the photo not the xmas tree

More Holiday AUs
  • “I’ve been caroling in this neighborhood for years, and if you think I’m going to let some two-bit amateur and their friends take over my turf, they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “I found the perfect Xmas tree, let’s go. No. Don’t turn around. They’re not yelling at us. They’re not saying ‘we stole their tree” they’re saying they love our xmas tree. JUST PUT THE TREE IN THE TRUCK AND GO GO GO.” AU
  • “i work at the wrapping counter in the mall and you work as an elf at the santa photo place and our departments hate each other. ” AU
  • “i’m tired of people forgetting about Hanukkah. I’M GOING TO TAKE DOWN THAT CHRISTMAS AND MAKE INTO A HANUKKAH TREE WHO’S WITH ME” AU
  • “this is the third year in a row i’ve been in jail on Christmas. thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.” AU
  • “someone new moved into the house next door and they really take christmas decorating seriously but if they think their house is going to be better than mine than they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “i accidentally walked into the wrong holiday party and everyone is pretending they know me SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE” AU
  • “my car is snowed in at my parents house and you’re the dumb plow driver that did the deed. come back here and get me out” AU
the Christmas theory:

I’ve always had a hunch that d&p spend Christmas together. However, I never really bothered to see how logical that was until yesterday.

I was chatting with a friend about it, until I sent a few photos, and we realized that they must have spent 2016 Christmas with dan’s family.

sounds crazy? here’s why it’s not:

here’s a picture dan posted:

here’s a picture phil posted:

notice anything similar?
well, there’s the EXACT same walls, carpet, and even roll of wrapping paper. (the red one)
although dan may be a living room, (or possibly not!!), there is the same style of everything. I would think it’s very unlikely that they both just happen to be in a place with that many similarities. AND we all know that dan only smiles that fondly at phil

you might want to argue that the tree in the back pf phil’s picture with the desert looks far too different from dan’s tree here.

compared to:

keep in mind that dan’s tree in 2011 has many similarities to phil’s in 2016 (decorations and such), and looks significantly different from the 2014 tree as well. (dan never showed the 2016 xmas tree, maybe there’s a reason for that)

AND that doesn’t even have to be the actual Christmas tree. as we see in phil’s bedroom photo, they have a bunch of miniature trees that I’m sure are all over the house, so who’s to say that isn’t one?

my point being: the trees obviously change a lot, so it’s not something that can disprove anything

2016 Christmas, phil never posted a picture with his family. in fact, the only family related remark he made was that his family was scared that he would drop his ‘salted caramel glitter log.’ but as we all know, d&p consider each other family.

though this works well for 2016 Christmas, I haven’t checked any other year, but I’m very interested to see what they will do this year.
they’ve become so comfortable with everything that im sure even if we dont get a selfie, we’ll get something to prove they’re together. I could probably prove it for most years if I wasn’t so lazy

once again, this can probably be disproved, but keep in mind that it’s only a simple theory that does happen to make sense. I probably should have looked over more photos of dan’s family house but whatever

any questions?? pLEASE ASK mE IM DESPERATE. 

anything to say?? SAY IT ILL REPLY AND LOVE YOU


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Christmas Book Haul 2015 🎇

Thank you so much to my family and friends for giving me almost exclusively books for Christmas. They know me well! 📖

Now I just have to decide which one to read first…

Holiday AUs
  • “i didn’t mean to eavesdrop but: where do you get off saying Love Actually is the worst xmas movie ever? I WILL FIGHT YOU STRANGER ON THE PLANE” AU
  • “our child just asked me how we met and i don’t want to tell them you beat me with a roll of wrapping paper when i tried to steal your taxi on christmas eve” AU

  • “we accidentally went to a holiday party wearing the same ugly christmas sweater and now everyone thinks we’re a couple but i don’t even know you” AU

  • “I’m working as an elf in the mall and you’re santa claus and you’re really hot and it feels wrong to have dirty fantasies about sitting on your lap, if you catch my drift” AU

  • “we were both cheapos who didn’t want to dish out more dinero for an earlier flight so we’re stuck in this god forsaken airport in the middle of a blizzard on christmas eve and do you want to split this toblerone?” AU


  • “we’re both in the emergency room because a christmas tree fell on me and broke my clavicle, and you’re here because you fell off the roof putting up twinkle lights and need seven stitches over your eye” AU

  • “twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even - OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE” AU

  • “tonight’s the last night of hanukkah and my parents keep asking to meet my “nice jewish boy/girl - friend” so if you don’t mind, you’re the only jewish person my parent’s haven’t met.” AU

  • “I work at the photo center and you have the best christmas cards ever. it was an honor to print out 50 cards of you dressed as a gladiator, slaying a xmas tree” AU

  • “i don’t care if you don’t celebrate xmas. i do not care if you don’t care about the holidays. you are not spending xmas alone.” AU

  • “you’re right, maybe i shouldn’t have waited until christmas eve to do my shopping but you’re in the same boat buster, NOW GIVE ME THIS TOASTER OR I WILL BITE OFF YOUR EAR” AU