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Sengoku Basara DOKUGAN ~ Volume 3 Cover by Yasuyuki Nekoi

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  • Junkrat, while laying at the top of some stairs: I could use a little excitement in my life. You know, Roadie?
  • Roadhog, while holding Hanzo in a headlock: You punched Jesse in the face and I am trying to keep his boyfriend from killing you!
  • Junkrat: I know! I could use some excitement.
  • Roadhog: *Squeezes, cutting off Hanzo’s air supply* BOMBS! He’s gonna help you make bomb arrows!
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I was wondering if you could talk about The Phoenix and any Olicity children in the future, if it's not too spoilery (since she's already pregnant)? Your answer to that Firebird ask about Olicity babies destroyed me. I love your replies almost as much as I love your stories!

Actually, it’s something that’s been in my head since I wrote The Phoenix.

Oliver and Felicity, in The Phoenix verse, have two sons and one daughter.

Zachary, Zane, and Zoe.

Felicity’s three little Z’s; Oliver’s perfect trinity - with his precious little angel protected right between her two brothers, who tease her mercilessly but dote upon her.

Zachary - who’s most like their father. He’s got eerie instincts, protectiveness and a silent brand of affection only very few can get out of him, mostly his sister. Even as a baby, he’d been quiet, observant and least reactive to impulses. He’s also the most deceptively stubborn of the three. Always ten steps ahead of everyone around him, he grows up to become one sexy, lethal package of a man you don’t want on your wrong side.

Zane - he has something inside him that he’s never been able to convey to his parents. On the face of it, he’s a goof, the most playful, the one who makes Felicity pull out her hair with his pranks, the one who’s had most “talks” with his father. On the inside, something else roils. Something only his sister knows about. Something he made her promise to never tell anyone. He’s brash and impulsive and always has a smile, even when he cuts you open for hurting the people he loves.

Zoe - she’s the most complex and yet most serene of them all. She’s the one everyone talks to, the one who holds all of their many secrets inside her - none of them her own - and keeping them for so long eats away at her. She knows she’s her dad’s favorite (even though he’d never admit it out loud) and knows her mom dotes upon her; she has Uncle Digg and Roy wrapped around her little fingers and Aunt Thea teaching her how to kick ass in high heels. And she’s got her brothers - her beautiful brothers who’d lay their lives down for her without missing a beat and bring her the moon if she asked.

These three hellions Oliver and Felicity somehow raise into good humans in a bad world. Despite the dark world they live in, the kids have always known they’re loved. As parents, Oliver and Felicity as always given their children the freedom to choose how deeply they want to be involved in the Bratva, if at all.

Zach chooses to be completely involved. With his silent, dangerous demeanor, he trains himself to take over his father’s place and become even more powerful. Zane, on the other hand, chooses to take over Felicity’s little software business and transforms it into an empire unrivaled. And Zoe, precious Zoe, starts working with the women who’ve been affected by the monsters in their world since a young age. She works with them and helps them build new lives from the scratch.

It is then when they’re all more or less settled into their lives, their family, their everything when Zoe meets him.

With a body bigger than any man’s she’s ever seen (and she’s been around big men her whole life), with the rough hands of a fighter and the honed form of a weapon, he hooks her. But it is his eyes - utterly dark, terrifyingly cold, bottomless pits of secrets, secrets she wants to know - and that jagged scar at the corner of his lips that pulls one side of his mouth into a permanent scary frown that scares the shit out of people, that reel her in.

It is then that Zoe - the precious daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak-Queen, the beloved sister of Zachary Queen and Zane Queen, the princess of Bratva for all intents and purposes - meets Raze, the secret bastard son of Ilyich.

And stuff happens.