the picture was taken like mid smile


Author: bambamisaboomyinmypants
Pairing: Namjin/Yoonseok/Vmin
Rating: All audiences
Word count: 6.2k
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Plot: It’s not what you think, just read very carefully.
Notes: This is my first fic, so I’m open to every form of criticism. If you have any questions after finishing this, don’t shy away from asking me, I’m always ready to help. This is all purely fictional, and was not meant to offend any type of audience. This story was inspired by a movie I had seen recently, I just changed the plot to make it more interesting. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. Enjoy!

Jungkook grimaced against the head-on collision of his car against the colossal of a tree ahead. He blacked out temporarily as his body jerked against the contact. When his vision came to, an ugly cloud of smoke was protruding from the car engine. He knew he was utterly screwed. He drew in a shaky breath.

What could have been worse? The fact that it was the dead of night? Or that his car busted in the middle of a forest? Or that it was raining boulders and Jungkook had no form of shelter within the vicinity?

“Kim Taehyung, I fucking hate you for doing this.” He scoffed, “What sort of emergency was it that you had me drive out at this bloody hour.” He threw the car door open and stood outside, squinting at his surroundings, as the raindrops slapped his head and shoulders. He couldn’t decipher anything, it was too dark and the thunderstorm wasn’t of much help.

He pulled out his phone. “No signal,” he muttered, “can anything possibly go right today?”

It’s as if nature heard him. Thunder boomed overhead and he nearly jumped out of his Timberlands. Nature was offended.

He calmed himself and walked on.

As if something from within the forest was calling him.


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Reflecting Light - Bucky x Reader - Calling It Quits Ending.

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A/N - Okay okay so I’ve came to terms with doing a happy ending to Calling It Quits, and I thought Luke Danes would be the perfect unconventional knight in shining armour of this piece. 

Warnings: Slight Angst Slight Fluff

You found everything you were looking for after what seemed like the longest recovery going. It’s finally your turn to get married, but yet you feel theres one last conversation you and Bucky need to have.

Series Parts In Order:

Calling It Quits  || Nothing Compares || Whoevers In New England ||  

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Yay!! You liked it! I’ll guess I’ll keep going then!

Summary: The early days told in a series of photos. Jack Lowden/Reader 
Warnings: None 

She smiled and even closer to take another photo of the strangely curious squirrel. Straightening, she checked the screen on her camera and chuckled. 

“My, you are cute!” 

She took another picture as the creature leaned into the the lens, little hands grabbing at the camera. 

“Squirrels, Y/N? Really, hen?” 

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So a couple of times I’ve seen people talking about Astra kind of ambushing Alex at her apartment and she’s just looking around while talking to Alex (because just a reminder at Krytponian speed she can do a lot more things in the same time as a normal human can) and she’s mid-sentence when she sees a picture of what she spent decades imagining what her niece would have looked like at 16 (her hair is a shade blonder though, jaw a hair sharper) with her arm around another girl, slightly older, who looks remarkably like Agent Danvers and she goes and picks up the picture frame.

And that’s when Alex has to explain that she’s known Kara since she came to Earth, and Astra listens to this woman explain how for the past decade she’s taken care of Kara and made sure she’s safe and happy and that Kara’s smile reaches her eyes (don’t tell me Astra doesn’t know at least a little about Kara’s life–not Supergirl, but Kara– and Astra is a General with superpowers. And at the very least, she knows one of Kara’s genuine smiles when she sees it. And staring at the photo in her hands, she’s seeing it.).

And Astra puts the pieces into place, or at least some, of why Alex is a DEO agent, with Kara out freely doing what she wants, with people like General Lane out there (because at this point Astra has been tortured by him, and would never want Kara to be at his mercy. Ever.) and the two of them are somewhat cut from the same cloth–they’re both military, both cynics (realists, they’d argue). They’re similar enough Astra would understand that Alex would have joined the DEO so that if something happens, she could maybe warn Kara enough time so they could run. And I can’t emphasize enough, Astra loves her niece, loves her enough to hold onto the spy beacon for decades, even for her time on Earth where she probably assumed Kara was dead, if only Superman was going around saving people. And Alex made sure to keep Kara safe, happy, and healthy.

So that’s the story of how Alex Danvers got laid

Here we go, the most requests in my ask box were for: Jamie Benn. If there is something we ladies on here love, it is Jamie Benn according to my ask box.

Enjoy :)

“Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.” I challenged Jamie. Jamie sighed, crossing his arms, eyes saying that he wasn’t taking any of my shit today.

“You promised to go with me.” He replied in a low voice, nearly growling it. I ignored the little jitters I got from it, my head moving to my right slightly. If Jamie wanted to keep me in the friend zone than he was getting no more favors.

“I’m sure you could have found some other girl to be your arm candy.” I mocked, keeping my expression as innocent as possible.

Jamie didn’t change his stance, but there was shift in his eyes, it had hurt him in some way. I felt proud knowing that he is noticing how insignificant he makes me feel, I’m substitutable, a toy for him to play with.

“Please.” He grunted. “Just put the dress on.”

 The victory green bodycon dress was dangling on the hook on my wall. Victory green, how original of him. It was a sexy dress, too sexy for a charity event in my opinion. It is skin tight, barely mid-thigh, the back runs down a ‘V’ shape that stops at the waist. I loved the dress, he knew I would. When he took out of the bag, it took all the control that I had in me to not grab it and run to my bathroom.

However, a dress is not worth being used. I am done with hearing rumors about Jamie going around with other girls. I am also done with him not wanting to put a label on whatever we are. He should be man enough to tell me that I am just one of many, then he should be able to let me walk out without throwing a fit.

I started hanging out with Jamie through mutual friends, heard about his job. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t care if he was a hockey player. I wasn’t into hockey, I didn’t get star struck. Which is why I didn’t expect so many people were jumping at their chance to be with Jamie. I actually thought I was the only one he was seeing for a while there… Stupid, I know.

I’m done with being played by him.

“No.” I snapped at him, nothing but pure resistance in my voice. He blinked, mouth slightly open. He didn’t know how to deal with this situation.

One heartbeat, two heartbeats. Jamie’s arms disentangled, one hand going to his hair, another laying on my wall to support him. I looked away from him, ignoring the instinct to get up and hug him until the fight was over. Even if he could be sleeping around, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t naively fallen for him.

“You’ve been fighting a lot with me lately.” Jamie whispered, his voice rough. “It’s almost like you can’t stand to be around me-”

“How can I stand being around someone who is using me?” I shouted, surprising myself. I meant to just think it, to keep quiet until he just left. But it was too late now, Jamie was looking at me doe eyed, too shock by my outburst to continue what he was saying.

I stand up, just giving up the silent treatment, I’m just going to let him hear everything.

“You sleep around with everyone and then just come crawling into my apartment at the end of the night. You have me hang out with your friends, hell, you have me go to your every game, but you refuse to answer any question about what we are! I am tired of hearing about you fucki-“

“I’m not fucking anyone, but you!” Jamie shouts so loud that it almost leaves an echo. He hits the wall before turning back around to me. “Did I sleep around before you? Yes! So what, you slept with people before me! But since I first kissed you I haven’t even spoken to any other girl!”

I’ve never seen Jamie look so frustrated before, his hands were frantically moving around. He was desperate to get the point across that he was saying the truth. I could tell he was, but I had heard people talking…

“But I heard-“I started mumbling, Jamie laughed forcefully looking up at the ceiling than back at me.

“There you go!” Jamie throw his hands forward, pointing at me.” That’s why I don’t want a label, because the moment that you are officially with me, it isn’t going to stop! You think you hear things now?! Let me tell you, they will be emailing you every day, and messaging you saying that at that very moment I’m some chick at the club, but little do they know that I’m sitting right next to you on the couch!”

He kept on, but I was only half listening. Realizing that being with Jamie wasn’t like being with someone else. In other relationships, yeah, people talk shit. One person will go as far as telling you a lie, but that’s about the extent of it. With Jamie I have hundreds of people telling me lies, and I let them get to me. Instead of talking this through with him, I just treated him like shit and believed them without even asking him.

Jamie stopped ranting looking at me, noticing how embarrassed I was. I could feel my cheeks burning, never have I ever felt so naïve. Naïve is the perfect word to explain how I am about all of this. It’s as if this is my first relationship all over again. I heard him take two deep breaths, before sitting next to me on the edge of my bed.

“Do we sleep around? Yes. Do we sleep around when we have girlfriends?” Jamie paused, moving his head from side to side. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes, as I saw him deciding to be honest once again. “Yeah, some of us cheat. Most of us get tired of it, others never even think about it cheating, because they don’t want to do that to anyone. I’m that last one. I don’t deal with that bullshit, if I’m with someone, I’m with them and only them.”

I shook my head, closing my eyes, just wanting to forget this whole thing. His hand went to my thigh, rubbing a circle with his thumb. He wanted to forget about it too.

“It’s okay baby, if you want a label than I’ll let everyone know. Post a picture right now.” He shook my thigh smiling at me, his efforts at cheering me up somewhat work, a smirk falling over my lips.

“Just know that it’s going to get worse, before it gets better.” He whispered, looking into my eyes.

I understand what he means, but I also understand what I want. I want to hold his hand on dates, not just walk closely next to each other, bumping hand here and there. I want to be able to take pictures of all the silly things he does. I want to be able to bring him to my parents barbecue without having to say ‘he’s just a close friend’. I want to be able to just simply call him my boyfriend instead of saying ‘it’s complicated’.

“You either make it official or we drop whatever this is.” I admit to him. His eyes search my face for a while before his hand goes to his phone.

“Now let’s see…” He mumbles, looking through his apps. He stops at one, looks at me attempting to raise one eyebrow. My curiosity stops me from rolling my eyes, I just shove his shoulder slightly. He smiles, going back to his apps, searching.

“Instagram.” He announces opening the app, clicking the camera right away.

I smile so wide that I can’t understand how my lips didn’t hurt. Jamie shakes his head at my smile, smiling back putting his arm over my shoulder. I was surprised at how calm I felt. After thinking about this for the past month, I expected myself to be filled with nerves, but instead I just felt happy.

“Come here.” Jamie commanded, his hand grasping the back of my neck pulling my lips to his.

It was a small peck, full of silliness as Jamie chuckled, it felt like our first kiss, when he bumped his forehead into mine. My teeth gently tugging on his bottom lip when. I freed his lip, when he tugged away chuckling, his lips pressed against my forehead.

We both turned to his phone, looking at the picture he had taken. I was tugging his lip smiling and he was mid laugh.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” I chirped at Jamie, helping him edit it.

“Not yet…” He mumbled, clicking the arrow to post it before either of us could say anything else. We held our breaths, the little notification popped up saying the picture was posted.

Jamie turned to look at me, “But I think we can get through, just trust me that’s all we need.”

I smiled, leaning in to him to show him I agreed, but he shook his head, pointing at the dress.

“Now you have to go be my girlfriend at the event.” Jamie stated, dropping his arm from my shoulder.

I looked at the dress getting up from the bed. Seems like a fair price, I get to keep Jamie and the dress. Throwing the dress over my shoulder I go to my closet to find heels.

“With pleasure.” I tell Jamie over my shoulder.

My Eyes Adored You


My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away

I open instagram, scrolling through the days feed, liking a picture here or there, until one photo causes my breath to hitch.

Y/N’s face smiles up at me through the screen, clearly mid laugh. Automatically, my own lips tug up into a grin, smiling at the girl who had my heart. I like the picture, noticing the caption was simply a smiling emoji, before closing instagram and opening my pictures.

The gallery was full of her. Of the two of us; of her on her own. The photos ranged from selfies that’s we’d taken, to selfies she’s taken when she stole my phone, to candid ones of her I’d taken when we were together. I scroll through them slowly, taking the time to appreciate each one fully, until my screen flashes her name. I click the answer button, smiling when her face yet again illuminates the small screen.

“Hey gorgeous.” I grin, and her giggle resonates around my bunk. “I was just thinking about you.”

“I know.” She beams, and I feel as though my heart actually stops for a second. “I had a notification informing me you’d liked my picture.”

“I always like your pictures.” I smile, drinking in the sight of her smile and her eyes and just her, curled up on her sofa a million miles away from me. “How else do you know I still think you’re beautiful?”

“Oh so when you stop liking my pictures, that means I’m not beautiful any more.” She muses, adopting a serious look, although I can see the smile she’s trying to hide. “How interesting.”

“Don’t worry.” I assure her. “I’m never going to stop thinking you’re beautiful.”

“Glad to know.” She blushes, and I marvel at the way she’s still humbled by my compliments.

“I miss your face.” I sigh, and she giggles again.

“You can see it right now!”

“Not in person. It’s getting hard to appreciate just how beautiful you are through a screen.”

“Soon Ash.” She sighs, closing her eyes ever so briefly. “Only sixty seven days to go.”

“That’s sixty seven too many.” I pout, and she giggles again.

“I know.” She smiles. “But you’re just having to make face time and instagram do until then.”

“They’re aren’t as good as the real thing.” I tell her, and she rolls her eyes, not realising just how hard it was to love something so beautiful, who was so far away.


You were fifth grade, I was sixth
When we came to be

“So Michael,” The interviewer begins. “How long have you and your girlfriend Y/N been a couple?”

“Oh god.” I chuckle, and the boys grin around me. “I was twelve and she was eleven. But we grew up next door to each other, so she’s been there forever.”

“Wow! So you’ve been together that long?”

“Well, I mean, there were times when we’d break up for a while.” I shrug. “But it was never for too long. Because we’re us you know? And we’re best friends, always have been, and so we always end up finding our way back together. So, I guess yeah, it just always comes back to the two kids in Sydney sitting on the swings in my garden.”


“How’s school now I’m gone?” I ask, glancing at the girl beside me. She’s actually swinging, not very high, but still more than the slight rocking I was using my feet to do.

“You weren’t my only friend Michael.” She grins, poking her tongue out at me. “I can survive a year without you. Then I’ll be back with you all over again.”

“It’s weird though.” I tell her. “Not seeing you.”

“I live next door!” She giggles, stopping her swinging and smiling at me. “You see me all the time.”

“Not enough.” I mumble, looking away to my feet. “I want to see you more.”

“You can see me all the time we aren’t at school.” She replies, her voice quieter. I look up and smile softly, and she smiles back.

“Would you…erm…like to be my…my girlfriend? I don’t have to…I just…” I trail off, returning my eyes to the floor, my cheeks flushed red. Then, very faintly, a pair of lips brush mine, and I look up in shock to see Y/N beginning to swing again.

“Yeah Mikey.” She giggles. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”


“Sounds like soul mates.” The interviewer smiles, and I grin back at her.

“I don’t know if I believe in that type of thing.” I admit, ignoring the boys’ scoffs. “But if I were to have one, I like to think it’s her.”

“So are the wedding bells in the future?” She smirks, and I shake my head, looking down at my feet with a small smile before looking back up to answer.

“We’re still young, so obviously I haven’t asked her to marry me.” I laugh.

“He wants to though.” Calum chuckles, and I shove him lightly.

“Maybe one day.”


Carried your books from school
Playing make-believe you’re married to me

“Luke!” She giggles as I take the book out of her hands, carrying them with my on.

“I’m your husband! I have to carry them!” I tell her as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, out Mum’s laughing behind us.

“We aren’t married!” She tells me, and my mouth falls open in shock.

“Of course we are!” I protest, but she shakes her head furiously.

“No we aren’t we’re five! Five year olds aren’t married!”

“Well we are.” I tell her, handing her a Haribo ring. She giggles, taking it and putting it on her finger.

“Fine. We can be married, but just today okay?”


“I’ll carry it!” I tell her, taking the box from her hands and holding it under my arm.

“I think I can manage Luke.” She smiles, reaching out to take the box back, but I spin so it’s out of her reach. “Luke!”

“I’m your husband, I have to carry them.” I grin, and she rolls her eyes.

“We aren’t married.” She echoes her words just as I did, and I only grin more. “Seriously Luke, let me carry the box.”

“What kind of husband-”

“You aren’t my husband! We’re eighteen!”

“Fine. How about I settle for boyfriend instead?” I smirk, and this time it’s her mouth that falls open in shock.

“I…erm…what?” She splutters.

“Boyfriend or husband, take your pick.” I grin, and she blinks at me. “Come on Y/N, it’s not that hard a choice. I mean do you want to be married or-”

I’m cut off by her lips on mine, and I smile as her hands grip my neck slightly before she pulls away.

“We aren’t married Luke.” She replies, kissing me again before turning around.

“Not yet.” I mutter.


“Wait!” I stop her, scooping her up in my arms.

“Luke!” She giggles, locking her arms around my neck. I grin, kissing her quickly before opening the door and stepping inside.

“I’m your husband. I have to carry you.” I grin, and she rolls her eyes.

“How long have you been waiting to use that one?” She grins, and I smirk at her, kicking the door close behind me. She shifts so her legs are around my waist, and mine are locked under her bum.

“Since you kissed me.” I admit, smirking up at her. “Although I’ve been waiting to marry you since I was five, you just kept denying my happiness.”

“Twice! Both times, we weren’t even a couple. And when we were a couple, I said yes didnt I?”

“Took you long enough.” I joke, capturing her lips with mine.

“Well we’re married now.” She mumbles against my lips, and I grin into her kiss.

“Only took you twenty years to realise.”


My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you

She walked in, and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for it.

Because she was just so unlike any other girl I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t put it into words, but my eyes remained on her all night, despite the chaos that surrounded us.

I watched her laugh from across the room, and I let a smile take over my features. She continues to giggle at whatever her friend says, and Luke hits the back of my head.

“Just go and introduce yourself!” He laughs, drinking his beer as he shakes his head. “You’ve been staring at her since she walked in.”

“Who is she?” I ask him, my gaze returning to the girl.

“Kylie’s friend maybe? I’m not sure. All I know is your eyes have been glued to her since she walked in.”

“She’s gorgeous.” I mutter, looking quickly at Luke before back at her. “Do you not think? I mean, obviously she’s beautiful, but, I don’t know, I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at her she’s just so-”

“Christ Cal you don’t even know her name!” He exclaims. “You sound like you’re in love with her.”

“Don’t be stupid.” I scoff, although I don’t shift my gaze from her.

“If you don’t go over there I will.” He replies, and I finally twist my head to look at him. He smirks, tipping his bottle in her direction. “Seriously, go.”

“Okay.” I nod, turning back around and looking at where she stood smiling. “Okay.”

“Fucking hell.” Luke chuckled, pushing me forward. “Go Calum!”

I stumble, quickly regaining my footing as I get closer to the girl. She looks up from her friends as I approach, and my breath catches at the way her eyes shine.

“Hi.” She chirps, and I have to mentally kick myself for staring at her so obviously.

“H-hey.” I wave lamely. “I’m Calum.”

“I know.” She smiles. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N.” I repeat, smiling at her. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

She smirks at me, and I close my eyes in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry.” I tell her, opeinging my eyes to meet hers. “That was so…”

“It’s okay.” She giggles. “It was cute.”

“You’re cute. I mean…you’re beautiful…I mean..I’m just going to be quiet now.” I sigh, looking down at my shoes.

Suddenly, a spark jolts up my arm, and I look up to see her fingers laced with mine.

“You’re cute too.” She grins, pulling me through the house. “Come on, I want to dance.”

Cue The Rain | Rucas Fic

Prompt Request:  “So you know the picture you reblogged, with the boy and the girl standing under the umbrella? Well I also agree it looks just like rucas (#SummerRain) So I was wondering if you could do a one shot of where Lucas asked Maya to make that for Riley?”

A/N: Hope you dont mind I combined it with another prompt!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Lucas laid in bed watching his girlfriend wander aimlessly around their apartment. She was in the midst of getting ready for work, strutting back and forth trying to find her other heel while simultaneously putting lipstick on. Lucas found everything she did endearing and this was no different. He loved seeing her get ready in the morning, it was like he was on the outside looking in.

Riley grabs her keys and starts to head for the door when she stops in her tracks. She comes running back into their bedroom and jumps on the bed, wrapping her arms around him.

“You almost forgot about me.” Lucas laughs, kissing the brunette on the cheek.

She lets out as soft giggle and gently kisses him on the lips. “I could never.”

“Love you.” He gives her a quick peck before she has to get back up.

“Love you too!” She calls out running back to the front door.

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A first kiss. Carmen doesn’t know quite what she expected from him, something a bit more rugged and raw and full of raging, unbridled passion, but the tender hesitation as his lips lightly brush up against her own still makes her skin tingle with anticipation and desire. Westley lingers for a moment longer, savoring the temporary relief from the bruises Madeleine left, but as he starts to pull away Carmen hooks her bare leg around his thigh and gazes up at him with wide, imploring eyes.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers. “Stay with me tonight.”

Westley freezes, his body tensing with uncertainty. “I don’t- That isn’t- I’m not looking for a relationship right now, Carmen,” he splutters. 

“And who said I was?” she rolls her eyes at him in response. “It’s just sex, West. Besides, can you think of a better way to get your mind off the two-timing Barbie?”

But I don’t want to get her off my mind, he thinks with a moody frown.

Sensing his reluctance, Carmen shrugs and says, “Fine. I won’t beg. I just remember how fun and exciting you used to be, but I guess the blonde floozy changed you more than I-”

Westley’s lips crash against Carmen’s, effectively cutting her off mid-sentence. This kiss, and the next one and the next one after that, more than exceed Carmen’s initial expectations about the kind of lover West would make. She smiles to herself, pleased that she managed to break him after all.

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While Castle is missing between S6 and S7, Beckett discovers something that changes her perspective on his disappearance. (I got this idea and wrote it late at night so all mistakes are on account of my lack of sleep)


Beckett had spent the last 2 days going through all of her fiancee’s things, trying to figure out why he’s been MIA for nearly two months.  She was now hauling the last of the boxes out of his closet and setting it on their (now pretty much just her) bed.  When she opened it up, it was filled with little mementos, but none with any prominent significance to Castle’s disappearance.  Much like the 20 other boxes she had been painfully closely searching through.  She sifted through old post cards, keychains from holidays and several photo albums.   Some of Alexis’ early years of childhood, some of his mother’s plays, and one less damaged and obviously not as old.  Beckett opened it up to find a photo taken in the Hampton’s. Her and Castle on the beach around a bonfire with Alexis and Martha.  Beckett’s face lit up, carefree and cheerful.  But Castle’s eyes are focused on her.  Filled with love and admiration.  As she looked through more of the photos, she saw that they went all the way back to when they had just started dating.  Candids at the Old Haunt, newspaper clippings from articles about the Nikki Heat series which they had become accustomed to doing photoshoots for together now, and some pictures they had even taken themselves.  Her favorite being from when they were in a photo booth and he kissed her mid-smile at the camera.  She found her eyes filling with tears.  Tears of mixed emotions.  As they streamed down her cheeks, she choked out a strained sob.

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Why PT 1

Today Is the day. Today was the Disney Awards and of course I’m nominated so I have to go but Nates going. I haven’t seen or talked to nate ever since our breakup 4 months ago. Me and Nates relationship was crazy but In a good way. When I was with nate it was as if I was a princess in a Disney movie. He was always there for me and supported me. Then we got in a big fight and boom we were over. At the time I thought nothing of it, I thought maybe he needed time and he’d come back. Nope. No calls or texts. Then I get tweets from fans of him and a girl, it didn’t take long for him to move on. My heart felt so lost for months and him? he was fine. It’s as if I ment nothing to him. But now I’m over it, I still love him but I’m over thinking our breakup was my fault and I’m over hoping he’d come back. I changed so much and if tonight something happens ill roll with it. But the one thing I’m not over are the boys. Sammy and the jacks. When me and nate dated the boys and me were so close then the day after we broke up I tried to talk to them but nothing. Time after time i tried but nothing. One day I was driving, I was emotional as fuck. I tried calling johnson because of course, I was super close to him the most, but he ignored me, mid voice mail I was hit dead on by a car. I lost alot of blood I was in a coma for a month. The doctors told me I was as good as dead, but by the grace of God i woke up hoping they’d be there, but nope. So I’m sure as hell not over that. Today is supposed to be my day and seeing them is gonna 99.9% ruin it but hey, the show must go on. As we pulled up to the show my heart began to beat like crazy. I was hoping I wouldn’t see him but I did, his car was in front of mine. Dammit. One by one the boys exited and then nate came out. My eyes watched him walk and pose. He looked amazing you wouldn’t tell he was the type to break a girls heart. I felt my car door open and I stepped out. My outfit today was beautiful, It was a short black dress with the back exposed, I was wearing black wedges with a black hand purse. My hair used to be light brown but I died it black and put some blue highlights. My hair for this outfit was curled beautifully and my makeup was on death. If I couldn’t have nate I’d show him what he is missing out on. I walked to the red carpet looking straight ahead. Screams erupted when fans saw me and i guess the boys were taken back because mid picture they looked over. My eyes met instantly with nate as he eyed me up and down. Slowly his eyes met mine and he smiled at me. Like I said I’m over it. I turned and posed, picture after picture moving down step by step. I got to a point where I was literally arms reach next to the boys they kept looking at me but I totally ignored them and continued. Making my way to the end of the carpet I got called by Zendaya and Bella Thorne to do a interview for disney. Guess they didn’t know me and nate were over because they called him too. Just my luck. I put my fakest smile and walked to them. I could feel Nates eyes staring me up and down. “Hiii guys” I smiled hard hugging them both. “Hey Y/N & Hey Nate” Zendaya said “OH my god guys today we have your two up and coming artists Y/N and Nate.” She says gesturing her hand over to us I smile and wave and so does nate. “Okay guys we need to know how’s it going so far?” Bella says smiling “it’s pretty dope I’m totally having a good time, i look nice, the fans look nice,you look nice, everyone looks nice. The vibe is dope asl and I just can’t wait for the show to start” I say smiling “i was having a bad day but now I’m happy” nate says smiling down at me while i stare straight ahead “awhhh you guys are otp” Zendaya squeels “actually-” I’m cut off by nate wrapping his arm around my shoulders and kissing my head “thanks” he says smiling “so before we let you both go everyone’s dying to know do you two plan to collab one day?” Zendaya smiles “um I’m up for anything if he’s down, I’m down” i say smiling looking up to him but deep down I want to hit him “totally down for a collab with her beautiful ass be on the lookout” he says ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Should I continue?

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There's a picture floating around of a side shot of Natasha in mid-laugh/smile while Elise seems to be tackle hugging her and it looks like it was taken on one of the Carmilla sets. Can someone tell me where this is from?

I believe it’s this one? Was posted on the carmillaseries instagram when they wrapped shooting S2.