the pics come out so fast


Im going to tell you my whole story yesterday because it was one of the greatest day of my life and I still can’t believe it happened.
I met the whole cast yesterday (except for Karol because was in a bar and she is a minor) even tho I could first met Gastón in the hotel.
There he was a sweetheart he went out, we were like 7 girls only so we talked with him a little bit and took pictures with all.
Then I, like the very shy person I am, friended all the staff that I could, and I talked a lot with their drivers, they told me that they were going to a bar just when some staff that were with Karol in another signing arrived, and then Gastón confirmed in mediapilaok.
So me and the girls that were there took a van and drove there, 15 minutes after we arrived they did it. Security in Colombia is insane, me and a friend were approaching to Agus and a security man didn’t let us, but then I saw the light of my eyes, I saw Rugge and everything else in the world disappeared for me.
I walked calmly in zombie mode to him and asked “Te puedo dar un abrazo? (Can I fue you a hug)” and he said “Claro (sure)” and when I asked for a pic he said no problem and I took him, then I asked him from a cheek kiss and he gave it to me without a doubt I told him that I was so proud of him, and GUYSSSSS, ¡HIS FACE LITERALLY LIGHT UP LIKE THE SUN! And said “Thank you so so much” and gave me another hug and security took him inside.
Im never will be able to forget his expression when I said that, because I said it so mean it, and god, if I love him before, i love him more even now.
When they were in the entrance of the bar we talked a little with everyone (I’ll post the video and translate later)
Then like two hours ago Sebas arrived and he went out just a couple of hours before wayyyy too mad, a couple of seconds later Jorge went out like following him very fast and talking on the phone, but when he was returning alone we asked for a pic and he said “Ofcourse yeah” and took a lot of pics, gave a lot of hug, filmed a lot of dedicatory messages and said he was so in love with Colombia and that he was planning on coming to live here after Soy Luna ended, I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. But like always, security come and took him inside again.
We waited there until they came out again but went very fast and didn’t took photos with anyone bc security (seriously fuck them) but Rugge sent us a lot of kisses.
Then we all went to our homes to sleep because today is the big day.
Guys I can’t believe this I’m telling you really happened, it all seems like a dream to me now, they were all so nice and looked really bumped for couldn’t take pics, except for one but I am not telling because doesn’t deserve the attention.
Really I am more proud and happy that ever to chose them like my faves ❤️


request: Can I request a Kim Seokjin mlm one shot please?

pairing: Seokjin x male! reader

genre: fluff and slight angst

warnings: slight angst, mentions of blood, broken bones, cursing 

summary: (Y/N) is late for work and decides to take a short cut instead, but little did he know that he would get hit on by Seokjin, literary and metaphorically. 

a/n: this came out fast cos this is an old one shot thought i finally publish it since the request was a vague, hope you still like it !! it was supposed to be a joji one shot so you can see a bit of idubbbz coming out of jungkooks mouth   (and the pic will come later, again)

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SNL: How standby works

Or more accurately, how mine went!:

(I am not a good writer in any sense so I apologize now)

  • you will only know you have a seat when you actually sit in it
  • First I arrived at Rockefeller plaza around 11:30am-12 pm, the line will be on 48th street either on the side of the nintendo store (usually). You will see silver barricades, the line starts at this corner. 
  • All the shows are different. The time you should show up depends on what time of year, who is hosting as well as musical guest and how many people the host will invite. 
  • I heard when Margot Robbie hosted they handed out many extra tickets Saturday morning to fill up the spots. But when Dave Chapelle hosted no one made it into the live show and only 7 got into the rehearsal
  • I suggest if you came a long way and only have once chance, get there early Friday morning around 10-12 am. If you have many chances to do this again then you could possibly be fine with arriving later Friday evening around 10pm. But it is up to you, if you think its too early you can always come back later. Check on the line when you can if you’re nearby.
  • You must place everything you brought down on the street and only leave for short breaks for eating and the bathroom. If you are inviting someone later they must save their own spot. So say you arrive and then two people are behind you, your friend then shows up, they must leave something behind those two people and can join you while waiting until morning because thats the order they will receive their tickets. Anything other than this is cutting the line. No saving spots if the person isn’t there initially. This isn’t fair to anyone else who had to come super early.
  •  This may change but I heard you can bring a single blow up mattress but it must lay lengthways so your head is towards the building and your feet towards the curb (you can lay on it however this is just a visual aid)
  • No tents allowed. Bring tons of blankets and layers to wear. Bring things to read and watch but beware there is no where to charge electronic items. If you have never slept on the street you probably won’t get any sleep that night. If you get restless you can go for a brief walk. It will always be colder than you think it is, so be prepared. Bring heating pads if need be. Of course if this is in say June then you probably don’t need to do that. But do bring blankets. The cement is cold and you will want to lay on several layers to not feel it. 
  • You are allowed to visit anyone in line for as long as you want - up until 6am - remembering to keep your original place in line kept with a large item.
  • tons of people will be asking what you’re doing there, who’s the host, musical guest and question if you’re homeless…. you can make jokes out of this because if not you’ll get annoyed quickly. Many people even yell from cars driving past so look out for that. Also some speed by so stay off the street as much as possible and stay on the curb
  • most likely there will be an old lady there, I hear she goes every week and she’s usually one of the first people in line, she always picks rehearsal. If you see someone cut just tell her if you are not comfortable telling a guard. Make sure you memorize who is in front of you or take pictures. If you’re one of the first 30 she will most likely remember who was there. 
  • most of the guards are super nice so be friendly and talk to them if they seem like they want to
  • You have now made it through the night! Hopefully…. At 6am they will ask you to get on your feet and pack everything up. You will all stand in line for about an hour now. The tickets will not be distributed until it has reached exactly 7 am. Some pagers will go in order asking you if you’d like to go to the rehearsal (which has more sketches, is more relaxed and a better chance of getting) or the live show (its live and you get to be the laughs! don’t scream out to them though this is rude to the actors) 
  • BRING A VALID FORM OF PHOTO ID, they will ask to see this for your ticket.
  • After you pick a show they give you a ticket with your number on it, and write your name down for the show you’re attending. You do not get to keep this so take a picture if you want to! the sun just arose it’ll look good ;) And yay! You are now free to go home or wherever!
  • Your ticket says what time you need to be back for your show. You will go to the NBC store. This store is now located inside the building. Find this entrance by entering the part of the building where it has a big sign/block-billlboard for sSNL,  Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers etc.  I suggest coming 30 minutes before that to look around and get organized. DO NOT COME AFTER 10:30 this is cutting it late. You will see a woman, most likely, in a blazer just go ask her where you should be. You will see the people who won the lottery as well as the second standby line behind you. They fill your seats if you do not show, they get their tickets that morning. They will want to see you ID one last time here. 
  • Backpacks are not allowed, do not bring one!!!
  • at 10:30 they put you in order, usually groups of 10-20 go up at a time. At this point you can put everything away except your ticket and your phone if you must. The first group will be taken up. You will go through security, they will explain how it works, basically her everything in a purse/one location such as a pocket. This is where the scary man is telling you how worthless you are and how you’re just a seat filler! No worries I still love you
  •  you will then wait in a stairwell. You are asked to then turn off your phone. TURN IT OFF! DO NOT PUT IT ON SILENT! unless you are okay with them taking it and deleting any pics or kicking you straight out. (someone was kicked out of dress rehearsal so i advise you just follow the rule turn it off NOW)
  • you then get taken up in elevators and wait in line. you can look at all the screens flashing pictures of characters and sketches over the years it amazingly beautiful. You get to see the lounge where celebrities wait in. Keep an eye out for them! Olivia Wilde passed right by me! 
  • It will be getting close to 11:30 pm now, don’t panic. they seat everyone and then you if there is any room. When it is time they give you a bracelet you put on yourself. You move quickly into another elevator. Here numbers don’t matter so get out there quickly! 
  • You get up there walk through the hall where there are a bunch of framed photos of characters so many good ones! (I saw lots of kate). They then have you stop and they take your tickets (aww sad). Then you quickly past a short hall with costumes behind glass of famous characters.
  •  The staff pick your seat so it could be anywhere. Don’t worry they do sketches everywhere so at at least one point in time you will be close to them. 
  • YOU ARE IN YOUR SEAT!! YOU MADE IT NO TAKE BACKS! (unless you get kicked out) The room is cold so bring a sweater just in case. Do not put anything over the railing it will be in there shot and they’ll ask you to move it. 
  • Someone, most likely Michael Che, will do a bit of stand up. Then maybe they will do a song and have backup dancers who knows!
  • Then the show will begin, remember to be respectful of the cast. But most importantly have fun! just sit and relax and absorb everything around you because you will not have any thing extra you see documented for later.
  •  During the show you may want to look at the screen rather than the actual actors. I trued watching them live even when they were far. The show will be recorded you will see what it looks like for everyone else later so maybe spend this time looking at the show from another perspective. 
  • Once you’re done and you’d like to meet the cast outside, go out as soon ask you can. The host exits somewhere else so it is very unlikely you will meet them. It’ll be under the rainbow deck sign. It’ll be on the side of the street facing the building you camped next to. Stand behind the barriers I heard they are strict about this. (there was a point when I was there and no one cared about them, so read the situation if need be) Be alert some of the cast comes out fast and you don’t even realize. 
  • Take pics of the cast! with the cast! if they look like they want to go please let them. Be nice and kind because they are sweet people! (if you’re scared colin seems the easiest to approach, very friendly) 
  • Just have fun and talk to them! I know we all have our favourites but please try and give everyone in the cast a good amount of attention if they stick around. 

I hope you have a fun time, its an extraordinary experience! (hope I didn’t miss anything) And I would really enjoy hearing anyone’s story if you do go! 

Good luck!! <33

Mrs FF#1

TIFF 2017 is running September 7 to 17 but wondering if BC will be there this year. Apparently there’s 20% less films there this year compared to last year and there are still tickets available to every event. Watch the influx of Nans, Ubers, and stalkerinas hoping to get close to BC. He’s rumoured to be going but is not on the “for sure” list. George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Julianne Moore are going to be there. For me Toronto is on the other side of the country and very expensive to fly within Canada so not going.

Funny how the Nans are all twisted up and attacking Skeptics right after obviously papped pics of BC, SH, and Pilo 2.0 show up.They are obviously seeing there’s something not right with the showmance and they’re lashing out like little children having a temper tantrum.

Buckle up tight the pap pics will be coming fast and furious as we speed towards Oscars. The Nans will be beside themselves by the end of the run.

I had a really rough day today and looking forward to the weekend, and having some time with the hubby.

Hugs Anna!


And you’ve just described the reason I’ve been wading through the fuckery for the past few days, trying to bring the @skeptical-archives blog up to speed before the awards season really picks up FF#1.

From what I read, Suburbicon didn’t get rave reviews which is rather disappointing.  It will be very interesting to see which film that’s going to be shown at TIFF will get the most favourable receipt by the press.

247sumin  asked:


Send “✆” for a MORNING text.
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] mornin sleepyhead
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] send me pics i wanna see ur pretty face
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] NOT UR MIDDLE FINGER WTF sumin pls
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] come out and food w me
Send “✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT.
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] did u know for like a minute and a half there i thought we could be more than just friends but then you mentioned about how pretty you thought this other girl was and i remembered that rumor back in high school and i was like “oh, probably not” LOL
                        [ DELETED SO FAST ]
Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] flyyyme toooo the moooonn
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] lettm e plaaaayyyysy amontyhst the startttssss
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] let em ee what sprinkg is likeeee onnnnnjgngj
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] jusuptierrrr and marsrsrrrrrssssss
Send “%” for a CURIOUS text.
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] so
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] who’s ur crush :)
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] lil birdy told me u had one :)
Send “ツ” for an EXCITED text.
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] guess who just got new shoes
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] guess
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] guess
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] GUESS SUMIN
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] THATS RIGHT ITS ME
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] THEYRE AWESOME AND THEY FIT AMAZINGLY
   [ tx-> silhouetted forest ] dope af

Yo Ever Siddung And Pree Life Dwaq And Jus Pree The People Them Yo Have Inna Yo Life 😒😒 People A Hypro Enuh 😞 Watch This! Right Now Enuh Nuff A Them People Yah No Rate Yo Enuh Worst If Yo A Get Likes 😌😌 Most A Them Jus Inna Yo Cause Them Wan Yo Share Them And Them Summi Deh 👏👏 Pree The Logic Dwaq Yo Ever A Look A Girl Pon Fb Like Inbox The Girl Hard But All Because Yo Nah Get No Likes She Nah Pay You No Mind But As Yo Come Out A Yo Comfortable Zone And Start Set Up Yo Thing She Want Yo 😕😕💁 But U Give Up And U Nah Run Back A Her Again Know Wah Ago Happen? 😮 She Ago Seh Yo Get Hype! 😶😶 Jus Like If A Girl Like A Boy And Her Thing No Up Him Nah Look Pon Her Enuh! Make She Go Ever Take A BBC Sexy Pic And See How Fast Him MEDZ Her And Then She Nah Go Wan Him Again And Him Ago Seh She Hype! 😌😌 A So It Always Go When Yo Stop Run Back A People Yo So Call Hype Oh Well This Fuck Up Society! Nobody No Badmind You Until Things Start Gwan Fi Yo 👏👏 And When Nothing Nah Gwan Fi You Yo Deven See A Shoulder Fi Lean Upon ☝ Right Now Facebook A Nuff People First Priority Inna Life! Nobody Nah Pree Future Or Fi Get Nothing Outta Life But A Profile Pic 😏😑 That’s Why Nuff A Them Young Youths Yah Gwan! All Because A Clothes And Shoe Fi One Profile Pic Enuh Pic? But Then Again Yo Have People Weh Frighten Fi It And Run Them Down Make Them Feel Like King/Queen When Inna Reality Then A Struggle Fi Maintain The Hype ✌👌 Nobody Not Even A Buy Clothes Fi Church Again 👉⛪Yo See “VANITY & FAME” 💯


This was a fast photoshop job and I’m kinda out of practice when it comes to photo editing but whatevs

I wanted to PS my version of young Ardyn, and here it is. Since the original screnshot was from a dark scene with cold rim lighting I did some color and exposure correction first, so the “after” pic is closer to what he’d look like in daylight. Then I smoothed his face quite a bit, getting rid of wrinkles and making the texture more subtle, after that it was some shape modification to account for how his face would’ve changed as he aged, and finally I got rid of the fedora because my headcanon is he didn’t wear that back then :P Scruffy facial hair stays, I don’t believe this boy ever shaved regularly >:B

The hair is the most sloppy job here, but I wanted to have it there so eh. Maybe I’ll revisit that part. I also wanted to change his clothes but it would’ve been soooo much more work. Again, maybe later.

If anyone’s curious, this is basically what Trash Uncle looks at age 26, in my fic Second Life Syndrome. So there. Some visual reference or whatevs :B

SUBMISSION - Storytime: Preath in Seattle Edition

This is for you, since you have been defending my credits on my photos and you are the captain. Anyway, for everyone else:

I am the photographer who spotted Tobin first and laughing so hard. I should not have tweeted that but honestly it was so easy to spot her. A) Fangirls turned their heads and B)snap back and C) I knew she was gong to sit there. That’s where she was near last time. She came in around the star spangled banner and as soon as it ended I snapped the picture quickly. Tobin was adorable during the game. Reacted so much to Chicago Red Stars goals. Stood up for the first one. She went out to the food area before the half and came back while everyone was out cause she’s sneaky but that’s around the time when people wanted pics and all poor Tobin wanted to do was eat. Later on lots of little kids started coming one by one and she kept taking a pic and kept turning back towards the game. It was nuts. When Press almost scored, she was up and I am pretty sure I got something on camera…we’ll see, it was fast. What I can definitely ensure is pics of Tobin grabbing Press’s attention after the game and Christen’s smile was SO WIDE. Wow. Tobin pretty much chilled with her friends until Christen moved towards that end (after getting pulled away by Bev Yanez for a picture with some family member I am assuming) and Tobin proceeded to leave. I though she left before I made my exit but she was actually right there near the exit and I passed her but I was so paranoid to stop because I am pretty sure at some point they saw the pic on twitter and passed a phone around and were pointing in my direction. So I did my double take and walked away. Btw, to the fangirls who were chilling behind Tobin throughout the game thinking you were sneaky…I have you on camera, taking pictures :P…Pics to come soon (hopefully tonight but I am a perfectionist…). 


The Six Thatchers Theories and Speculation Masterpost

Posts are organized by category/subject. (Text in parenthesis provide further description for the post). Italicized text describes post being debunked partially or entirely. FAQ Here. 

Masterpost will update daily and often! Please check back for the most recent update! 

EDIT 1/3/17: EMP and EDT Theories will not be added to this post. @monikakrasnorada already has one started, which can be found here.

Baby Watson/Rosie

- The Fate of the Watson Baby has been Staring us in the Face this Whole Time 

- Wherefore art thou Rosamund? 

- Baby is a dream/not real 

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Guess I’ll share my pics here, though I’m a bit shy & didn’t like my smile in the pic with Seb & Chris haha. I’m so happy I decided to go to this con, meeting these guys was really a dream come true! They are some of the nicest & sweetest people ever & as a fan it’s reassuring to know that you support such genuine people.

It was all so surreal and happened so fast but I was able to get hugs from them :) & Seb just about killed me, as he hugged me he inhaled deeply then as he was exhaling he let out a “mmmhmm” & I could feel the vibration in his chest as I was pressed against him then after he let go he said see you later. Then the next morning I seen him briefly & he asked how I was doing T-T

Tom Hiddleston, let me just say omg what a sweetheart!!! He’s just so charming and has this aura around him. Hearing him talk & laugh in person melted my heart. At his autograph signing he was smiling, laughing, hugging and having conversations with just about everyone, you could tell he was enjoying himself. He was taking his time & I heard the staff say that they tried to tell him to speed it up but he just wasn’t use to just signing things & moving along haha bless him. I told him how much I admired him & his work & thanked him for all he does because he’s such a compassionate person. He thanked me & gave me a smile & wink :) Overall it was a great experience meeting my favorite actors because never would I have thought I’d get the opportunity to do just that!

Catfight - Jack Gilinsky imagine

This one is for @your-cute-bye

You were at a magcon meet & greet event with your boyfriend. Your also taking pics and answering fans questions when out of nowhere you see Leigh (jack’s ex-girlfriend). You completely in shock when you see her you try to get away and hide but she comes up to you and says :”Hei you ugly whore! So I just came here to say that me and Jack had sex yesterday so you can pack your stuff and leave cause we’re back together.” You didn’t believe her, Jack would never do such a thing. “I think your the whore ‘fucking’ MY boyfriend!” You said. “Didn’t you hear me? GET THE FUCK OUT!” She screamed. “YOU WON’T GET WHAT YOU WANT THAT FAST YOU BLOND WHORE!” And she attacked you, afcourse you fought back. The fans were going crazy taking pics and encouraging the fight. But then you heard Jack screaming and stepping in between the two of you. “The fuck is going on?” He asked once we let go of each other. “I just came here to wish you guys good luck in your relationship and she starts to attack me out of nowhere” Leigh says. “No Jack she came here saying you had sex with her and to get out of your life.” You say. “What that’s just stupid I know Leigh she would never say something like that and you shouldn’t be so jealous and apologize to her”, Jack said kinda mad at you. “What but I didn’t do anything wrong and now I have to apologize!?” But Jack just kept staring at you waiting for an apology. “You know what just go bang each other all night. I’m leaving!” You grab your stuff and run away without looking back.

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“See, Peridot? You can go fast without fancy Gem equipment! Fun, right?”


Steven and Peridot doodle for all your sibling antic needs. So excited for Back to the Barn. X3

Also, wow. I got online to post this and I saw an absolute explosion of notes for the snuggle pic. O.o WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM? XwX;;; -hands out cookies-


I LIVE.  Finally winter seems to be ending and the snow melting has made me come out of hibernation.  Seasonal depression hit be BAD this year.  I really apologize for how my plush art came to a halt for almost 2 months there…

Expect this blog to come back hard and fast.  I also am selling at Zenkaikon in 1.5 weeks, so what you see in this post is part of stock for it!  :)  Hope you like the progress pics of 5 Vintage Style bunnies, and a celestial Tip Toe Bunny made from recycled sweaters and cottons.

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you do a headcanon of the KBTBB guys being MC's servant for a day? Like they are probably trying to make up to her for some reason (please include reason).

Haha it seems like a good time to post this, with the Kissed by the Baddest Butler pics going around!!

Here are the first two I did! Soryu and Baba. They’re kinda long, I’ll post the other 3 later today, so be on the lookout nonnie!
[[Part 2]]

Guess I should mention they may get a little NSFW at the end (^_^)

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I interrupt my semi-hiatus with a Cockles update (among other things)


Basically, if you’re going to a con, I highly suggest you go with someone??? Cause this time around I was by myself and while I still had fun, met people and got to hang around with Bunny and Kiriei for a little bit, it was still kind of lonely. :( SO yeah. But anyways…

I won’t bore you with all the con details, so here’s my personal highlights:

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anonymous asked:

hey, while i'm mainly on board with your standpoints, i don't understand how you can insist that everything's going to remain like this until the very end? when you are aware there's a carefully crafted plan in motion? it's impossible for them to ~convincingly stunt around until a day before the CO bc fans would feel wildly deceived. just like with Harry's narrative, there's debunking to do for every stunt they pull before they reveal the whole relationship.

Yeah I didn’t explain myself very well there.. It’s really past my bedtime lol

I mean that I believe there is a carefully crafted plan… And that plan includes the seeding or conditioning of fans to accept Larry before they come out. But they can’t do that by giving us Larry on full throttle because it would be too intense and the fandom would go crazy. They’ve been running with this plan for quite a while now.. I would say November last year was the biggest turning point..

Harry went ‘wild’ with his image and everyone went nuts.. The media ran with it and naturally Louis was linked to harry in the articles, so they pulled bullshit 2.0 and chucked in a few stunts with girls (Eleanor and Nadine - even though I know Nadine was for album promo too but it worked well in this case too) and it was back to normal for a bit (I’m clearly leaving out massive chucks of the story but you get my drift)… Then the same thing happened with LAIRPORT.. Then Eleanor rocked up in Australia.. Then elounor broke up. Then we got the pool girl and party boy Louis.. Then we got harry and Louis spending time together in England on their mini break then we got more party boy Louis and when they’re back from the break weedgate 2.0 and the girls in the hotel.. Then we get james corden and the bmas and harry and Louis publicly being in la together and then we get Brianna.. Then we get fonding at the otra shows and then we Sara and harry in NYC… Then we get the last week of otra and aimh flag and so much fonding and then we Tamara. Then we got Helsinki and heaps of rainbows and more fonding and talking on stage or whatever and now there’s Brianna..

So as you can see there is still a definite pattern of push and pull. But it’s more 2 steps forward and 1 step back.. If we took out all those girls and those stunts, it would be full throttle Larry and they would be out by now or in a very very see through glass closet.. Because the momentum that the fandom creates along with the media which picks up a lot of fandom movements, it would be almost impossible for them to have remained in the closet over the last 9 months if there were no stunts or ‘straight’ image to control those Larry things.

So there’s the 2 steps forward 1 step back for the above reason, and then while that is all happening, it conditions the fans who aren’t used to Larry and gets them used to it again. It introduces the idea that they’re friends again and that larry isn’t a bad thing and that will help with their CO.

Now my reasoning on why i think they’ll be like this until the end, is that i think the end will come up and slap us in the face and we’re gonna know about it as soon as it does. It’s already creeping up on us now, so it’s not that hard to envisage these things happening until we see those pap pics or whatever it is thats going to confirm harry and louis’ relationship… it’s just a long grinding process of baby steps. 


I’m finally out of class so I can take my pics of this lovely sweatshirt I bought from @nijuukoo! I’m actually surprised it got here so fast! I LOVE my baby Aqua so much! 😢 She, Ven, and Terra deserve so much better! Oh and did I mention that I GOT MY SWEATSHIRT ON THE DAY THE NEW 2.8 TRAILER WAS RELEASED? OH MY GOD THIS GAME WILL COME OUT AROUND MY BIRTHDAY TOO! WHAT EVEN IS LIFE?!

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Can you make a fanfic about the game and how Josh's team won and him texting Jennifer. Make it fluffy of course. ;)

I have a feeling you’re the same anon that asked for the tattoo fanfic haha which is great so thank you! Here’s the next one :)

~ Joshifer one-shot ~

It’s crowded, there’s people everywhere, screaming and cheering, anxious for the game to start. For once, I am glad that all this is not for me. It doesn’t mean I get to relax, because people still notice me and say hi and want to take pictures, but I am happy. I can watch the game with my family, cheer and be loud, and probably eat some pizza at some point. 

A few minutes before the game starts, I can’t help myself and stand up to do the Louisville “L” sign with my hand, and soon everyone else is doing it -or is it the THG salute?-. I see myself on the big screens that hover over the basketball court and I wave my hand graciously.

The cheers are quite loud for me to hear my phone but I feel it vibrate inside my pocket. I pull it out as I sit down and smile. I knew he would write me.

“Just saw you on tv. So cute with the hat and that beautiful smile. Won’t last long tho. Get ready to lose. Love u.”

I chuckle as I shake my head. He’s probably on his couch back in LA with a beer in one hand and his phone in the other one. Man, I miss him. It’s only been a couple of days but I wish he could be here with me and my family. But he can’t, I know. We know.

I reply quickly. “This smile is gonna be chasing you for a while, as we’re gonna win. Deal with it already. Love u too.”

He is definitely faster than me when texting. “Good cos I need that smile. Your team winning tho… not so sure.”

I decide not to reply to that; my brothers are teasing me and the game is about to start. I can’t sit still due to the excitement, and I’m not even the biggest basketball fan here. But I cheer, scream, clap and I’m having so much fun I don’t think I sit down for the first forty five minutes. 
After the Cardinals score a few times in a row, I decide to gather my brothers and the three of us take the goofiest selfie: open mouths as if cheering, hands doing the Louisville L sign and my tee shirt right in the middle of the picture. Picture that, obviously, I send to Josh. 

“Get it all out while you can, Lawrence family. It ain’t gonna last.”

“Love your necklace btw ;-)”

His second text makes me smile and forget about the game for a moment. We exchanged Christmas gifts in front of my family this year; it was not a big deal. But Josh saved the necklace for last. Once we were alone that evening, he pulled out the thin yet long velvet box and handed it to me. I thought it would be a bracelet, but when I opened it and found a heart shaped pendant, I went speechless. He knows how much I love wearing necklaces, and the heart- well, “it’s mine, and for you to keep,” he said that night. 

So it’s only fair that I wear his heart today. I know he would have killed to be here with me, so I like to think that in some way, he is here.

I’m about to reply to his last text but another one from him pops up. 

“Miss you x”

“Wish you were here with me. I’d be sitting on your lap and we’d be making fun of each other every time our teams scored haha. Miss you too xx”

“Maybe we can do that next year :)”

“Maybe. And I’ll get to see your loser face as I’m gonna miss it today :P”

“You still haven’t won so hold your horses, missy. I might be the one seeing your loser face on tv today.”

“You won’t. OMG my brothers are getting pizza!!!! xxx”

As soon as I see it coming I grab a slice and take a bite. I am hungry. Ben hands me a beer and then I realize I need an extra hand to keep texting Josh. Oh well, I’ll have to eat fast. 
But I’m not even halfway through the pizza when Blaine takes my phone and asks me to pose with the food. I open my mouth as wide as I can and pretend to be taking a huge bite. He snaps a pic and I see him add some text to it. Before I swallow and talk, he tosses my phone back to me.

“I sent it to Josh,” he says with a sly smile as he goes back to focusing on the game.

I clean my mouth and my hands, take a sip of my beer and check my phone. I see he has in fact sent the picture to my boyfriend, but my jaw drops as soon as I read what he’s written under it.

“You’ve probs seen this face a few times, but we all love her big mouth. She can def eat, huh? ;-)”

I punch him hard on the arm. “Blaine!! You’re gross.” I read his words again and I laugh a bit. Although I’m hoping Josh is not all freaked out. His reply comes a few seconds later.

“Thanks for the pic, Blaine. Gonna use it as my screensaver haha gotta love this face”

How does he know it was Blaine? Wow, he’s good. But also, gross! I quickly turn to my brother who is still laughing at his own joke. “You two are never talking again.”

“You better delete that pic or you won’t be seeing that face in a long time, Mr. Hutcherson.”

He answers so fast I laugh. “Deleted. Will you check the score now and see who’s winning? Love ya!”

I lift up my head only to find my team is losing by just a few points. Fuck. I put my phone in my pocket and ignore it every time it vibrates. I’m not answering Josh, I need to focus on the game I have come to watch with my family. It gets really interesting and competitive, which makes time fly. 
When we get to the last break, I ask my dad to walk me to the restrooms. We make our way there after stopping to take a picture with a couple of fan girls. I’m honest, as always, and tell them to rush as I really need to pee.
After I use the bathroom and wash my hands, I take a moment to check my phone and read all the texts Josh has been sending me.

“I guess you saw the score and don’t wanna talk. I understand. But I warned you.”

“Still praying for your team to win? Not gonna happen Jenny.”

“Ok stop ignoring me now. I’ll stop teasing :P”

“Heyyy :( Remember I’m home alone, feeling lonely, I get to see your face on tv every few minutes but that’s not enough :(”

“I really do hope you’re enjoying the game with your family :) I love seeing you smile this much xx”

“I love you, beautiful.”

“I really do love you.”

“Can’t wait to see you in a couple days.”

“I miss you xx”

“and love you”

“Ok I’m gonna stop now cos you’re gonna be pissed when you read all these annoying texts. Call me after the game xxx”

I smile. I smile so widely I feel my eyes getting all watery so I stop. I lean against the door and type out what is probably the longest text I have ever written in my life.

“Never stop texting me. I love reading you. I love knowing that you miss me and that you love me. I love you calling me beautiful, and even though I’ll never admit it to your face, I love it when you tease me over silly things, like a basketball game. I love how you think you can annoy me with texts when deep down you know you could never annoy me, with anything. I love that you like seeing me smile. And I love that you love me. And I love you, too xxx”

I press send before I regret it. I’ve never written anything like this before but I think he’ll like it. Before I let the emotional moment go away, I send him one last text.

“Your team is gonna win, but whatever. When it comes to us, I won ;)”