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4.3.17 // (16/100) carrel (n) - small individual study area in a library.

Studying in my local library for the first time! I love the mix of gorgeous victorian architecture with modern touches from when it was refurbished several years ago. 🏫

Also, I’m doing my grade 8 piano this term help me pls and I’m really nervous, but all I can do is keep practising. 😬

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.”
- Lady Bird Johnson

BTS Medley : “I Need You / Blood Sweat Tears / Boy In Luv / N.O”

I was just randomly playing some BTS songs on the keys, and these songs had similar chord progressions, so I did a medley. (hahahaa I’m not the best player on keys, but I had fun playing them. lol.)

Not too sure if i could tag networks for piano covers, loll please ignore it if it’s irrelevant. heeeeee. Have a goooood day everyone~~ <3


this seriously needs more views