the photos only capture some of the awesome moments that were had

The real Taylor Swift:

April 23rd 2009-July 10th 2010: The Fearless Tour

The Fearless Tour. Taylor decided to walk through the crowds at her shows, greeting fans of all ages, genders and races because SHE wanted to meet the fans that had been supporting her and helping her reach where she is to this day. After each show, Taylor held a meet and greet called ‘The T-Party’. This was a room where fans could go to eat pizza and meet each other and get to know other people and then get to meet Taylor. Taylor would walk around stadiums and hide behind food bars and then surprise fans in the line. Each night she would walk a number of miles to meet as many people as she could.

February 9th 2011-March 18th 2012: The Speak Now Tour

Much like at the Fearless Tour, Taylor said she wanted to continue walking through the crowds during one of her songs at the Speak Now Tour. Taylor hugged as many people as she could and thanked them for coming. Sometimes Taylor would tell her security to move out of the way and to let her hug more people. Taylor continued her ‘T-Party’ meet and greet. Taylor’s team would walk to different areas of the stadium during the show and hand out free meet and greets to fans who had gone all-out; screaming and dancing the whole time and wearing bold and creative costumes/handmade posters.

September 8th 2012: Ronan

The lyrics to this song are based on a blog she read about a four-year-old boy, Ronan Thompson, who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.Taylor wrote the song by putting together quotes from blog creator Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. Thompson is credited as a co-writer of the song. Taylor first performed the song live for Stand Up to Cancer in September 2012, and has only performed it publicly one other time, at the Glendale, Arizona stop of The 1989 World Tour, at which Ronan’s mother was in the audience. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

2014: 1989 Secret Sessions

In anticipation of the release of her album, 1989 on October 27, Taylor held a series of “1989 Secret Sessions” over the past few weeks at her various homes across America, where carefully-selected fans were told they were attending some sort of secret event, with no knowledge of what was in store for them. When fans arrived they were told to sit in a room together and wait. Taylor then jumped out and surprised them all and they all got to hear her new album before anyone else. Taylor baked cookies and other goods, fans got to meet Taylor’s cat, Olivia Benson Swift, and they danced together and each got to meet Taylor and just hang out.

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour

At each 1989 concert, before perfoming her song ‘clean’, Taylor gave a 3-4 minute inspirational speech, telling fans to love themselves. This is what Taylor said to the crowd of 60,000 at Hyde Park, London on June 272015: ‘There are people here from all over the world, so if you travelled to be here, thank you so much for coming. And, you know, looking out at you, thinking about the fact that we all come from different places, maybe we all have different accents, we have different hobbies, different backgrounds, whatever. But there’s one thing that we have in common that I know for sure. That thing is that when we feel a great amount of joy, or a great amount of pain, we turn to music. That’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much, and getting to know you, it’s never been more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015. Real talk. I mean, every single day we go online – and trust me, I love the internet, okay? Love it – but, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives – all we see is the behind the scenes. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we’re like “oh, God, not feeling my hair today. Not going to be a good day today for the hair”. We see our doubts, we see our fears, we see our concerns. You are the only one who is inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and the voices who are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voice is as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It’s true, right? Okay, so if there’s one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this – every day when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not – if those things are that you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique – those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not. Okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion. That’s what you’re not. You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you are not. Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger, and smarter because you made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses. But, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we’re all standing here together having the best time of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night. I realise that it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and realising that you’re happy today. That’s all that matters. I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you – that doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you clean.’

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour (Loft 89)

At Taylor’s 1989 concerts, she held a meet and greet called ‘Loft 89′ where Taylor, again, could hang out with her fans and dance around with them. Taylor met lots of different people including children with disabilities and illnesses. Taylor made sure everyone had a great time and that everyone was included and treated equally.

Christmas 2014/2015: ‘Swiftmas’

Taylor Swift surprised 13-year-old fan Delaney Clements who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of seven. Delaney, who is a massive fan of the 26-year-old singer started a campaign to meet Taylor called #TaylorMeetDelaney and on Saturday (19th December) her wish came true. Taylor surprised the family by turning up unannounced and the afternoon was captured on Instagram and Facebook with Delaney and her Mum posting photos. Taylor became so into the idea of ‘Swiftmas’ that she also sent a number of other fans packages of merch and other little presents.

Award acceptance speeches

To any award acceptance speech, there is always something directed to Taylor’s fans. Taylor thanks her fans for everything because she knows that we are such a big part of her life and she wouldnt be where she is now without us.

A very important quote Taylor has said:

Long story short: Taylor is one of those few artists who does nothing but good for her fans and everyone around her yet she gets body shamed and name called everywhere. It really does break my heart. 

Taylor has been there for me through everything and I know that she always will be because she has never failed to make us all smile and to make us all feel better about ourselves, She has made me feel loved and wanted and she has introduced me to some of my bestest friends ever. To me, Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s my best friend.


Not So Picture Perfect || Kian Lawley Imagine (Requested)

“Literally all I want to do is go home. I really don’t want to be here,” I told Callie as I worked on the gym elliptical.

“What, why? You love the gym. What’s wrong?”

“Kian flies out with Jc and Dom today for the second half of the tour and won’t be back for 3 weeks.”

“Okay, I know you love him, but it’s only 3 ½ weeks. They will fly by, especially with Maya’s birthday party and Ricky’s “I Hit One Million” Bash.”

Even though I hate to admit it, she was right. It’s just 3 lousy weeks and with the technology we have today, it will be like he never left. 

“Fuck, you’re right. Did you know I hate that about you?”

“Yeah and I love you too, beyotch. Call me later, okay?”

“Alright, bye.”

I finished my 90 minute workout and headed home to see Kian for the last few hours. I grabbed my gym bag and unlocked the door to see Kian’s suitcases against the wall. I let out a sigh and called out to him.

“I’ll be there in a sec!” he yelled back. When he came into my view, I saw that he was on the phone.

“Yeah, Dude. I’ll be there in about an hour. Okay. Bye”

I gave him a confused look,”I thought your flight was at 10 tonight.”

“It was, but there was a screw up with the airline and our flight is 4:40 now.” I looked at the clock behind him and it read 1:27 pm.

“So that means you have to leave now,” I said defeated.

“Yeah, I’m sorry Baby.”

“No it’s fine, it’s not your fault. Did you need me to drive you?”

“I don’t need you to, but I definitely want you to,” he said as he embraced me. 

I helped him load his bags into the car and hopped in. I couldn’t help but think that i wouldn’t have moments like this for 3 fucking weeks. I hated it, but Kian loves his fans and would do anything for them. I would never stand between that.

After what seemed like the shortest ride in history, we pulled up to his terminal. Jc and Dom were already out there waiting for us and I helped unload Kian’s things. We stood there for what felt like forever, just holding each other.

“Ugh, ew! Come on already, Vitaly’s inside!” JC whined beside us. Kian and I decided to gross him out even more and started tongue battling each other.

“God! Didn’t you guys do enough of that before he left?!” asked Dom.

“We actually didn’t,” I said to Kian, looking kind of amused. 

“Well this is going to be one uncomfortable flight,” he joked.

“Speaking of flight, we gotta catch ours!” JC said.

“Fuuuck, I don’t want you to leave.”

“I know, but I’ll be back soon, okay.”

“Okay, have fun.”

“I will, I’ll call you when we land,” he said running into the airport.

“I’ll be waiting,” I said to myself.

When I arrived back to our place I was finally able to take a well needed shower. When I was done, I ordered food off of Postmates and caught up on ‘Are You The One?’ I really hated being here without Kian, but I had to remind myself that I did it during the first half and was (somewhat) fine.

My phone started to ring and I got excited when I saw that it was Kian calling.


“Hey, Baby. How are you?”

“Lonely. How was the flight?”

“Pretty good. Some kid threw up though, which made Dom almost throw up.”

“Ew, but kinda awesome, haha.” Our conversation didn’t last long due to the fact that he had a long day tomorrow and it was late where he was.

I decided that it was time for me to go to bed as well and try to not be so bleh.

The next few days were getting easier and easier. Almost two weeks have already passed and Maya’s birthday party was a great distraction. I hear from Kian every night and every night I miss him more. Tonight is Ricky’s bash and I’m really excited. I took me like 4 hours to get ready, but I was almost done. I was applying the last bit of makeup when my phone buzzed. 

I heard Callie come in and we naturally had to capture this moment. 

That night was complete blast. I can’t stress how proud I am of Ricky T for reaching over one million youtube subscribers. Callie and I finally got back to my place and I was about to take a shower when my phone started to ring.

“Hey, I saw your Snap. You look beautiful, how was the party?”

“It was really fun, but tiring. How’s the tour going?”

“It’s good! The fans are amazing, the closer I get to coming home, the more anxious I get to be with you.”

“*Sigh* I can’t wait for you to come back.”

“I know me either, but I’ll let you get some rest and I’ll do the same. Sweet dreams, Babe.”

“You too, Kian. Good night.”

The next few days were quite boring, but Kian comes home in a little over a week and I’m so happy! I had been trying to reach him for the last few hours now, but he wasn’t picking up. I finally gave up on him and tried calling JC, but it was too loud to hold a conversation. My last resort was Vitaly who evidently was asleep and didn’t know anything.

I realized that this was the first night Kian hadn’t called me and I got a sort of uneasy feeling in my stomach. I quickly shook it off and decided to go to bed. 

It was about 7:15 am when I was woken up by the constant vibration of my phone. After about 2 solid minutes, I groggily turn over and check what it is. I see that it is a bunch of Twitter notifications and I decided to open them. I see an assload of pictures of Jc with some random girl wither ass out, but that’s when I see it.

“What the fuck?” I say to myself as I read the tweets. I feel my heart drop as I see my boyfriend cradling another girl’s ass. I immediately decide to call him and of course it goes straight to voicemail. 

Over the course of the next 9 days, I didn’t leave the house. Ricky and Callie came over to keep me company, but I just wanted to be alone. Kian tried calling every 5 minutes, except when he was on stage, but I ignored all of them. Even the rest of the boys were trying to contact me, but I only talked to Vitally since he wasn’t there that night. He tried to get me to talk about it, but knowing that he would relay it all to Kian, I just changed the subject. 

So many people were talking about what happened, even Kian’s ex Andrea. All I could do at this point is cry and look at old photos of Kian and I. 

Kian comes back tomorrow and I had to make a hasty decision. I was in the middle of my thoughts when my phone vibrated over and over again. I thought I shut that fucker off. I go look at it and I see it is the man of the hour once again.

I can’t help but smile a little bit as I cry even harder now. Is it worth letting go? Is it worth staying? Then he said it. 

Those words made my decision so much easier.

My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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Role Model

Also on AO3
This is a direct sequel to Zip-Line from June.  It includes a little emotional hurt (because Gabriel is a jerk) but it doesn’t fall into angst.

Now with art by SketchyPam!

Marinette noticed that Adrien seemed a bit out of sorts when he first entered the classroom after lunch.  He was wearing the model smile, which she’d long ago learned meant he was hiding how he really felt.  She wasn’t sure if it was because he didn’t want to be a bother to his friends, or if it was his father’s social conditioning about the Agreste family image.  She suspected it was a little of both.  He was genuinely so resilient, and their deeper friendship was still new enough she’d been hesitant to pursue an answer.

He made a brief detour to Ms. Bustier’s desk, so she took the opportunity to look at Nino.  He was frowning slightly at his best friend’s back, as he bent to speak to the teacher.  Alya leaned forward and tapped Nino’s shoulder, and he briefly met Marinette’s eyes as his gaze turned to his girlfriend.  He shook his head and shrugged, indicating whatever was wrong was new enough he wasn’t in on the details.

Adrien’s, “good afternoon,” was quieter than usual, as he reached his seat and gracefully tossed himself into the chair.

Nino leaned in, one hand on his beast friend shoulder to murmur something.

Adrien let out a sigh and shook his head.  "I’m okay, I promise.“  His reply was barely audible and struck Marinette as an utter lie.

As the afternoon passed, Adrien’s mood didn’t lift.  He appeared to be attentive in class, but Marinette could see that his notes were much sketchier than usual.  She missed his light energy and the quick smile that had earned him the nickname Sunshine Boy.  For their last subject of the day, they were given the class period to continue researching independent projects that were due early the following week.  Adrien had gone to the library with a pathetic wave to his friends as he left.

"He didn’t want me to come with,” Nino muttered to Alya.  "Do you think I should go anyway?“  His expression was tight and concerned.

"Could you tell if he was just being polite, or did he really need space?” Alya asked, leaning forward on her desk.

Nino let out a helpless shrug.  "He’s so hard to read when he gets like this.“

Chloe suddenly appeared on the stairs beside Adrien’s empty seat.  "Marinette will go,” she said firmly.  "If anyone can fix it, she can.“  She gathered up Marinette’s belongings and tucked them into her messenger bag, oblivious or unperturbed by the stares of Alya and Nino.

"Never thought I’d be saying this,” Alya said, her face uncertain.  "But I agree with Chloe.“

"Chop, chop, Marinette,” Chloe said briskly.  "None of us want an akumatized Adrien.“

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S02E06 “GIRL POWER” thoughts

OH man okay what an episode. I have a LOT OF THOUGHTS so I added a Read More somewhere down there for you. Once again it’s a ton of observations mixed with mental notes and a lot of half-thought theories.

- We know what the Bergsberg sign says! “Once you’re here… you’ll never want to be gone”. –> because everyone somehow finds what they need there?

- I was waiting for the scene where Friedkin finds out the Rowdy 3 are gone. It was fantastic. Lieutenant AssistEnt?! Mental note, teleportation is linked with water and an electrical surge that also manages to interrupt surveillance.

- Ken is just so freakin’ happy with this new living quarters. I wish I could go through those files he has there. Also the only bit of color in the room is in the shower - a red soap thingie and a yellow soap thingie and a blue and a red loofa. What’s going on with that? They remind me of the buttons on Vogel’s jacket.

- Nice leopard print tights, Todd. Also Todd is wearing Dirk’s glowsticks. And they’re red and blue which is a THING because a TON of things in this episode are red and blue (just like the Dengdamor sigil?).

- Pink-coated Dirk vs. Bart in blue! “Are you back to being scared of me?” sounds to me like Dirk wasn’t when he was high on a love spell. I wish we could see what went on there.

- The Mage’s little speech is super interesting and there’s lots to unpack there. The world he conquered was supposed to be different and he was supposed to lose. What changed? If it’s the boy in the murals that’s supposed to defeat the Mage every time, he’s been missing for a long time. Why are we only looking for The Boy now?

- Odd thing I noticed: the boy is dressed the same in every instance of him defeating the mage (same kind of shirt, either yellow or green, blue pants, and a crown) but his hair is a different color nearly every time. It’s black or brown in one, red in one, blond in another.

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Naruto Characters Appreciation

Gather round brothers and sisters of the Naruto fandom, because this shit needs to be preached.
There are certain characters in this show that do not receive the love that they deserve and I’m here to share who I think needs some more admiration and a round of fucking applause. Note; down to personal preference, so please feel free to share yours.
Haku – This guy has such a beautiful concept of morality around him which is to be loyal to your friend, do anything for them; but the dark twist is that he is willing to get himself killed, being completely selfless and never regarding his own desires. Yet this is the touching part. His one desire, his dream is to be used by this friend. Considers him a master. But imagine that; being so devoted to someone that nothing else matters, and never feeling afraid because they make you feel at home. This character represents the selfless outlook on life, living to help others and find happiness in others happiness. This is why Haku is my favourite character. He also has a fucking cool mask.

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Zabuza Momochi – What can I say? He’s gorgeous and was the first ever proper villain introduced to the show and manga. Sure there was Mizuki, but fuck him he was a pilot episode villain. But what’s more? Zabuza was a villain who redeemed himself. Maybe not completely, but he realised his faults and is just an over all nostalgic character. If that’s not enough to convince you – he has sharp teeth (fantastic for kinky biting during foreplay) and he’s great with kids. I can proudly admit that Zabuza is my number 1 anime crush. Ooooh how I wanna tear those bandages off and whisper “bite me stud muffin, biiiiiiteeee.”

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Sai – He is a character that can change your views on how to live your life. In all seriousness, although he has no concept of “emotions” he is actually a very complex character and is my favourite character to write about. Constantly he asks questions to find out more about the world and its many different attributes and ways of living. I find him a fantastic character because he shows that juxtaposition between innocence and selfish people. Of course, Sai is no innocent guy. When he is introduced, he comments on Naruto’s balls right away (like damn, he is my spirit animal). However, he is brought into this world outside ROOT, having forgotten about emotions so he’s basically brand new to the whole human interaction thing beside doing missions. He is always so curious, asking questions based on the values of friendship and based off from the responses from those he asks, it really goes to show how much we take the small things in life for granted. Sai makes us realise the beauty in life, that the small things really are meaningful – we just need to cure our blindness to see them.

Originally posted by sweetwinter98

Ino Yamanaka – By far my favourite kunoichi if we exclude the older generation. Overall out of the women she is ranked 4th so pretty damn high. Most of the reason why I believe she needs more appreciation is because she is the Yang to Sai’s Yin. She was one of those who actually took time to talk to Sai and that’s why I called it from the start that they would end up together. With Ino’s way of living, being this very independent and outgoing girl, she would be perfect in teaching Sai emotions without coming across as well, a bitch. And may I emphasise her strength as a shinobi. During the war, she was informed that her father was going to die. She cried for less than a minute and then got over it with a snap of her fingers, proceeding onto a very important battle plan – connecting to the minds of the allied shinobi forces. Plus, we all love a scary mother. She scares Inojin with love <3 Note; Ino and Sai fucked. Can you imagine how romantic that would have been? Her coaxing him through it? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Tsunade Senju & Mei Terumi – The reason I have put them together is because it’s for the same reasons. They are both just very empowering women, inspiring also. One of my favourite fights is the Five Kage vs. Madara Uchiha. Mei’s being all awesome with her lava (her voice is brilliant – that seductive charm) and Tsunade delivers a final blow – she fucking cracks Madara’s Susano'o. Not to mention they are both Kage and the first women to be Kage ever. Mei restores the Hidden Mist’s reputation from being the “Bloody Mist” (courtesy of Yagura – FUCKING OBITO YOU CUNT NUGGET) to an “Alright Mist” or whatever. Basically, she had to pick up the pieces left by some asshole (OBITO). And Tsunade, to me – the strongest of the sannin. She is also responsible for Sakura, Ino and Tenten becoming kick ass. Tenten wasn’t her apprentice but was initially inspired by her. Note; I love Obito, he’s my favourite character (joint with Haku). My poor onion baby~

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Kisame Hoshigaki – His back story plays a major role in this. From the beginning he had been obeying rules, this strict code and always remained loyal to the mission. He killed his teammates (one whom he may have had feelings for) for the sake of the mission but the reason I admire him is because he never complains about how sad his life is. He killed is teammates like it was no fucking deal. Even the girl who possessed romantic feelings for him. Furthermore, though be it subtle, he represents discrimination that is present in the world we know of today. Because of his skin colour / origins, he is isolated more so in the Akatsuki. Every time I see him, I always get the vibe of how lonely he is and how he’s perhaps trying to fit into the world but it does not work – because of the cruel path he has chosen. To remain loyal to the mission, never let the code fall into enemy hands; and perhaps his constant discrimination and isolation is what made him choose this way of living. I got your back, Kisame. You will always have beautiful eyes to both Killer B and I.

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Kakuzu – Right, I’m going to say it straight out. He’s fucking hot people. He has killer back muscle, arms that flex perfectly (imagine those arms being either side of your body UNF UNF, PIN ME TO THE WALL AND RAVISH MEEEEE) and he has a temper that a stereotypical love sick teen would feel like they could change. Can you imagine trying to calm that hot junk down? Okay, you may actually die before you could even try, but if you survive long enough to put your hands on his cheeks— Okay, back to why he needs to be appreciated more. His history was fucking cruel. He failed to assassinate the Hokage (baring in mind, he must of put up a pretty good fight to be able to walk away alive) and his reward for coming back alive, with intel on what Hashirama’s abilities are (that could be of great use for future plans)? Imprisonment and torture. What. The. Fuck. It actually makes me empathise with Kakuzu. His own village tortures him which should be what another village would do if they captured you so you can understand why he killed the village elders and left. Remember, he escaped from prison – so not only is he strong but intelligent. And fun fact; those tattoos around his wrists – shows how many times he’s been in prison. He is strong as fuck, immortal and has sexy stitches that could be great foreplay (*cough* tentaclepornwhat *cough*) Basically, I just want him to be my sugar daddy

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Konan – Perhaps the most divine, serene and enchanting character. There are many religious connotations around her being an angel of death / judgement but her way of thinking it what intrigues me. She appears so monotone and unmoved by everything, all but a mask that covers up her tragic past. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how after Nagato’s death, she ruled over Amegakure, guarding where Nagato’s and Yahiko’s bodies were and we actually see her smile as she looks up to the sky, thinking about the legacy both Nagato and Naruto have left behind. Konan fights Tobi with bravery and determination to protect their legacy and dreams. My favourite quote by her “I will be the pillar that supports their bridge of peace” and the rainbow appearing behind her was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me. To the very end, she fought Tobi, intending to bring an end to the evil he has caused – only to be strangled to death. The reason I find her death so tragic is because of how mundane it is. Many characters went out with a bang but Konan died from something that anyone could easily do, thus representing how there is no hope (at this point) at all of achieving peace and her fight was for nothing. A sad way for an angel to die

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Kabuto Yakushi – Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like this fucker. Dislike him a lot (although I sympathise with him). He needs appreciation because of how far he had come. His past was very sad, from the moment he entered the orphanage. This may sound evil, but I love seeing kid Kabuto cry. Because it’s so fucking cute. And those big glasses- awh, baby lemme hug you. And what ROOT had done was evil yet so clever with the photo manipulation and over all, Kabuto just did a lot of shit – trying to be someone he’s not and comes to the conclusion that being himself was all he ever needed to be. A moral that all of us must follow. Note; When I first saw Nun Kabuto, I wanted to laugh but then I was like “good for you, son.” and patted him on the back (of my laptop screen.)

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So far, this is all I have. There are others that need appreciation, but those above are the ones that needed detail. Personally, I still feel characters such as Itachi and Sakura need more appreciation but maybe for another time. Feel free to add on your NCA’s (Naruto Characters Appreciation) and I’ll definitely check them out. Have a good day!


Hi there, recently I just saw my cousins gender reveal video and it was the cutest thing ever, could you please do an imagine where you’re with Tom and recording your gender that’s blue or pink (you choose) post it notes stuck all over the study room. Thank you so much❤️👶🏽

It was a Holland family tradition to have a baby gender party, so when you and Tom announced that you were expecting, after the shock and the surprise of his brothers and parents wore off, the planning started nearly instantly. Nicki banned you from finding out the genders, it was seen as bad luck in the family to find out straight away. Dom told you not to worry, that he’d plan the whole thing. Paddy said he was doing the entertainment, Harry the video and James the photography.

The day came around eventually. The house was buzzing, a mix of the Marvel cast, school friends, extended family and closest people were all in one place. You weren’t sure who was more nervous, you or Tom. He was currently rushing back and forth, greeting everyone excitedly as he bounced his way around. You had opted to stay in the kitchen as Dom and Nicki were finishing setting up the reveal. You and Tom didn’t know how it was going to be done, you were both in the complete dark about this. You knew it was going to be big though. Harry had already set up a few cameras in the room, getting all the reactions that he can.

“Ready?” Harrison came up beside you, leaning against the counter next to you.

“Honestly? No”, you sighed, rubbing at your stomach gently. “I’m not sure if we’re ready, you know?”

“Shut up, you guys are going to be awesome,” Harrison nudged you, “and anyway, you don’t have to panic because Uncle Harrison will be there”.

You laughed, nudging him back, “what? To pester us?”

Harrison gasped, hand on his chest as he looked over at you, “How rude! I’m offended!” He laughed, throwing his head back.

You were about to bite back another remark when Nicki poked her head around the corner, “ready to do this?”

With wide eyes, you nodded before you realised what was happening. You seemed to float through the house, the guests falling silent. Before you knew it, you were standing before the sliding doors which lead into the study room. Tom grabbed your hand, his own shaking as the two of you looked towards each other. With a gentle squeeze of his hand, you reassured him. He nodded in return before leaning in and giving you a quick kiss. Resting your foreheads together, you took a moment just for the two of you. You knew, in that moment, that whatever was going to happen to you, you were going to do it together. You were a family, you were together, you were in love and nothing could take that away.

Pulling away, the two of you took a steadying breath and gave Nicki and Dom a nod. The two of them grinned, grabbing a door each, the slid them back.

Pink. The room was covered in pink post-it notes, everything from the floor to the ceiling was covered. Next to you, Tom let out a sob as he reached over, pulling you close to his side as he let his emotion rush over him, consume him completely. “A girl”, he whispered, his voice sounding strained, “we’re having a girl”. His voice was the only thing you could hear, the pink the only thing you could see.

You stepped forward, Tom coming with you. You smile was hurting as tears blurred your vision. Turning to Tom, you pulled him in for another kiss, telling him everything you were feeling in the most intimate way possible. He picked you up as suddenly the rest of the world came back in a sudden rush, a mix of congratulations, cheering and crying coming from your friends.

Putting you back down, Tom turned to everyone and held his arms out wide. “We’re going to be a family!” He cheered, head thrown back in excitement as he started jumping on the spot. You couldn’t help but laugh, wiping away the tears as you whooped along with him. You were, you were going to be a family.

Suddenly, Harrison appeared, tackling Tom to the floor as the two of them shouted in excitement. A cloud of post-it-notes bursts around them as they landed, much to the delight of Tessa who came skidding in, landing on top of them.


It took Harry a day to edit the video together, and it was perfect. It showed the emotions felt throughout the party, with some dramatic shots of the guests as well as the preparation and the actual reveal. You laughed at the ending, of Harrison tackling Tom out of shot, a flurry of pink rising up into the corner before the video ended. It was a masterpiece.

Paddy released the Spotify playlist that he had created for the party, a mix of love ballads and party songs. It showed the mix of emotions you and Tom had before the reveal, the unquestionable love you felt for each other as well as the excitement for your new family to start.

But your favourite thing must’ve been the pictures James got. He was an amazing photographer, much like his mother, and had captured all the private moments otherwise lost. The picture you and Tom decided to post to announce the pregnancy was a picture of the two of you, with foreheads touching as Tom placed a hand gently on your stomach. It was in the middle of the crowd, everything blurred except the two of you. You hadn’t known that it was being taken, it was just the two of you in your own little world, sharing a moment of calm in all the chaos going around.


With the video, playlist and photo being posted at the same time, the announcement broke twitter. The servers hadn’t been able to cope with the amount of excitement that had happened in such a quick amount of time. This baby had already won over the hearts of the tabloids, other celebrities and the public. You knew that your little girl was going to have the world at her feet. And nothing made you happier.

omg this was so much fun to write! I adapted this request a bit, but hope you like it none the less!

The Oscars

Summary: The night of the night takes a rather unexpected turn. (Words : around 2350)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: F L U F F !!!!!

A/n: probably everything about this is not so overwhelmingly awesome but I just wanna rase awareness of the fact that the speech the reader gives is something I’m really sorry for ! 😅😅😅

Requested: by @sebatianstanisbae

The academy awards were always a really big deal.
Everyone dresses up nice, looks nice, feeld nice. It was by far one of the most popular and greatest event when it came to award shows.
So of course your answer was not long considered when your boyfriend asked you if you would go to the Oscars with him.

Both of you had a part in it this year anyway, Sebastian as nominated and you as a presenter.
So when the day came you were all excited and totally impatient, however you saw Sebastian being all nervous all day long but you didn’t think much of it, assuming he was just freaking out about the fact that he was nominated as best actor in a leading role.

You didn’t question him about it, you didn’t confront him about it you were just there for him.

So the morning was mostly spend cuddling and stealing kisses from one another.
Both of you didn’t leave the bed since you woke up, Sebastian only left once to get some breakfast for both of you but came back quickly.

There was a movie playing on TV but neither of you paid attention to it as you were preoccupied with each other.
You looked into Sebastian’s eyes deeply with a smile playing on your lips, and he glanced right back at you looking worried and overwhelmed.

Your hands were on each other without a pause, whether it was him caressing your cheek or pushing your hair out of your face, or you running your hand through his hair or drawing patterns on his arm, you would always be in touch. Still you weren’t able to get the frown off his face, no matter what you did.

You couldn’t see him like this anymore and so you decided to offer him to talk about it.
Your hand went up to cup his jaw and he leaned into your touch, closing his eyes.

“What is it ,seb?” You asked softly, your gaze never once leaving his furrowed brows, which only frowned deeper at your question.
“You’ve been nervous and worried all day long, are you okay?” You questioned and he leaned his head back to the other side so he was now in the position he was in before, opening his eyes and looking at you with deep adoration and love.

“I am just nervous I think” he frowned, looking at you deeply.

“Its gonna be fine” you told him, capturing his lips in a soft , tender kiss.

Sebastian wished he could stay like this forever, just being with you ,seeing you, feeling you, hearing you. He wished he could take this moment and live in it forever.
Because here, with you, he felt at ease even if there was something bothering him, he would always feel comfortable and safe around you and it was just the exact same the other way around. This sort of comfort was one that made it seem like you have been knowing each other for years but instead it was just the love you felt for each other that made everything so much better. And every single day both of you would be surprised that this wasn’t only a dream, because it felt so surreal even if it was reality.

He never wanted to let you go again but you pulled away from him eventually, getting lost in his eyes as always.
Seeing the ocean in them, the stars, the sky, everything.
He eyes were all you wanted to see, at once, they shone so bright every time yours met his.
It was the thing you loved about him the most, that you could look at him and get lost for days.

You managed to come out of your haze and stroked his cheek and jaw “we gotta get ready” you told him in absence, your eyes still looking into his and you gave him a last small peck on the lips before turning around and leaving the bed.

Sebastian stared after you, watching you leave the room and once he was sure you were far away enough, he got the box from his night stand.

He opened the little velvet box to reveal a beautiful silver ring with a diamond placed onto it.
It was the ring your mother told him to buy, it was one of his favorites too, yet he was very insecure when he stood in the shop, but your mother , who was with him to help and support him, just like his mother, telling him to buy it finally convinced him.

He was worried about it all day long, he wanted to propose to you today.

He started doubting when he woke up, scenarios came to his mind, images of how you said no , one worse than the other. He thought of stuff he did making you want to turn him down, he counted the cons of himself and that didn’t really made him feel good but he couldn’t stop himself.

But this moment right now, this moment he shared with you gave him New strength, new confidence.

He’d propose, no matter what ,that was sure all the time ,but you somehow made it clear to him that there wouldn’t be a no.

You took all his fear away and he was so amazed at how good you made him feel by just being there for him.
He smiled down at the ring in contention and thoughts about how good it would look like on your finger.
He loved that imagination, somehow, he just loved it.

He closed the box again, put it into his sweats and stood up from the bed going to get ready for one of the most important nights in his life.
He smiled at himself as he thought about it, this was going to be the best night of his life.

At least until he’d marry you.

Both of you stood in the living room, being all ready and cleaned, your stylists left about twenty minutes ago and you looked amazing.

Sebastian wore an all black tux and his short hair was nicely styled to the back.
You thought he looked incredibly handsome.

You had a long, black, mermaid kinda dress which hugged your curves perfectly but loosened up from your thighs on and flew down to the ground nicely.

You said you wanted to match Sebastian’s outfit, even if it was a little cheesy, but they gave you an all black dress anyway.

Your hair and make up however made up for the plainness of the dress. You looked great, without being arrogant.

Your eye make up was intense, it was very dramatic with the black catwing eyeliner and the voluminous mascara, your eye shadow however was in golden tones, making your eyes sparkle and shine even brighter.

You loved all of your make up, from the lips to the eye-shadow but your hair was incredibly awesome too.
It was in loose waves, falling over your shoulders in voluminous manner and some were loosely pinned up. The Jewelry was a nice TouchUp to the amazing rest.

Your first glance to the mirror was supported by a gasp, you didn’t recognize yourself as you slowly looked over the person in the reflection.
You looked amazing and if you’d have to you couldn’t find one single thing that you liked the most because everything about it was so amazing that it took your breath away, just as Sebastian’s.

Both of you made your way down and into the almost luxurious black car.
Sitting inside, Sebastian’s hand found yours immediately and you looked at him with a smile playing on your lips.
The drive was spend in silence, only the touch of each other bringing both of you comfort.

Once there, both of you exited the car and walked down to the red carpet,Sebastian’s hand on the small of your back, leading you and protecting you from whatever may be.
You took some photos, gave some interviews, shared hugs with friends and finally made your way into the building, searching your seats.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian asked concerned as both of you sat down. You looked at him with a smile and nodded “are you?” You asked, a frown taking over as you rested your hand on his arm.
He smiled back at you and nodded as well, he then leaned over to you, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

The night went out better than you thought it would, and it wasn’t even nearly over. You just loved everything about it, being joyful and cheery the whole time.

Suddenly a woman came over to you telling you it was your turn to present and you smiled at her before looking at Sebastian, laying a hand on his cheek and getting lost in his eyes for a moment before pulling him in for a short kiss.
“See you in a minute.” You told him with a smile and stood up, walking to the stage as the woman took a seat in your place.

You went backstage and another woman checked your make-up and a man, a staff member, gave you an envelope and you suddenly felt the nervousness hitting up as your stomach turned, this was a huge deal, you’d be presenting best actor in a leading role and that was not nothing, but you took a deep breath and decided to push that feeling to the back of your mind.

Someone waved you over, signaling it was time for you to get on stage, you closed your eyes for a second before opening them and walking out on stage with a tight smile.

You immediately searched for Sebastian, knowing it would be easier to talk when you looked at him.
You could talk to him about everything, his calming eyes were all you needed to feel better.
Once you found him on his seat looking at you with a smile, you started talking.

“We are here today to celebrate movies and films.
But what would movies be without their actors?
The actors are the ones who bring the movie to life, who make us feel with the characters, who make us fall in love with them through their movies, whether they are actresses or actors, they are the most important persons”

You began having to smile a little wider at the ridiculousness that your boyfriend was an actor as well and you fell in love with him through a movie

“They make us laugh, cry or even shout at the TV.
Without the great job of the actors, a movie wouldn’t be a movie.” You finished your speech, a little insecure since you didn’t even know if it was good or made no sense at all.
“I’ll present the best actors in a leading role, and the nominees are:” you stopped letting the computer voice introduce all the actors as your eyes stayed on Sebastian’s the whole time until he blushed and looked down with a smile after hearing his own name as a nominee, making you grin at the adorable sight.

As the voice muted you stepped a bit forward again talking in the microphone “and the winner is…”
You started as you opened the envelope, immediately breaking into a big smile as you saw the name

“Someone who deserves 20 Oscars but who am I to judge” you shrugged with a giggle before turning the envelope to the cameras “Sebastian Stan” you cheered looking to him seeing his head shooting up to the mention of his name, seeing you smiling at him and he didn’t know what was happening until it clicked and he shot up from his seat going on stage to you, pulling you in for a kiss which was probably to calm his nerves but you didn’t care as his hand found yours before he pulled away receiving his academy award looking at it in disbelief.

He turned to the microphone and started talking
“Wow…” he started with his eyes fixed on the Oscar in his hands but then turning to the audience wide eyed “I never thought this would happen, that’s crazy” he said receiving a few laughs and giggles “ but I really really wanna thank my family and friends for supporting me in every situation, I wanna thank my fans for everything and of course I wanna thank y/n y/l/n.” He said looking back at you and signalling you to stand next to him as he took your hand in his and looked into your eyes.

“you are here for me whenever I need you, you support me in every way possible and you help me in everything” he started and your eyes started to get watery already “you are the love of my life and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done, without you I wouldn’t be here.” He told you adoration sparkling in his eyes before he gave you a nervous smile and handed his award to the woman standing behind him and took your other hand in his now as well.

“y/n I love you so much and I want to love you for the rest of my life, I want us to grow old and I want us to be together forever.” He told you a spark in his eyes and you already had tears streaming down your face, you smiled at him a nervous laugh escaping your lips every now and then to hide your excitement.

But then he went down on one knee looking up into your eyes as your hand flew to your mouth in disbelief
“Y/n will you do me the honor, of marrying me ?” He finally asked and you zoned out now, happy tears streaming down your face as you chocked on a ‘yes’ but you knew he understood when he broke into a huge grin and got a ring out of his pocket to slide it onto your finger.

The whole room erupted in cheers, whistles and claps but none of you noticed as you were too lost in each other.

You pulled him up to you in a salty yet emotional kiss full of love. Your hands on his cheeks just as your tears which he felt wet on his own skin as his hands rested on your hips rubbing circles into the fabric of your dress with his thumb.

He deepened the kiss and you wished you could stay in this moment forever but you pulled away after a moment or two and looked at him with a tight smile that matched his and both of you had a glow in your eyes showing all the love for each other.

He pecked your lips one last time before taking his Oscar and turned to the microphone, his arm found its way around your shoulders and he held his award up in the air
“Best night of my life” he cheered into the microphone making the whole room clap and cheer again as he lead you backstage, his arm around your shoulders and yours around his waist and when you finally arrived he pulled away and turned capturing your lips in another loving tender kiss, knowing this was just the beginning of a wonderful and great life.


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Capture My Heart | 1

Pairing: Jikook

Summary: Jungkook and Jimin attend the same university where Jungkook is the star baseball player and Jimin is the photographer for the university’s newspaper. Jimin wants to take photos of Jungkook during practice and Jungkook is affected by his presence. 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: Hello lovelies ~ This is my first ever pairing drabble! I’m thinking of writing one or two more parts to this (so 2-3 parts in total) ? Let me know your thoughts! Hope you enjoy it 💕 I was inspired by this post from @kookminau​ - most likely will write majority of my jikook drabbles from them cause they’re so good! (( gif credit to owner - sorry idk who you are 😰 ))

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[Requested by Anon]

The PhotoShoot.


“Can you set up the lights over here. I want to make sure this set is perfect!” Your friend stammered.

You nodded and did as you were told. You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched her pace back and forth around the pool area. Moving things around. Making small adjustments here and there. You can tell she was nervous.

“Come on Y/F/N, it’s not like you haven’t shot a celebrity before!” You chuckled.

She snapped her gaze at you and shrugged. “Yeah, but never anyone this gorgeous!” She squealed.

“Who is it? You haven’t even told me who the special guest is.” You spewed, throwing the props into the pool.

She flashed a cynical smile as a soft snarl escaped her lips.

Her phone went off, breaking the silence.

“Yea I’ll be right there!” She muttered. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and giggled like a little kid. “Oh my god, he’s here. Okay, get ready.” She flashed a wink.

You furrowed your brows but ignored the fact that she still has yet to tell you who you were taking photos of.

She liked to keep you guessing. Having you sit on the edge of your chair.

You took one last look at the set up, before you heard soft chatters, along with laughter. Obviously it was mostly your best friend that was giggling.

“Chris, this is my best friend slash assistant, Y/N.” She muttered.

You turned on your heels, and froze immediately as you laid your gaze on him.

There he was. The man you gawked over since you watched him on Parks and Rec.

“Y/N this is-”

“Andy-I mean owen-I mean Chris! Shit! Sorry.” You croaked, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks from stumbling over your words.

His lips curled up and he let out a soft chuckle. “Damn, I have so many names!”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Something you did when you were nervous.

He kept his gaze on to you. Watching you fluster in your stance. He couldn’t help but think just how beautiful you are.

“Anyways, we should get started!” Y/F/N demanded. “Chris, there’s some clothes left out by the bathroom.”

He only nodded and started for the back. He glanced over at you, catching you staring back at him. And every time your eyes locked, you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

As he was out of sight, you looked back at your friend.

“Can you believe it? Chris freakin Pratt!” Your best friend squealed. “Aren’t you excited? He’s so cute. Ugh, I think I’m in love.”

You rolled your eyes, and shook your head. “He’s just like anyone else, only difference is, he’s on a movie.”

She stuck her tongue out and turned her back to you. “I don’t care. He’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can focus with him around.”

Chris got into the swim trunks and shirt you had picked out. And might you add, he looked extremely handsome.

“Let’s get this shit started! Whose ready to party?” He yelped, raising an eye brow, and looking between you and your friend.

“Awesome! Uh can you uh grab that dinosaur floatie by your foot?” She hesitated. “Just do whatever you want.”

He nodded and retrieved the floatie into his hands. “This awesome! Do I get to keep this when its done?” He asked.

“Nope! Sorry, but you can’t have them, I already called dibs!” You croaked.

Chris snapped his gaze to you, a smile slowly creeping on his face. “Oh, is that so?”

You nodded, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’ll play you for it!” He stammered. “Let’s race. From the door to the fence. Loser gets to keep the dinosaur.”

You pondered over the idea for a moment, and caved. “Sure why not. Though you are going to lose.”

He stood straighter in his stance, and flashed a smirk. “Oh it’s on! You’re going down.”

“Yea okay, old man. We will see about that.”

Your best friend couldn’t stop giggling as she captured this moment.

Both you and Chris made your way to the door, and positioned yourselves for the race.

“I’ll go easy on you. I know it can be nerve wrecking to go against someone as sexy as me.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and let out a loud cackle. “Someone is cocky.” You met his gaze and smirked. “Don’t worry, at least you will get a better view of my ass when I pass you up.”

Before he had time to respond, you pushed him down and darted toward the fence.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled himself up and followed behind.

As you were just inches away, you slowly touched the fence, taunting him for losing.

His breathing was heavy, as he finally reached your side. “You’re a cheater! I could have totally beat you if you didn’t-” he paused taking in a deep breath.

“What was that? Is someone being a sore loser?” You chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, his smile growing more and more as he watched you laugh to yourself.

“Rematch!” He croaked.

You shook your head. “Maybe. But we should really get this photoshoot done.” You exhaled.

He nodded in agreement. “Ok, but this time, instead of the dinosaur, we play for something even better.”

You furrowed your brows. “And what’s that?”

“If I win, you have to give me the dinosaur, but if you win-” he paused, flashing a cynical smile. “You have to go out with me.”

Your friends mouth dropped. Her eyes growing wide as you and Chris locked eyes with one another.

You tried to refrain from smiling. act as if he was just like anyone else. And sure, you weren’t one to go crazy over celebrities, maybe be a fan of their work, but nothing far from that.

But something about him made you want to spend more time with him.

“Deal.” You muttered.

His lips curved, letting out a soft chuckle. He shook his head, his cheeks burning as he flustered in his stance.

He turned to your best friend and took in a deep breath.
“Well, how about those pictures.”


Filmmaker and storm Chaser Mike Olbinski presents his latest work - a video tour of storm chasing in the western US in 2017. Side note - while teaching field camp up in Montana last summer, I actually managed to figure out the days we’d have severe weather by following this storm chaser and when he arrived in that state! Original caption to this video is below:

Early on this summer when I found myself down by Santa Rosa, AZ watching a gorgeous hail core fall on the stunning desert landscape, and then later that day staring at a haboob with a stacked shelf cloud above it near the border of Mexico, I had a feeling it would be a unique monsoon. It’s funny how every year is different. That’s the beauty of chasing the summer storm season out here in the desert southwest. You never know what’s going to happen or what you might see.

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The Artist

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1845

A/N: Just a short and sweet Jimin drabble~ I really hope you guys like it!

- Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

I remember the first time I saw her drawing she had her hair pulled up with a black hair tie, letting me take in all the angles and curves that made her pretty face. I also remember that being the only time I had seen her with her hair completely away from her face, every day after that her hair was neatly placed over one shoulder. Maybe it was because it was hot that day, or maybe because those locks had gotten in the way of her drawing in that moment.

Either way, as I sat across the café, the only thing I could focus on was her.

She was like clockwork. Every other day, at seven in the evening, she sat at the same table, ordered the same cup of coffee, and drew in the same dull green sketch book whose number of pages slowly decreased as the days went on.

She has something of a routine when she drew. She would draw for a good fifteen minutes, lip caught between her teeth, sit back and examine her work, make a face at it, and continue to add to her art. I wondered if she had designed any of the art decorating her left arm. The black ink started at her wrist and disappeared under the pulled-up sleeve of her black long sleeve.

There were many people who frequented the café who knew of her, people outside of the café too. The artist who would sit down, sip on her coffee and ensue to draw the customers.

Every day it would change, I’ve witness her drawing a student studying, a mother and daughter having a chat over a cup of tea, a business man having a conversation on his phone, even a couple snuggled up on the couch sharing a hot chocolate. A different art piece every day. And when she was done, coffee long gone and fingers and wrists dusted in lead, she would walk over to her subject of that day, hand them the drawing and thank them with a small smile then proceed to leave the café.

The reactions would all differ slightly, but ultimately were the same: amazement. Her drawings were beautiful and captured moments and emotions better than any photo could.

“Yeah, she sits at this café and just draws people. It’s pretty awesome! Taehyung actually has a drawing of him that she made this one time he was there. She even caught his rectangular smile perfectly.” Namjoon explained spreading his own lips in a mock Taehyung style way making the actual rectangular smiled boy push him playfully.

I learned from Namjoon that she was an art major just like the rest of us. Apparently, she also had a class with Jeongguk.

“She’s really quiet and keeps to herself a lot.” Jeongguk put in as he kicked a stray rock on the pavement. “Now that I think about it, she doesn’t really talk to anyone.”

“I think Yoongi had told me something about her being a regular at his tattoo parlor. She has this really cool left sleeve that she adds on to every now and then.” Taehyung put in.

“Oh yeah! I’ve caught glances at her tattoos. I think one of my favorites that I’ve seen on her is this phoenix looking bird.” Jeongguk added as he motioned to his forearm where Y/N probably adorned the ink.

“So why were you asking, Jimin?”

“Oh, it’s just, I think I ran into her the other day.”

“Can I have four iced americanos, two iced vanilla lattes, and one mocha frappe, all large sizes, please?”

“That’s a pretty big order.” I laughed along with the cashier as I handed over my card.

“Yeah, it’s my turn to do the coffee run.” I explained as I took back my card. I walked away from the counter and sat down patiently to hear my name. It wasn’t long before I was given the two large cup holders with all our drinks carefully placed inside. I walked out of the café, pushing open the door with my shoulder and treaded over to my car.

I hadn’t realized I was in a dilemma until I stood in front of my car, both hands preoccupied, and unable to open the car door, let alone grab my keys inside my jeans pocket. I didn’t want to place the drinks on the floor or on the car hood in fear of spilling them so I decided the best thing to do was go back inside and take the holders out one by one.

As I began to turn around and head back inside I heard someone quietly speak beside me.

“Need some help?” I turned around to face the owner of the voice. I blinked at the girl for a few seconds, not realizing fast enough what it was she had meant. She gestured towards the drinks in my hand and softly offered to hold one of the cardboard cup holders.

“Oh, um, please?” I say and slowly hand over the one with three drinks. Not wanting to waste any time, I quickly get a hold of my car keys and open the door, placing the drinks I had in my hand on the passenger seat. I turned around and took the other drinks from her hands, silently observing that she adorned tattoos on her left arm. “Thanks for your help.” I rapidly say once I had placed those drinks safely inside too.

“It’s no problem.” She said with a smile and walked away immediately after. I watched as she walked over to the entrance of the café and disappeared inside.

I remember thinking that she had seemed so nice. I also remember promising to maybe come back some day in hope that she might be there and I could run into her again. Maybe get her name next time.

By some luck, the week after, I saw her again. Unfortunately, I hadn’t caught her name because she was already walking out. I managed to make eye contact with her as she walked past me to her own car. I cautiously waved at her from my position, hoping that maybe she recognized me. Her gaze lingered for a second, making me believe that maybe she didn’t remember me. I had started to feel like an idiot before she lifted her own hand to return my hello. That wave alone had made my whole day.

I learned later from one of the baristas that she was a regular. A very special regular.

My encounters with her after that were scarce and small, but never short of amazing.

Things ranging between gentle hellos and quick “how was your day”s as we waited for our coffees to be prepared. I had begun to use the café as a study spot, in hope that I would build up the courage to talk to her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even bring myself to give her my name. And what was worse was that as time went on, I developed more and more of a crush on her, making it harder and harder to confront her.

“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that I have to divide this number into this number and that would give me my answer?”

“Yes, Jeongguk, for the hundredth time, yes!”

“And that’s the tangent?”


“But what abo–”

“I give up.” I exclaim as I slump over and bury my face into Jeongguk’s math book.

“You suck at tutoring.” Jeongguk accuses as he sips from his coffee, making slurping sounds as he finishes the iced beverage. “Namjoon is way better at this than you are.”

“Well why didn’t you ask him?!” I question, glaring at the younger boy, chin still placed on the glossy pages of his textbook.

“He said something about having to finish composing some song for a class.” He said as he opened his cup and began munching on some of the left-over ice.

“So you asked me to waste my precious time on helping you with a subject I’m only marginally better at than you?” Jeongguk scoffs at my words and leans in closer to me.

“Precious time? All you do is stalk Y/N.” At the mention of her name, I sit up quickly and glance behind the brunette’s shoulder at the tattooed girl sitting a few tables away. “You even fought me for that seat so you could look at her this whole time.”

I could feel my cheeks burn pink at his words. “I do not stalk her!” I angrily whisper. “I want to talk to her, I just don’t know how to do it.” My eyes turn back to her and I observe as she lets her pencil glide along the paper, quietly wondering who she was drawing today. Maybe it was the long-haired girl with glasses reading over on one of the couches, she looked like drawing material if you ask me.

“Whatever you say.” I was about to reprimand him for his words but he cut me off before I could. “I’m going to the bathroom. Could you order us some more coffee? I’d like some more caffeine before we start round two of this study session.” And before I could even say no, he was gone.

Huffing in defeat, I stand up and walk over to the counter to order our drinks.

“You owe me.” I say as soon as I come back, placing the two cups down. But Jeongguk wasn’t listening, instead he was beaming down at a sheet of paper in his hand. Curious, I asked him what he was looking at.

“Y/N left.”

“What?” And just as he had said, she wasn’t sat down at her usual table. Immediately, I felt a little sad that I didn’t see her leave. “Oh, she did.”

“And she left this.” I felt my heart skip a beat, realizing exactly what he meant.

“She drew you?!” I snatched the paper out of his hand instantly. Jeongguk chuckled and shook his head.

“Not me.” Looking down at the sheet of paper, I was in awe. “She drew you.”

The lines, the shading, all of it came together to create me. The me that was sitting down, pencil in hand and smiling softly at what I had been writing in that moment she had chosen to capture. Maybe it had been something Jeongguk had said, or maybe something I had been thinking about that had made me smile like that, because it sure wasn’t the math problems. I don’t think I have ever looked better than I do drawn by her hands. Is this what she sees when she looks at me?

As I continue to admire her art, I realize that along the bottom right hand corner, in pretty cursive writing, were the words,

“Jimin, I am sorry I didn’t thank you in person. I much rather do it outside of the café, maybe over dinner if you’d like.”

And underneath her short note was a ten-digit number and her name.

“Actually, I believe you owe me.”

The Mom Ch. 10

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: First steps

Warnings: Some serious Seung Hyun as a dad feels. <3 And a little suggestiveness just to keep us on our toes…

Author’s Note: Lot’s of domestic fluffiness this time. All with an undercurrent of sexual tension. Come on… how else would you expect married life with Tabi to be? lol

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


You stood on the sprawling balcony of the villa, leaning with a forearm on the railing as you watched Youngbae take careful aim with his camera. His eyes were narrowed, serious concentration etched onto his handsome face.

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, great pride swelling inside of you at the effort he was making. You knew that you had no real reason to feel such sisterly pride, but you couldn’t help it.

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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "The Cell"

An Imagine about the third episode of Season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (as for episode 7x02)

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

You sat on the bed in the room that was assigned to you in the sanctuary.
You stared out of the window as you heard the shower turn on.
Negan had smirking offered you to join him but you had refused to.
And to your surprise he had accepted it.
You had spent the last night with Negan and you needed anything else than a direct repetition of it.
You knew from the moment he took you with him after the line up, that it would happen.
He had made clear that you wouldn’t work for him like the other members of your group, you weren’t prepared for it anyway.
He hadn’t raped nor hurted you, you had agreed hoping that this could lower the anger he had against your friends back in Alexandria and your brother Daryl he held somewhere in the sanctuary.

You heard the shower turn off and short after that the bathroom door hit open.
“Waited for me?”, he asked grinning, his lower body half just wrapped in a towel.
You felt how you blushed and tried to escape his stare.
This whole thing was weird enough for you.
”Oh Sweetheart, you’ve already seen more than you do right now”, said Negan smirking at you.
He went chuckling over to his clothes and began to put them on,
Fully clothed he stood before you, surveyed you and smirked to himself.
“You fucking okay? Looks like you could need someone to comfort you”, you heard him ask chuckling.
“I’m fine”, you growled. 
He looked grinning at you and picked up his bat.
“Well, then…shower or whatever. I’m gonna pick you up in an hour, so be ready Sweetheart”, said Negan smirking, before he swung Lucille over his shoulder and left.

You decided to do so.
Maybe a shower could help you to wash this weird feeling off your skin and to clear your mind.
The day before, it had felt like a torture hearing the loud water pelt down on your head while the screams in your head made you hear nothing else.
But the screams in your head were almost gone, at least for now, and all you felt was emptiness.
For a whole while you stood just under the shower letting the warm water flow down your body.
As you came out of the shower you saw yourself in the small mirror.
For the first time you saw the hickeys Negan had left on your throat and collar bones and you felt the need to get rid of them immediately.
They made you feel guilty.
Guilty for sleeping with the men who had killed two of your family members.
But you hadn’t done this for yourself, you had done it to somehow protect them from more of his anger, even though you didn’t know how successful that would be.
You feared the most, that you had to see another one of our friends being beaten to death like Glenn and Abraham.
The screams of your friends might have been quieter in your head but the pictures still appeared again and again before your eyes.
The blood, the faces of your sobbing friends and the faces of your friends Negan had bashed.
They just wouldnt disappear.
And everytime you saw them and you tried to let them vanish your head pounded harder and harder.

Shortly after you were ready, the door hit open.
“Ready for a little trip through your fucking new home?”, Negan asked chuckling before waving you over to him.
You hated hearing him referring to this place as your home.
It wasn’t and it would never be.

You walked through the corridors, Negans arm around your waist, while you had no idea where you were going.
The hallways seemed all the same cold to you and you’d give a lot if you could just go outside and see the sun and breath fresh air.
You felt like caged in here.
You heard footsteps and shortly after that you saw a young woman walking in the direction of you and Negan.
She was wearing a dress, high heels and looked cleaner than the other people in the sancuntary you’ve seen, so you assumed that she could be one of Negans so called “wives”.
When she walked past you she looked pitying at you and sighed quietly and to your surprise, he didn’t deign to look at her.

Just moments later you walked around a corner before your eyes captured two kneeling people in front of you, pressed against the wall.
Within a second your heart began to pound harshly against your chest as you saw who these persons were.
Dwight and Daryl.
Your eyes wandered shocked over your brother’s body, he was dressed in some weird kind of sack looking clothes, his hair hanging in strands in his face, his eyes swollen.
Deep down you had known that they would treat him badly, even though you had hoped for something else.
And now he knelt forcefully pushed against the wall before you, looking as battered as you had never seen him before.
Your glance stayed on him as you heard Negan’s loud throaty chuckle.
”What did you do to him?”, you asked shocked, still looking at your brother.
”That what was fucking necessary”, Negan said while you could hear the grin through his words.
You turned around, looked bewildered at him while you made him chuckle even more.
Without saying more, he pushed you further with him, shaking slightly his head, still chuckling before he opened a door and pulled you with him outside.

The bright sunlight dazzled you, your eyes were used to the dimmed cold light of the hallways, but as they began to get used to the brightness you saw Negan smirking at you and pointing to your right.
Turning around you saw some kind of cage, walkers tied to sticks and other stuff and two men that were dressed similar to your brother that tried to tie another walker to a stick.
“You should fucking hope for your brother that he makes the right choices”, chuckled Negan leaning against the railing.
You swallowed looking at the men that struggled to escape the hands of the walkers as they made their way out of the cage.
It wasn’t enough that they had to do this, they also looked terrible.
Tired, sickly pale and seemed to be done with everything.
“And they made the wrong choices?”, you asked, your glance still laying on the two men.
“Exactly Sweetheart! They all did, the walker and the two pricks over there”, said Negan pulling you grinning closer. 
You swallowed hard.
”What would be necessary to prevent my brother from ending up like them”, you said after a while of looking at the walkers that were streching their arms through the fence. 
You didn’t plan to become one of Negans muppets, but you also knew for sure that you couldnt let Negan torture Daryl and not try to do something against it.
You wanted to prevent that he had to suffer more than he already did.
”You wanna do something to save his ass? Well shit”, Negan said with a chuckle.
”I gotta admit, that sounds fucking tempting Sweetheart,..but I can’t let you do that. He is the one who has to fucking understand”, Negan said chuckling.

Back inside you went along with Negan away from the corridors to a little hall where Dwight leaned against a railing, looking down to his shoes. 
Negan swung himself next to him while you created space between yourself and the both of them by leaning against the railing towards them.
Dwight first looked at you, then to Negan with an asking glance after Negan had greeted and began to talk to him.
“Whats your problem Dwight? She can fucking stay and listen or do you have something to fucking hide?”, Negan laughing as he motioned over to you.
Dwight just shook his head.
“Good…You know…it’s working. Slow but it’s fucking working. Some people are harder to break than others”, said Negan after a short while leaning against the railing.
You knew that he was talking about Daryl.
But Negan couldn’t break Daryl.
You were sure that Daryl wouldn’t let it come that far.
At least that was what you hoped.
You didn’t want to imagine what it would be like seeing Daryl the way you saw Rick before he should chop Carls arm off.
With this look in his eyes that still haunted you.
That helpless, desperate and broken glance in Ricks eyes that you had never thought and hoped to see.

You heard Negans voice as he began to talk to Dwight again.
“Since your doing such an awesome job..what about a blast from the past with you-know-who?”, Negan asked Dwight chuckling.
You knew because of Daryl that Dwight had a wife, seemed like she wasn’t his wife anymore but one of Negan’s.
And now Negan offered him to sleep with her as a reward?
Negan looked amused at Dwight and patted his arm chuckling.
“Just kiddin’ kid, lighten up. Take whoever you want, as long as she says yes”, said Negan amused. 
God, what was wrong with this man?
You saw Negan pointing at you and turning to Dwight.
“But Dwight. Even though she’s none of them, don’t get the fucking idea to ask her…she’s mine, only mine”, said Negan threatening, still pointing at you and with a dangerously calm voice as you felt yourself cringing.
“And?”, asked Negan urging Dwight to answer., but Dwight said nothing and just stared at Negan.
”Oh…everything alright down there? Or..”, asked Negan pointing at Dwights crotch while you shook your head bewildered.
”What Sweetheart? Just because your man aka. me is fit and stuff doesn’t mean everybody is”, said Negan chuckling before your glare hit him, making him chuckle even more.
”Nah, I’m fine”, said Dwight before he explained to Negan that he liked to do the hard work for him and didn’t need a reward.

The beeping of the walkie sounded through the hall before a female voice said crackling through the walkie that someone had escaped and needed to be caught.
Dwight assured that he would look after the man and as he began to walk he lost something looking like a photo, that directly fell before your feet on the ground.
You just saw its white backside and picked it up, turning it around to see if it was really a photo.
“Dwight. You lost…”, your voice stocked before you could tell anything more.
You felt how your heart cramped and a lump developed in your throat.

Yeah, it was a photo.
But it was not just any photo.
It showed Glenns lifeless body, above his neck just blood and pieces of his bashed head.

“Oh my God…”, you mumbled trembling as you looked shocked at the terrifying picture of one of your closest friends before Dwight ripped the photo out of your hand and stuffed it back into his pants pocket.
“Not for you”, he growled while you felt how your heart pounded harshly against your chest.
That wasn’t the first time you had to see those pictures, you had already seen them in Negan’s outpost, hanging all over the wall in the rooms of his soldiers.
And now there wasn’t just any dead body pictured on the polaroid.
It was Glenn’s.
You felt like you were about to throw up as your glance went up again, darting at Dwight who began to walk away.

“Now that Dwight left….we have some alone time again. Just you and me. Isn’t that fucking great?!”, said Negan euphoric.
You looked at him as he came closer, took your hands, placed them on his shoulders and slung his arms around your waist.
He raised his eyebrows smirking, waiting for an answer.
“Yeah”, you growled glaring into his eyes.
“Did this little fucking photo ruin your damn mood?”, Negan asked chuckling as he raised his brows.
“You disgust me”, blustered out of you, the polaroid still in your mind.
“Didn’t seem like that last night, Sweetheart…remember? When we had some fucking fun?”, Negan purred, earning another hateful glare of you.
His face came so close to yours that you could almost feel his warm breath on your skin, while you already felt this weird feeling creating in your body.
“Still playin’ fucking hard to get”, Negan muttered grinning as his tongue slid over his lower lip.

“Boss! We have an emergency!”, you heard a male voice shout and Negan moved angrily away from you and turned around.
“I fucking hope for you that this emergency is fucking worth it!”, Negan growled into the direction of the man.
“The guy from the alexandria group is trying to escape”,shouted the man.
You swallowed hard.
Daryl had just followed his instinct.
And that instinct meant escaping this hell hole.

Negan began to chuckle.
“Your brother is too fucking stubborn for his own good!”, Negan said as he turned around to you before pulled you with him, placing Lucille on his shoulder.

There you stood before Daryl, your thoughts overwhelming you as he eyed Negan and you.
He was trembling but was still in the position that he could fight any second.
His breath was fast, his hands formed into fists, his glance got stuck on your throat.
You had almost suppressed them.
As Negan saw what your brother was looking at, he began to smirk wider.
“Just a little gift from me to your sister”, said Negan smirking and pushing you closer against his body.
You tried to show Daryl that he shouldn’t worry about you, he had already enough to worry about.
You knew that he must felt incredible guilt for Glenns death and you didn’t want him to have an even bigger burden on his shoulders.
“Who are you?”, asked Negan pointing at some of his men.
“Negan”, said the man.
“Who are…you?”, asked Negan another one.
This one also answered with “Negan”.
“Who are you?!”, said Negan louder and the men responded with a loud “Negan!”.
It seemed like he had made roboters out of them, that were programmed to only serve him.
“You see, I am fucking everywhere”, Negan said as he leaned closer towards your brother, beginning to explain to him that he had failed to get the chance to get a better life yet.
He began to explain to Daryl that he could either serve for him as a dead man, someone that has to collect points and wished they were dead or someone that followed him and lived like a king.
Daryl just kept huffing and looking from you to Negan and the other way around.
You felt helpless, you wanted to do something, save Daryl somehow out of this situation but you knew that if you would do something, Negan would possibly kill him and you didn’t want to risk that.
You couldn’t risk that.
“You know what”, you heard Negan say, “Fuck it”, he said swinging his bat in the air.
You gasped for air.
Before you could do anything you were grabbed by one of the man pressed his hand on your mouth.
“Don’t you dare to say anything”, the Savior growled aggressively into your ear as you felt the panic conquering your body.
You saw Negan stopping shortly before Daryl, his bat up and threateningly close to Daryls face.
“You don’t scare easy! I love that!”, Negan said chuckling to your brother who only tried to search for your glance with his eyes.
Your glance captured how Negan turned around to you and the man who was still forcefully holding you before Negan’s glance turned dark.
“Dont fucking touch her”, Negan growled, pulling you out of the mans grab and closer towards him.
“Lucky for you that Lucille is not too thirsty today…but I am…so…I’m gonna get me a drink”, said Negan smirking, turning around and pulling you with him as he walked away.
You heard a punch and turned around seeing the men beginning to beat your brother.
Before you had any chance do anything against it you heard Negans voice.
“Don’t Sweetheart. Don’t. Unless you want him to get fucked up even more”, said Negan smirking at you.

You hated him for that.
You knew what he wanted to achieve with it and that disgusted you even more.
He wanted to break Daryl, no matter what it would take.
You breathed heavily and stared angry at the ground.
“You understand how it works, Sweetheart?”, asked Negan smirking.
“I do, but that doesn’t mean that I’m okay with it”, you said, still staring at the ground while you went inside.
You just heard him chuckle about your answer.

“What’s this point system?”, you asked muttering after a while going through the corridors. “You work. You get points. And with these points you can buy shit. So if you’re not working enough you’re gonna fucking starve”, he said looking amused at the people kneeling in front of his as you slowly nodded.
“Don’t worry Sweetheart, that’s not gonna be one of your problems”, Negan said as he looked smirking at you.

Negan brought you to your room and eyed you grinning.
“You know what? I’m gonna fucking stay he-”, he began to say before he got interrupted by his walkie and angrily picked it up and answered the call.
“It’s fucking exhausting to keep everything in its fucking line”, he sighed still angry before he licked his bottom lip and eyed you again. “But the next nights…are fucking yours Sweetheart”, he said grinning before leaving you alone.

You felt release that you didn’t have to spend the night with him. You had enough of him for today and if you could, for even longer.
But what was bothering you even more were your thoughts that circled around Daryl
You felt horrible and guilty that you couldn’t have helped him and you really didn’t want to imagine what they did to him after you left.
You curled up on your bed and watched out of the window, using the smoothly swinging trees to calm yourself down.
The Polaroid picture came back to your mind.
You were sure that after Daryl’s try to escape they would try to torture him mentally more than you assumed they already did.
And since Dwight had this damn picture it wasn’t far that he would hand it to Daryl now.
It was hard enough for you to look at it, but having to imagine that Daryl had to drove you almost crazy.
You wanted back to Alexandria.
Back to your friends together with Daryl.
But you knew that you were here now and you had to live with it, at least for now, and keep on fighting somehow. 
But you hoped that you could return to your friends someday.
You closed your eyes and tried to sleep.
You were sure that you needed an eternity to fall asleep, with your brother, Abraham and Glenn still on your mind.

As you woke up, you were still curled up in a ball laying on the bed.
On this morning you ate the first time something again. You couldn’t eat a bite before this moment and even now you couldn’t eat more than half of an apple even if you should’ve feel like you starved after eating nothing for days.

“Knock, Knock”, you heard Negan call out before he came smirking into your room.
“Good Morning Sweetheart. Are you ready?”, he asked grinning at you while you nodded.
You went over to him and followed him outside on the hallway.
“And now?”, you asked looking at him.
“I’m gonna make your brother a fucking great offer”, he said smirking, leading you to another room, that looked similar to others you had seen here, but otherwise to this room your window was bigger and you could see through it.
Which you were pretty grateful for.
You stood behind Negan as Dwight came in, holding Daryl forcefully while you felt how your heart began to beat faster again.
He looked even worse than yesterday and you felt tears coming up in your eyes, the lump in your throat growing bigger.
You tried to fight them back, you didn’t want Daryl to feel even worse.
You didn’t really listen to Negan, you only heard how he talked about how awful Daryl looked, all you did was surveying your brother.
And you did that until you heard how Negan told Dwights story.
After his wifes sister had fallen behind her points, Negan offered her to become one of his wives.
Which you thought was a not that much of a great deal for her.
They fled, but as you knew from Daryl the wife’s sister died and after they returned, Dwight and his wife tried to find a way to survive both and so became Dwights wife one of Negans wives and Dwight could live, even if he got burned with an iron as punishment.
One other of Negans great ideas to keep the saviors in line. 
Negan told just a bit of the story, the things he knew, but you knew more.
You knew what Dwight and his wife had done after all the things Daryl had done for them.
He had saved them, had helped to bury her sister and even offered them to come with him to Alexandria, a place where they wouldn’t have to kneel.
And they?
They had pointed a fucking gun at him, had cowardly taken all his stuff  and had left him in the middle of a damn burned forest, only to come crawling back to this place.

You got ripped out of your thoughts as you heard Negans voice becoming more harsh.
“Listen, you should fucking look at me not at her”, Negan hissed, before Daryl let slowly go of your glance and looked to Negan.
“But hey, why don’t we just talk about her a little bit!”, said Negan chuckling amused.
You could see how Daryls anger rised, and so did Negan.
“Angry, huh? Well, then that may not be the best fucking moment to tell you that I fucked her last night!”, called Negan out chuckling. 
Daryl began to growl and you could see that he was shortly before exploding. You saw how he searched for your glance trying to find out how you felt. “You…”, began your brother hissing, his body tensing, his first forming tighter.
“Daryl”, you whispered urging trying to calm him down and to stop him.
If he would freak out now Negan would kill him for sure.
And you couldn’t let this happen.

“Jesus!…She’s still trying to protect you! Hell… isn’t she fucking great? And you know what? Your sweet sister is even hotter than the others! So you may now ask yourself if she’ll become one of my wives, huh?”, asked Negan swinging his bat in front of Daryl’s face.
Your brother just growled at Negan that chuckled amused seeing him this way. “She’s gonna be something more unique Daryl. And you know why?… No? ‘Cause she’s got something fucking special! I would waste her if I’d just take her as a wife like the others! She’s worth more…”,said Negan turning in your direction and winking at you.
You couldn’t do else than keeping the disgusted glance in your eyes.
“Yeah, you see that? In her eyes? She is withdrawn… but I bet there’s fucking more behind this fucking facade! Jesus,…she’s gonna be some hard nut to crack! But I’m gonna do that”, he laughed.
“Shit, yeah I’m gonna fucking do that”, he said a little more quiet looking at you smirking.
A cold shiver ran down your back as he kept staring into your eyes and then turned back to your brother.
”Well, this…could all be yours, all you gotta do is answer one simple question”, said Negan looking at Daryl.
“So who are you?”, asked Negan.
Daryl said nothing trying to look at you.
“I’m gonna ask you one more time…Who are you?”, asked Negan more urging with a dangerously calm voice while he held this goddamn bat in Daryls face.

You didn’t need to listen to know the answer.
Daryl wasn’t somebody you could break or you could play with the way you wanted to.
He seemed to know that Negan wouldn’t hurt you if he said his own name.
And that’s what he did.
He said his own Name.
And you weren’t quite sure if you should be proud, that he wouldn’t let Negan break him or afraid about that what Negan would do to him now.

“He made his choice…aint my problem if he made a dumbass choice”, Negan growled, still standing extremely close in front of your brother.
“Get him back in the cell”, Negan hissed, before Dwight pushed your brother out and you could just get one last glance of your brothers eyes.
Negan turned around to you and laughed.
“Well Sweetheart, were gonna see pretty soon if your friends back in Alexandria make as dumb choices as your brother!”

part five (all other parts)

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A Simple Word

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1632

Summary: Dean finds something private, and you get caught up in the moment. 

Warnings: Literally none, so much fluff

A/N: This is for anon who requested  So, first off, I really love your blog and writing style. Like so much. But, for a request, I want to be a novelist and have this old notebook with ideas and the start of chapters and character sketches and random stuff that I like always have with me and I was wondering if you could do a dean x reader where she is a writer and has a notebook like that and one day he finds it and looks through it. Preferably fluffy but I don’t mind some angst or smut interlaced too. Thanks!. I wrote this bit of fluffy fluff which I loved because the idea for this story was so sweet. I am thinking about writing a part two though which would be smutty so if you want to see that let me know! 

He hesitated, hand wrapped lightly over the knob, the door was already open a crack and it was too tempting in his state of boredom not to open it fully. Even though he knew Y/N was gone, there was a little bit of tension inside of him as he debated his next move. Dean wasn’t really sure where she had run off to, she had only said that she was going to be right back, but that was over an hour ago. He knew he shouldn’t be overbearing, and even though his gut reaction was to freak out and scour the town searching for her, he forced himself not to. Instead, he had decided to wander through the bunker, and if he just happened to land in front of her bedroom door then, that had to be just a coincidence, right?

“Hello?” He said to no one in particular, he already knew the room was going to be empty, and as he fully stepped into the darkened space he was proven right.

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Fresh Start - Thanksgiving

A/N: Part 18 of the Fresh Start series. This is a mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. We’re gonna start time jumping now, so this is a thanksgiving chapter. I’m sorry if some of this thanksgiving celebration is wrong, but we don’t celebrate where I’m from so. A huge thanks to my beta @thorne93. Happy reading y’all!

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Mary, Balthazar, Lexi (OFC mentioned) Beth and John (children)

Warnings: Fluff, a tinsy bit of angst. Implied smut. And probably language.

Wordcount: 3576 (sorry)

Originally posted by black-little-demons

October turned into November and Thanksgiving was just around the corner. You and Dean were better than ever. Bringing him to Cas’ grave and shoving him around in the town you had grown up had brought you two closer. Since then he spent most night’s at your place. He and Beth were getting closer too, and you loved watching their relationship grow. The only bump in the road was Balthazar. He came back just a few days after he left, much to Dean’s dismay, and had taken up residence on your couch again. Had you known he was gonna be your roommate you would have gotten a house with a guest room.

Two days ago you had finally worked up the nerve to talk to him about the living arrangements, trying to let him know that you loved having him around but you felt like your house was a little crowded. He had agreed, he even admitted that he had been searching for an apartment he could stay in while he was here. His job really didn’t require him to be in New York at all times so he wanted to split his time between here and there. It made you happy that he would still be near by.

Today he dragged you with him to look at a few apartments down town. You didn’t even look at all of them before he had signed a lease.

“So what do you think? Honest opinion please,” he said lightly as the two of you walked down a busy street. People hurrying along, getting their shopping done for Thanksgiving. “Earth to (YN).” He chuckled when he noticed you weren’t paying attention to him at all.

Your eyes were fixed on a ‘For Sale’ sign in an empty window. “Yeah, awesome,” you answered him, not really knowing what he had asked. You peered through the window to see a large open space, only disrupted by a few columns stretching from floor to ceiling. Your brain started working, imagining the possibilities this place offered.

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Arthur/Eames: Photographer Arthur meets SUPER HOT PUPPY DAD Eames when Eames hires him for a photoshoot of his new puppy. Maybe the photo shoot is like a fake baby announcement or something.



Arthur wasn’t at all concerned or confused when he pulled up to a modest, nice looking house on a picture perfect afternoon. He had been hired for baby shoots, engagements, weddings, all done at people’s houses before so he didn’t give it much thought as he began to take out his gear from the passenger side of his car.

He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked up to the house, double checking the number both on the door frame and on his phone to make sure they were the same before he rang the doorbell. The guy who hired him, “just Eames”, said he needed a newborn shoot and after getting all the information he needed, he agreed to the job. The guy seemed nice enough and as he waited, he heard,

“One moment!”

Arthur put his hands in his pockets and waited. A second later, the door was flung open and there stood a handsome man, wearing a red and white flannel shirt that wasn’t buttoned all the way up so a lot of his chest was showing. He also had a pair of paint stained and torn up jeans and no shoes or socks. His hair was honey colored, messy, his undercut looked as if it was growing back and he hadn’t touched it up. Arthur felt himself swallow hard as he said,

“Hi, I’m Arthur, the photographer.”

“Oh, yes, yes, come in please!”

He stepped aside and Arthur went in. Eames then went around him after closing the door and said,

“Can I offer you a drink?”

“Oh, no thank you. Where would you like to set up? Is there a nursery or another room?”

Arthur looked around as he asked and he noticed that it didn’t seem like a home that had a child. There was nothing to indicate that anyone else but Eames lived there. Eames chuckled a bit and said,

“In the backyard.”


They went outside and once they did, a tiny little puff of fur let out a little yip and began running towards Eames. Eames leaned down and scooped him up and turned back to Arthur.

“This is the newborn.”

“Oh…I thought you meant a baby.”

“I didn’t want to say it was a puppy right away…I was worried you might turn me down.”

“Hey, a shoot is a shoot. You’re still paying whether it’s a dog or a human so you’ll get no judgment from me.”

Eames smiled and the puppy wiggled a bit, trying to sniff Arthur. Arthur held his hand out to him and smiled a bit as he asked,

“What’s…his name?”

Eames nodded and lovely pet the pup as he said,



“Yeah, after Herman Melville. It’s a long story.”

Arthur laughed and shook his head as he knelt down, easing his bag to the ground and asked,

“Should we start?”

Eames nodded, setting Melville down and watching as he immediately went over to Arthur, sniffing his knees, then his bag before he attempted to climb in. Eames stopped him and then said,

“Okay boy, let’s play!”

Melville let out an excited yip as he began to run as fast as his little legs could carry him around the yard. Arthur had to keep a light jog to get some shot of Melville but he laughed, whistling to get his attention and snapping many shots of the little pup looking as if he was smiling, walking towards him, then he got down close to the ground and took some pictures of Melville trotting over to Eames. The light was perfect for every shot and he even took some blooper pictures of Melville scratching his head, chewing on his leg, falling over when he missed a catch, even one of him peeing. Eames laughed throughout all of those moments and Arthur did too.

After about two or three hours, Melville was exhausted. Eames picked him up and cradled him in his arm, Melville’s head resting perfectly in the crook of his arm. He let out a little yawn and Arthur couldn’t help but capture that moment too.

“He’s tuckered out.”

“Yeah he played so hard. You’re so great with him.”

“He’s a good boy. He’s also part of the dream.”

“The dream?”

“Yeah…after the good job came the house and then Melville.”

Arthur smiled, petting Melville’s sleeping head, watching him lick his chops softly in his sleep.

“Sounds like a good dream.”

“Yeah but it’s not complete.”

Arthur looked up at him and Eames just smiled. Arthur cleared his throat a bit and said,

“I should have the proofs by the end of the week. I can give you a CD of all of them if you’d like or unless you just want certain ones…”

“I guess I’ll need to see the proofs. Could you come back then, when the proofs are ready?”

“Um…sure I would have to drop them off anyway.”

“It’s just you then. You’re not part of a big studio?”

Arthur shook his head.

“It’s me and my business. I guess you can say it’s my dream. Only I don’t have a Melville.”

Eames laughed a little and Arthur began to pack up his camera again and picked up his bag. He slung it over his shoulder and Eames walked him to the door, still cradling a sleeping Melville.

“So, you’ll call me when the proofs are ready?”

Arthur nodded.

“Yes. And just so you know, this was the most fun photo shoot I’ve had. My model was awesome.”

Eames looked proudly at Melville and Arthur gave the pup another soft little stroke on the crease of his head before he said,

“I’ll be in touch. Tell Melville I said bye.”

“Will do. And thank you.”

Arthur nodded and began to leave, feeling happy and looking forward to getting the proofs organized and ready.

Selfie Stick

For: Butsu, @goodnight-butsu

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: M

Summary: 3K words. Some fluff, but mostly delicious, awkward smut. Aged up. Hinata brings his selfie stick on his anniversary date with Kageyama. They take sappy photos, but also find something very different for it to help capture. Inspired somehow by this artwork.

Happy belated birthday my dear Butsu! Thank you for being an awesome friend and a super rad person.

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“This is dumb,” Kageyama grumbled while adjusting the paper Burger King crown on his head. “Did you really decide to drag me all the way to Burger King just so you could get a picture of me with this shit on?”

“Maybe.” Hinata snickered and leaned over the table, extending his arm with his selfie stick at hand. “Now smile. Or at least try not to look like you’d kick a puppy.”

Kageyama relented with a sigh, holding his paper crown steady on his head and looking at the camera with a tiny grin. After three years of dating this little beam of sunshine, his facial muscles had relaxed to the point where he could muster up a decent cheerful expression on command. That would have been impossible before meeting Hinata. At that time even his candid smiles were scarce, but now there was rarely a moment he could let his jaw relax.

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When Bull Met Master

He charged at me like a bull. That was what was going through my mind when we met. There I stood, an anxious, nervous pup, waiting in the airport arrivals to meet him for the first time. I saw him first, gave him a wave. A big smile crossed his face, his partner drifted away and instantly he was running towards me. 

We embraced, held each other tight, and then he pulled me down into a deep, powerful, possessive kiss. I gave myself over to it, as I gave myself over to him. It was the first time I had been kissed by another man in public. It felt so liberating and intoxicating. I was stunned.

That moment was one of many, many firsts I would have across the weekend. I’m not interested in writing a blow-by-blow account of what happened in those days; but I do need to record some memories, some thoughts, some feelings to look back upon for the future. 

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