the photos never do these any justice


20 years ago (around abouts) my granparents (ma and pa) moved to an old school lot, it was abandoned and held barely any vegetation. Over the years ma and pa, turned this place into a garden wonderland. (The photos will never do it justice) and I’m so proud to know people capable at coexisting the way these two do!

The new Aston Martin DB11 leaked via rudybenjamin13

Looks a bit boring doesn’t it? Is the design too conservative? As always, photos never do most cars any justice. This is Aston Martin we’re talking about as well so the designs have to be timeless. We’ll have to see what it looks like in some more photos.

he took her by the hand and guided her outside
he gazed up and asked her, “have you ever tried taking a picture of the moon?”
she smirked and looked up at the moon illuminating the sky, “well yah, I’ve tried, but it never actually looks like the moon, instead it just looks like a small dot of light”
“imagine showing the moon that picture” he said, “it would have no idea how magnificent it truly is. a picture doesn’t do it any justice. it would think it was meerly a dot in the sky”
his gentle hand reached for her cheek and he looked into her eyes and said “darling, you are my moon. you say that you aren’t pretty. but you’ve only ever seen photos of yourself, and I promise you that the photos don’t come close to capturing your full beauty. it doesn’t make sense for you to say you aren’t beautiful because you don’t see yourself as I do.”
-excerpt from a book I’ll never write-