the picture is from the little flowers


Some things I’ve seen yesterday:

~ flower market with a “book tree”. Just a tree looking like structure with books hanging from it. I think it’s awesome.
~ flower market with flowery vespas. So cute.
~ nicely placed little graffitis. “Dope” and “Smile”. I really like them.
~ a beautifully decorated fountain at the flower market.

I went to a surf rock concert too, and it was pretty cool and fantastic. Met a few new people, hung out with friends, turned someone into a Mike Patton fan, got drunk and went home.

I am hung over, but I feel better just looking at these pictures.

Imagine children of Hephaestus being born with parts of their bodies being made of metal. It varies how weird or horrific the placement of these parts are. Many children with born with metal limbs build better, more stylish ones for themselves

Imagine children of Aphrodite that are born with the power to change their appearance, but they can’t control it. They change when their emotions are high or just randomly throughout the day. Sometimes they’ll have two different faces and not be able to do anything about it

Imagine children of Apollo being literally made of light. There’s always a soft glow coming from their eyes, nose, and mouth. They get hard to look at when they’re mad but they also make good flashlights

Imagine children of Ares who just casually spill blood all the time. Out of their mouths, ears, eyes, and noses. Just randomly, no warning. Sometime random small wounds will open up on their arms, legs, and faces. New campers are very scared of them

Imagine children of Athena who physically shut down from information over load; they can’t move, can’t speak, don’t even breathe so their brains can review all the things they know. When they’re in this state you can literally see words and pictures flash across their eyes. Don’t disturb them in this state, it won’t be good for either of you

Imagine children of Demeter who have flowers and other flora growing out of their bodies. Little roses (thorns and all) growing out of their heads, lilies growing from their shoulders. Sometimes their hair will start turning green

Imagine children of Dionysus with grape juice for blood. When they get older, it ferments and turns to wine. They can will vines to grow out of their bodies, though the grapes on those vines will make anyone else sick

Imagine children of Hermes who talk so fast, their voice can’t catch up. They’ll be talking and suddenly, their voice gives out. But they still keep talking. When they stop, their voice keeps going once it’s able to catch up

Imagine children of Hades with see through skin. All the bones, veins, organs, and everything is visible. Sometimes, depending on a lot of things, their skin is more translucent than normal

Imagine children of Poseidon being born with aquatic features; scales, gills, webbed hands/feet, slimy skin, etc. Some are able to go fine without water, while some need it or they get sick. They won’t die but they will be quite miserable

Imagine children of Zeus who are made of lightning. You can see it under their skin, jumping from one body part to the next. Their eyes have lightning and them always look like colored storm clouds. Touching them is always an endeavor in trying not to get shocked too badly

Imagine really cool side effects to being half all powerful God

Steven Bomb 5: What is grief?

The differences in how grief is portrayed between Yellow and Blue Diamond in the new Steven Bomb is really interesting to me. They’re both such uniquely different, yet so familiar expressions of grief (albeit exaggarated for the purposes of the show).   

We quickly see that Blue DIamond is the one who is grieving the most conventionally (i guess), weeping, visiting Pink Diamond’s “grave”, or at least the place where she was killed. 

“Oh, Pink… I’m sorry,  I’m so sorry, I should have done more… Yellow says it’ll all be over soon, i wonder what you would think…”

It’s a very typical “having lost a family member” kind of grief. We see BD looking tired, grief stricken, hunched over and wheeping. We see her wishing above all to perserve their memory; perserving her creations by emloying the Quartz soldiers (even perserving a room of bubbled Rose Quartz-gems), . Collecting the things PD loved by bringing new human(s) to the zoo. 

Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond’s type of grief is recognizable as well. I’ve seen her catching a lot of flack for “not allowing BD to have feelings” - a too narrow view of her character in my opinion. (IMO, one of the best things this steven bomb did was taking the diamonds from scary bad guy “gods” to something much more human).

“Let’s make a plan of attack, start looking forward and stop looking back”

YD exhibits the type of grief where you just want to keep moving, keep busy in order not to look back. The song even alludes to this; “yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her, but now there’s nothing we can do, so tell me what’s the use in feeling blue?”

Her grief materialises mainly in the wish to exact vengance upon the gems who caused PDs death, as well as the entire subgroup of quartz that she belonged to. If not for BD’s wish to perserve everything that belonged to PD (because ”they were hers”), she would have eradicated the entire cut of Rose Quartz in their possession. 

We even see it in the rehtoric (can i call it rethoric?)  she uses on BD, pushing her to see a picture bigger than her own grief, 

”Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!”

It’s even shown in their composure; BD hunched over, head bowed, weeping, YD straight-backed, head rarely bowed (until that one, fantastic moment from the song where we see her composure break just a little). 

Steven Universe shows us something that is important to remember. Grief doesn’t always look like bowed heads and tears and laying flowers on graves. Sometimes it looks like squared shoulders and stubbornly not looking back because what lies behind you is too painful.

Steven Universe is great because it shows depth to even the most terrible of villains, and I just fucking love this show man. 

Actual wallflower Lucretia and hellraiser Lup are confirmed and now I just want these girls bonding while still being complete opposites. Lucretia was kind of terrified of Magnus and the twins at first because they were the chaos crew, but over time they grew on each other. Lup would be the first to make fun of Lucretia or Barry, but if anyone else said a wrong word to them she’d get all defensive. Those are her nerds, thank you very much. Besides, Lucretia was always interested to hear about everything- cooking, evocation, weird stories from the road- and Lup liked talking. By the end of the first year they’re tight. Lup drapes herself over Lucretia’s shoulder while she writes and just plays with cantrips. They chill like that, Lucretia writing with both hands and Lup using prestidigitation to draw inappropriate pictures on the ceiling. Sometimes Lup- who grew up keeping Taako’s hair from becoming an absolute bird’s nest- would go on little scouting expeditions with Lucretia and braid flowers into her hair while Lucretia sketched new and exciting plants. Girls have to stick together, she insists. Lucretia really appreciates the company, though she doesn’t say as much for a long time. 


🌟 Bath Magic 🌟!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite ways to practice magic! There’s nothing more rejuvenating to me than a long hot bath. I definitely gravitate towards using water in my practice, and magical baths are my favorite way to incorporate this. For my baths, I usually put together a standard mix for overall cleansing and good vibes, and then customize it from there depending on what kind of energy im trying to attract!

My standard bath mix:

Equal parts of:

💫Epsom Salt - This stuff is all over good for you! It eases any aches and pains and eliminates toxins in the body. I use this as a cleansing element in the bath mix

💫Himalayan Pink Salt - Similar to the epsom salt, this detoxifies your body as well as your energetic field. Pink salt is a powerful energetic healer and has a way of absorbing and dispersing negative energy, while also being awesome for the body because of all the trace minerals found in it!

💫Coconut oil - Magically useful for protection&  purification, so a lovely addition to the baths cleansing properties! Coconut oil is also a fantastic moisturizer & I love having some in the bath in order to lock moisture in my skin!

💫Rose Water - If I have any rose water on hand, I’ll add a little bit into my mix! Roses are commonly known to correspond with love and passion and a litle rose water is a great way to invite more love into your life. Roses & rose water are also associated with intuition, and dream magic.

💫Moon Water - I also include a splash of moon charged water in my bath! I usually work pretty closely with the moon, so this is a personal comfort! I love having the energy of a moonbeam with me while I’m cleansing from energetic build up or preforming a spell or ritual

💫Selenite Dust - Selenite is a fantastic cleansing mineral thats energy is very similar to the moon. This mineral dissolves in water, so be sure not to place your favorite piece in the bath! I have a bit of selenite that I use specifically for making dust.

💫Essential Oils - There are a variety of oils you could add depending on what your intentions are! I usually switch up which oils I add depending on the intention of the bath. My favorites right now are tea tree oil and rosemary!

From there, I sometimes will add teabags, herbs and flowers (pictured above are rose petals, honeysuckle and rosemary for luck and abundance!) put these in a muslin bag so that clean up is a little easier), and bring candles and crystals with me. My favorite things to add to my standard bath mix are a nice bath bomb that color-coordinates with my intentions (I really respond to magical color correspondences! ), and a face mask.

For me, these baths are almost always for a through energetic cleanse, and are useful before doing spell work or ritual work. They can also be so useful when I’m just going through a stressful time and need to relax! I use them to ground, center, cleanse, and meditate. Baths can also be a perfect quiet time to develop your intuition, or a safe space to practice spirit work. Of course you can also build a spell into a bath mix, or anything else you wish!

Baths can also be medicinal, and as with any medicinal practice make sure your health situation can mix with any herbal / holistic medicinal methods safely!


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Sweet little things that the Chocobros do for their S/O?

Noctis, for being the spoiled prince, actually doesn’t mind doting on his s/o. He’ll leave little notes around their apartment for them to find, cute little messages saying how he’s thinking of them and reasons why he loves them. He also always knows when hair care products are running low and replaces them before his s/o notices or realizes, and there’s always fresh flowers in the vase on the dining room table.

Prompto loves taking pictures, but his favourite thing is making little scrapbooks and gifting them to you. They’re always amazingly crafted and filled with photos of the two of you, along with hand-written notes and pressed flowers, and things that remind him of you wherever he goes. Whenever you come home from work absolutely exhausted, he always has you lean against him so he can massage your temples and help you unwind. He also always sends you good morning and good night texts when you’re apart with little kissy-face emojis.

Gladio is weirdly sappy in relationships and loves doing very conventionally romantic things for you. Holding the door so you can go in first, getting the car door for you, paying for meals and things like that. But he also enjoys reading you poetry as you fall asleep, little poems about love that make you swoon. He also always leaves a few oversized hoodies of his behind when he leaves to go on the road because he knows how much comfort they give you when you’re alone. He calls, not texts, because he likes hearing the sound of your voice.

Aside from cooking all the time, Ignis is just a miracle of a boyfriend. Whenever you’re looking for something, he knows exactly where it is. When you come home from a long day of work, your apartment is always spotless because Ignis didn’t want you to come home to a stressful environment. He buys your favourite candles and burns them so that your home smells amazing, and he likes to write letters to you while he’s away. They take a little longer to arrive, but your heart always swells when you get a letter from him with a spritz of his cologne and a photo of him that Prompto took just for you.

BTS Reaction-Birthday Presents (18+)

You know I would just love to have BTS as my present in general.  They don’t need to get me anything, just BTS!  Lol sorry for not posting yesterday I started a new job, but as an i’m sorry present, I’ll get 2 reactions done right now!  Enjoy this one!

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Jin:  Being the more romantic one, he would send you flowers all day until it was time to se you.  When you did see him you would insist on helping him cook your birthday dinner.  He’d throw the flour all over you resulting in an instense food fight where he picks you up, put you on the island and starts to kiss you all over before slipping the bracelet he got you on your arm while he hears you moan his name.

Suga:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, that is not really his thing.  He would text you to come to the studio and meet him.  He’d give you a cute kiss when you came in first before anything else.  He’d bring you onto his lap where you could hear the song he wrote for you.  He’d kiss your neck while his hand moves up your leg making you make soft noises for him.

J-Hope:  He would already be at your house when you woke up.  You’d find him in the kitchen making you pancakes.  You’d love it and give his kisses before he picked up you and layed you on the couch as he kisses you lower, you notice the kitten he bought you staring at you guys.

Rap Monster:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, but cute little notes on where you need to meet him at.  You would run around town all day trying to find him.  When you did, you’d find him on a rooftop with dinner.  After you ate he’d bring you close and kiss you with passion put the necklace he bought you on while you guys made love under the stars.

Jimin:  This one is a cute, yet shy romantic.  He would send you flowers, your favorite kind of course.  When you saw him at your apartment later, he would be standing there with a beautiful ring in his hand.  After he put it on you, he’d gently place you again the wall, where he would make you cry with pleasure.

Tae:  This young one wouldn’t plan a very huge deal.  Its just another day for your guys.  He would still send you flowers though.  He would tease you through out the day however.  When you saw him later, he would pull off that adorable dress you were wearing and throw you on his bed, giving you a great birthday present, you know besides the wonderful perfume he gave you.

Kookie:  The golden maknae would be there in the morning when you woke up.  He’d give you breakfast in bed along with flowers.  He give you the cute little photo book with pictures from your relationship in them.  When you were done, he’d drag you into the shower with him for another present.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Request:  Heard you wanted requests and I’m here to please. Reader is an artist and likes to draw jughead while he’s at pops, little does she know jughead likes to write about her. They find out somehow and cuteness!!!!!! Sorry if this is bad I don’t normally send in requests xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

A/N: Thanks for the request lovie!

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And they touched and touched and touched. They rubbed their lips raw; till their hearts were practically dripping on the hardwood floor. But no matter the pain or heartache, they kept consuming each other. Growing more and more fascinated with the idea of finding the end of the rainbow. Minds filling with dopamine, hands rushing to the finish line, eyes burning with dangerous need. One twisted their way into the other’s soul and started putting up picture frames and vases filled with flowers in the window sills. The other wormed inside their partner’s heart and put bear traps on the floor in a desperate attempt to ward off visitors. They put night lights in their lover’s mind to keep them from going dark. They both put up glow-in-the-dark stars from their childhood on each other’s skin to serve as a constant reminder of the little universe they’ve created. 
Maybe, if they both fight a little harder for each other, they’ll also realize what it means to fight for themselves.
Witchy Ways To Protect Yourself/Protection Spells

NOTE: Many of these are my own invention, just thought you should know. 

By protection I am referring to spiritual protection and protection from negative energy and bad spells. I am also suggesting the use of these (not in place of actual psychiatric help) for people with anxiety disorders and other disorders that can cause paranoia. Using these for nightmares could also be beneficial.

For these you don’t need ingredients (except two of these of course) so even closeted witches can do them. 

Plant Helpers

-If you want to use something alive for protection then ferns and cactuses might be a good plants to use. Keep in mind this is my own invention but blessing the plant by charging them can help keep bad things away. Put an emotion (a positive one such as peace, love, happiness, etc.) Into the plant. You don’t necessarily have to touch the plant themselves but you can touch the pot they are in. Close your eyes and picture a light of the color of your choice surrounding the plant. Imagine that light going into every part of the plant and then spreading out to touch you and the room. Picture a lock in the middle of the light that locks itself to keep you safe. You can also whisper this to the plant: “Dear little friend, keep me safe unto the end.”

-Imagine your heart. See it beating within your chest. Envision a flower of your choice flowing from it and wrapping you in its roots. Repeat to yourself: “All is well and I am safe, from here to every space. The plant shall hold me safe and sound, to protect me from what’s around.”

Animal Helpers

-Put snake statues at every corner of the room you sleep in. This is what the Ancient Egyptians did to fight off nightmares.

-Picture your heart (it doesn’t have to be anatomically accurate). Envision a glowing ball of light flowing out of it and transforming into an animal that brings you comfort, be it a real or mythical animal and in the color of your choice. See that animal gently leaping from your chest to the floor of the room you are in. Imagine that they are encircling your body in a blanket of light that surrounds all parts of you almost like a mummy. As they tuck the last of the blanket around you, slowly repeat these words: “Friend of joy, friend of light; keep me safe each day and night.”


-Imagine a light comes from within your heart or brain and envelopes you in a bubble. Feel the warmth of this bubble around you and see the way it holds you safe and sound. Know that all bad energies will bounce off the bubble and not reach you. 

RFA + Valentine's Day

Jumin spends weeks telling anyone who will listen about the commercial origins of the event and its close relationship to flower sales and chocolates etc etc. If MC brings it up to him, he might even tell them about the projects he is working on and which items he expects to turn a profit. He is also the one who sends MC dozens of roses at their workplace, multiple little gifts throughout the day and ultimately takes them to a candlelit dinner.

Yoosung will have grumpily scolded Jumin every time he complained about the worth of Valentine’s Day. He would spend ages thinking up the perfect gift to show his affections, write poetry in the back of his class texts and gift MC the cutest, punniest card (I ruff you!) ever, along with a bouquet of red roses (which he possibly bought instead of groceries). He would also have spent the longest time teasing MC about what their gift might be or that he might forget, when everyone and their nan knows he won’t forget.

Zen is so over the top enthusiastic about having someone on Valentine’s that he makes plans in January. He wants to do all of the schmoozy couples stuff like going to see a movie and kissing in the back row. First thing that morning, he will show up at their door with a single red rose like “be my valentine”? Also, it wouldn’t be Zen if he didn’t reference getting MC to put on some of the lacy underwear that’s new in that season. Valentine’s Day is a MUCH bigger deal for him than MC, lol.

Seven is probably not that into Valentine’s Day but he’d make a very deliberate effort. He’d give MC some of those joke love hearts candies that are like “smelly head” and “dingus” before taking them out for a long ride in his car that evening. They can sit under the stars and eat candies and laugh at exactly what statements are printed on them, like “this one says ‘you smell’ on it. Clearly it was made for you”.

Jaehee is almost definitely going to end up snowed under with work (it’s the snowball effect: Chief Han probably wants to do something romantic so throws more work in Jumin’s direction, which means Jaehee ends up with more etc etc). Also true if her route is completed. She possibly was also of the opinion that Valentine’s Day was too commercial, but she leaves MC a card and some handmade chocolates next to the phone, where she usually leaves notes and things (and blushes like a beacon the next time they see each other).

Saeran won’t fully understand the day (a day for love? Sounds fake but ok) but he won’t say no to MC showering chocolates in his general direction. MC will wake up to find a really beautiful flower on their pillow, but if they ask Saeran about it he’ll go a bright red and be like fUck if I know.

It’s at this point that MC finds out V has been keeping really detailed journals from the beginning of their relationship and on Valentine’s Day, he makes a little scrapbook of pictures, pressed flowers and anecdotes from the first time they met to the present day. It’s also further proof that he’s a gross goober, but if they’re dating him, they probably know this already, since he makes a habit of sending them flowers and love notes.

boyfriend! yugyeom

okay so yeah, I’ve decided to make my first post about yugyeom because he is my ult and I love him so much so yeah!


•stating the obvious, he’s super tall so he’d like walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your head or shoulder

•he probably smells like really good

•he would bring you cute little things whenever he got back from somewhere

•I feel like your home would always be filled with flowers because of him

•"Yugyeom, can you reach that for me?“
•"Why can’t you reach it?”
•"Shut up.“

•His kisses would almost always be soft and caring

•Kinda shy about PDA, but you better bet your ass he would purposely kiss you in front of someone who was checking you out

•Not shy about PDA when you’re alone

•Cute morning texts reminding you that he loves you

•Probably would send you pictures of what everyone is doing if you weren’t there with captions like "It would be better if you were here.”

•Loves holding your hand and his hand would be so soft and large

•Would definitely grab your ass out of no where

•He’s definitely an ass person okay

•When you cuddle with him, one arm is wrapped around your waste and the other is under your neck

•Your head would be in the crook of his neck and one or your legs would be wrapped around his

•Him constantly wanting to buy you things even if you aren’t high maintenance

•"Look at this!! This would look so great on you, I’m buying it for you"
•"It’s okay, I don’t need it"

•makes funny faces at you in public

•protectively holds your waist or hand in crowded places

•Comes home with little sweets for you guys to eat while watching tv

•LOVES playing with your hair

•You’d ask him to tickle your arm/ back and he’d be like ? But he’d do it anyways

•Then after you’d tickle his arm/ back and he’d be like hOLY SHIT KEEP DOING THAT

•Having dance parties in your underwear

•Constantly muttering that he loves you in your ear and after he always kisses under your ear

•I don’t think he’d be that kinky, but he’d love leaving hickeys on the places only you and him could see

•Cute little nicknames that you’d come up with for each other

•You guys would take turns making dinner because you can’t make dinner together without getting carried away or distracted

•Cupcakes would be a weekly must

•Whenever you’re around the others, he is always by your side but almost never kisses you around them

•Gets all flustered when you kiss him around them

•"Y-Y/N…The hyungs are h-here.“
•"You can’t just do that to me!“

•Warm hugs that would consist of him holding your waist tight and lifting you off the ground a little bit

•Your arms would be around his neck while you hug, and he would leave tiny kisses on your shoulder

•Repeating this one again, but he would aLWAYS PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR

•He usually likes being the big spoon, but after a long day of work you know he likes being the small spoon

•Secretly takes pictures of you

•You trying to secretly take pictures of him, but he always catches you and makes a silly face


•You two would always fight over which movie to put on every night

•He would help you curl the hair at the back of your head because did I mention that he probably loves hair?

•Would almost always accidentally burn himself

•He’d act tough but we all know it really hurts

•You two would always belt out lyrics in the car and would not care about how you sound

•But he’d always sound good because he constantly tries to impress you

•If he accidentally hurts you like accidentally steps on your foot, he’d be devastated even if it really didn’t hurt

•"Y/N, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, are you okay? Does it hurt?“
•"No, babe, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”
•"Are you sure? I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that.“

•Always take care of you when you are sick or on your period

•You’d always take care of him too even if he didn’t want you to be around him because he wouldn’t want you to get sick


So yeah, that’s a little bit of how I picture Yugyeom as a boyfriend!! I haven’t seen one of these for him so I was like hey, I’ll write one! I hope you liked it. xx

It’s your birthday!

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Happy birthday @hutchhitched! We are pleased to post this story for you, submitted by the always wonderful @norbertsmom. (Be nicer than this guy when you get your cake, yeah?) ;)

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little story.

Rated T for mention of traffic accident and mention of death.

Guard You From Harm

Katniss walked into the classroom and smiled at the only person outside of her immediate family who had that effect on her.

“Good morning, Peeta,” Katniss greeted as she plopped down in her chair and handed him a cup of hot chocolate. “How was your weekend?”

“Great,” he grumbled while struggling with his laptop. He absentmindedly slid a bakery bag with grease stains over to Katniss. He quickly looked up and her and said, “It’s always nice when I can get home to see my dad. How was your weekend?”

“Ugh, don’t ask,” Katniss answered then opened the bag and inhaled deeply. She gave Peeta a quick grin, even though he was already back with his nose in his computer, and reached inside the bag. She pulled out a cheesebun and popped it in her mouth. She loved it when he went home on the weekends. He always came back with her favorite.

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Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

- Having all the chocolate you could ever crave, ever
- Being friends for a super long time before dating
- The Marauders teasing the both of you relentlessly until you admitted that you liked each other
- Him coming up from behind you and resting his chin on top of your head and his hands on your hips/around your waist
- Quite literally the most cuddles ever
- Pretty much just not leaving his/your bed for the entire weekend
- Little random kisses as he passes by you on the top of your head, temple, forehead, shoulder, etcetera
- Making each other breakfast/coffee/tea all the time
- Visiting each other over breaks and getting to introduce him to fun muggle stuff
- “Rem, I’m studying!”
- As he grabs you around your waist, tearing you away from your books, and pulls you down on the couch with him
- “Well not now you aren’t”
- Basically him just turning into a giant cuddler whenever you actually have something to do (not that he isn’t anyways, cause he totally is)
- He lays his head in your lap
- Wraps his arms around you
- Kisses you everywhere
- And you won’t even look at him because you’ll just lose it from his cuteness and never get anything done
- Not that you really do anyways…because of him
- Kisses on the back of your hand and the inside of your wrist
- Basically gaining three brothers in the process
- “Mrs. Moony”
- Getting little gifts from him whenever he’s out and about without you
- In addition, collecting little memories from your time together - notes, pictures (you guys take a lot), cards, tickets, candy wrappers, menus, flowers, etcetera
- Being the most comforting, understanding, and peaceful person for each other
- Getting lost in each other’s eyes
- Falling asleep on each other/together
- That thing that two people in love do when they walk next to each other and they aren’t ‘holding hands’ but they’re brushing and touching and intertwining their fingers together oh gosh
- Silence between you two being more enjoyed and seen as comfortable/peaceful rather than awkward or strange
- Grabbing each other to dance together
- And slow dancing all the time
- Basically being like a married couple after only dating for a few months because the two of you are so compatible and comfortable with each other
- Ruffling/playing with his hair all the time
- Softly tracing all of his scars across his chest and arms while he just relaxes and watches you
- The softest, gentlest, sweetest, most passionate, comforting kisses
- The two of you pretty much being the epitome of the best relationship ever

By @hphogwartsimagines

Things I would do as your girlfriend:
•Make you laugh when sad
•Make you food
•Nap with you whenever you want
•Be there for you when you’re going through hard times
•When you’re anxious, I’ll hold your hand and trace your hand with my thumb
•Let you steal my sweatshirt
•Tell you I love you every second of everyday
•Watch any movie with you (even if I’ve seen it because I’m most likely staring at you the whole time)
•Take you on cute dates
•Surprise you with your favorite candy, ice cream, flowers, etc. anything you like basically.
•Be the big spoon
•Or the little spoon whichever you want me to be
•Play video games with you but let you win (when you get mad bc I beat you 😉)
•Take pictures of you while you’re sleeping bc you’re just so cute
•Fall asleep on video chat with you every night that were away from each other.
•Make you cum many many times (sorry not sorry)
Anyways…The most important one…
Love you unconditionally and always support you in everything you do and never hurt you.
—  Just please do the same for me.

You looked at the envelope that your manager gave you.

I have to pretend to be married to Kim Namjoon, oppa? You questioned your boss as he sighed and nodded.

Yes. It will be good for publicity on your upcoming book and his groupmate, Jeon Jungkook, is in the drama that you’re writing, so it helps everyone. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the paper. There was a list of rules that the two of you had to abide by for the week. When you got into this business you were strict about not doing these gimmicky shows, although they were fun to watch, they lacked substance. You felt as though it was just a joke and not reality. But your manager was right. Although you were a big writer, one of the youngest and most successful, you still needed publicity. Plus you were trying to get into the drama writing business, with your first series being the first series that Jungkook would act in. There was a lot riding on these next few months, so maybe this show wasn’t the worst thing for you to do.

On the other side of Seoul, Namjoon sat in front of his manager, his eyes wide when he read the paper.

Y/N? The writer?! Namjoon exclaimed. He was an avid reader and he loved your style of writing, but he also heard that you were totally against things like this. Everyone in the entertainment industry had tried to get interviews with you, and you only did two. Yet somehow your books were major best sellers for men and women, you seemed to write in an intelligent, yet fun way. Namjoon was captivated by your writing, but heard your personality was rather hard to handle.

Yes, she’s doing this to help with her upcoming book and Jungkook’s series. It will be good for her writing if she gets to know you and the rest of the guys. Namjoon’s superior spouted off as Namjoon continued to scan the document.

It says that filming ends around 9pm everyday for about 3 weeks … 3 weeks?! I thought it was a week?! Namjoon looked at his manager. His manager raised his eyes from the computer and shrugged.

They film for 3 weeks and make it seem like just 1, they want to make sure they have enough footage of the two of you all cute and in love. His manager rolled his eyes. Namjoon needed a “personality rebranding” as the entertainment industry called it. Namjoon had been molded into this idol that was only focused on work and books, so fans started to think he wasn’t interested in love and was against romantic things. So in a last attempt to have fans fall in love with him as a romantic bachelor, BigHit signed him up for the show. Now because you live with the guys, the filming is going to be at Y/N’s condo, we already have someone ready to take you once you grab some things. You can come back to the dorm after 9pm and you have to be back at her place by 9am. It’s only for 3 weeks, but please try to get along. His manager told him and Namjoon nodded.

Of course, I will try. Namjoon said and bowed as he left the room. He scanned the paper. Let’s hope she’s as good of a wife as she is a writer. He mumbled and made his way to the dorm.

The show was letting the two of you meet before the actual shooting began. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes again as you realized just how fake this show was, the “first time” meeting was actually a total set up, the “romantic dates” were all planned by the crew, and all of those beautiful moments you share during the week were just choreographed by the studio. You continued to read over the guidelines of the show, when the buzzer went off. You had straightened up your place and put on a ripped pair of jeans and a dark gray sweater. Throwing a hand through your hair you looked at your makeup-less face, a moment of panic rushed through your veins. You had gotten caught up in writing this afternoon that makeup and styling your hair had gone out of the window. Smacking yourself in the forehead with your palm, you looked at the camera and saw it was Namjoon. Buzzing him in, you thought about frantically putting on makeup, but just let it be, he was already at your door by the time you could have gotten everything together.

Hello! Namjoon said in a nervous tone and you laughed a little as he stuck flowers out in front of you.

Well, thank you. Let me put these in water. You took the flowers from him and made your way to the kitchen. Namjoon looked around and smiled at the place. It wasn’t a massive apartment, there were pictures on the wall of you with friends and family, you had books everywhere, and your notebooks lined the shelves. The TV hung on the wall, but from the way that the remote had dust on it, he could sense you didn’t watch it, and he could hear you making coffee in the kitchen.

Would you like a cup of coffee, Namjoon? You said politely and he nodded. You seemed to be well-mannered and quiet. He looked over to your kitchen table and his eyes widened. It looked like a tornado had hit it. Balled up pieces of paper, pens, and rough drafts were laying around your computer. He walked over as you tried to stop him. Ah! It’s a work in progress over there! Book writing is a bit crazy when I get towards the end like this! You tried to apologize, but Namjoon shrugged.

It’s actually really cool to see it like this. You know, people think you’re a bitch. He shrugged and took the coffee from your hands. You looked at him with a shocked expression on your face and tried to grasp what he had said. Sure, you were a bit hard-headed, but a bitch? You continued to go after yourself when you noticed that Namjoon had turned pink with embarrassment. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, it’s just that no one really gets your personality in the entertainment industry. I’m not the best with words. Namjoon continued to try to backtrack, but you stopped him. All I meant, was that it was cool to see that you look normal. Not bitchy, just normal! He exclaimed and waved his mug around in discomfort, spilling coffee all over the floor. Aigo! He exclaimed, dumping more coffee and getting more upset. You giggled and grabbed a rag.

It’s fine, you didn’t spill on my computer or my rough drafts, so we can just clean up. You handed him a rag and the two of you knelt down. It was an immediate comfort between the two of you, which you found surprising. There were very few moments that you felt that way with anyone, so it was nice to have someone like Namjoon around. Maybe this show wasn’t going to be too bad.

Author’s Note: I hope you guys like this one … I really like the ideas I have for this series 

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Logic excelled in both art and math. He could make any picture appealing just using math. Why did he turn to tattoos? He thought permanent art on humans were gorgeous. He didn't have any himself though. Morality just enjoyed the look of flowers. He can't quite remember all the meanings so he has post it notes everywhere. He's found a nice little shop across the road from a tattoo parlour. After a gift of flowers, Logic and Morality learn a whole lot more about themselves and each other.

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