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my notes from one of my lectures today, mixed with the pre-reading content. i’ve been making anki flashcards for it, and i’m planning on highlighting and summarising over time so that i’m continually going over the content. hopefully i’ll be able to keep up with it and it won’t get overwhelming! let’s ace this semester!



Magic has been a long standing tradition in Turkey, withstanding the Ottoman Empire and continuing into the Republic founded in 1923. While the Turkish muggle government moved inland to Ankara in 1923, the wizarding grand national assembly or ‘Büyücülük Büyük Millet Meclisi’ remained in Istanbul as did the country’s main wizarding school. Büyücülük Okulu (school of witchcraft) was established in 1300, one year after the Ottoman Empire began in Turkey and to this day educates young wizards in the city where east meets west. As with much of Turkey’s culture, wizarding education in the region fuses old tradition with modern teachings; students learn old methods of magic and well as new techniques with history of magic forming an important part of the system. The school is located on the grounds of an Ottoman palace, which, during Ottoman times appeared as just that. However today as a result of powerful enchantments, it appears to muggles as a mere ruin - a part of Old Istanbul closed off to the public. Turkish witches and wizards are unique in their widespread occlumency with a much larger proportion of the wizarding population being trained in this elaborate area of magic. A heavy emphasis is placed on this art in Turkish wizarding schools, therefore it is often difficult for even the most talented witch or wizard to tell what a Turkish one is thinking. As Turkey is a country well known for it’s exquisite carpets, it is natural that the broomstick is on par with enchanted flying carpets here.


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