the physical act of love

Tip for writers who struggle with writing fluff: think of the five languages of love (physical touch, acts of service, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation) and imagine what your character is most likely to use when showing love, is most likely to be receptive to (those two don’t have to be the same!). Imagine a situation where the two or more characters would use it, how they would perform it.

Let’s talk sex.

Let’s talk sex. It’s okay for a girl to choose to wait to have sex until she’s emotionally connected to someone. It’s okay for a girl to choose to be a virgin until she finds the right guy. It’s okay for these girls to love men who view sex differently than them. 

All people are different and view sex differently. There are girls who love one-night stands. There are girls who view sex as a physical act only, no love or emotions necessary. All of these girls exist in all of our novels. (*spoilers* Katya talks about this in Infini.) 

Another thing to all the twenty-and-thirty-something-year-old virgins. You’re allowed to maintain your virginity. You’re not weak or a doormat for choosing to be with a sexually experienced guy or waiting to be in love or waiting for them. You’re allowed to process your emotions, even if you’re hung up on one guy, and act accordingly. Just like guys are allowed to do the same. 

None of the heroes or heroines in our novels shames anyone for their choices concerning sex. But we see, all the time, people shaming them for their choices. 

You know what’s wrong? Believing a woman is weak for choosing to remain celibate just because a guy has chosen differently than her. 

She does not have to do what the guy does if she doesn’t feel like it. 

We see all sorts of criticism for our books, but the most prevalent are directed towards our female characters and their choices concerning sex. People view Lily Calloway – our sexually active character – as a slut and gross. People view our twenty-something virgin Rose Calloway as unbelievable (and in some cases weak, except her ice-cold personality makes up for it somehow). And now people view our female character who needs an emotional connection to have sex as a weak doormat. 

Here’s what we’ve deduced (*spoiler alert, we don’t agree*): 

So these girls can be all of these things, but the guy has to be these things too: the guy has to be a virgin if she’s a virgin. The guy has to remain celibate if she’s celibate. The guy has to be as sexually active (or more) than the sexually active girl? 

Likewise, if all of these guys are sexually active, then the girls better not be waiting around for emotional or personal reasons – any reason they give does not matter – they better be sexually active too. But just the right amount. 

We’re sorry; we don’t believe in this.

note: this isn’t directed at any specific review. This is 4 yrs of us processing what people have said in various places over the past four years. 

Love Languages
  • Aries: words of affirmation
  • Taurus: acts of service
  • Gemini: quality time
  • Cancer: physical touch
  • Leo: words of affirmation
  • Virgo: acts of service
  • Libra: gifts
  • Scorpio: quality time
  • Sagittarius: gifts
  • Capricorn: acts of service
  • Aquarius: physical touch
  • Pisces: gifts

i love when some abled people act like a disabled person’s neccessities are privileges, or think that a disabled person getting what they need is special treatment.

yes, we have parking spaces, rest rooms, and elevators made for us, and we have accomoddations at work and school, we have a different way of getting around made for us. but the only way someone could see that as special treatment is if they never bothered to ask why we have them.

Because this world was made for abled people, not us, so we need to find a different way of living.

for every 50 abled parking spaces, theres one disabled parking space

for every ten abled bathrooms, theres one disabled bathroom

for every four staircases, theres one disability elevator.

we use them because we HAVE to, because this world was made for abled people, for you, and we dont fit so we get different treatment.

not better treatment, not special treatment, different treatment. it isnt a privilege to be so erased that out of 50 parking spaces, you can only use one that is actually helpful to you.

but my personal fav with a lot of abled people is that they have the world made for them, they have 50 parking spaces to choose from, And they still choose to take the disabled one

they have four staircases made for them, but choose to take the disabled elevator,

they have so many choose from.and they STILL choose to use the disability bathroom.

Abled people have everything made for them, yet some still choose to take what little disabled people have away, because they see our neccessities as a privilege

the life of an abled person is so easy in this aspect that theyll use a disabled parking space, disabled elevator, disabled bathroom because they dont even have to think about the horrible concequences it causes, because their actions wont affect them, but the disabled person who will need that parking, that elevator, that bathroom and not have it,

y'all wanna talk about privilege? about special treatment? well, THAT, my guy, is privilege

Magickal Uses for Vanilla

Planetary Association: Venus
Gender: Feminine
Element: Water

Magickal Uses:  

Calming, Consoling, soothing, vitalizes energy, promotes a happy and healthy environment, attracts good fortune, enhances mental stimulation, used in spells to enhance physical energy.
A vanilla bean can also be carried to increase energy & strengthen mental abilities.  A vanilla bean placed in a bowl of sugar will infuse it with loving vibrations; the sugar can be used to sweeten love infusions.  The bean is used in a love charms, the oil is worn as an aphrodisiac.  In love, it acts on a more physical level - lowering the guard, lulling the senses and subtly seducing.  Vanilla incense is burned for love, lust, healing, luck and mental powers.

Oak Moon Ritual Mist

Use this mist for personal empowerment.
You will need half a cup of water, a misting bottle, one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, five drops of chamomile (German ) essential oil, and five drops of lavender essential oil.
After dark, make this mist. Put the water in the bottle and add the vanilla extract to the essential oils. Cap the bottle and shake it. As you shake it, chant:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

Hold the bottle between your hands, and empower the magic mist by saying:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

Now, spray the mist upward above your head, close your eyes, and breathe in the fragrant mist. Each time you spray the mist, say:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

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How they kiss you:

1. Jin

Jin’s kisses will be slow and sensual. He wants you to feel everything he feels. His kisses are his way of communicating the feelings he can’t explain. These will usually take place after concerts, sex, anniversaries or on your birthday. He wants to show you just how much you mean to him and how he appreciates your constant support and love. For Jin a kiss is more than a physical act of love, it’s a promise and a reassurance.

2. Suga

Suga isn’t a very openly affectionate person. If he does kiss you, it will probably be because of pent up feelings. Whether he’s feeling frustrated about work, life or because he hasn’t seen you in a while or if he is still riding off the adrenaline from his concerts, the kisses are the same. They are rough, bouts of passion that leave you feeling breathless and needy. The kisses 9/10 times escalate to more graphic activities. Even his pecks are hard and take your breath away.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope kisses with his lips and hands. His hands are always moving, they are stroking, groping and pinching every part of you they touch. He gets very handsy, which is why your kisses can never remain PG and you have to find the nearest bedroom, bathroom or couch or anywhere really. On top of all that, J-Hope is actually very adventurous and this can lead to his kisses no longer being limited to your mouth. His lips will kiss every inch of you he can and will love the way you squeal when he spontaneously adds a bite or two.

4. Rap Monster

Namjoon is a classy man. His kisses will be very gentlemanly in the beginning. As the two of you grow more comfortable with each other, his kisses will deepen and become more courageous. Namjoon is a very patient man and will gladly follow your lead and will only do things you are comfortable with. His kisses are very experienced and he takes his time tasting, feeling and having his fill of you.

5. Jimin

Jimin’s kisses are very sexy. He pays attention to detail, so it will be the little things like biting your lip, his hands stroking your arms or the way he will look into your eyes before kissing you. Little things like this make his kisses a lot more sensual and sexy. Jimin is also a tease and will hold back until you are whimpering for him to be more aggressive. He will brush his lips against yours or will shower your face and neck with small pecks purposefully missing your lips. Jimin however, does not have a lot of patience and at times when he is really needy will ravage you with no consideration. Not that you mind.

6. Taehyung

V has led a life filled with love and affection. He understands it’s value so, like a child, he will clutch onto any kind of love desperately. This shows in the way he kisses. His kisses seem more like he’s saying, ‘I love you, please don’t ever leave me’. This is how he feels but he doesn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud so he tries to tell you in his kisses. You have to be very attentive with V because the only way you will ever know anything about the way he feels or what he’s thinking is through his kisses.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook’s kisses lack finesse and experience, but he makes it up with passion and lack of inhibition. When it comes to kissing he is a bit of a coward so he relies on his instincts to give him the courage. He is someone you have to be patient with and make sure he is comfortable. Jungkook’s kisses are sweet and patient, he would love to explore this new action with full attention. Over time he will become more relaxed and take full control of the kisses.

“The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, “I was wrong.” 

― Sydney J. Harris

anonymous asked:

47, 28, 2, 1.

1. selfie

lol i’m in bed fam 

2. what would you name your future kids?

Grace and Emmanuel if I get the privilege to name my children! But I really would love to foster and adopt children, in which case they already have names haha

28. i’ll love you if…

Light hearted answer: you spend quality time with me. My top love language is quality time, by far! Next would be words of affirmation, and then acts of kindness. Physical touch and gifts are last haha

Serious answer: love shouldn’t be conditional. 

47. turn ons

I love intelligent people. And by that I don’t mean academic per se. I just love hearing people talk about what it is they’re passionate about and all the knowledge they’ve accumulated. Don’t just say “I love food”. Talk about all you’ve learned about food– your experiences, the things you’ve been taught.

I also find kindness really attractive. Not just niceness or friendliness, but deep, genuine compassion. Rare these days. I feel like a lot of people I meet are snarky and it turns me off. It’s not cute. 

the signs and their love language

aries: physical touch
taurus: receiving gifts
gemini: acts of service
cancer: physical touch
leo: words of affirmation
virgo: quality time
libra: acts of service
scorpio: words of affirmation
sagittarius: physical touch
capricorn: acts of service
aquarius: quality time
pisces: quality time

check your venus sign too!

all i want for christmas

is my favorite characters getting the respect they deserve

Skin - Natasha x Reader

Author’s Note: Hey! Decided to get this up tonight! Hope you enjoy some Nat loving and I apologize for the open ended ending of this. interpret it as you wish! And sorry for the crappy title. 

Request: Can you plz make female reader insert were the reader was brainwashed by hydra and cant remember anything. so her girlfriend natasha romanoff uses the pickup line that the reader used on natasha when they first met to try and get her to remember????

Warnings: Some mentions of the physical act of love, nothing explicit.

Words: 988

Natasha Romanoff was never nervous and she was always confident. She had been trained her entire life to be prepared for anything and everything, and she usually was. Until you came along. You were always catching her off guard. You were something so unexpected to her. When she first met you, when she first took you out on a date, when she first kissed you, when you had been intimate with each other for the first time. You were unpredictable to the assassin, unlike anyone else,  and she was completely in love with you.

The first thing Natasha noticed when she met you was how nervous you looked. The second thing she noticed was how nervous she felt. It was a feeling completely unfamiliar to her. She was the Black Widow. She didn’t feel nervous about anything. Let alone a tiny lady like you. You were tiny, even compared to her and she thought you were the most adorable thing she had seen in a long time.

You smiled shyly at her, your cheeks stained pink. “Hi, I’m (Y/N),” you said.

She smiled confidently at you. “Hi, (Y/N). Welcome to the team. I’m Natasha,” she had responded and you seemed to feel more at ease due to her friendliness.

You two quickly grew close and within a few days, Natasha had decided that she liked you. You were beautiful, smart, funny, and despite your size, you were almost as badass as she was. Almost. She enjoyed training with you. She managed to beat you every time, but she liked to see you improve your skills. She also secretly enjoyed sneaking subtle touches and the sexual tension building between you two was amazing, although a little annoying.

Eventually, Natasha had enough of the teasing and decided to tell you how she felt.

“(Y/N),” she said and panicked for a moment, not knowing how to exactly say what she felt.

“Yeah, Nat?” you answered, smiling at her.

“I like the parts of your face covered in skin,” she ended up saying, and she immediately regretted it once she realized how stupid it sounded and how confused you looked. She was supposed to be quick on her feet. She couldn’t even think rationally around you.

“…What?” you said, smiling a little in confusion.

“I’m trying to ask you out,” she said and you blushed and grinned at her. She thought you looked beautiful.

“Ok, then. In that case, I like the parts of your face with skin on it, too,” you answered and she smiled at you.

Your relationship was amazing. You two were practically inseparable and would be constantly touching and kissing.

Until HYDRA kidnapped you. It was your first solo mission and it was supposed to be simple. Natasha was worried about you, but she knew you were able to handle yourself. There wasn’t much of a threat and all you had to do was collect some intel. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. It was a setup that ended up with you captured.

Natasha was a wreck for weeks. She was constantly going on missions, trying to find you and any HYDRA agent that she met along the way would end up seriously hurt or dead. She wanted you back.

After ceaselessly going on missions, Fury ordered her to take a break. She threatened, begged and pleaded to keep going on missions, but no one would let her. She was too involved with the situation and everyone else was more than capable of rescuing you. She knew that and she knew that she was being unreasonable, but she loved you so damn much.

The days she had off, she would spend searching files and hacking into places. If she couldn’t physically be there, she would do anything in her power to help find you.

A few more weeks passed by with no word from you and leads that led nowhere and she was slowly losing hope. Until Steve and Tony found you. You had been brainwashed by HYDRA and couldn’t remember anything about joining the Avengers, and that broke Natasha’s heart, but you were safe. She didn’t care if you didn’t remember her. She would be your friend again, if that’s all you wanted this time around. Whether you were her friend, fellow coworker, or her girlfriend again she vowed to never let you out of her sight.

When the two men brought you in to meet the team again, you looked terrified. Your eyes were wide and alert, bags underneath them. There were fading bruises scattered on your skin and you were thinner. Natasha didn’t even want to imagine what those assholes had put you through, even though she had a fairly good idea.

She was the last one to be reintroduced to you and you were surprised at her familiarity. She looked lethal and gorgeous, a dangerous combination and you couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. That should’ve been the last thing on your mind, but you couldn’t help it. It was such a natural thought. as if you had known her before and always felt and thought this way about her.

She smiled confidently at you, but you could tell that the confidence didn’t her eyes.

“Hey, (Y/N), you probably don’t remember me, but I’m Natasha,” she said and reached for one of your hands. You slightly flinched at the contact, not used to another human’s touch.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, until Natasha took a deep breath and looked you straight in the eyes.

“I like the parts of your face covered in skin,” she said and hoped that some memory came to you. Anything. She said she could be just your friend until you got your memories back, but she couldn’t. Looking at you, all she wanted to do was hug you and kiss you and give you a proper welcome home.

You looked confused for a moment. “…Nat?”

prompt: another nail in the coffin - adaar/dorian

for liquidlyrium

In the breath immediately following his beef-witted assemblage of words, Dorian panicked, and the evidence of that panic ran straight for his face.  

Adaar froze, his lips slipped away from Dorian’s skin, leaving it haunted and wet, and his fingers stopped moving in the most excruciating way. What had been the inspiring sight of a lover on his knees became a moment of sheer, unending mortification for Dorian.

Of all the things to say while a certified hero had you twisting deliciously like laundry on a wire.

A panicked expression was death to this sort of bawdy intimacy.  Even the most handsome man couldn’t pull it off.  Dorian was one of those, succumbing to the undeniable truth of the other.  And he was nothing if not exemplary.

I love you.  

What a ruinous end to what had promised to be an act of physical sublimity on his person.  I…love…you.

As naked a sentiment as a portrait in his pocket, just the worst kind of gasping declaration. Varric would shit himself with glee.  His tent wasn’t far, perhaps he was taking notes.

“You do?”  Worry was unfairly becoming on Adaar.

There was nothing for it, Dorian’s panic grew a thousand misshapen arms and legs and there was no escape, no more superb mouth on his-

“As an expression, you see. In a manner of speaking.” Dorian squinted against the sound of his own withering poise.  

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Pisces Soul Blueprint

A soul here on earth to undertake the heavenly duties of
~ ~ Self protection and love, dissolving of all physical, emotional, psychic barriers, spreading of unconditional love, service, to act as a conscious conduit for the knowledge of heaven, to heal they who they lay their sacred hands on, to fuse the non material with the physical

Karmy thoughts...

as requested by @mcwithaminthetardis

Karma is looking in the wrong places for happiness because that’s the journey she has to go through. She knows somewhere in her subconscious that she wants to be with Amy and that’s why she has dreams. She has so many dreams and when she wakes up and has to ignore them because she loves Liam, right? She loves Amy too but not that way. Those are just dreams. Dreams in which she can feel every brush of Amy’s fingers and the insistent push of her tongue when Amy’s teasing her and she wants to show her that it isn’t going to work. She will possess Amy’s mouth. She will climb inside of her by touch and act on every physical manifestation of her love and lust that she can until she’s too exhausted to move. 

For #NoShameDay here is…. Well, not a selfie.

This is a raw jpeg from a headshot session!

I’m Toki and I’m an actor. I also have Fibromyalgia! Fibro makes my joints and muscles ache and causes chronic fatigue. Pair that with my depression/anxiety and being born with deformed lateral meniscus in both knees, sometimes it’s difficult to get out of bed - physically and mentally! I have Endometriosis, but last Tuesday I had a partial hysterectomy so hopefully that will help out with that side of things.

Some days it’s hard to do anything and getting out of bed is seriously a big deal, but I want to do what I love. Acting is a very physical and demanding job and it can be taxing. It’s never going to be easy, but I hope that one day I’ll be able to use my pain to inspire others.

We all seem to be stuck in this daily routine of work and bills. From the very start, a few years after we are born, we are immediately sent to school through our most important years of self discovery to get an education, so we can can get a job, start a family, and buy a house, and do this until our physical body has come to it’s end. It’s a repeating cycle and system. But when you are able to connect with your deeper subconcious and hidden emotions while resting your body ~ experiecing a dream, when you can feel a person’s energy without even speaking to them yet, when you think about how humans share DNA with animals, plants, and the stars, the infinite amounts of galaxies and other planets in our little spot in the universe, how a man and a woman can create a human being through a physical act of love.. There has got to be so much more to this existence than what are being taught.. We’re not small! We are a part of everything that is and ever was. Everything is literally One. There’s a larger part of ourselves that we are not seeing! So how do we awaken from this fog? I think it all connects back to love. When you are able to love others and love yourself, you are able to BE love. Love affects it’s surroundings. It creates and heals, it does not destroy. Let us nuture the world by nurturing ourselves!