the photobook is so beautiful

From Arisha’s Twitter 03 June 2017



Merchandise for Komiya Arisa 3rd Fan Meeting!!!

A sneak peek into the prototype that will be completed soon???

From Arisha’s Twitter 03 June 2017


Since there were many who said that they wanted to see it… 

A little peek (since there is really nothing to hide) for this 2 months. I have always been thinking, “if it is the Winter, it would be a Parka, if it is the Summer, it would be a Happi, right!!!”, and finally it is really coming true.

I have always thought of making it super simple to use ^ ^

I want to make it such that everyone is not shy to use it!


(referencing to the post above)

On top of this…

There are pockets on both sides of it!

You can put in penlights or anything that you like…!

I will definitely notify you once the final product is here (*^^*)


From Arisha’s Twitter 03 June 2017



It seems that there are people here and there that was interested in what I was wearing inside

Of course it would be this inside!!!!

The Descent™ is complete

Me a month ago: Kpop seems pretty cool, but I won’t actively seek it out. I’ll just do whatever floats across my dash

Me a few weeks ago: Okay, I’ll actively seek Kpop out, but I won’t spend any money on it.

Me now: Time to add $25 in credit to iTunes. But I’ll just get one album, and non-Kpop with the rest. buys 5 additional Kpop songs and only one non-Kpop song


what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Exo’s new photobook dear happiness was released and everyone is just so beautiful and they look amazing and they look like they’re having a lot of fun and every picture captures something new and i need all those pictures now such as scans and someone please help

Heart Skipped A Beat♡


Come on BABY! (Teaser#5. Zelo)::Makestar

polarstar17  asked:

Do you think buying the BTS WINGS Concept Book is worth? Because I'm pretty sure everything will be in Korean and I can't afford buying something so expensive (almost 80$) if I can't understand a single thing

I’m pretty sure it’ll be mostly photos. Yes any text will be in Korean but it’s probably going to be mostly photos and design ideas. It’s sold out now ㅠ but I expect them to restock it soon. Hopefully lol I think it just depends. I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful photobook and it seems large and well made so I think the price is fair


I did a photoshoot with a friend. She’s so beautiful and someone told me these photos reminded her of the painting Ophelia from Millais! Such a big compliment!!