the picture not me


What if Chrom had separation anxiety? 

My stuff never stood a chance against twelve and a half stones of reckless, post-adolescent fury…
Ki never left him alone ever again. And they had to pay for all the damages.

Imagine Woozi spending the last hours of his birthday, feeling absolutely grateful for all the love he received from family, friends and fans.

The Gladnis is real! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Prompto, you are a gift from the Six! You have taken the. Perfect shot of Gladnis!

Ignis is probably looking over at Noctis doing Six knows what, Gladio is most likely gonna have a good laugh and tries to comfort Iggy the best way he can!

It’ll be okay, Ignis. There, there.

Hmm … maybe I somehow created a cover for a young adult novel … this wasn’t intended, lol. I blame the lack of accurate clothes for Erik and Christine XD. As soon as I have some I will recreate this picture.

But anyway, this was basically done for trying to create body contact between two figures in DAZ 3D Studio for the first time (damn, you wouldn’t believe how long this took me!).