the photographer is lucky

I was bored, so why not make a Picture with all the toons we know already

*Bendy and the Ink Machine
*Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
*Mickey Mouse
*Felix The Cat

Credit ther owners to make them special for us ❤

Here’s to the places. To the school with moving staircases and the secret passageways. To the forest where no one dared to step, to creatures that lurked among its trees. Here’s to the bank with vaults of gold and the alley of shops that houses it. Here’s to No. 4 Privet Drive, to the Three Broomsticks, to the Ministry of Magic. To 12 Grimmauld Place and the Burrow. Here’s to the house where two parents died and the Dark Lord disappeared, the house where a story was born.

Here’s to the houses. To the lion’s roar and the eagle’s cry. To badgers and serpents. Here’s to gold and red, to yellow and black. Here’s to blue and bronze, to green and silver. Here’s to the Quidditch games and rivalries. The hourglasses and the founders. Here’s to Gryffindor and Slytherin. Here’s to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Here’s to the items. To the letters carried by owls and the necklace that turned back time. To miniature dragons and golden balls with wings, to a hat that can sing. Here’s to the photographs that move and the potion that makes you lucky. To self-correcting quills and screaming plants. To golden coins and self-scrubbing dishes. Here’s to Butterbeer and the Daily Prophet. To Bertie Bott’s and Firebolts.

Here’s to the people. To the boys who died too young: the wolf, the stag, the rat, the dog. To the woman with hair that changed colors. Here’s to the twins, the herbology teacher, and the house elf with a love for socks. Here’s to the professor who could turn into a cat. Here’s to the potion’s teacher who was corrupted by love and the ghost who lived in the bathroom. Here’s to the boy who lost his toad, to the girl with six brothers, and the Ravenclaw girl who loved her friends. Here’s to Voldemort. To Draco and Dumbledore. Here’s to Cedric, and Cho, and Fleur. To Hermione and Ron. Here’s to the Boy Who Lived.

Here’s to the story. To the stone and the chamber. The prisoner and the goblet. Here’s to the order, the prince, and the Hallows. Here’s to “Always.” To “All was well.” Here’s to the lightning scar. To Harry Potter.

Here’s to 20 years.

Travel and Lush

I often find myself sprawled in some nook, looking through travel photos and trying (unsuccessfully) to feed my wanderlust.  Pictured above is a hidden beach in Mexico.  It’s a gem.  I have yet to take a dive for myself, but the lucky photographer has managed to capture what he or she and the people in the photo have found: a reminder of the divinity that exists in nature.

Some day I will visit these waters.  I’ll swim.  I’ll bask in the sun’s golden shine.  When I return, I’ll be happy to know that there are so many other hidden gems I have yet to discover.  And maybe, I’ll capture a beautiful landscape, vista, fjord, or hidden beach… and spark in someone the desire to explore the world. 

key as a superhero
  • hero name:(key: it’s not “the pew pew” go AWAY TAEMIN) 
  • it’s actually just “key” 
  • he wanted to keep it simple 
  • also the names ot4 suggested were a hard pass (onew: pls be wattson plS / jong: no srsly what’s wrong with lightning mcqueen) 
  • wears sunglasses all the time so it’s become his signature look 
  • he thinks they make him look swaggy especially when he coolly takes them off before using his powers 
  • they’re not special sunglasses at all so sometimes when he does forgets to take them off before he shoots lasers from his eyes, he burns holes in them (key: DAMMIT THESE WERE GUCCI) 
  • he has kamehameha’d before while using his powers bc his members are anime dweebs and KEEP SAYING IT WHEN HE PRACTICES
  • so he did the hand motion and it was admittedly kind of awesome to shout KAMEHAMEHA and ot4 was like “HIS POWER IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • at first when he had trouble with his powers, he fried five of his phones bc he got annoyed while playing candy crush 
  • and when he asked to borrow one of ot4′s phone, they quickly learned (after he short-circuited taemin’s phone) to dial for him and put it on speakerphone (taemin: 9v9 i was so careful not to lose this one………) 
  • the members made him their personal wifi-hotspot 
  • it’s called batterkey (key: *indignant af* i am a persON
  • also uses it tho 
  • ot4 also rub balloons on him a lot and they stick bc he’s a lil bit more prone to static electricity than others 
  • but all that static’s gotta go somewhere and he chases them to shock it out (key: YOU MESSED UP MY HAIR!!!!!!! / minho: *stretching out of the window to safety* IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!)
  • the coolest thing that he’s done was probably literally pulling lightening from the sky during a battle
  • redirecting that much power was electrifying
  • it also took a lot out of him and had to be tended to by onew for the next two days to heal his body and soul 
  • BUT a lucky photographer got THE ultimate superhero picture with key glowing with energy and striking down white lightening 
  • and it’s the picture that comes up whenever key’s mentioned in the news and he highkey loves that picture a lot 
  • there were posters made and he totally has one framed in his room 
  • invaluable during blackouts at hospitals bc he pops through (with taemin’s portaling help) and restarts their machinery asap 
  • designed everyone’s costumes 
  • except jong’s bc he tried, he really did but dude turns into a WOLF and putting him into a spandax suit is a no go (jong: how about a cape???? like just a cape / key: NO CAPES) 
  • but you know, sometimes they don’t have time to change into the costumes that, for the record, he spent a LOT of time designing, and they show up to fight villains in sweats and pajamas bc evil has NO respect for key’s brilliant design skills 
  • which is SO rude 
  • has experimented in trying to cook food with his powers 
  • & everything tastes burnt but he keeps trying (onew: let’s just use the stove i cannOT watch you incinERATE our dinner again)