the physicality of the acting is insane

Josh Hutcherson on the Crazy 'Hunger Games' Experience and (Maybe) Playing Spider-Man

First thing’s first: Yes, Josh Hutcherson would still like to play Spider-Man. We talked to the 22-year-old Hunger Games star last week on the eve of his new Project Imagination collaboration with director-producer Ron Howard, and we brought up his previous superhero aspirations.

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#TomWelling  Q&A Post Screening of #DraftDay , Denver (26-03-14) #Smallville

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Tom Welling Q&A recap (thanks to @tariel):

- Asking him to choose his favorite between acting, directing and producing is like asking him to pick a favorite child.

- Asked what’s on his bucket list of acting roles, Tom replied, all of them! Then he said a cowboy would be great. I agree!.

- Tom feels he has moved past Clark Kent and Smallville. No Smallville movie for him. Thrilled to hear it, love his new work!.

- Asked by a fan to get a lead role next time, Tom promises he’s trying! He wants that, too!.

- Asked what NFL team he’d like to play for, Tom said not the Seahawks. He lost too much on them in the Super Bowl. lol

- Tom still wants to act, direct, and produce, hopes to do all three at the same time sometime in the future.

- Asked what appealed to him about the Draft Day role, Tom joked he was unemployed and needed the work lol.

- Working with Kevin Costner was a big reason why Tom jumped at the chance to be a part of Draft Day.

- Tom and Kevin Costner bonded over having JFK projects in common, not their Superman connection.

- Tom Welling was wonderful at the Denver Q&A. Gracious, funny, entertaining, generous, happy to be there. And the hottest man I’ve ever seen!.

- Tom Welling said he will be doing press in LA after Denver. Can’t keep track of his insane schedule, he takes it one day at a time.

- Tom Welling enjoyed his guest appearance on Late Night with @jimmyfallon, would love to do it again on The Tonight Show. Yes, please!!

- Tom has made an effort to avoid Clark’s physicality in his acting, and to choose roles that are decidedly different.

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It’s always crazy to see something that you’ve acted in actually on the screen and having other people see it. It’s not gotten any less weird for me. Especially when I’m losing my mind — to see it in that extreme of a state. It really added a lot to the scene, I think, to have the physicality. I wasn’t that gaunt in real life, thank God. I didn’t have to go on a crazy diet.
—  Josh Hutcherson (In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, we mostly see you delivering messages from the Capitol, and you’re increasingly insane and gaunt… and then you choke Katniss. What was it like for you to watch that on screen?)