie on.

  “Stop laughing!” Luke’s voice was filled with fond amusement. “I can’t find where my head is supposed to go!”

  Michael giggled louder, causing Luke to pout inside of the hoodie. “In the hole, duh!” Luke huffed and finally managed to pull his head and arms through. “Uh, Lukey?”


  “It’s on backwards.”

  “OH MY GOD!”


  A half hour or so passed before Luke finally arrived at Michael’s. He ran a hand through his spiked hair nervously as he walked up, knocking on the door. He’d been best friends with Mikey since elementary school, but lately he’d been getting weird feelings around him he’d only had with girls before. Did he have a crush? Michael was awfully adorable…

  He pushed the thoughts out of his head as his best friend’s mom opened the door. “Oh, hi, Luke! Michael’s up in his room.”

  Michael was sprawled out on his bed, staring up at the ceiling and waiting impatiently for Luke to come. One of his favorite songs, 20 Dollar Nosebleed, played through his earphones as his mind drifted to Luke’s pretty blue eyes and his own closed.

  He squeaked in surprise as someone climbed on top of him, yanking his earphones out. His eyes flew open and he immediately blushed as he saw Luke hovering above him. “Hi, Mikey!”

  Michael giggled and pouted playfully, trying to shove the taller boy off but to no avail. “Hi, Lukey. Now move, you’re crushing me!”

  Luke scoffed as if he were offended and leaned back so Michael could sit up. “Wow, I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.”

  “Shut up, you dork.” Michael smiled and scrambled completely out from under Luke, causing the blonde to pout.

  “What do you wanna do?” Luke shifted so he was sitting with his legs crossed. Michael huffed a little at how Luke was still taller than him, even when he sat.

  “Can we order pizza?”

  Luke chuckled. “Ask your mom, not me.”

  Michael nodded and crawled off the bed, walking to the door and looking over his shoulder with a pout. “Come with me.”

  Luke sighed dramatically. “Whyyy?”

  “I don’t wanna go alone.”

  “But whyyy?”

  Michael pouted more, causing Luke’s insides to melt (in a good way). “Please?”

  Luke let out another dramatic sigh and hauled himself to his feet, trudging over. “Fine; c’mon.”

  Michael grinned widely (Luke’s stomach leaped at the action) and led the younger boy down the stairs. “Mom, can we order pizza?”

  Michael’s mother peeked out of the kitchen, her phone pressed to her ear. “Hold on, Liz- what? I’m not made of money, Michael.”

  The pink-haired boy’s eyes widened innocently; Luke recognized his best friend’s famous puppy eyes. “Please?”

  His mom sighed in resignation. “Fine, fine.” She made a waving gesture with her hands. “Now shoo.”

  Michael gave a little hop of excitement and raced back upstairs, Luke trailing behind him more slowly. “So what now?”

  Luke laughed quietly as he shut the door behind them (Michael’s mom trusted Luke). “I don’t know; it’s your house.”

  Michael huffed and flopped down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. “Why did you come to my house? I should’ve gone to yours.”

  Luke shrugged and sat down next to him, swallowing as his knee brushed Michael’s hip. “We could play X-Box.”

  Michael propped himself up on one elbow, eyes narrowing at Luke. “X-Box, you say?” Luke nodded, a fond smile creeping across his face. “Call of Duty?”

  “Only if you’re ready to get your ass handed to you.” 

  “Hey!” Michael sat all the way up, playfully shoving Luke’s shoulder. “It’s the other way around.”

  Luke smirked. “Challenge accepted.”


  A few hours had passed and both boys were filled up on pizza. Their COD match had ended up in a draw, and now they were watching a movie while sitting in front of the TV, Luke occasionally nibbling on his fifth piece of pizza.

  The blonde smiled as he sent Michael a sideways glance. The smaller boy was half-asleep, head resting on one of Luke’s broad shoulders. He sniffled and yawned softly, making Luke’s eyes soften with adoration. The taller boy bit his lip for a second before slinging an arm around his friend. Michael smiled and cuddled closer, causing Luke to let out a breath and relax a little. Holding Michael close was currently his favorite feeling in the world.

  By the time the movie had ended Michael was sound asleep, and so close to Luke he was nearly in his lap. Luke smiled for the millionth time that day and scooped the green-eyed boy up in his arms, standing up carefully and gently laying him down on his bed. He leaned over him and pulled the blankets up, tucking them in around the edges so Michael wouldn’t be cold. He withdrew slightly, preparing to get his sleeping bag, when Michael reached out, his small hand landing on the back of Luke’s neck and pulling him closer. Luke blushed.

  “S-Stay..? Don’t wanna sleep alone,” Michael mumbled, his hand moving from Luke’s neck to his shirt as he continued his efforts to get Luke in the same bed as him.

  Luke couldn’t help but coo quietly at the older boy’s cuteness and climbed into bed next to him. Pink hair brushed the underside of his jaw as Michael automatically snuggled into his chest, tucking his face into the base of Luke’s neck. The taller boy smiled, heart soaring as he wrapped his arms around his companion, pulling him closer.

  Michael let out another soft yawn, his small hands closing around Luke’s hoodie as he started to drift off again. Luke gently kissed his forehead, smiling wider as his soft hair tickled his lips, and rested his chin on the top of Michael’s head. The two both fell asleep with a content smile on their faces.

Political AUs to Consider

1. I’m an activist and you’re a cop that shows up to literally every single one of my protests and u must suck at you’re job because you’ve never arrested me once wth 

2. So it’s election week and you’ve been sitting in the copy room for hours??? How many flyers do you need??? Are you okay???

3. I meet you at a bar and it turns out we have very different political views and now we’re drunkenly arguing and I have no idea what either of us is trying to say

4. I am in the middle of a hardcore rant about social activism and you burst into the room singing “Uptown Funk” please stop

5. You write a political column in the newspaper and from your grainy picture I think you’re really hot so I flirt with you by writing response letters

6. We are both teen Pages for the State legislature and you literally always drop whatever it is you’re delivering and I am somehow always there to witness your clumsiness

7. I’m the person who calls people and tells them to vote for so-and-so why??? are you flirting with me??? I’m not supposed to hang up but this is uncomfortable

8. ^ I started flirting with the toll free person who called about politics as a joke and they’re actually kinda cute oh no

9. You got into a heated debate about politics again and I tried to step in and ended up getting punched in the face im so done with you

10. You’re doing a dumb election campaign thing that involves a bake sale but you can’t bake so you hired me to make a bunch of cupcakes and i don’t even support this campaign

11. You’re the president and I’m your secretary and tbh I don’t want to bang you because iT’S TOO CLICHE. 

12. I’m advocating in the park and it’s raining so you came up and held an umbrella over my head marry me, maybe? (oh wait itS NOT LEGAL IN THIS STATE YET)

holy crap its been forever since I updated! sorry I haven’t submitted anything, I really didn’t have any motivation to draw lately…but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things!

(btw sorry for any mistakes on the clothing, I was using a pretty grainy picture as reference. They’re supposed to be wearing a 19th cent. folk oufit from around the Sofia area :) 


So I tried to make the impossible possible. 🙈 Here’s Barba drawing Nr. 23.
I know pink Barba was supposed to be 23, but this one just had to come first. 😄 It was so damn hard to draw coz after zooming the picture got all grainy! I really gave my best and I hope you like the outcome. ❤️

PS: He posed so well for me @raulism 😉


So some of you fuckbuckets are probably scrolling through this blog, and you come across this post are you’re either like,

“the fuck is all this trash doing here? Where the fuck’s all the anime food?”


“omg the mod took another selfie”

Well I’m here to clear some shit up and reveal some fuckin magic to all of you.

First off, while these look really similar to my selfies, they are not my selfies, they are actually just really shitty pictures of what my kitchen looks like right now.

Second off, I tried cooking shit today and I can say with a whole lot of certainty that I totally fucking failed. And the reason I’m telling you losers all of this is because I want to let you all know that It is okay to fail.

It’s okay if you try and make a recipe healthier by replacing veggie shortening with butter, but ending up with a weird, flaky goofest instead of tortilla dough.

It’s okay if you try and make frosting and it comes out all grainy and weird, despite you following all the directions.

It’s okay if you’ve tried to get your bread to rise, but each time you make a batch the yeast just never decides to do it’s fucking job.

It’s okay to fail. It happens to everyone at some point. And this picture is supposed to prove that even though some of y'all think I’m this Top Chef coolkid, I can also fail. Like, hardcore fail. Like attempt to make the dough 4 times in 4 different ways and still fail. 

So next time you decide to make one of the recipes on this blog, or any sort of recipe really, and you try it the first time and some shit goes wrong, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop trying.

Because let me tell you, it may take a few tries, maybe 4 bags of flour and infinite sticks of butter, but you will get it right. And when you finally, after countless attempts, take that first delicious fucking bite of whatever the fuck you decided to make.

Holy shit. It’s the best feeling in the world. 


Since work’s off on pre-Easter celebration, I went outside of town with my parents (yeah). We went to Bogor, a small town near Jakarta, the city I live in. While this three days vacation isn’t really went as we planned, it was refreshing for me! I went shopping and swimming, and relaxing in open space. The whole week, I feel bored all the time and my best friend say I need something to freshen up my mind. On the upside, being bored surprisingly got me had things done quicker than usual!

I don’t really like the photos. It was taken in the balcony of hotel we stay in on 1 PM. The photos was grainy, which rarely happened before, and after I edited it, it turns out like those instagram picture. Well… But better than not post anything, I suppose….

top : Psalm23

skirt : handmade 

bag : Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : Vincci

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Hello, I have the same exact camera and lens as you but not one of my pictures of have come out to have the same quality as yours have. Mine come out grainy and don't have the macro-esque background that the 50mm is supposed to give off. If you don't mind me asking, what settings do you usually use?

shoot on manual with the lowest f stop like 1.8 or lower to get a blurred background and a low ISO like 100-400 to fix the graininess

anonymous asked:

I don't know shit about Photoshop.. What does it mean that that photo is full of te blue grainy stuff? What's an unedited pic supposed to look like? :))

frankly i’m not very familiar with this type of analysis at all, but i can explain the concept to you!
ELA (Error Level Analysis) identifies areas of an image with different compression levels. with a JPG image, the entire picture should be at roughly the same levels. Every time you resave a JPG image the ELA values change to much darker colors, which means if you edit a picture the edited parts will be significantly lighter and different from the rest of the image. For instance, here is an original unedited photograph:

and here is the same picture, resaved with some books copied and a dinosaur added:

and as you can see, the edited areas are very obviously different from the rest of the image.
(image source).

as i said i’m not familiar with this technique at all but bc i couldn’t help myseif i tried to recognize some errors in this picture using this tool:

and there are quite a lot of different sized blocks in this picture, which is pretty suspicious. just like in the dinosaur picture above where the original parts have larger blocks than the dinosaur and the copied books, the louis and briana-area has smaller blocks than the background. so yeah. it’s hard to say anything more than that though, i wanted to find where all these louis and briana pics were originally posted because now they have been resaved and edited so many times but i couldn’t. but make of this what you will!


My Make A Wish Meet and Greet with Misha:

I’m not really the type of person who usually likes to talk about myself, but this was one of the most incredible things that’s ever happened to me and i want to be able to share it with my fellow supernatural fans. Bear with me, this is gonna be long:

So for those who don’t know, the Make a Wish Foundation grants wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses or conditions. We registered October 2013 and I decided my wish was to meet Misha. I’m a pretty shy person, i suffer from some moderate social anxiety and i don’t do too well with meeting new people, so naturally i was scared shitless to come face to face with one of the people I admire most in the world. I was half convinced i wasn’t gonna be able to do it at all, so i was naturally freaking out when we went up to the room where the meet and greet was supposed to take place.

The room was occupied so we had to stand outside for about 10 minutes before we were allowed to go in, and the whole time i was convinced Misha was gonna walk around the corner at any second and I would be completely caught off guard and probably fling myself over the balcony. He did not come swooping around the corner, but we did have Matt, Sebastian, and Mark Pellegrino walk right by us (when Matt walked by i was trying to pour myself some water and i was so surprised I just gave him a dear-in-headlights stare and very slowly turned right back to pouring my water).

We were finally let into the room where i could now hyperventilate in private. I barely had what felt like ten seconds before i heard a voice at the door saying “is this the make a wish meet and greet with Misha Collins?” at which point i backed myself into a corner and started repeating “no no no no i need more timeee!!!”

Then before i even realized what was happening he had walked into the room with this beautiful smile on his face and he said hi all happy and all i could think was “oh fuck. that’s him thats fucking him. The real deal, that’s Misha, he’s here.” and guys. Let me tell you. No picture can do this man justice. He is so gorgeous, he is radiant, he glows, he is just so fuCKING HANDSOME I COULDN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT. It felt so odd to see him in front of me, its hard to explain. it was like “its you, and you look the same, but more REAL.”

So i was still partially in my corner when the volunteer from Make a Wish pointed in my sort-of direction and said “This is Ms. Hannah” and my mom was standing kinda close to me so idk what happened really here but Misha walked up to my mom and was like “Hello Ms. Hannah” and like idk if he was kidding or?? and my mom was like “no, no, I’m the mom, that’s Hannah” so he walked over to me and I shook his hand, but he was apparently still confused about the whole Ms. Hannah thing cuz he kept talking to my mom (and me too kinda but i wasn’t really able to respond) and he held onto my hand the whole time. His hand was really warm (and mine was freezing) and soft and big and just really HUMAN feeling. It was actually really surprising to me (even though it shouldn’t have been) how normal his hand felt? like “oh its just a guy hand, ok.”

At this point I had managed to reign in my freak out and had reverted just to shy me, the one who kinda doesn’t know what to do and talks really quietly. He took a seat then invited me to sit down as well, asking me some little things about myself, where we live and who in the family watches Supernatural, which I stumbled through answering with help form my mom and sister. He mentioned again how scared he gets watching supernatural and said “I can’t watch more than two episodes or I’ll have nightmares!” which is absolutely adorable in my opinion, but anyway.

To me the conversation seemed to be going ok, but the Make a Wish volunteer spoke up, saying “so Hannah has some questions for you…” which kinda through me for a loop cuz suddenly I had to decide which question i wanted to ask and how to ask it and my brain was really NOT working, but I did finally manage to get some questions out, so here’s what I learned:

  • He used to really hate watching himself onscreen, would always be seeing his mistakes and going “what an idiot!”, but now he has gotten better and can watch things and go “ok, that was alright.” Still, he only ever watches things once. 
  • Things he particularly didn’t like were crazy Cas, he hated either NCIS or CSI (can’t remember, sorry I was in a daze), and Charmed.
  • He said the role on Charmed was supposed to be a recurring character, but apparently he did such a bad job that didn’t end up happening.
  • Also said it was his first time acting on a set, so he really didn’t know what was going on. They kept telling him to hit the mark and he was like “who’s Mark and why do I have to hit him?” the only plus side was he did a kissing scene with Alyssa Milano and she slipped him the tongue. 
  • Before he started acting he and Vicki owned a software company. Some guy had offered them a million dollars, they were sure they could make more than that with a software company… it didn’t work out.
  • He doesn’t really let West and Maison watch very much TV, but they get scared of almost anything anyway. They tried to watch Frozen and West was crying within the first ten minutes. He said it’s very cute but also sad (he did the thing where he starts laughing before he tells a funny story and his nose crinkles). 
  • The only thing they really like to watch is Rio (Rio 1, not 2 cuz that’s too scary), My Neighbor Totoro (which the kids make references to all the time but Misha doesn’t get cuz he hasn’t seen it), and National Geographic videos of volcanos erupting (which evidentially is not scary at all while Frozen is..)
  • Vicki is convinced that West is a lefty, but Misha’s not sure cuz he has seen him use both his left and right hand for things. 

A lot of what he said was stuff I had heard before, and especially in the beginning I’m gonna be honest and say I wasn’t fully listening to most of it, my brain was very much offline. I think I managed to remember the rest pretty well.

After my first question he asked me how I had come to choose him for a wish. I started to explain how it all began in 2011 when I was diagnosed, which started this whole conversation about my condition (which I’ll not talk about in detail here. if you care to know you can message me). I told him the name (which is very long and medical), which led to some three minutes of him trying to spell it with much difficulty.

The whole time I was explaining my situation and how it makes me feel physically he had his very concerned “awww” face on (you know the one) that was absolutely precious. It was at this point I really started to loosen up and become much more comfortable. I have talked about my condition so much that I fell into a rhythm and it made me feel oddly better that he reacted to the information the exact same way everyone else did. He has such a big heart, the genuine compassion he had for me and my family was so evident, even though he had just met us. He said “I’m so sorry you have to go through that, I’m sorry to have brought things down.” In truth I was glad it came up, though I wish I had been able to fully answer his question about why I chose the wish. I’m frustrated with myself for being unable to articulate this at the time, but his attitude towards life and all that he’s been through is part of what allows me view my condition in the most positive light and deal with it the way I do.

After that we talked a bit more, and by this point I had become more my normal self, except now instead of being shy-nervous I was excited-nervous, so my questions came out a little too perky (or at least they seemed that way to me). We mentioned that we had bought a photo-op with him and Mark, and he said “yes, that starts very soon” (it started at 1:25 and it was currently around 1:05). I could tell he was stressed and tired and short on time and the amount of appreciation and gratitude I felt towards him increased 10-fold.

I asked my last question and Misha got up to sign the stuff we had brought, including a drawing I had done of chibi Cas. He told me it was great work, and I’m sure he’s received hundreds of other things that were much better, but I blushed anyway and said thank you super quietly.

We then took pictures against the wall, which are not as good of quality as I would have liked them to be. The room had this gross yellowish light and the pics are really zoomed out so when I cropped them they got all grainy, but I fixed them the best I could.

We started out with just me and him, and I really wasn’t sure how intimate I was supposed to be. Because I’m so shy I tend to maintain an amount of distance with people I don’t know very well, but he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and drew me in real close, squishing his face right up against mine. His face was so close and I was having a hard time really comprehending that it was MISHA with his face pressed up against mine and I needed to enjoy this as much as possible. I could definitely feel his scruff, and I leaned into his face as well. He is very solid and human-feeling and a lot taller than me.

After we finished I stepped back a little and looked up at him with a big smile on my face (half from pure joy and half lingering from the photo) and he was smiling back down at me with the most gentle and kind expression. That was the deepest connection I’d felt with him the whole time, and it was like it finally clicked and I was like “this amazing thing just happened with MISHA COLLINS!?!?!?”

My mom and sister came and joined us for a few more pics, and the very last one we took was a “silly pic” (I’m really bad at those so I beg you to ignore me in that one), and after that pic was taken he jumped into another silly pose like he thought we were gonna take another one, and almost in response to him doing that I said “oh, we’re not doing another one?” and he looked back at me with another beautiful smile, either cuz he knew I was kinda covering for him or cuz he had been thinking the same thing and we were like on the same wavelength.

He then gathered up his stuff and as he was walkng out he came to give me a hug. My head fit perfectly right over his shoulder and he squeezed me so tight and held on to me a lot longer than I expected him to, but it was such an amazing hug. While I was hugging him I said into this ear “Thank you so much for meeting with me” and I felt him nod and he said “Of course.”

I saw him again twice at the convention. Our interaction in the photo-op room was brief of course, but when my sister and I walked up he said “Hello again, Hannah” and leaned his head on mine in the picture. Then when I got my autograph from him he greeted me with a fond smile. I thanked him again for meeting with me and told him how much it meant to me, in response to which he wrote “Hannah, it was an honor to be chosen to meet you. Be well.” on my photo, which served as the perfect cherry on top of the most amazing weekend of my life.

A simple thank you feels so insufficient to express my gratitude toward him and the time he took to make my wish so special. The time he spent meeting me could have been his resting period or an opportunity to call home, but instead he spent it making me happy, and I will never be able to express how truly and utterly wonderful this man is and how very grateful I am to have been able to meet him.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this, I know it was long, but a lot can happen in 25 minutes! If anyone has questions or wants to talk my ask is open, and please don’t repost any pics without including the source!

A Pretentious Prick Prodding at: The Validity of Byuntae
  1. The SMTOWN world tour is just around the corner. SM could be wanting to build up hype.
  2. Baekhyun is a known SNSD fanboy. This just fits too perfectly with fanfictions and whatnot.
  3. Another SNSD member dating? Does anyone else find it weird that there’s this onslaught of SNSD dating rumors? And JUST SNSD. Tbh I think SM wants more publicity for SNSD because they’re their prized girl group, and they’ve already done enough for EXO.
  4. SM knows EXO fans would go ape shit. Like sure, we have the, “Oh, I’m so happy for them!” comments from international fans. But I highly doubt sasaengs would be happy about this, and SM/EXO would get so much shit for this from them.
  5. JYJ’s comeback is soon. I repeat, JYJ’S COMEBACK IS SOON. SM probably wants to draw attention away from it because, let’s be real, has SM ever let JYJ off the hook?
  6. Kris’ lawsuit. To the extent of my knowledge, I don’t think SM has said much about his lawsuit other than that they’re puzzled and trying to figure things out. They could be trying to cover up that situation, including the fact that Kris is working with a Chinese director, with this.
  7. Aren’t paparazzi supposed to get grainy shots? Not the pictures from the car, the ones pointing out Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s matching items. It’s just so obvious, it’s like they wanted us to spot it.. Now, maybe the two are actually dating and wanted SM to hurry and release an official statement, but SM could also have told them to do it because they control almost all their movements. More on that speculation in the next point.
  8. Eyes. In one of the shots from the two of them in the car, Taeyeon’s eyes seem to be focused directly at the camera. So why would the two of them be so elaborate about this if they knew that the camera was there? Going back to #7, maybe they wanted us to know. Or it could be SM.
  9. “Confirmation”… or nah. SM’s confirmation was very quick, almost too quick. They released a statement a few hours after the rumors started swirling,  whereas (going back to #6) they’ve been beating around the bush for Kris’ lawsuit.

Yes, these are all speculations. And yes, I admit this is a negative reaction. But I don’t hate/dislike either Baekhyun or Taeyeon. In fact, rather than bitterness or hate, I feel uneasy. A lot of you on here are making jokes or congratulating them, but Korean fans (namely sasaengs) rarely operate that way.

If this turns out to be true as in the two of them have genuine feelings for each other and are a real couple that developed over time on their own, that’s great. But this was almost too well done. With everything that’s happening, this is the perfect time to release a dating rumor. And if it’s a media stunt, I don’t like it at all because that means SM takes us all to be gullible and also don’t mind endangering (seriously. This isn’t even an exaggeration.) their artists.

(By the by, if you don’t know yet, the pretentious prick is me LOL)

This took me a while, but I’m really proud of it? I’d upload a higher quality picture but my scanner always makes things grainy and the color comes out all wrong. Oh well.

But I’ve been wanting to do another picture that sums up my feelings about the epicness of this show and their relationship, and here it is! The branches are supposed to kind of represent the land crowning Arthur as its king, and of course Merlin and Arthur and Albion and magic are all connected and intertwined.

I really love this show

[TRANS] CanCam August 2014 - Junho Interview

Good Feel Summer


Junho, member of “Asia’s No.1 Beast Idol” 2PM, to release his 2nd solo album “FEEL”! To commemorate, we asked Junho what arouses his 5 senses!

First Sense

The rowdy sound when I’m with the members is lovely…

Doing promotions by myself, I’ve come to love the noisy and lively sounds of us 6 members when we are gathered around. (During those times, who is the noisiest?) Jun. K!! Ever since our debut, his catchphrase has been “Passionate vocalist, Jun. K!” but in addition to his singing voice, he’s also the most lively off stage (laugh). By the way, my catchphrase is “Sentimental Junho.” Looking at it that way, I was unexpectedly the most sentimental (laugh). Chansung’s is the super easy, “Maknae Chansung”!! (laugh)

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The Armitage Adventure, or Little Yeo Loose in London

Stage Door Edition

(I decided to do separate posts for my thoughts on the play and on my meeting with Richard because a) both are long and b) that way people who are still going to see the play can ignore the spoilers)

For the post on my thoughts about the play click [here]

I attended the play on Thursday, 26th of June (as planned) and on Friday, 27th of June (not planned but how could I resist).

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anonymous asked:

Hey, let's just say I have, hypothetically, theoretically, a terribly, terribly grainy, zoomed in picture of one Killian Jones in modern clothes, would you prefer that, or to be WHAM BAMMED by a HD, official ABC one at a slightly later date but not too far away? All purely hypothetical, of course, because no one is supposed to be near where they're filming ahem so 100% theoretical. Let's say.




It’s all relative

I’ve reached that stage in my racing career when I can no longer take pride in my absolute race time; I can only take solace in my age group ranking.  I was initially pleased when I calculated that my 36/171 result placed me in the 21st percentile.  Then Beth @runningmyownrace informed me that she was in the 20th percentile.  I suppose the only silver lining is that my sister in law and brother in law didn’t run this race or I would be 4th in the family rankings instead of 2nd!

This race really took it out of me.  I managed to stay upright for the first few hundred feet after the finish line - long enough to get my picture taken - but then my vision got grainy and I had sit, and eventually lie down.  After 15 or 20 minutes I was able to get on my feet and get my gear bag, meet Beth, etc. Later that night we went to dinner and I felt like I normally do after a marathon.  The next day though I felt like I’d been hit by truck.  I spent 14 hours sleeping and fortunately I felt better today.  Beth’s theory is that the 4 alcoholic drinks I consumed during dinner (something I rarely do) after the race were the culprit. I’m disputing this theory - I guess I’ll just need to have a few drinks after next month’s marathon in Provo to find out who is right.

Love Bites [closed]

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Rhys supposed it was only a matter of time before Jack figured it out. The man wasn’t stupid, after all. Rhys just wished that it hadn’t been his own stupid mistake that had gotten him caught. Staring down at the pictures on Jack’s desk, Rhys wracked his brain for some sort of explanation, some way to justify what showed him clearly assaulting another employee, coming away with his mouth coated in blood. Damn. He’d been sure there were no cameras in that hallway, too.

He fidgeted uncomfortably, eyes locked on the grainy photographs as he refused to meet Jack’s gaze, though he could feel it boring into him like a white hot poker. Rhys swallowed, curling and flexing his fingers anxiously at his sides.