the photo that foreshadowed the future

My little TWD rant...

Ok, so i hate to be like this but, what the hell TWD? Did you really put together a 100th episode banner and not include Michonne on the future side? Really? What are you trying to tell us here? Is this just a coincidence? Are you going to have her seated 20 feet down the table from Andy at Comic Con on Friday, and have that asshat Hardwick ask her like 1 question? Are you going to continue to ignore that Danai is a BIG star now? I’m really curious how come there have not been any photos or promos with her in them. I hate to be a cynic, but their poor treatment of her character feels like foreshadowing to me, and i can’t shake the feeling that this is just a prelude to them submerging her character even further in future narratives, if not just getting rid of her and killing her off…Honest to everything, for real and legit, if Michonne is not on TWD, if they find some BS reason to break her and Rick up and stick him with some one else to appease the racists, i will stop watching the show. I know Gimple and crew don’t give a damn about my little viewership or opinion, but i just need to get it on wax that i’m not here for any Sleepy Hollow 2.0 type bullshit…

Ok…let me relax now…woooosssaaaahhhhh!

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I have a shade game strong tag, but this will focus on tweets/comments from Liam/Zaynie regarding the other person and the PR bullshit surrounding them.

Let’s start with this beauty, Brit Awards 2014.

So we have Liam telling us they haven’t seen each other during the break before the WWA tour started, which of course we ALL know wasn’t true thanks to the Maliks being HUGE Liam fans.

Zerrie engagement love from Liam when the interviewer asked about Perrie:

Liam tweeting lyrics to ‘Camera’ by Drake, which has these shade-tastic lyrics:

And Liam’s response when asked about the future:

Let’s not forget Zaynie, who started bringing his shade game early on. Danielle is a member of a dance group called 'Cool Kids’. Zaynie got a customized shirt to show the world how much he loves her!

We had the boating PR event in France featuring Liam, Sophia and friends, which resulted in far too many pap photos in a country where pap photos aren’t allowed by law. We had Liam tweet the following:

Perhaps the boating stunt had already been planned at the time of this tweet. Also, how romantic to call your 'girlfriend’ a 'hoe’ and imply that you can get her cause you have money.

Zaynie and Liam went on a nice fishing date and we got this picture:

We all know Liam loves to dance. We also know Liam is the king of shade. Here he is dancing to 5H, a girl group in direct competition with his labelmates, Little Mix. Obviously he can dance to anything he wants, but this cracked me up.

Zaynie showed up after some Zerrie PR stunting looking like he had a bruise on his face

External image

And Liam had tweeted this the night before:

Zaynie shading HIMSELF and his 'relationship’ by going against the official PR narrative.

Matsuoka Rin's Growth for this Eternal Summer

When we left off at the end of Season 1 of Free! Matsuoka Rin had more or less seemed to return to the state of happiness he was at when we first met him in High☆Speed! 

But with the release of episode 1 of Season 2: Free! Eternal Summer, it’s clear that this journey is gonna be just as painful, though in very different ways.

These are predictions for the season so if you don’t like foreshadowing and speculation, don’t read any further.

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In the science expo scene in Big Hero 6 when the group takes a photo, each character is wearing something foreshadowing the future. Hiro, Gogo, Honey, and Wasabi are wearing the colors of their future costumes when superheros, Fred has a shirt with a image of his soon to be hero costume, and Tadashi is the only one who’s wearing a black shirt foreshadowing his death.

It makes total sense two me now….

Back in January when they released the key photos for 6B and they had this ^ photo of Michonne and Rick holding hands with walkers behind in what looked like episode 6X9.

We never saw that scene play out during that episode because it was foreshadowing that they would become canon in the back half of the season.It just dawned on me that they never showed that scene as oppose to them showing when Michonne helped Spencer put down walker Deanna for closure…..which was another piece of the key art for 6B. I feel like I solved The DaVinci Code or something hahahaha. I always look forward to the little Easter eggs and future spoilers that they have on this show. I’m just soooo happy they Richonne is here and a major reality for us….like my life is complete now lol ☺️


The GraviTeam had a celebration in between seasons one and two. Among the festivities were these props and this photo booth. The props were very specifically themed. All of them, except for the Hulk Hands, are straight out of the show. Could this odd one out possibly foreshadow future events?

Should we expect to see an Incredible Hulk style morphing of a Gravity Falls character?