the phoenix rises in the west

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do you have any favourite poems or poem excerpts about mental illness? i find it so hard to get my hands on things that describe my experiences. thanks.

I have so, so many though I’m not sure what you’re looking for in specific. 

I’ve also included poetry books that I’ve read or am looking forward to that have a mental illness theme.

General tw for suicide, self harm, blood, abuse, eating disorders, etc.



  • 1. Favourite Ace Attorney game?
  • 2. Favourite case?
  • 3. Favourite defendant?
  • 4. Favourite prosecutor?
  • 5. Favourite ship?
  • 6. Favourite victim?
  • 7. Favourite murderer?
  • 8. Favourite assistant?
  • 9. Favourite witness?
  • 10. Favourite quote?
  • 11. Least favourite Ace Attorney game?
  • 12. Least favourite case?
  • 13. Least favourite defendant?
  • 14. Least favourite prosecutor?
  • 15. Least favourite ship?
  • 16. Least favourite victim?
  • 17. Least favourite murderer?
  • 18. Least favourite assistant?
  • 19. Least favourite witness?
  • 20. Least favourite memory of Ace Attorney?
  • 21. Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice?
  • 22. Maya Fey or Trucy Wright?
  • 23. Investigations or trials?
  • 24. College Phoenix or Hobo Phoenix?
  • 25. Klavier Gavin or Kristoph Gavin?
  • 26. Ace Attorney or Ace Attorney Investigations?
  • 27. Apollo's perceive, Phoenix's magatama or Athena's Mood Matrix?
  • 28. Ace Attorney trilogy or Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies?
  • 29. 3D models or sprites?
  • 30. Ema Skye as she is in Rise from the Ashes or Ema Skye as she is in Apollo Justice?
  • 31. Did you like what they did to Phoenix in Apollo Justice?
  • 32. Your opinion on Dai Gyakuten Saiban?
  • 33. Do you think Dai Gyakuten Saiban and/or Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 will get localised to the West?
  • 34. Do you think Miles Edgeworth should get another Investigation-game or do you think another character deserves a spin-off?
  • 35. Opinion on the soundtrack of the Ace Attorney-franchise?
  • 36. Do you like where the franchise is heading or did you prefer the atmosphere in the original trilogy?
  • 37. Capcom suddenly announces that Phoenix will no longer appear in the Ace Attorney franchise! Your reaction?
  • 38. Capcom suddenly announces that the Ace Attorney franchise has ended for good! Your reaction?
  • 39. Would you like there to be another Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover game?
  • 40. Would you like an Ace Attorney anime?
  • 41. Opinion on anime cutscenes in Ace Attorney?
  • 42. Would you want to play an Ace Attorney game where you take on the prosecutors role?
  • 43. Do you like having DLC in Ace Attorney-games?
  • 44. Opinion on Lamiroir’s storyline?
  • 45. One thing you think the Ace Attorney games can improve on?
  • 46. Capcom suddenly announces an Ace Attorney movie! Would you like it to be based on an already existing case or would you like an all new storyline?
  • 47. Capcom suddenly announces an Ace Attorney movie! Would you prefer it being live-action, 3D animated or 2D animated?
  • 48. If there could be an Ace Attorney crossover with whatever franchise you'd like, which one would you choose? (Does not need to be a video-game franchise)
  • 49. Opinion on recurring witnesses? (Wendy Oldbag, Lotta Hart, Larry Butz, etc.)
  • 50. Do you think Dual Destinies deserved its M-rating?

I love the metaphors of Hamilton as a phoenix that history just…provides for me to use.

  • His ship to New Jersey burning on his voyage to America from the West Indies, allowing him to rise from the ashes of his childhood.
  • His artillery company being the only one to maintain a successful fire on the British ships that were scouting the Hudson river before the siege on New York City, the Phoenix and Rose.
  • The city burning in his wake as his company is the last to leave their fortifications behind. In the timeline of the story, Alexander’s involvement in that fire and the subsequent fault for Nathan Hale being picked up shortly after, allowing him to rise to the occasion and help Washington set up his ring of spies and informants.


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Dorothy - Raise Hell / Kendrick Lamar - Pride / Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors - Sucker For Pain / X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons - Jungle / Kanye West - Black Skinhead / Fall Out Boy - Phoenix / Imagine Dragons - Friction / Glitch Mob (remix) - Seven Nation Army / Welshly Arms - Legendary / Royal Deluxe - Dangerous / Kaleo - Way Down We Go / SIAMÉS - The Wolf / Hidden Citizens - Paint It Black / Heavy Young Heathens - House Of The Rising Sun

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your message to the world is you won't ever give up. no matter who stands in your way.

i forgot i made this ode to a tiny fandom but here you guys go
a mix i made just before herofall was released but it applies still ~

track listing //

ticking bomb aloe blacc / hey brother aviici / alive kid cudi feat. ratatat / everything burns the righteous young / things we lost in the fire bastille / remember me emphatic / headstrong trapt / professional griefers deadmau5 feat. gerard way / the phoenix fall out boy / radioactive imagine dragons / free the madness steve aoki feat. machine gun kelly / shut me up mindless self indulgence / power kanye west / legacy fefe dobson / stronger kanye west / can’t kill us the glitch mob / coup d'etat g-dragon feat. diplo and baauer / live to rise soundgarden

{ hey youngblood } a modern les mis playlist, for bright-eyed young revolutionaries with split lips, messy hair, & bruised knuckles. for the generation who will fight for change till blood runs through the streets.

the phoenix // fall out boy | glory & gore // lorde | ready aim fire // imagine dragons | anklebiters // paramore | kill your heroes // awolnation | young blood // the naked & famous | rise // skillet | everybody wants to rule the world // lorde | a love like war // all time low | youth // foxes | young volcanoes // fall out boy | no church in the wild // kanye west


swag rating: 100/100 → a fanmix for the one true king of westeros

(alternatively titled ‘a hundred thousand motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing’)

  1. don’t let the bastards bring you down - the april maze
  2. rise like a phoenix - conchita wurst 
  3. run this town - jay-z ft. rihanna & kanye west 
  4. seven nation army - the white stripes 
  5. beez in the trap - nicki minaj ft. 2 chainz 
  6. no church in the wild - jay-z & kanye west ft. frank ocean
  7. the doberman - kasabian
  8. rattling the keys to the kingdom - hilltop hoods 
  9. tubthumping - chumbawamba