the phog


The other day I made a whole lot of sketches of Danny interacting with a bunch of characters and I compiled it in this big image :D
In order:

A. Danniel styling  (TF) Elma’s and Lin’s hair. He used to do so for his mother and sister back on Earth.

B. With Mina ( @jaxstronomy ), chatting and enjoying a coffee. Probably early in the morning. Or late at night.

C. Getting a super warm hug from a very excited Meep ( @heroicmeep ).

D. Danny and Nat ( @lilithcosa ) making flower crows for each other. Probably with lots of Ovises around them, somewhere on Primordia.

E. Phog suddenly wanting a hug and getting it. Danny is surprised but won’t complain at all. 

F. As a Mediator, he has to stop fights whenever there is one. Althought Scarlen ( @deltheor ) and Lluyd ( @listheninja ) show affection that way!

G. Schwarzer ( @shiro-hunter ) got hurt in battle, so Danny is patching him up. Schwarz probably hit his head.

H. The super strong Reclaimer and Danny’s idol, Draco ( @killerdraco ), lend Danniel his signature pair of sunglasses. He is super excited!

I. Gen ( @noot-scoot ) is very big and strong. She also likes to carry people. Danniel is a whole foot shorter than her too!

J. Mediator team Athena ( @phoenixfireartists ) and Danniel ready to take on some missions!

K. Lin is very precious to Danny. She is his little sister.

L. You know? That is how Frye shows affection.

M. Gwin and Danny playing with Aisha and having a blast. Dorks.

N. Val ( @honestlyvan ) and Danny chatting in a Coffee shop. Val is probably saying something about Frye.

O. Pongo ( @kentucky-the-fried ) and Danny just finished collecting some flowers for a gathering mission. Task completed!

P. Earth!Danny, wheelchair bound and getting a hug by his mother, María, and his older sister, Emma. Sadly this is just a memory from a very distant past.
But a memory that always brings a smile to his face and prompts him to move forward!

The whole thing is like a letter. A message. 

A messsage from a mother to her son. 

One that goes beyond time and space and will always stay close to his heart.   

I wanted to portray how Danny usually interacts with others; he likes people but is a bit shy. But once he opens up, he is very easy to get along with, despite his constant stuttering.

This got a bit long, so if you read up until this point: Thank you so much!
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed drawing it!