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9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


Hey, I made a profile picture for facebook that is Valentine’s day themed because love everyone. Feel free to use it!

Edit: this is about not condemning or hating groups of marginalized people. Individuals can be horrible, and I’m not saying you should support that, I’m just saying I support these groups as a whole. 💖

Seems these old hills
They keep on calling
Clouds ‘round here talk
Man I been listening


Looking over some screencaps from the TV Movie the other day, I started asking myself how the initial confusion over the colour of the Doctor’s coat ever came about. I mean, look; it’s green (though not bottle green as it’s usually described; to me it looks more like a very dark olive green) in almost every light:

Then I remember that this was pre-DVDs and high-res and the costume being on display and that it looks brown






(There are a handful in which it looks green but those weren’t really seen back then)

It’s fascinating (to me, anyway) how one fabric can change colour so dramatically.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love petscop have a picture of Toneth lmao

a bad bitch? no. but a rad butch? yes

“Wanderlust”, an excerpt, written by @jayonthestreets

© adre95xx

jieun is tired of your shit


Morning run complete! I threw in a 5 minute row session while I was at it! It was a good morning session, even with sore legs my run was easier than yesterday’s!

I woke up at 530 this morning but instead of getting up and grabbing an extra long workout I snoozed! Tomorrow if I wake up that early I am getting up!

For dinner last night we ate crockpot pork I threw in yesterday morning and had sautéed green beans! It was healthy and tasty!

And just for kicks a picture of Slevin wearing another hat!