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Pregnant Lesbians

Hello! I saw a request not too long ago about some pregnant lesbians (request post #71, request #6!) and I thought hey, I’d like that too! I’ve never written any fics before so hopefully it’s alright!

<3 - prom! x

You’ve always been turned on by the thought of pregnancy. You fantasise about being pregnant, your belly growing bigger and bigger as the months wear on. Sometimes you fantasise about having multiples, the feeling of them tumbling around, fighting for space as the skin on your middle wears thin and you have to hold your back constantly to stay upright. Other times, you fantasise about having a pregnant lover. The noises she would make as you would worship her growing belly, attending to her every need as her hormones are out of control. The pleasure you would take in rubbing your hands over her big swollen stomach and her heavy breasts.

When your friends ask you to be a surrogate for them, you can’t believe it. You’ve never wanted children, but this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the pregnancy you’ve always dreamed of. You tell your friends you’re more than happy to be their surrogate, and preparations start right away. Not too long later and a trip to the doctor gives you get the news you’ve waited so long to hear: you’re pregnant.

You worry about morning sickness and other symptoms, but your first three months are smooth sailing. You’ve never felt better. During your fourth month, you begin to show. It’s small at first, but the first time you notice it in a mirror you can’t stop smiling. You can’t keep your hands off the tiny bump on your stomach, knowing that it will only get bigger. The thought turns you on and you take yourself to bed, one hand on the bump as the other works at your clit, imagining you can feel your stomach expand beneath your fingers.

Once you reach six months there is no denying your pregnancy. Gone is the small bump you admired, seemingly replaced with a small beach ball overnight. You’ve finally ‘popped,’ and you’re so horny you can’t take it. You wish you had someone with you to appreciate your new curves, or at least share the experience with. The next best thing you can think of is the internet, so you take photos of your sizeable belly and post them on some pregnancy forums you have been a member of for some time.

Not too long after the photos have been posted, you receive a message from another user. A woman. She writes to you that she has always been turned on by pregnancy, but that it has always been taboo. She has recently become pregnant and wants to explore and enjoy this time of her life. You know you are the perfect person to help her. The two of you exchange pictures; you’re two months further along but the size difference doesn’t seem too dramatic. She explains she is carrying twins, and you’re both jealous and excited at the same time. The two of you arrange a meeting.

When you meet her in person, you can’t help but think those photos don’t do her any justice. Two months have passed since you exchanged photos, and you can’t believe the difference that time has made. Her face is beautiful but your eyes are immediately drawn to her gargantuan belly. At eight months pregnant you thought you were big, but this woman looks undoubtedly ready to pop at only six months. She says her initial scans were wrong, and she’s carrying triplets. You’ve never been so turned on so fast.

The two of you go back to your place and as soon as you get in the door your hands are all over her belly. It quivers almost constantly with the movement of the triplets, and you lean in to kiss her, but your bellies ensure that just is not possible. The thought of that makes you even wetter. You manoeuvre your own stomach to the side so you can kiss, your hands never leaving her enormous middle. She has one of her hands on the side of your belly, and the other supporting the curve of her back. She groans and reaches underneath her belly to hold it, the heavy weight of it beginning to be too much for her.

You lead her to your bedroom but let her enter first, watching her heavy gait as she goes in front of you. Her hips sway as she waddles under the weight of her belly. When she finally sits down on the bed she is red in the face, exhausted even just from the short walk to your room. You help her shimmy up the bed and straddle her legs, your bellies pushed against each other. You can feel a stray limb from one of her triplets against your own belly, and it awakens the child inside of you.

Both of your bellies are rippling now, and you can’t help but moan as you let yourself surrender to the constant feeling of movement. You rub your pussy against her leg, desperate for some friction. You’re soaking wet, and so, so horny. She seems to understand your desire, as she reaches out to tweak your nipples. You’re so close already, just from this, and you feel your first orgasm of the night take over you. Being pregnant has made you so sensitive.

You’re still recovering from the aftershocks of your orgasm when you look down at the woman beneath you, desperately trying to reach her own clit around her huge belly but she can’t reach. She’s sweaty and disheveled and every deep breath makes her stomach heave. She looks like something straight out of your dreams. You lift yourself off of her, spread her legs apart and get a good look at her pussy. She’s unshaved but trimmed, and it’s a little messy but from the way you watched her struggle to reach her clit you aren’t surprised. She is dripping wet and you’re never seen any sight so beautiful.

The moment you seal your lips around her clit the noise she makes lights a fire inside of you, and you feel yourself getting slicker. She’s trying to thrust into your mouth but she’s pinned down by the huge stomach attached to her middle. Her short jerky thrusts get the message across though, and you eat her pussy like your life depends on it. She whimpers and groans above, but you can’t see her face past her gargantuan belly. You lay your hands on it as you lick at her clit, feeling the quaking movements of the babies inside of her.

With a scream, she comes, and your face is drenched. You’ve never been with a woman who squirts, but you know you’ve just found a new kink. You gently work her through the aftershocks, rubbing her clit until she lightly bats your hand away, oversensitive and weak from her orgasm. She is out of breath and covered in a sheen of sweat, the globe of her belly shining in the dull light of your room. You heave yourself back up, aware of the weight of your own belly, and kiss her again. Your bellies pressing together as you both kiss lazily while you regain your breath.

It doesn’t take you too long though, and you’re already dripping wet from eating her out. You’re more than happy to rub off on her leg again, happy to do all the work while watches, but she manoeuvres you both so she is kneeling above you now. You’ve got pillows propped behind your back and you lean against the headboard as she worships your belly. It dwarves in comparison to hers, but it’s still definitely not small, and you feel the weight of it every day.

She plays with your popped out belly button, the sensitive nub on the furthest peak of your belly. The sensation goes straight to your clit, and you let out a low groan. She lifts herself up with slight difficulty and places both hands under her belly, as if it is too heavy for her not to support it so, and it definitely looks like it is. She rubs your belly button with her own, both of you moaning as the oversensitive nubs bump against each other. You reach for her belly to help take the weight off for her, and when you hold it and feel it’s girth in your hands you get a taste of just how heavy it is.

The woman pants and you watch as a stray limb, perhaps an elbow or a foot, ripples visibly down the side of her belly. She follows the movement with a hand and groans, rubbing frantically over the expanse of her stomach. Her breaths are short and fast and heavy and you know she’s close. She lifts herself up to rub her pussy along your stomach, her clit rubbing against your belly button now and you choke on your breath.

She is making a constant stream of noise, her moans and whines getting higher in pitch as her hot pussy slides against your stomach. Her belly so heavy on her middle and her movements are restricted and slow, but you’ve never felt anything so good in your whole life. You reach around to rub at your own clit as she works above you, one of her hands supporting her belly as the other tweaks her belly button.

Again, with a yell, she comes. Squirting all over your chest and stomach, completely soaking you in her juices. Your hand works furiously over your clit, teasing at your entrance. The child in your stomach is moving vigorously and your stomach is a hive of activity. It’s all too much at once and you come harder than you can ever remember coming before.

The woman has pulled herself off of you and is laying next to you, almost passed out in her own bliss. Her stomach still quivering like it was earlier with no signs of slowing down. You reach over and lay a hand over it, trying to quell the movements inside. You’re so exhausted and fucked out you can’t keep your eyes open anymore.

You’ve still got at least one month left before you’re due, and the woman another three. You know this isn’t the last time the two of you will be meeting up.

Hella Long List of Safe Coping Skills

So, I got this amazing handout at a training with 84 coping skills to help increase safety and I thought I’d share:)

1. Ask for help- Reach out to someone safe 

2. Inspire yourself- Carry something positive (e.g. poem), or negative (photo of a friend who overdosed)3. Leave a bad scene- When things go wrong, get out

4. Persist- Never, never, never, never, give up.

5. Honesty- Secrets and lying are at the core of self-harming behaviors; honesty heals them

6. Cry- Let yourself cry; it will not last forever

7. Choose self-respect- Choose whatever will make you like yourself tomorrow

8. Take good care of your body- Eat right, exercise, sleep, safe sex

9. List your options- In any situation, you have choices

10. Create meaning- Remind yourself what you are living for: your children, love? truth? justice? God?

11. Do the best you can with what you have- Make the most of available opportunities.

12. Set a boundary- Say “no” to protect yourself

13. Compassion- Listen to yourself with respect and care

14. When in doubt, do what’s hardest- The most difficult path is invariably the right one

15. Talk yourself through it- Self-talk helps in difficult times

16. Imagine- Create a mental picture that helps you feel different (e.g. remember a safe place)

17. Notice the choice point- In slow motion, notice the exact moment when you chose self-harm behaviors

18. Pace yourself- If overwhelmed, go slower; if stagnant, go faster

19. Stay safe- Do whatever you need to do to put your safety above all

20. Seek understanding, not blame- Listen to your behavior; blaming prevents growth

21. If one way doesn’t work, try another- As if in a maze, turn a corner and try a new path

22. Link PTSD (self harming behaviors) and substance abuse- Recognize substances as an attempt to self-medicate

23. Alone is better than a bad relationship- If only treaters are safe for now, that’s okay

24. Create a new story- You are the author of your life: be the hero who overcomes adversity

25. Avoid avoidable suffering- Prevent bad situations in advance

26. Ask others- Ask others if your belief is accurate

27. Get organized- You’ll feel more in control with lists, “to do’s” and a clean house

28. Watch for danger signs- Face a problem before it becomes huge; notice red flags

29. Healing above all- Focus on what matters

30. Try something, anything- A good plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow

31. Discovery- Find out whether your assumption is true rather than staying “in your head”

32. Attend treatment- AA, self-help, therapy, medications, groups- anything that keeps you going

33. Create a buffer- Put something between you and danger (e.g. time, distance)

34. Say what you really think- You’ll feel closer to others (but only do this with safe people) 

35. Listen to your needs- No more neglect- really hear what you need

36. Move toward your opposite- E.g. if you are too dependent, try being more independent

37. Replay the scene- Review a negative event: what can you do differently next time?

38. Notice the cost- What is the price of substance abuse/self harming behaviors in your life?

39. Structure your day- A productive schedule keeps you on track and connected to the world

40. Set an action plan- Be specific, set a deadline, and let others know about it

41. Protect yourself- Put up a shield against destructive people, bad environments, and substances

42. Soothing talk- Talk to yourself very gently (as if to a friend or small child)

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Compilations of photos from Shoutan’s Tokyo Live 02/12

That photo does NOT do his Prince Outfit any justice!!! He looked a million times more kakkoi and dashing!!

Quartet Night also sent a Flower Stand for Shoutan!!

Do NOT repost* This is my own photo and was such a battle to get one!!

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Headcanons or imagine idc, of where Damian has a significant other who has abilities similar to poison ivy or like Pamela's protégée. Maybe reader hasn't met the family yet due to that reason

Sorry for the long wait! Hope you enjoy this and thank you for requesting!

You never thought Damian and you could ever be in a serious relationship because you are always plagued with thoughts of how one touch from you, everything you love can be destroyed. “TT. I can hear the gears in your head turning, stop, I’m not going to leave you.” Damian would often say this to you in the beginning of your relationship.

Damian actually likes you because you are somewhat similar to him but is able to carry yourself differently and that is why he continuously pursued you (and obviously, one can only reject the Wayne charm one too many times). You only relented to dating him when you were touched by how hard he had worked to get you to feel comfortable enough with him and you also saw that he was willing to let you touch him knowing how you much of a control you have over your powers.

When Damian asked if you wanted to meet his family, you had immediately told him no because you were afraid. You never minded what others thought of you but seeing as this was Damian’s family, you knew you would be devastated if they did not approve of your relationship with Damian. 

“TT. Father will approve of you and Pennyworth will probably think you are a beacon of light.” Damian would often grumble this to you as a way to reassure you but you are still afraid. It is a huge deal for you too because none of your relationship has ever lasted to the point of where your boyfriend would ask you to meet his family. 

Though as much as you try to postpone meeting Damian’s family, you actually met a few of them by accident – or to put it bluntly, you were sought out and some meetings were coincidences.

“So you’re the one who is dating the demon spawn then?” Red Hood had appeared behind you, knocking out the henchman who had a knife to you. “You’ve got some moves.” You did not even want to know how Red Hood knew about your super costume and your powers. “Though I think the demon spawn should correct your stance - your left side is always open for attacks.”

Meeting Grayson had been the normal one out of all of Damian’s family. You had been waiting for Damian in his apartment when the door to the apartment opened and Damian rushes in with his costume on. 

“Dick’s been poisoned.” You never wanted to hear those words coming out of Damian’s mouth because you knew what he was going to ask you to do and before you could even say no, Damian held your hand and looked at you. “I trust you.” And hearing Damian say that to you, knowing how unsteady your powers can be, boosted your confidence a lot. 

Meeting Bruce Wayne had left you weak in the knees because even though you already know how he looked like, the photos of him definitely did not do him any justice. “TT. Can’t believe you’re swooning over father.” Damian crosses his arms before nudging your shoulders with his. “That’s half of the family already.”

This causes Bruce to insist you to come for the next family dinner and that he would not take no for an answer. “Of course, I will bring her by the manor for dinner, father.”

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Sea! I know you must have answered it many times. Why do you believe in larry? It's not an incriminating question but a curious one. Everyone has a reason, i would like to know yours.


I have answered the question before, but I’m happy to answer it again.

First, I believe in facts. I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe in science, in math, in physics. I think the preponderance of facts point toward Harry and Louis having had a romantic relationship, at least in the past. To believe that they didn’t means trying to explain away everything with tortuous logic that eventually becomes contradictory and silly. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve looked at everything from a thousand lenses. What if they were just good friends? What if Larries ended their friendship? What if they’re heterosexual, and their girlfriends were real? What if Harry has had many secret girlfriends? What if it’s a fandom conspiracy?

Then the tweets / IG make no sense, the tattoos are just random scribbles, the songs are just pretty fiction, they’re actually lizard men in teen bodies. It just doesn’t make sense– for these two people, who feel so deeply, care so much that they cry on camera over memories and song lyrics, whose faces become transparent on camera with joy and petulance and jealousy and adoration and love, who give themselves away with innuendos and suggestive comments, whose gestures toward each other are acknowledged by their band mates, their families, and their close friends (like James). Their songs inspire other artists (Meghan Trainor) to marvel at the depth of love they must have experienced. Who were they supposed to have experienced this with? Beards whose breasts they don’t even want to touch? Whose songs they mock? The “leaked” photos somehow never show a secret romance with any convincing intimacy– just the same boring five friends each of them have. All of it would make zero sense.

Second, I believe in justice. I don’t want bad people to win. I don’t want people who have profited enormously from five talented boys, two of whom (I believe) fell in love and potentially threw a monkey wrench into their money machine, to get away with continual emotional and psychological abuse, and not to be exposed. I want their asses on a platter and I will do what I can to make this happen. I want their legacy to be recognized as sordid and contemptible, as abusive and hypocritical. I want the next not-straight boy or girl pop star to be free of this bullshit, to end the cycle. I want someone in power (Harry and Louis) who can maybe make things better.

Third, I love them as individuals. They’re the nicest, kindest, most generous and caring celebrities I know. They show their true colors when times are hardest, by working hard, toughing it out, helping other people, being kind. They acknowledge their weaknesses, they’re funny and dorky, and they’re real. No matter how many times they’re baited, they never let their fans down. They’re great role models, and they make great music. They’re inspirations for people to have hope, to try something they thought was impossible, to feel happy, to make friends. That’s the corniest and most personal part to me– that I’ve found friends in the good people of this fandom that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Yes, I can be convinced that Larry is not real– when all the shadiness goes away, when they’re not asked at point blank by the one person who has been the mouthpiece for their torturer. This is a fact, too, substantiated many times over. “Confessionals” wrung out by authorities in power– it’s as old as human history lmao.

Anyway, buy and stream Back To You, see Dunkirk. May Dan Wooton’s eyes ever grow back in his corpse to be pecked out by vultures, and may Simon be the vultures.


Carol looking at Daryl:

Originally posted by stereowave

Trust me when I say we don’t need to be worried about C@rzekiel. At all.

Carol looks at Daryl with nothing but love in her eyes. Especially in the second gif, she’s just staring at him with a beautiful smile on her face. The gif doesn’t do that whole scene justice because she literally can’t keep her eyes off of him. Her eyes always went back to him. 

She has NEVER looked at Ez3kiel in ANY WAY CLOSE to the way she looks at Daryl. 

She spends practically the whole season telling Ez3kiel to go away and leave her alone. She was cold and not interested in conversation. 

However, the moment Daryl shows up, she loses her breath. You know that saying lovers say to eachother sometimes? ‘’ You take my breath away ‘’. That’s basically what happened in the last photo, in New Best Friends. 
Immediately, she gets teary eyed. She smiles. She hugs Daryl. She’s not cold. She lets him in. She makes him dinner. She explains her reasons for leaving. She cries. HE made her smile SO big, for the first time in a while. DARYL did that. DARYL. 
He’s the man who lied to her to protect her. He’s the man who made a very difficult (and selfless decision) to lie. For her. He’s protecting her inside and out because as NR said, Carol means more to him than anything.

Melissa herself said that the first thing she thought of when Morgan tells her what really happened, she immediately thinks of Daryl and how selfless he was and how hard it must have been for him.

She’s going to know that Daryl loves her. If she doesn’t know already.

I’m sorry, but while Ez3kiel WILL make a GREAT friend and ally for Carol (and the rest of the group) he is not the man FOR HER. Daryl is. And we have been shown that.

Carol doesn’t look at Ez3kiel any differently than the rest of the group, the rest of her friends. But never has she ever, looked at anyone the way she looks at Daryl. And that’s because she loves him.

A king isn’t going to change that. Carol already has her knight in shining armor.

The love is there. The words haven’t been spoken yet. But the actions have proven that to us.

(I promise there is more to this post but I wanted to make just a quick version. Simply and quick to read, yet sweet none the less).


Second to the total eclipse, soaking in the Umqua Hot Springs was at the top of my list on my PNW vacation. Mission accomplished. As much as I love this photo, it doesn’t do this spot any justice- everything about this place was so beautiful and serene. I’ve never felt so at peace before. When I closed my eyes, I could hear the water flowing rapidly in the river below, the trees whispering to each other, birds chirping from afar, some people chatting nearby, the water from the hot springs trickling down into each pod. I’ll never forget this. 📷@bearoftheaxe #umpquahotsprings #umpquanationalforest #naturalhotsprings #toketeefalls #southernoregon #Oregon #PNW #adventuresofBarLis #wanderlust #adventure #gypsysoul

Malcolm’s Nightmares

The 3rd-floor installation at Inferno 4.0 in the Macbeth’s stone garden was probably, imo, one of the most impressive set pieces I have seen in 4 years of parties. It was stunning, the visual effect of the nest was really great! I don’t think I have come across any photos yet that really did it justice. I imagine it was the kind of haunting scene that keeps Malcolm up at night. 

The first party we attended, we completely missed that the birds came out of their nest. We wandered through the garden a few times but never saw the performance unfolding. It wasn’t until Tuesday night that we followed one of the clowns as he was ushering a partygoer from the 4th to the 3rd floor that we noticed the scene. So here is a 5 ½ minute video of birds if that is your thing. I do like this video for the fact that it really shows the depth of the set toward the end when the birds start to retreat back to the nest.

Featuring Kelly Todd, Austin Dale Tyson, and Quinn Dixon.

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Can I request Damian having a crush on a Blue Lantern from earth? Thank you:)

Hello! thank you for your request! sorry this is quite short, hope you still like it! 

Ever since the first time Damian laid his eyes on you, he had been a little bit intrigued. A Blue Lantern in the flesh? Although it was not unheard of, seeing a Blue Lantern in action right in front of his eyes had sparked more than enough of his curiosity. Although, soon after, Damian had to forget about your existence for just a while for he simply had to go on a soul-searching journey before he can even think about pursuing anything with you. After all, he has always been told to go after what he wanted since he was young.

Though truthfully, despite everything he had done, you were always at the back of his mind. Sometimes when he was done with all the chores and training he had to do, Damian would often retreat to his room and would check up on your training regularly, after checking up on his family. It was never long – he would look just enough to satisfy his curiosity and see how far you’ve gone in your training.

It had been during one of those galas Bruce had to hold that he finally got the chance to meet you in person once again. Damian is taller, older than he had been the first time he had seen you all those years ago and it wasn’t just him that had changed as well. You are older and taller – though if you happened to stand beside him, the top of your head would most likely reach his chin – and definitely looking rather beautiful in your dress. He immediately took the chance to approach you the moment you headed for the buffet table. He was never one to let such an opportunity go to waste.

Damian carefully tapped your shoulder and he heard the small gasp that left you when you turned around to face him. He gives you the most charming smile he could offer and introduced himself. “My name is Damian.”

The smile you give him is almost blinding, almost being the keyword.

“Damian Wayne, I have heard of you.” Damian simply gives you a small smile in return.

“Obviously all nice things, I reckon.” He tells you and you beam at him. You introduce yourself to him and flushed slightly when Damian picked up your hand and brought it to his lips, giving it a soft kiss. He lets his lips linger on your hand for a few seconds before dropping it gently.

“Would you to like to accompany me for a stroll in the garden? I doubt any of these… socializing is doing us any good.” Damian asks off-handedly as he looked around the ballroom – the guests were mostly people still attempting to suck up to Bruce and wanting him to fund their ideas, etcetera. Damian had been a victim of a few people who wanted him to convince his father to fund their researches only to leave angry and disappointed. That was when he had seen you actually; you had been looking disinterested at whatever had been the topic that was exchanged between your mentor and some nameless person. That was why he had decided to approach you the moment he had seen you excuse yourself.

“I would love to, Damian.” You smiled at him and when Damian turned to give you a small smile, you blushed. He is very handsome in person. All of his photos never do him any justice. “You are a life savior; thank you.”

Damian held his arm out and with a smile on your face, you looped your own arm with his. “Shall we?”


PART 2 of 3

I’m surprised no one has really posted detailed photos for “The Art of Laika” exhibit that was currently showcased at the Heritage Auction building in Beverly Hills.  It lasted a few days before the auction but now all the pieces are gone and went to their new homes. I’m grateful to have caught it before it ended. This gallery was so awe-inducing, I had to be at the exhibit for a good three hours just to take it all in. Seeing images or looking in a book does NOT do any of these pieces justice. You must see these beautiful pieces in person to really take in the creativity, dedication and craft each one of these props possess. Every item is a work of art. I never realized just how large the newer film puppets were compared to Coraline. The whole show was quite magical and witnessing the live auction was very exciting. Enjoy these photos!

Here’s some of the gorgeous Paranorman items. I had no doubts these puppets prices would skyrocket. 


Naomi: Hello, Joël. How are you?
(Mia feels she will never fully recover from her disappointment that Roy and Naomi broke up before she ever had a chance to meet her. There are several pictures of her on the internet including the famous photo of she and Roy at her exhibition opening but Joël says they don’t really do her justice. Joël says she is like a 1950s film star, all killer curves and smouldering eyes and come hither glances. Any mention of curves always makes a sad little shiver pass over Mia’s skin.)
Joël: I’m okay.
Her deep, smoky voice gets him straight in the groin. He has to concentrate really hard to understand what she’s saying.
Naomi: Stuart brought something really embarrassing  to my attention yesterday, Joël.
Joël swallows.
Naomi: Do you know Stuart? My agent? He also doubles as my accountant.
Joël: Oh, okay. So, ah, what exactly-
Naomi: It seems that until recently there were insufficient funds in my bank account to pay the rent that I owe you for your houseboat. I’m so sorry, Joël. I had no idea. It’s all Stuart’s fault.  He’s supposed to take care of all those mundane everyday things for me. He’s useless, he really is. Anyway, the good news is my fortunes have finally changed and I’ve instructed Stuart to put §4000 in your account today which I’ve calculated should cover everything until the end of the year. Is that okay?
Joël: Jesus. No, Naomi, that’s way too much. You don’t even owe me half that.  Anyway, you’re not even living there anymore, are you? I’ll advertise and get someone else to rent it. You don’t need to do this, honestly-
Naomi: Don’t be silly. Even though I’m more or less permanently living in Bridgeport, I’d still like to continue renting it for as long as you’ll let me. Poor Raj will need somewhere to stay when he gets out of prison, after all. That’s not too far away. It’s the least I can do for him.
Joël: Oh yeah. Of course. Raj. Well, in that case, um, okay. Wow. Okay, then. I’d better go. I’ll talk to you later -
He feels momentarily as light and carefree as one of the butterflies bobbing about his head. Four thousand. He grins at Mia who smiles uncertainly at him in return.
Naomi: Oh, Joël? Before you go?
Joël: Yeah?
He can finally afford new tyres for his car, a decent stereo, jewellery for Mia, a nice present for his mother when he sees her next week-
Naomi: Did Roy go back to his wife?
Now his excitement has been tempered with a slight feeling of nausea.
Joël: Um…shit. Yes. Yes, he did. Okay? Naomi, please don’t ask me anything else about-
Naomi: I thought he would. Thank you, Joël. Bye now.




By Austin Ipsen

Arches was unlike any other landscape I’d ever experienced. There’s a creative and artistic aura about the park that leaves me yearning for more. The few days I spent there changed me significantly, both as a photographer and as a creative in general.

Seeing such famous landmarks always blows me away. Photos can never do places like these justice — their raw scale and magnificence can only be truly experienced in person. But such famous monuments also force us to try to look at things differently. How can I capture a unique image of this place that is different from what I’ve already seen a thousand times in photos across the internet? How can I mark it as mine? How will I adapt to changing conditions, to fickle light, to tourists walking into my frame? How can I best create and communicate the feeling of being there? Arches inspired me to to try my best to see, not just simply look.


Austin Ipsen is a 20 year old photographer from Riverton, Utah. You can find him on Instagram @abipsen​

he took her by the hand and guided her outside
he gazed up and asked her, “have you ever tried taking a picture of the moon?”
she smirked and looked up at the moon illuminating the sky, “well yah, I’ve tried, but it never actually looks like the moon, instead it just looks like a small dot of light”
“imagine showing the moon that picture” he said, “it would have no idea how magnificent it truly is. a picture doesn’t do it any justice. it would think it was meerly a dot in the sky”
his gentle hand reached for her cheek and he looked into her eyes and said “darling, you are my moon. you say that you aren’t pretty. but you’ve only ever seen photos of yourself, and I promise you that the photos don’t come close to capturing your full beauty. it doesn’t make sense for you to say you aren’t beautiful because you don’t see yourself as I do.”
-excerpt from a book I’ll never write-


One of these men will spend today, surrounded by loved ones, eating dinner and sharing sentiments about what they’re most thankful for in life.

The other will never have the chance to do any of those things again.

My heart goes out to Mike Brown’s entire family. I know I’m not there with you, and there isn’t much at all to be thankful for right now, but I’m thankful for your courage, strength, fearlessness, love, wisdom, and compassion.

Paris, France (2013)

Long overdue post but Paris was definitely the best one yet. I had major separation issues when I left the city that I already told myself right then and there that I am so going back to explore more of what this place has got. 

Photo diary of one of the best trips I’ve had so far! (and I must say, I cannot sum everything up in this post)

Pierre Hermé macarons (dubbed as the best macarons in Paris)

inside the beautiful Galeries Lafayette 

Louvre from the outside. I was more than happy to get a glimpse inside the museum (sharing more on that soon!).

Escargot <3

Photos will never do the Eiffel Tower any justice. The view was breathtaking every single time.

A+ typography

Notre Dame was like a dream come true. I wasn’t able to get inside (the line was horribly long) but I definitely will when I get back (obviously, I’m spending most of my life in the future traveling, that’s a guarantee!). The shops at the side made my wallet cry by the way (so much postcards, magnets and memorabilia, I can’t).

Point Zero!

We went up the Eiffel Tower. The view was amazing. Not to mention it was New Year’s Eve that time.

This is me freezing; the weather was around 7-9 degrees!

Two days spent in this city and I don’t think it was enough at all - so think of this as a preview of Paris. Sometime in 2017, I’m going back and definitely immersing myself in the Parisian culture and fall in love with it, eventually. There are still lots of things I’ve yet to explore in this beautiful city, how I wish I could go back right this very moment.

*goes back to thesis work*


It is unbelievably difficult to take photos that do the jewellery any justice!
Aquamarine and clear cz flowers from Anatometal 😍 I’ve never had healed nostril piercings (these are attempt 5&6) until now! Seriously folks, go top quality or go home!
Massive thank you to Peter at Prik’d body piercing of Southampton UK for ordering and shipping these lovelies for me 😄👍