the photo is my friend in a bathtub

Happy Captain Swan Day

LOVE THIS IDEA @cat-sophia

ouat photo: I just love the casualness of this and THE HAIR! Definitely the hair!

cons/interviews: I don’t know if this counts as an interview but this was when he was getting ready to film The Dust Storm and was in Nashville. I think I remember people losing it over the flippies

other films/shows: I know his character was a shitball but i love this little scene (Honorable mention: Bathtub scene in The Words by Christina Perri)

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Colin with friends: Colin and Sean’s friendship is my fave!

Colin singing: How could I not pick the musical?! It was the best. (Also this was the hardest one to chose! Every time he sings is AMAZING)

*all are not mine (some are credited through tumblr and some have the owner’s stamp on them). Let me know if one is your’s and I will certainly credit you! :)

ive gotten over 30 messages demanding an itemized budget of how i will be spending my kickstarter money so here it is

- $1000: production

- $5000: to be turned into $1 bills and kept in a large bathtub in my living room for all of my friends to take instagram photos in

- $45863: 1 year salary for an ice sculptor to move into my home and carve blocks of ice into the shape of me every day until all of hollywood is just a garden of icekits

Okay, so I’ve been getting a few asks wondering if it’s inappropriate for us to ogle/reblog/otherwise have our dashes taken over by the gifs (especially THOSE ones) of Colin from The Words. Basically my statement on the matter is this: Colin by all accounts was proud to make the video, he and Christina are friends and he was supposed to be in an earlier video of hers, and obviously he consented and was happy to take off his shirt and film the bathtub/bed scenes. In this case, it’s not much different from if he was starring in another movie and we were reblogging gifs and photos from that. It is something he willingly and enthusiastically put into the public sphere, it’s not like private photos were stolen or gifsets were made objectifying him in a different context when he would be unaware of it. He clearly had lots of fun teasing Christina and making her blush and insisted that she wear her replica Killian necklace, so it’s also not as if her being a fangirl of his character bothered him. And I just don’t see how that being the case makes it different from her having any hot star she knows join her in the video, which was really quite tasteful and tame by general music video standards.

tl;dr: I totally respect if people are personally uncomfortable with it, but I just don’t see it that way, and as long as it’s not excessively creepy, we have every right to reblog and enjoy those pictures and gifs. If Colin is happy and proud of it, so am I.