the phone call commercial

wjsn for newbies here we go

BACKSTORY so cosmic girls/wjsn is made up of four units (wonder, joy, sweet, and natural) and is the baby sister girl group to sistar and monsta x. they are WILDLY gay and chaotic (have been coined the Chaos Family by yours truly). their concept is that they are from space and thats it thats the concept so space is gay. theyve had two comebacks and had a member in ioi and a member who participated in girl spirit

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I’ll Be There - Part 8

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Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3964 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: Wooo it’s a pretty long update this time, almost 4k words! Enjoy~ Xx 

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You woke up. Heart beating fast. Mind filled with so many thoughts, but you could only focus on the one. You don’t know when it happened or how. It just did. It’s almost as if someone snapped their fingers and made it happen. There wasn’t a single moment in time where you questioned any of those. You did think that it would be possible.

You like Hoseok.

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“Jess, how many times must you write proposal fics?”

“At least once more, Miss Swann, as always.”

They were on a case in California when Dean walked into the jewelry store. He had a few minutes — beer run, he’d claimed — and spare change, for once. Money that was actually his, picked up from spare jobs he’d done around Lebanon – people who’d needed oil changes and tuneups, an extra pair of hands to help prepare garden beds after a tough winter. He hadn’t told Sam or Cas about the side jobs, not even when they began asking where Dean kept disappearing to. The cash a guy spent on an engagement ring should come from legitimate work, not another scam.

He lingered over the jewelry case before selecting a matte titanium band. Jimmy’s ring had been yellow gold, Cas had said once offhandedly, and platinum hit too close to home, too much like the gleam of an angel blade. But gray — gray was good, maybe a touch morbid, the color of the sky in Purgatory, but it felt like them. Felt like Cas. Dean passed the money over without a thought.

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FLASHFIC: long time listener

Another jam fic from the Discord. Davekat. In which Dave is the DJ of a radio station and someone keeps requesting terrible music during his shift.

> Dave: Be the rider.

No, it’s ‘be the Midnight Strider,’ your current on-air personality for Radio SBRB (complete with asinine We’ll BRB after these messages! jingle), the radio station you work at. You try to keep things fresh and change your DJ moniker on the regular. 

You keep a list to avoid any repeats: DJ DS was the first title you awarded yourself, back when you were shoved on the air only two days after your interview. The Turntech Godhead was a longrunner, almost two months, but you didn’t like how many randos hit you up on pesterchum once they figured out it was your handle there. Now, you’re the Midnight Strider after the nickname your older sister gave you stuck. You’ll move on to something fresh and new as soon as the next idea occurs to you.

You claim to just be The Strider before 12AM ticks around, as your shift starts at 10PM, actually. There are few things more satisfying than playing the THX cinema hum at 11:59 to announce the start of your reign of musical benevolence.

This is probably why management likes you, you think. You extemporize. Like a good DJ should.

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We only have an hour after the show to vote via phone.  So, let’s start now during the commercials!

— Call 1-800-868-3405 and vote for Team Janelskiy!!!
— Use the text me app to register and call on auto-generated phone numbers.  You will need to download the app, register, use the number to vote and then delete it and download it again to repeat the process to get a new unique phone number!



BCS 2x08: Here’s why this show is a masterclass in cinematography and direction. This is a simple 30-40 second sequence of Jimmy taking a phone call from Ernesto in the midst of the commercial. This part is of relatively little consequence story-wise, but it’s an excellent location and prop, so they shoot the hell out of it. Each of these 5 setups has purpose, elegant framing, impeccable lighting and provides more than suitable coverage for a wide variety of editing choices. Larysa Kondracki and Arthur Albert were showing off some impressive skills in this episode.

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The Phone Call: #InWithTheNew RadioShack Commercial

teen wolf 5x05

-bad words are being said

-well my heart just skipped a beat


-your okay stiles pls pls pls go. pls leave




-stiles there is only so much I can take I am begging you to leave




-don’t do this to me stiles

-why am i laughing! idk scott that looked so creepy

-stiles what even is your handwriting?

-calm down stiles!

-pls child ne okay

-I can’t

-my heart will not allow me

-such a lovley phone call

-what even parrish

-commercial break

-i can’t look at olivw garden

-that sound fun




-scott you need to stop trusting him


-stiles i get it but you need to break up with malia before you start getting all up and over lydia

-oh no

-don’t fight kittens

-we have big issues 


-dear scott i love you


-we have some issues here

-is that a panda bear?


-nothing at all

-liar liar ass on fucking fire

-umm no

-were all lost

-my heart

-no scott

-scott they are trying to kill everyone you love


-i am so happy for this child who got her monster and idk just good job jessica 

-eye contact it

-malia be careful

-well this doesnt look creepy at all.

im gonna end it here and focuse on the episode