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You've changed. I liked the old you better.

Well, this is not at all cryptic.

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Sorry to… disappoint? I don’t even know what to say to this, but lol.

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Hey would you check out my photography blog. I would really appreciate it if you'd tell me what ya think. All photography is mine :)

Hey, Camryn! Please excuse that this took so long. I have to be honest and say that I simply forgot in all the slight chaos in the last two weeks.
You have some pretty creative shots on your blog. I really enjoyed scrolling through it. Very lively and natural. I am not the person to tell someone what to do or not to do other than: “Do what you love doing”. And I kind of have the feeling that you love to shoot portraits and everyday scenes. So - in case this means anything to you - keep on doing this. I feel this connection that you have with your models, you really seem to engage them in your photography. And that is something not so many people really can do. Communication with the people in front of the camera, I mean. And then taking photos of what THEY are and not what we as the people behind the camera want them to be. Both are valid approaches of course. But… well.. that is what I see. And I would love to encourage you to develop this talent.
You have quite a lot of photos on your blog and I loved how your photography changed over time. How you became more confident and at the same time more playful…

So… yeah… my two cents :)


So… the GF was working nights last night and I found myself with some rare playtime at home. I had been keeping my car stored at work for a couple of years but I brought it home last week and decided it was time to drive it a bit more, this means I got to use it as a nice prop for some photos. All of this means that I had a bit of an adventure last night, venturing out into the world.  I think that a couple of my followers will know exactly where these were taken. I even drove most of the way home with the roof down. (I got a few looks, smiles and even a wave.) There will be some more photos but I just wanted to share a few straight away.    Cassi  Xx.      :-)

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Heartbreaking photos of Abdelhak Nouri’s brother (first 3 photos) and his father (outside his car) thanking hundreds of Ajax-fans for showing their support to Appie and his family on Friday night. They came together in front of his house and nearby the field where Nouri used to play as a child.

The emotional fans came together to grief and show support to the family. Also the entire Ajax selection attended the gathering and were visibly emotional. Justin Kluivert, Kasper Dolberg, Hakim ZIyech, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Donny van de Beek, David Neres, Amin Younes (who came back early from his holiday because of this tragedy) and Reading player Pelle Clement (who player with Nouri for years at Ajax) came to the gathering. After the players visited the family they thanked the fans for coming and showing their support.

After a while the family requested the fans to leave and they all did quietly. The family knew about this gathering and agreed to it.

Behold: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Extremely Handsome Desert Hermit Who Can Absolutely Kick Your Ass.