the photographer is lucky

I was bored, so why not make a Picture with all the toons we know already

*Bendy and the Ink Machine
*Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
*Mickey Mouse
*Felix The Cat

Credit ther owners to make them special for us ❤

“One of my lucky days as a young photographer was when I decided to try to get backstage at a Fleetwood Mac concert during the peak of the mega successful "Rumours” album tour. I was shocked to be able to walk backstage - unchallenged - and straight into the green room where the weary band sat alone with catered food, instantly welcoming us with “help yourself” to the rather plastic looking spread of generic rock star food. What do you say when it’s just you with the hottest rock band in the world? My assistant and I grasped for words but came up with the most important question - can we shoot from the stage, fully expecting to hear “no way - insurance issues”. We were shocked when the band was totally cool, welcoming us to join them onstage. Stevie Nicks was mesmerizing, SO beautiful and the coolest lady this kid photographer had ever met.”

Gary Parker

Elephant breaks free from German monorail, 1950. On 21 July 1950, in town of Wuppertal, Germany, an elephant called Tuffi, jumped off the local monorail, and the photographer was lucky to get the shot. The elephant has survived the fall, due to the low height and the water below, and lived for next 40 years.

At my SWS show back in March, Kellin kept coming up to the edge of the stage to reach out/be closer to the crowd when eventually, he just made himself comfortable. I love this human.

Oh, hey, excuse me sir. You may not believe this, but I didn’t even see you standing there when I stopped here. I saw a Blue-grey Gnat catcher dart down into the weeds in that ditch right there between us. No, really, I’m serious. Did you see it? Know which way it went? No? Ok, thanks anyway. I’ll just move along now, thanks for the photo. It’ll be on tumblr, tell all your friends.