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Okay so I decided to not follow my SU/YGO casting, and just draw what I think fits in the picture XD

Ryou is having second thoughts about bringing Kura and Marik over Thanksgiving dinner with his Father. Oh, and he created Pan for them I guess. And the thieves laugh about their own Pharaoh/Revenge awkward jokes at the table too.

Pan almost got replaced for a Kuriboh

Throwback to the pilot episode with Alex freaking out on Kara after the rescue and saying “you’ve exposed yourself. To the world. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back.”

She and Kara are like opposites, with Kara hiding her physical prowess but wearing her heart on her sleeve and Alex jumping in front of bullets while shirking from heart-to-hearts that focus on her.

Her only option in life has always been perfection, and that confused & sad part of herself that doesn’t know what she wants or who she really is doesn’t fit in to that perfect picture, so she’s just always pushed it aside. Alex “double life” Danvers is an expert compartmentalizer, she could go her whole life without fully knowing herself because what’s the point? Her role is to protect. That’s what she’s always done, that’s what she’s good at. Her entire life has been structured around protecting her sister, protecting her city, protecting her world. Putting her body between what she loves and what wants to cause harm. She even went on a date with Maxwell Lord for goodness sake. She has no problem exposing herself physically. She’s just terrified of emotional exposure.

And now finally Alex is starting to make sense of that confusion she’s carried for years. And it must be terrifying? Like it’s really scary to be so established in life and suddenly realize there are parts of you you’ve never really understood before now. And someone like alex, who drank through her grief (possibly never telling Kara or Eliza about her breakdown) and then channeled that energy into the DEO, actually acknowledging and dealing with a Thing would be the absolute worst.

But she’s still doing it?? She still tries to talk to Kara about it? She tells Maggie even though it’s so scary she can’t even say the words?

Alex is so afraid of people seeing the true her because maybe they’ll realize under all that bravado and wit she’s still a little girl who misses her dad and never feels good enough. Any sign of vulnerability might show she’s not the impenetrable protector she wants everyone to believe her to be.

Because then everyone will know about her, and she will never be able to take it back.

And despite all that, she exposes herself anyway. And I think that’s really, really cool.


• day 7/30 of productivity • 28/1/16 •

happy chinese new year!! 🎉(even tho my post is mainly blue not red ahahaha) i hope you all had fun visiting your relatives!!! i got some new notebooks and here’s another picture of my bio LOs just to fit the blue theme 😂😂😂also thank you for all the notes so far you all are too nice 💓

actuallyklance  asked:

will u ever draw more klance or yoi??? u used to get so inspired n excited about them! it's ok if not, tho! I was just curious,,, xoxo

It’s like, I still love those ships but I kinda want to focus more on improving my art skills at the moment. All I’ve been doing ever since I joined tumblr was drawing shippy stuff for my otps ((and don’t misunderstand me here, I like doing it!!)) but now I would like to go a step further and improve the technical side of things.

Rn I’m trying to focus on the flow, colour theory, composition and perspective, and it’s like, the otps just don’t fit in the theme of those pictures. I don’t wanna force myself to draw e.g. Keith and Lance somewhere in the bg just for the notes™, mostly because that was not what I meant while drawing a pic. 

Another things is, I might be moving my interest from a show to a different show, you know how it is…

notsosociosawyer  asked:

Really though, just picture it. Maggie Sawyer, fitted white button up, enough buttons undone to be just shy of risqué. Suit jacket straining just slightly around her biceps. Alex seeing her and going wide eyed, because okay she looks better than any potential past prom date ever would've or could've (not only because they were male). And then Maggie looks up and sees Alex, because her girlfriend had entered the apartment near silently, that bright dimpled smile crossing her face. (cont.)

She properly picks up the thing she’d been fiddling with on the table, a corsage Maggie had made sure would match Alex’s dress perfectly. And as she moves closer, the jacket falls open just slightly more. Alex’s mouth goes dry. She’d never really gotten the sexy thing about suspenders until she saw them pressed taunt down either side of her girlfriend’s torso. Shaken out of her less appropriate thoughts when Maggie slips even closer, the nervousness now blatantly readable in her eyes Maggie clearing her throat, because she knows her voice will crack otherwise. “I- I’m sorry I was an ass about today. I didn’t- I put my own feelings about the holiday ahead of you, it wasn’t fair.” Ducking her head slightly before looking up at Alex again and just getting lost in the whole image. Her girlfriend who is just so, “beautiful. I- you’re so beautiful, Alex.” And she immediately sees the sheen of tears in Alex’s eyes, goes to apologize, only to be reached for and pulled into a kiss by the lapels of her jacket. Because really what other reaction could Alex have? And when they pull back, Alex’s hands have slipped upwards, fingers interlocked behind Maggie’s neck, only pulling one back for a moment, to have Maggie carefully slip the corsage onto her wrist. Maggie’s arms then wrapping around Alex’s waist and they don’t move for a moment. A moment of just breathing the same air. And then the music finally filters into their bubble and they start swaying gently to it.


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