the photos are all from bulgaria

Easter is late this year… Well, in Romania and the other Eastern Orthodox countries. Happy Easter everybody from Romania, Moldova, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria and all the others. Or, if you’re not Orthodox, just a happy Sunday! (Photo by Daniel Gheorgita.)

The magic of last Night


So as people know Jennifer is filming Albion in Bulgaria right now (where I happen to live xD). So last night she, being the cutie pie she is, posted a photo on Instragram from Once Upon a Time Biblioteka (biblioteka means library in BG and the place is actually pretty cool and has these benches made of books and pages from comics stuffed under the bars xD). The club is also right next to my university so I though hell yeah!, got dressed, called a friend, grabbed a cab and went there (all in like 15 minutes, I kid you not xD).

I saw Jen in the club and honestly I think she was having an awesome time, dancing and laughing and everything. When she started leaving I went out (cuz I didn’t wanna bother her inside where it was loud and full of people). So when she went out I just said ‘Hi! So sorry to bother you.’ (cuz she is in Bulgaria and I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I hadn’t xD) and she smiled and was like ‘No problem.’  and I think we shook hands. And I said ‘I’m just a huge fan of your work and your book taste.’ and she was nice and everything at first but when I said that she really smiled at me and her eyes kinda lit up and she seemed genuinely happy and pleased about that and was like ‘Oh, that’s great!’ and I said I was just waiting for my friend and she asked if I wanted to take a picture and I wasn’t really gonna ask for one so I asked if that was alright and she was like ‘yeah, sure, come on! just make it quick, trying for a quick getaway here xD’ and she was so cute and smiling the whole time and then I said ‘Thank you so much!’ and she shook my hand again and said ‘Thanks for reading!’ and smiled and went on and yeah, I have been giddy with happiness ever since xD