the picture not me

Otabek is so fucking cute. He’s looking at Yuri as if he as the fucking galaxies in his eyes even though the Cat Son is literally scarfing down food, talking with his mouth open and ready to stuff even more food in.

It’s like Victor looking at drunk and blubbering Yuri all over again. 

AND OMG Otabek’s style? It’s so aesthetically WHOLESOME and cute! Ya thot that the cardigan-wearing Otabek was a one time thing? HA! No, this nerd just likes to dress elegantly. 

And ya, they’re likely in a restaurant given the plating of the food and the appearance of the table. So ya, they’re on yet another food date.


lay with me…the stars watch us tonight.


I was tagged by @natsuh Thank you so much Mel sweetheart! *hugs*

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thanks to @bartsugsy i’ve been thinking about robert being stuck in a burning building all day

like imagine liv and vic being outside and being worried

and imagine aaron

imagine aaron not being able to get in the building to help him and roberts just frozen and terrified because it’s fire and he can’t handle fire

imagine if you will, robert hanging out of a window and literally the only thing keeping him from freaking out completely is aaron on the ground talking to him and telling him he loves him

while various villagers run around trying to find something to help

and robert is just like “i don’t wanna die like mum did”

and aarons dying because how is he supposed to help cain and paddy have had to hold him back twice from rushing in

and then roberts saved

the epic hug between rob and liv

the soft hug between rob and vic

the absolutely bone crushing and intense hug between robert and aaron

damn i just talked myself into writing this tomorrow 👀

I have one thing to say about the concert
… dead, I’m d e a d

also, I forgive you Le Blob I love you more than I should
the concert is online somewhere, it was broadcasted in local tv and online
rumour has it that I appeared, got second row unfortunately because of this complete bastard who didn’t even knew dd
but that’s okay, wednesday is my birthday AND DURAN LIVE AGAIN