the pic is ugly but whatever



I don’t quite remember why I made this. It was 3 am, my grammar was terrible.

Pic 1:

Komaeda: Hinata-kun! Let’s get a haircut!
Hinata: No. Go back to bed.
Komaeda: Not until you button up your shirt!

Pics 2-4 are basically about Chiaki’s despair disease. Dating sims disease, where she acts like a pro dating sim player in real life, flirting and conquering anybody at any time.

Pic 2:

Hinata: WTF?!?!

Pic 3:

Mikan: What is with this atmosphere? It’s like… somebody has a terminal illness. H-Hinata-san?!

Hinata’s soul: Goodbyeeeee~

Pic 4:

Komaeda: Huh?
Mikan: Waaah! Hinata-san please don’t die!!!
Chiaki: Hey hey, are you in love with me yet? You can be my first ever successful conquest! Teehee~


I don’t have many full length photos because a) trying to take a full body selfie ain’t easy b)any time anyone else takes a photo of me I end up looking like a potato. A very ugly one at that TT

But I like my scarf today sooo we are going for the old school mirror pic.

And it was only 5,000 won thanks to the sale going on at Shoopen (don’t know if the sale has ended yet >.<). Also got these shoes there for 10,000 won. They have a flat wedge, or whatever the word is, so I get to enjoy being taller while still being comfy. ^^


Tell me about a Pansy who plucked the Inquisitor’s Squad badge off her chest with shaking fingers only in the cold comfort of her room or Draco’s, who leaned against him and whispered under the fire’s crackle, some nights, “What are we doing? Do you know what we’re doing?”

They both knew the answer to that question. Some nights Draco said, “Whatever we want,” or “What we have to,” and some nights he said, “Surviving.”

Pansy Parkinson Meme: 4 quotes - ¼: Ugly: In defense of Pansy Parkinson

tbh nothing irritates me more than pics like this, or should I say “aesthetics”, that like to call themselves pastel soft grunge pale-blog indie vintage kawaii moon child whatever the fuck,, and they’re everywhere I can’t escape it, tumblr, Instagram, and also what the fuck is with this new Adidas craze? like nice try honey you aren’t grunge, put away your ugly ass jelly shoes and tattoo chokers and stop putting glitter on random body parts and for the love of god sTOP POURING WATER ON YOUR FUCKING KEYBOARD CALIFORNIA IS IN A DROUGHT


Y'all must have forgotten that @steezygoku is still mine and will be mine forever. So what we say under each other pics or whatever is not meant to heart sometimes. Because I said he was ugly doesn’t mean it was true. That doesn’t mean I’m rude at all. In fact I told him he was ugly before I commented because he did a cute pose. Stop being jealous and sad over our relationship.