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How to capture an ENTP

ENTPs are adorable humans that bounce around so quickly that you can’t really take your eyes off them or they will build two machines running on carbon dioxide and have sharpies for fingers. Those said sharpies are for decorating the walls!, the ENTPs would have insisted, but you shouldn’t have listen, you told yourself regretfully when you woke up to a specially modified face the next morning. However, they are still in great demand for you’ll want to hit and hug them at the same time. Sadly, you’ll have to catch those little tricksters first. Rain or shine, ENTPs will make you laugh and it’s a noticeable fact that INFJs have an adorable ENTP at their side to shower with extra love and care.

But what about the rest of us? The INTXs would cry out angrily, unable to accept the fact that for once, they could not capture such fast-paced, trash-talking, happy creatures. After all, impossible was not a concept in those introverted rationals head unless we are looking at the emotional aspect of humans. Looking at the statistics, there should be plenty of ENTPs to go around for there isn’t enough INFJs to buy them all. So how do you capture an ENTP?

Step One:
Grab their attention. They have short attention spans. The one way is to walk up to them and rattle off a series of numbers to your next pseudo-hydrogen-titanium bomb project. They would be so intrigued, they will run after you, demanding for answers.

That is, if they didn’t nod understandingly and classify you as an idiot first.

Step two:
Keep them chasing. ENTPs get bored easily. Wonder why INFJs ever throw their hands up exasperatedly and charge towards the all-willing ENFPs that open their arms for extra glomps? Well, probably not, because nobody saw that happening. ENTPs wants you to keep up a conversation. But how, the INTXs will now raised their eyebrows suspiciously, wary that this might be another trap. Simple! This ENTP will flick her hair arrogantly while dodging the rolled-up newspaper her INTJ just swung at her. Saw a new topic on discovery channel? Great, tell them. Ask their INFP friends on what they like. Found out why Saturn has it’s rings and Uranus have an extremely retarded name? Even better, bring it up the next time they frustratedly looked at the ceiling in (useless) attempt to pass time.

Assuming if they don’t learn it all first, which they probably did.

Step three:
Do not be afraid to call them out for their bullshit.
ENTPs exist for one reason: to explain absolutely idiotic (and inaccurate) synopsis of any known scientific facts just to examine which are the ones foolish enough to fall for their convincing lies. Everyone, that is. However, call them out for it. Disagree with them, and let them know that you see through everything. (Well, not their clothes, even if they make sexual innuendos about it. Trade your see-through googles for their nudes, if you are that desperate, and prepare to be duped.) Wow them with your critical thinking and if you successfully displayed to the ENTP that you are more cynical than the status quo, congratulations, you are 70% there!

Until they completely forget about your thinking charm and decided that XSTPs are sexy, while thinking that they should obtain one.

Step four:
Be unpredictable.
This speaks for itself spiritually. Don’t blow up the barbies they are planning to dissect though, that’s cruelty on its finest level.

Step five:
Be rare. Yes, you read that right. We are rare enough, the INTXs will now cheer after reading this. Finally, a step we can accomplish, nodded an INTJ approvingly.

Do not make yourself too available. That is to say, do not talk to them everyday. The ENTPs are actually great at spotting out patterns and they will eventually (in a week) learn how your mind works while getting bored of you since what you say is entirely predictable, which ruins step four as well. Be scarce. Approach them quite a bit during the first few interactions and be scarce after that.

Note: if they wander about, looking adorably lost, it’s time for you to step in and gently guide them back to you. Do not completely abandon them, you’ll regret it after realizing that they reigned in a black hole and sucked everything up since they went unsupervised. If they respond to your messages with long paragraphs and frequent replies, they are interested. Do not engage them in small talk.

Step six:
Do not get discouraged easily.
ENTPs are wonderful at forgetting things. That is to say, if they do forget to reply to your one sentence message, you are probably boring them to death. Feed them paragraphs of literature. Show them satirical pictures of politics and life. Talk about philosophy with them. However, understand that they have difficulties maintaining a consistent psychological distance with people. They might seem shockingly close to you one day and randomly distant the next. Try to perk them up with the newest picture you found of a Stalin and Hitler relationship and be sure to double check their drinks for any love potions placed inside by an INFJ.

There you go. 6 steps on how to capture an ENTP. Think you can do it?

Credits to for the original idea of writing the manual for obtaining an ENTP. I got inspired after reading theirs, read that awesome manual in the link below!

ENTP vs INTP: Also, follow my MBTI blog if you want more:

i didn’t and that just goes to show how reliable the info that is being passed around is. i’m not gonna link the post so i won’t direct anyone there but it’s a sub!soo url (no surprises here)

i can’t believe somebody has put that much effort into pulling stuff out of my blog to present it to people out of context to “prove” i’m a horrible person and to have an excuse to attack me and incite people to do the same and to intimidate others so that they won’t associate with me. and all because i talked about heteronormativity in kyungsoo fic.

“it’s a shame that even though topping or bottoming doesn’t have to be tied to personality or physical appearance a lot of people can’t accept that and you can’t even talk about it because it causes a riot. “

point proven.

a year ago some kaisoo shippers attacked me because of a stupid post, started a top vs bottom war in the tags, a big ksoo blog made a post about me and somebody sent me a message that said something like “we’re coming for you” and i didn’t think it would take them this long to come back, whoever that was.

so i saw a callout post for me with screencaps and they added one of my replies where an anon asked me what are my fave ships and i said smth like:
ksoo/animals, ksoo/kids
im ????? (if the joke wasn’t clear i meant to say i like kyungsoo interacting with animals, kids and i think i’ve even said i like him/food more than i like ships lmao i don’t even have an otp cause i don’t obsess over fictional relationships like that. i think i even said ksoo/himself once. i always change the answer when ppl ask me about my otp cause i don’t have one. and then they proceeded to interpret other posts related to children in a p*dophillic way.

and btw i don’t use “shipping” as romantic exclusively because humans are more complicated than that so that’s another thing to keep in mind in the future.

and on the topic of fiction they also posted some darker headcanons and posts about movies to demonstrate how i think kyungsoo is actually like that when i literally used the word headcanon which means it’s a personal interpretation separate from reality, hence the ‘head’ part of the word aka i don’t think it’s real it’s just in your head and you shouldn’t think so either but i guess some people don’t know how to read?)
this blog clearly says in the description there will be darker stuff in here. IF NOT from fic, fanart or headcanons, from kyungsoo’s own works:

and we will talk about them because what i intend to normalize in relation to dark fiction is not that these things are ok but that violent and dark thoughts like these are normal (ask anyone who’s got their head out of their ass, esp. a psychologist and you will see) they can be intrusive or nightmares or your own experiences, they can be things you’re afraid of and it’s ok to talk about them with someone who understands this, to analyze them, and to learn from them without fear of getting harassed (yes, you can learn from this stuff, believe it or not). because guess what? even your faves have their own inner world where dark things brew and are interested in this kind of fiction too! they might even want to play the most horrible characters themselves



these are some of the warnings for the movies he mentioned:

taken from the chaser & i saw the devil parental guides.

and you know why they wanna do it? me neither but i would like to hear them talk about it without the fear of the public lashing out at them for interpreting a character. but what can you really expect from a public that freaks out over something as normal as an idol dating? who screams out “p*dophile” at the slightest chance (remember when ksoo had a kiss with a minor in pure love and they kissed through an umbrella and ppl still found a way to make him look bad he even regretted his answers?)

the post also added fics with undeage characters… did you know one of those fics is literally a response to all the fic out there that romanticizes that sort of relationship?  
(not linking the fic to protect the author but those who know the title can look it up)

kyungsoo himself, movie directors, fic authors and even simple bloggers like me trust kyungsoo to play a dislikable character precisely because we know he’s not like that and we believe in his potential to portray anything from a loving father to a serial killer.

i’ve always made it clear that the fic i post is not recs, they’re just fics i’ve read (i had the note for years on the fic list before i removed the page cause tumblr glitched and deleted my links and people still didn’t read it back then so meh)

nobody really knows how i feel about the fics if they don’t ask me. and nobody knows the intention of the authors either so i hope you can all think before you speak and have the common sense to ask before you jump to conclusions. not because you see a word that means something horrible attached to a fic or anything it means the person is a bad influence and should be avoided at all costs. be grateful that they had the decency to warn so you could avoid it if you don’t want to see it and they didn’t omit it out of fear or ignorance like a lot of r*pe-y and emotionally abusive fic w/o warnings that people share like it’s romance.

wtf this person also sexualized a post where an anon and i talked about kyungsoo having children and glaring at them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves….. jesus have these people not been around children before? they run around naked and knock things off all the damn time, i cant believe they used THIS post sdfggfdsdf idk if i should laugh or cry oh my god.

just because my blog has a url like this it doesn’t mean everything’s meant to be sexual ???? it’s like having a url that says “exosdigbick” and posting pictures of exo’s bicks and then a picture of exo smiling and then a pic of them holding their dogs. it doesn’t have to be related. i didn’t even choose the url myself, it was the other owner of the blog (it’s kinda like saying “food porn") and i kept it after she left because when those who don’t know it see it they can imagine there will be some sexual stuff in here, mostly fic links, anon fantasies and the occassional reblogged nsfw fanart. i only rarely talk about my own sexual fantasies cause it’s awkward. and i’m even afraid to joke because ppl will literally take anything to twist it against you.

im sorry but @ anyone who comes across my blog with preconceived ideas pls leave them at the door and come see for yourself if you want or stay out looking like a fool. this blog isn’t a typical shipper blog or a ficrec blog or wtvr you’re used to seeing around, this is a personal blog dedicated to some underrated concepts (and wtvr else kyungsoo stuff i feel like reblogging at the moment) by an LGBT+ person who’s tired of the world’s bullshit and just wants to do stuff in peace. people misunderstand my sexuality, my gender, my mental illnesses, my everything all the time and that’s mostly from people who’s supposed to know and care about me so some strangers on the internet misunderstanding yet another thing about me is nothing new.

callout post? u mean dedicated haters :\ it took me forever to find my own posts smh

The other day I learned that one of my favorite films, Repo! The Genetic Opera, has ties to one of my favorite actors, Michael Rooker. What I basically gathered from a few internet comments was that Michael played the Repo Man in the short film made to be shopped around to studios in order to get a feature length version made.

(Picture was from Terrance Zdunich’s blog, but since writing this post I can’t find the original link anymore)

This version can’t be shown due to the fact that the actors were only contracted for a private performance (only studios/those involved can view it). Either Lionsgate (who owns Repo! now) or possibly Terrance Zdunich (the creator) would have to pay royalty to the actors that appeared in the short film. Seeing as how this was made before Michael played Merle Dixon and Yondu Udonta, whatever he would have to be paid could possibly be more now considering he’s in higher demand now than he was in 2006, when this short was made.

So essentially it might now be too expensive to pay the actors than it already was before Michael achieved a more established career.

I wasn’t able to dig much up on how the Repo Man plays into the short (whether or not he sings was something I was super curious about), but I can make a few conclusions after listening to the original short opera the short film was based on: The Necromerchant’s Debt.

(Picture comes from a drawn comic panel for the opening of the original short film found HERE)

The short opera seems to focus more on the Graverobber telling the story of the Repo Man himself without much influence from other characters. So Michael most likely didn’t sing. Darn.

So, all in all there’s not much more I can come up with for this. As someone who loves both Michael and Repo! I really hope this short film will see the light of day. Or that someone who actually saw/worked on it provides more details because that would also be nice. 

(Screenshot of what I assume is Michael holding the heart found in a short clip of the original short film HERE)

“Defusion” | Antisepticeye + Jacksepticeye

What? Another speedpaint? So soon??

You heard that right, I’m coming right back atcha with another fully completed picture with its own speedpaint to match! I’ve wanted to draw A͘nt͝į for a while now, and I’m glad to say that I finally got around to it!

I’m currently trying to figure out how to link to YouTube videos without Tumblr making my post invisible, but for now, if you’re interested, the speedpaint is up on my channel, which shares a name with this blog. I think something like this might work… Enjoy!

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Cute or fav mutuals? :o

i talk about my mutuals way too much but here we go!
@hoseokloved: alex is actually honestly truly the cutest person to ever exist?? if you look up the word “angel” in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of alex and a link to her blog 👀💘
@5aveme: lumi is probably the funniest person on this hell site and if you don’t follow then why exist tbh 😪
@hoseokxx: 12/10 quality gif maker and probably the sweetest all around 💞 sav owns my entire heart and her love for hobi fuels my soul

more friends:

@rapnamu | @hoseok1e | @warmjins | @peachpjms | @poutypjm | @jhverse | @war-of-hormoan | @taesberet | @yoongster | @happyhobii | @hobisnovia | @hobikookie | @5aveme | @2rap | @95sclub | @93yoong | @chimchim-cheree | @btssmutgalore | @dom-joonie | @loveutae | @hobgi | @hoseokskitten | @hyyhyf

ppl i admire from afar (bc im too shy to actually talk to anyone skxmiwbd):

@4kmu | @jinsssi | @ahjiminie | @boragf | @1una | @bfjoonie | @bfkook | @clannads | @cryjeon | @dinosgf | @jimintensify | @jiminssi | @5ope | @protectaetae | @onlynochu | @itsrainingmin | @honeyboysgf | @frstlv

A tumblr guide - masterpost

For some reason I decided that it was my job to make some sort of “tumblr guide” where I would explain certain things so that people wouldn’t have to go through the usual embarrassment of asking others. Being uncertain of if I should make one big post about it or have several ones that explain different things, I decided to at least start with something that an anon specifically told me they needed help with, and that’s how to make a masterpost.

A masterpost is, by my own definition, a page on a blog where all of the writer’s fics are listed and linked (blogs that aren’t fic blogs can have masterposts where they link other types of things, like a “feel good masterpost” with links to, well, good things). If you want to know how to create a masterpost then keep reading! (there will be pictures)

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djoker101-deactivated20170619  asked:

I know hands are tricky to draw, but how can I improve drawing a hand and add good details to it?

Honestly the best thing I can say besides practice is to look at anatomy. If you have an understanding of where muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc are placed, it makes the body in general easier to draw.

Here are some links to posts I enjoy referencing for more realistic hands:

There is a great blog that is dedicated to collecting references for drawing hands @justhandreference

I also found that I improved by taking pictures of my own hand at different angles and trying my best to replicate the image while keeping the anatomy in mind. Hope this helps!

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Howdy, I just wanted to say I really love your art style and I especially love Ocu. He looks so sweet and yet dangerous! Also, how did you come up with him? I'm truly interested.

Thank you so much for your nice message! <3
Also welcome to the blog! (this goes also to everyone else who has found thisplace lately! <3)

As tumblr is a bit hard place to go to search stuff from the beginning, here’s a brief history of Oculus~
So, few years ago people were making their own characters/versions out of youtuber Markiplier’s alterego/character ‘Darkiplier’. They were OC’s, original characters, all different kind of ‘dark/demonic/etc’ but linked with that fact.
I wanted to join & make my own and as a one who loves monsters and creating themed characters. I also decided to use the character creating as a way to learn draw some things that are hard for me to draw at that time: hands. I combined elements and decided to draw a character with eyes in his hands, so it would make me draw hands (also different poses) every time I drew him. I called him ‘eyeplier’ (kinda started a a pun, fff). Though he also had his own name, Oculus, from the start, as I did&still do concider them all as OCs.
I made him a blog because ask-blogs had been my dream for years and I finally had a character to draw in one, also comical horror is my thing, and I could do that here~ XD
For almost a year I updated it daily with atleast one picture, met awesome people, did collabs, drew like mad and let the character grow.
From the start, Ocu grew and got his own persona and as I could never figure out a way to ‘link’ him to the youtuber/his character, Ocu got his own story that I have been developing since dawn of ages. :D I have so much story to tell about him and hopefully get to put that all down~ (the url of the blog was also changed for the reasons that I want to concentrate on bringing out the story of Ocu and Tres as characters of their own :D)
So, there, in a nutshell a bit of history, opefully I answered this even a bit~ XD

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what blanket post

I made a text post a few years back about how I wished there was a way to stay cool in the summer without sacrificing the protection your blanket gives you from monsters. You know, classic shitpost, meant to be humorous. Unfortunately this is tumblr, so after a few thousand notes people started taking it as a serious request, believing they had to save my grown ass from the monsters I apparently truly believe will attack me if I don’t have a blanket.

Four hundred thousand (400,000) notes later, and the post has turned into an apocalyptic mess of people sharing links and massive theme-stretching pictures of weighted blankets, apparently the solution to the very serious monster problem. Before I changed my url, I was getting upwards of 15 asks a day, ranging from sickly sweet uwu to condescending anons, all saying the same thing: “have you heard of a sheet?”. Finally last night some daddy kink blogs started replying to my post – replying, like I can’t stop you from writing whatever you want on your own blog but they were using the reply function on my own post as a nsfw chatroom, forcing me to be a third party because it was appearing in real time on my dash and not getting drowned in the notes – talking about how daddy was going to buy kitten one of the weighted blankets and I don’t know, have cummies in it together or whatever daddy kinksters do.

The best part of all this? I’m British. We get literally one week of hot weather a year. I could deal with it. I hate that post and I hate this website.

Hi! My name is Zach, and I can draw stuff for you! I’ve been meaning to open commissions for awhile, since I don’t make a whole lot on my part-time jobs and the bulk of it goes to paying my student loans. While I’m still looking for work out of state, I’d like to get enough to invest in moving. I’ve got all the details below!

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

What I Will Draw: Original or fandom (comic books, movies, animation, anime, etc.), anthro/furry, monstergirls/boys/etc., NSFW

What I Won’t Draw: Anything hateful or incendiary (Ex: Racist and derogatory imagery), extremely graphic violence and gore, some paraphilia/fetish art


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I would like

I would love to see tumblr have a little update where you can see your own posts by the category you posted in..

* I would like to see all my pictures - all in one place.
* I would like to see all my gifs- all in one place.
* I would like to see all my videos - all in one place.
* I would like to see all my quotes - all in one place.
* I would like to see all my chats - all in one place. * I would like to see all my audios - all in one place. * I would like to see all my texts - all in one place.

* I would like to see all my links - all in one place. Why? So I can can find the post I would like to reblog easier.

***Spear Of Justice Intensifies***

This is my first drawing of Undyne that I don’t hate to look at!!! Yay!!!!!

I know how the Undertale fandom is. I’m saying it right here: this picture is not to be reposted on any site or any other blog. This is not for use as a sticker, poster, decal, or for you to use on your blog. If I see you doing it, I’m reporting you. Do not bother to ask permission, it will NOT be given.

Just putting that out there.

Do not delete my caption, add your own, self-promote, insert links, repost, or alter this in any way. If you do, you will be blocked.

fire-breathing-misfit  asked:

Please don't steal people's art and post it on your own blog. imagine how it would feel to have credit stolen from your own art that you put effort into. Not only is it against the law it's also just morally wrong. If you want good art on your blog then just reblog it straight from the artists and don't steal their work without permission it's very unfair.


Have you ever check my twitter and web links under my blog title and use your brain sweetie

It’s very offending that you send someone a massage with accusation like this without any proof and please investigating before sending massages, thank you.

Again, my links


I have a submissions box on my page. If you got to my profile there should be an icon, it will either look like an envelope or a circle with a plus sign, click on that and there are three options.

1. Send a message
2. Ask me anything
3. Submit

The submissions box allows you to send me text posts, pictures/gifs, links, and videos. MY SUBMISSIONS BOX IS OPEN 24/7!

If you want to share your own fan vids or fics or you found a vid or fic by someone else that you liked and you want to share you can send them to me anytime. You can also send me submissions for Would You Rather Tuesday and Fan Art Friday that will queued up to post on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

So I repeat, my submissions box is open 24/7. I really want this blog to be a community where people share all kinds of things instead of just me posting everything and you absorbing it.


PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (Black and White, Bust only)
check sidebar to see if I’m open for commissions


• 70$ 

• Very detailed clothing may add 5$+ depending


• PLEASE think of what you want before contacting me

• Paypal only!

• I will make a sketch/draft/pose, once it has been approved I’ll send an Invoice via PayPal. Full refunds (minus paypal fees) can be issued for any commission I have not yet started. Once I’ve begun painting there won’t be any refunds.

• I need reference pics of poses, moods, appearence (hair, eyes, faceclaims, skin, outfits, just everything thank you very much) etc.
If you use pinterest you could make a board and send the link to me! Easier since they’re all in one place (If you have screenshots u can just send them) 
You can also make a sheet like THIS it would help a lot.

Do you have a deadline? tell me before so I can verify that i’ll be able to finish the commission in time

• I have the right to turn down any commissions I don’t want to do

I will NOT draw

• IF there’s something I feel uncomfortable doing we’ll discuss it.

I WILL draw

Ocs and Canon characters, anyone just yeah. 

fill out this form and send it with the subject “Art commission” to:

Description of character’s appearance:
Description of mood:
reference pictures (links etc):
Paypal E-mail:

All commissioned artwork is for non-commercial use only.

I retain copyright to the artwork, but claim no ownership over the characters/stories/etc. Do NOT claim the artwork as your own! If commission work is used in a public domain (i.e. icons or wallpapers) please be sure to credit me or link to my art blog.

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I can't find your masterlist ? Is it gonrnir something 🖤🖤🖤

Not to be rude, because I understand that some people have a really hard time finding it on mobile (I don’t know why because I can find it on mine and on the phones of friends, so this is a mystery to me), but I am getting very tired of answering this question. Yes there is a Masterlist. I have pointed it out many times. It is exactly like everybody else’s masterlist and mine should not be any more difficult to find than any other blog’s masterlist. I have posted links, I actually posted a picture of where to find it on the mobile version, but people still seem to be having problems. Now, because I have found it on my own phone and tested it on the phones of my very gracious and understanding friends, I KNOW that there is nothing wrong with my masterlist or any of the links I have posted. They are exactly where they should be and do exactly what they should do. If you are one of those people who must have an incompatible phone (which I totally understand; I used to have a phone that couldn’t handle anything), I’m afraid that there’s nothing I can do, and I’m very sorry. Really, I am. I wouldn’t want to navigate my own blog either. But as I have answered this question before and there’s nothing I can do to fix it, the only thing I can do is say, “I’m sorry, look for it again.”

I’m really, really sorry.

tinycuddlybendy  asked:

Hi there! About the instagram thief, I would be able to confirm that yes, I did spot 2 of your pictures in there. They're a little jumbled with the rest of the works but they are there sadly. I mentioned you in a post about it because I had seen your works that inspired my own blog. It broke my heart to see that. If possible I can send you links to the pictures I found. Would you like the links once I find them?

Yes, I saw that you tagged me in the post. The links would be wonderful, it’d help me a lot. In case you don’t know, I don’t have an instagram, but if you could help in any other way, it’d mean the world to me.

I’m glad I can be an inspiration to you. Thanks for your input on the situation!

Orange Cinnamon Puff Pastry Buns

Sticky, delicious puff pastry buns with orangemarmelade, cinnamon and almonds.

These are easy to make (if you use store bought puff pastry) and delicious!
Fluffy and flakey on the outside, sticky and gooey on the inside; perfect for late autumn and winter weather!


Puff Pastry, 2 sheets
Orangemarmelade, 6 Tablespoons for the pastry, 1 for the icing
Almonds, chopped
Suger (optional)
Icing sugar


Unroll your pastry sheet. Heat 3 Tablespoons of marmelade, so it gets thin and spreadable (microwave: medium setting, ca 2 minutes) add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and stir until incorporated. Spread on your pastry sheet. Leave a gap where you will be sealing your roll.Sprinkle with almonds to taste, and sprinkle a bit of sugar if you like - orangemarmelade is quite bitter.
Roll your pastry sheet and seal the edge with a little water - just dab a bit on the edge you left with your finger and gently press down.
Line your baking tray.Cut your roll in even pieces, about 3-4 fingers wide. Pinch the bottom a bit so the filling won’t all run out (see pictures above, my filling RAN) and set on your baking tray.
Repeat with second pastry sheet.
Bake according to pastry instructions.
Take out the tray and let it sit to cool.


Heat 1 Tablespoon or marmelade. Continually whisk in icing sugar until you get a thick, pasty goo. Spread over your (cooled) buns (pipe it or drizzle with a spoon), dust it in cinnamon.

These stay fresh when sealed for about 4 days, and I spent less than 10€ on everything.

<a href=> link to the post on my own blog with pictures</a>

I’m trying out a little fun side project for the SV community. I’m not ready to announce it yet! But it’s in progress, and I’d like to show off some nice pictures of farms. If you’d like yours to be featured, please submit to me a picture of your farm! I’ll probably pick my own personal favorite, but not to worry, there will be more chances for your farms to be featured!

Along with your picture, please let me know how you’d like to be mentioned as for credit. Please provide a name and a link back to you if you’d like to share your blog. Thanks!


Surreal. The only way to describe how all of you make me feel. I can’t begin to thank you enough and if I did it still wouldn’t amount to the gratitude I have. I hit 1,100 followers. I started this blog in May and it has grown immensely and it’s all because of you. I wouldn’t continue to post content and try and find the best writers for you all. Now I know I have been slacking, but that’s just my own issue and I shouldn’t be putting that onto my blog and to you guys and I am sorry. Sometimes I just need a break from reality and this is the place I come and I have been liking it that way. If I don’t post for a while it’s because I am a person to and sometimes life gets in the way of things even if they are important to me. I post picture updates on my instagram and my VSCO (which is linked in my instagram bio) has a ton of pictures of my life if you want to check it out: @alexismarioni . But again thank you don’t forget I am always here to talk to any of you if you need it. I love you. - Lexi