the picture above is in bad quality :




Come see the other parts!

Part 1-

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 Final - (Above)

There will be a compilation video of all the parts into one video, so please don’t make one lol. it’ll come out in a few days. 

Sorry for all the watermarks and the low quality finished picture guys. :C I’ve been getting a LOT of art theft lately and I just know that this is just a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves if I make this full quality like usual, even with a watermark. but I hope you enjoy! There’s no watermark in the video but that’s only because if someone screen shot it, it still would look bad as a print or whatever. 

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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My 2 cents on Yuzu's 97.

For all the people that are worried/bitching about yuzu’s 97… take a seat real quick and look at the bigger picture.

-Yuzu got a 97 with just ONE Quad, and a POPPED Sal Combo. (Back counter 3A too) but, think about it!! Yuzu is SO good at what he does. His QUALITY is above everyone else, that he can score 97 with 1 quad, and a popped sal triple combo. If that isn’t a testament to what kind of talent yuzu is. Then idk what is. So chill out you guys. Have faith in yuzu. We all have bad days. He’s human. He’s allowed to make mistakes. Let’s just hope he can pull through in the FS and support him even if he doesn’t win/medal. We still have worlds. So hang in there y'all.


Hi y’all! 

I’ve been making some traditional art voltron stickers and I’m currently doing vld sticker commissions like the ones above for 10$

I need to scrap together some money for summer and I’ve always wanted to try on doing commissions, so I thought I’d start off small. 

(I would do digital art stickers instead, but unfortunately I don’t own a printer atm, so the quality of the hand drawn stickers will be less fancy.
Also sorry for bad phone pictures!)

  • You can request any ship or characters, the ones above are just examples.
  • every sticker set will have 10 stickers, varying in size.
  • The stickers besides the requested characters, will be random (objects, food, animals, fruit, etc.) 
  • I won’t draw voltron mecha
  • Send me a message if you’re interested! 
  • Payment will be ONLY in USD through Paypal
  • Notice that all stickers will be different and unique, they won’t look exactly like the ones above since they’re all hand drawn

I’m a bit busy some days, but I’ll try to be as fast as possible! Thanks for reading 💕



So…unfortunately the quality of this video is very 2004 (was this shot on a flip phone? lmao) but if you put it fullscreen and look closely, you will see during Pride there is a short blob of a person with a bad case of the bounces in the front row toward the center of the tree stage…

Pictured above: Blocky motion blur of me rocking the fuck out with both arms up.  Screenshot taken at 1:11/11:11 because SYNCHRONICITY YOU GOTTA BELIEVE

just look for the thing in the video that seems to be moving the most, and there you’ll find me ;)

SO once you have located the appropriate jumping blur, please watch starting from around 1:28 as Edge walks right up to me playing the solo to Pride…as you can imagine I was ENRAPTURED, I’m jumping and fist-pumping in front of Edge so hard I don’t even notice around 1:35 when Bono turns around and starts watching me…


Pictured above: Bono giving me a power boost as Edge rocks the solo to Pride (In The Name of Love), deciding out of a stadium full of people I was the one who should see him in his full glory during the definitive peak of the song.  The most important figures in this exchange have been labeled for your convenience.  For bonus points, try drawing a perfect triangle around the three labeled figures and bask in the true meaning of sacred geometry!!!!!

...and then for some reason right after that, I suddenly felt compelled to time my fist-pumps directly with the music at the ..!! points of the beat (you know what I mean.  If you watch it XD)

and though I was too busy making eyes at Edge to even see him at the time, I swear now I can see the little smirk on Bono’s face in the seconds following…

this might be the single most awesome moment of my life.  when u are so busy rocking out with Edge you don’t even notice BONO LOOKING AT YOU…god bless the person who captured this blessed video on their Virgin Mobile flip phone or whatever the fuck XD gahhhhh I’m glowing that was fuckin beautiful right there.  I remember how amazing it felt in the moment but KNOWING BONO WAS WATCHING ME AND POSSIBLY CONTROLLING ME SOMEHOW WITH HIS HANDS OF LOVE MAKES IT INFINITELY BETTER OMG


Hey you guys again! 

As I promised, I show you my other study area, which is in my apartment in Budapest. I really like this setup, this is more aesthetic and simple, but I have a very minimalistic style, so this is perfect for me and my study sessions. Above my desk, there is also a motivational pinboard.

I’m really sorry for the bad picture quality, but I have an iPhone 4s, and the camera is not the best :( I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, and please wish me luck for the exams tomorrow,


Haikyuu!! Stage Play

Can someone.. just explain to me.. what. the. fuck. was. that. jump. Oikawa just did???? 

Like.. one second he’s talking about his ankle and the second he just has his hips above Iwaizumi’s head?? Like seriously, this is a bad quality picture, but look at it

Is he just.. flying?????

Hiya!! I’m setting up commissions so I can get me some money lol, first off, sorry for the poorly done bad quality image, there’s no good free collage apps so I did it with medibang and it crashed multiple times.

Secondly, money first, art second, I’m sure you guys can understand that bc lots of ppl get scammed outta their money by drawing first, I can do more than what you see above but I didn’t have any example pictures but I can do it!

If you wanna get with me and discuss what you want, hit me up in them DMs or an ask non anon! I probably look real unprofessional but this is my first time doing commissions so bear with me!
My sleeping schedule is currently night and day but that may change, bc I don’t go to school so I don’t need to keep a schedule!
All of these pictures are from an ask post on Arts and OCs Amino that I made using my OC, Alex! Of course these are all just examples of what the art will look like!

▶◀ *PayPal only* EDIT: I will NOT do fetish art! Vore/bondage/feet/inflation, ECT. if it’s a camp camp request, I will NOT draw maxvid! Or any camper counselor ship pic for that matter! The character limit is two! Second character is 2 dollars more! So if you want a commission but want a second character in the picture, it’ll be two dollars more than the original price! Alrighty, I’m going to bed! Good night, y'all!
My favourite mangas & mangakas #04

* 01 - Akira Toriyama
* 02 - Boichi
* 03 - Takeshi Obata

Today I’m going to tell you about Yukito Kishiro, but to be honest I will only write about one of his mangas: Gunnm, also known as Battle Angel Alita.

If you know it already and don’t recognize the names I use, it’s because I read the French version and the names are closer to the original version than in the North American version.

Let me simply start by saying that Gunnm probably is my favourite manga of all times. I’ve read the nine volumes several times already and I’m never bored, I always love the story, the art, and it always makes me think and feel a lot, it’s not a simple story. It’s something more, something personal and universal at the same time, with violence but also love and psychology, philosophy… It really is a complete work of art, making your mind work as well as your imagination. So obviously: if you haven’t read Gunnm, read it! And I’m not saying “read it” like I said for Dragon Ball. You HAVE TO READ Gunnm! It’s only 9 volumes and you will not regret it.

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How I Take Notes! 

This is just a brief summary of how I take notes in my classes. I am attaching pictures, but because I write in pencil they aren’t extremely easy to see. 

1) Titles and dates 

  • I always put a general title at the top of my notes and the date! 
  • Sometimes teachers will tell you a certain range of dates that will be on the test, and it is handy to have the date on them for that. 

2) Headings

  • Depending on the class, I will do different things. 
  • For history class, I number the main events that we are talking about. Instead of having individual headings for each topic, it is in a numbered list which makes more sense for a history course. 
  • For all of my other courses like science and math, I write subheadings and put a cloud shape around them. You could also underline/highlight the subheadings, but I think a distinction is important. 

3) Bullets

  • Underneath headings, I use bullet points to write the information that pertains to each topic (much like I’m doing in this post!) 
  • I use a series of bullet points in my notes, which you can see in the first photo! 
  • If a major point under a heading has more information, I switch to a different type of bullets and indent farther so it is distinctly part of the bullet above it, not the general headings. 

4) Symbols

  • I try to use as many shorthands and symbols in my notes as possible, which can be hard because I like to have everything written out most of the time. 
  • Some of the shorthands that I use are things like v. (very), w/ (with), or w/i (within) 
  • Arrows symbolising one thing leading to another/cause and effect (smoking → lung problems)
  • Therefore symbol (∴)

I hope some of these tips help you take better notes and sorry again for the bad quality pictures! Message me if you have any questions or want more info! :) 


Okay so I made some Animal Crossing designs. I made a simplified version of the Dan and Phil shirt pictured above that I made into a shirt and poster. And I made a smosh poster with a picture of Edd on it with smosh written on the bottom. Enjoy!

Edit: sorry for the bad quality the photos were taken with my phone. The codes should work. If not, message me.

Click the pictures for HD quality

After attempting to get windowed mode to work with TS4, I played with new shaders on the HD SweetFX and I love it even more.

Bad news is windowed mode now crashes with it. Ugh. I’ll go update the HD mod anyways.

Download HD SweetFX V3 here! It has cool new natural lighting effects (like the glow the light has above) and a subtle gradient that I use in my photo edits.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do an updated editing tutorial?

ok ok buckle up kids i’m going to tell you how i do the Thing™. sorry if you’re on mobile because the tumblr app sucks and this is long but anyway! lets just get to the point.

* for the sake of tumblr’s dimensions, the above pictures have been resized. the original dimensions are also listed below.

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All the pokemon in the picture above are in the give-away. (sorry for the bad quality pictures)

For more details about the pokemon (IV-s, pokeball, moves) just ask.

The pokemon are NOT nicknamable.

There will be 5 winners. All 5 wins 2 pokemon, but 1. place chooses which 2 pokemon they want first and so on.


Rules to enter:

- Anyone can enter this give-away

- 1 Like and 1 reblog

- You must have your ask open and be willing to give me your friend code.

- The winners will have 24 hours to respond.



* Make sure to have your ask open, otherwise I can’t contact you and you can’t win.

* I will choose the winners the next day when the give-away ends. If you participate and you know that you won’t be able to respond in 48 hours please message me so we can work something out. (Like giving an extra 24 hours or something like that.)


You don’t have to follow me to enter, but if you win and you also follow me you win a BP item of your choice.

I will NOT announce the winners publicly. But I will post when it ends.

THE GIVE-AWAY ENDS THE  28. November 2014

If you have any questions just ask me.

Good luck everyone :)


DAILY ROTHKO BONUS: Four reds, 1957, 81×50 in. (205.4×127 cm.)
, Seoul As seen on “Mad Men”.

Some of the followers here wanted to know which Rothko appears on Mad Men and here it is. The still above is from the show and then there’s a pretty bad scan of it below. The fake on the show is actually probably closer than this scan in color from what I can tell. Anyway, the painting resides in the collection of the Ho-Am Art Museum in Seoul. If anyone has a better scan or can walk in there and take a picture for us, I’d love to post a high quality version of it.


A while ago, when I was in highschool (2007) I spent the night at my best friend’s place because we had to finish an important project for one of our classes, it was a long tiring day but we managed to get most of it done before 9pm… after that we decided to watch some TV until it was bed time, Back to the Future II was on and it happened to be one of her favorite movies of all time, a few minutes passed and she stood up with her phone in order to get a short clip of her favorite scene (I know this sounds weird but it was a different time, our phones were crappy and we didn’t really have access to youtube), once she did, we both enjoyed the rest of the film and went to bed around midnight.

Fast forward to the next morning, she asked me to take a look at the clip on her phone, apparently there was something we didn’t notice before and to be frank, it really freaked me out. The first frame of the recording showed a grinning face of a man we’ve never seen before, I’m positive that couldn’t have been me since I was sitting back in the couch and that’s definitely not her getting in front of the frame, we both were home alone when this happened and didn’t notice anything out of place.

Needless to say, we were speechless and couldn’t find an explanation for it… I asked for the video and kept it with me, I didn’t think about it for several years until I recently checked my old computer backup files and found it within my folders. Whatever that thing was, the smirk on its face always gave me the chills… 

The gif and picture above were captured from the original 28 seconds video. Something I wanted to share with sixpenceee

____________________________ Edit- According to some of you guys the figure in the frame is part of the scene itself, I don’t quite recall that part of the movie so I can’t confirm this…but you might be right, it’s been a long time since I watched this old video and to this day it still creeps me out. But It was probably the bad lighting and quality that made it look so creepy back then… the gif looks kinda spooky tho so that’s something :) thanks for clearing things up fellas, I’ll definitely check it out. Peace~

Hello everyone! Please pretend that you don’t see my bad quality um header thing(?) above. I literally made it on my ipod LMAO. Sorry, I don’t specialize in editing and graphics. I guess I’m that person in the fandom that barely contributes like honestly this is the first red velvet-related picture I’ve ever posted on here HAHA. Anyway, I’m so overdue on this because I was supposed to make one a while ago and I’ve really been wanting to do a follow forever because I barely ever tell any of you how much I love and appreciate you and I guess this would be a good way of doing so. Honestly, all of you are so sweet and I wouldn’t want to count any of you out so if I miss you, just message me or something! ♥


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multifandom sideblog - krystoe Tbh I was planning on including more of you but the people I wanted to include seemed to be inactive or on hiatus. :( Once again, thank you for making my dashboard look amazing all the time and for being so sweet and nice and just wonderful overall! I love you. ♥

p.s. still cryng about my header thing. it would look much more nicer and not so blurry if i did it on my computer because its really blurry and… omg LOL. please ignore it, i’m embarrassed of it. i promise next time it will look way better HAHAA. xx

Where did Charles grown up?

I have read lots of theories about Charles was sent to Radley for different reasons. What if he weren’t? What if he was given up for adoption? Where did he grown up then?

Marlene said we should take a better look around A’s room. I call it his child’s room because it looks like a child’s room in a nostalgic way.

Here is why:

and sorry for the bad quality… I can’t take screenshots with my laptop anymore. The button is broken…

At first we see a frame on the wall with little hands in THREE different colors. This might be a clue for three different children or it symbolizes A’s split personality! Next to that we see the “family” from the picture of Aria’s room. It might symbolize the DiLaurentis’.

The next thing that might be suspicious was the urn above the chimney! It might be a vase but it looks like a urn to me. Next to that we can see FIVE clocks with different times. Maybe for different time zones?  mhhh very nostalgic don’t ya think?

Another frame with FOUR pictures in it. One of a baby, - I think it’s Baby Alison- one really tiny it looks like a  puzzle, but I might be wrong, one of a bridge for what I see and one might be the boy from the video. Help me out here! Among them is a juke box and a record player. mhhh very nostalgic, right?

Then a baby bed appears. Charles bed? Above Spencer was a plain hanging down from the ceiling. Obviously a boys bedroom… In this scene Spencer started the home movie from an very old camera!

And at least the frames with pictures of Charles and Jason in it - I guess - … the two little boys frome the homevideo. The one who kissed his babysister has a football in his right hand on the left picture. I think the clothes were the same. Something big must have been happened at Campbells apple picking farm when you keep photos and a video of it in your room, right? Maybe something good or something really bad.

So Big A as Charles DiLaurentis built a life-sized dollhouse with the Liars’ bedrooms in it. Why shouldn’t he build his own bedroom, too?

It looks like his child’s room and it looks very nostalgic.. Why am I keep saying this? Because this might be a hint where Charles has lived and grown up? Maybe he did grown up at his grandparents? Or some old creep, who took him away from his family and locked him up? 

I’m pretty sure this room is Big A’s child’s room and he had nothing while Alison and Jason could have everything they wanted. And the furnitures and accessoires are so damn old because he lived with someone who was very old! Does this room look like a radley cell? NO!

I want to add something: Tippy the bird lived by Ali’s grandmother. Now tippy lives with A. Maybe he took the Bird with him. :)