the pic are not mine

BREAKING NEWS: Big Bad Wolf Reveals Hidden Talent at Making Flower Crowns, Tune in Next Week for More About His Secret Soft Side


21/100 days of productivity ❇️ my cat loves sniffing candles and succulents. I don’t love to code but sometimes it can be quite enjoyable, especially if the code works. I have to catch up with physics though, it’s my main goal right now. (also the add method still doesn’t work and I don’t know why, had to comment it out :c)

#bernthalweek | day 3 - favorite photoshoot: SHARP MAGAZINE 

i love this whole photoshoot, but this picture specifically is a favorite. this picture is the one, when i saw it i knew it was all over. i knew i had it bad for jon, but this one sealed the deal. 



hii i got tagged by @exidlesbian to do the bias/selfie moodboard n to finally fully expose myself lmakdskslk

im gonna tag rather new mutuals for this but ofc don’t do it if you dont want to :~) // @haseuls @1honeygrl @solija @thicksehun @02choi @10x04 @daegupan @mafuki @4dubu @bukkeureo @y1ongi @lovelovelovesus @lovsoul @4hs @92ths @sikgf (um i Love U all a LOT)


TFC-NET’S 2017 Spooky Creation Event: .

↳  “Question for you, Neil. Do I look dead to you?” - Andrew Minyard, The Raven King