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Here it is - the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Solemnly Swear RP is Officially Re-Open for Auditions!

But first, a couple things. 

Firstly, thank you so much to all our lovely members for being patient with us. Since taking on the role of admins, Brie and I have been very excited to get this revamp rolling. It took a bit of time, but we are so glad everyone has stuck through it with us. 

Given that this is a revamp, there are a few changes on the main which we would like to point out. We have a newly revised plot which we encourage all current and perspective members to read. It’ll give you an idea of what is to come - which we hope you guys are prepared for! To go with that new plot, we also have an alliances page where you can learn how each of the factions - Dumbledore’s Army, Order of the Phoenix and The Death Eaters - work within our game. As we draw closer to the point in time where these alliances will be in play, more information will be shared but for now please familiarize yourself with what is there and consider your character’s alliance for when term starts. 

We also have made changes to the rules page, so please be sure to read that and get to know the new rules going forward. We are going to be a lot more strict about these rules, so we want everyone to have read them and understand them. 

There are also new pages on the main, which can all be accessed via the navigation, which include a triggers page and a brand new masterlist. If any of the information looks wrong to you, or your triggers are missing, message the main so we can keep this continually up to date! 

I just want to thank everyone again for being so patient with us. Following this post will be our first official plot drop of the revamp and then an event announcement, so we will be going right into our group rping and setting things up for the upcoming war plot. Reminder of course that it’s still Summer, and so things are still pretty tame in the wizarding community. In regards to our alliances and the upcoming war, continue to play your characters generally oblivious to what is to come. Next week will feature our bigger plot drop which will lead into the new term. So please be sure to be following the proper tags and keep a close eye on updates on the main.

We’re also open for auditions! If you would like to join Solemnly Swear in time to see the wizarding world fall to chaos, then check out our masterlist and application forms tonight and consider sending an app in! We would love to see some more females and professors in time for the new term, as well as some Gryffindors!

Thank You Again Everyone! We hope you come to enjoy the new Solemnly Swear as much as before.

~Admins R and Brie


Let it be known that Niles was a man of his word.

It had taken him a few hours, several lock picks, a sandwich and a friendly chat with Officer Woolsley, but in the end, Niles had gotten the files Phoenix had requested of him. Aside from an unfortunate ketchup stain on his shirt, he was pretty much unscathed as well. And now, he walked towards the Golden Statues, folder in hand and feeling just a little nervous. Only a little.

It’s not as if he hadn’t been on dates before- well, not traditional ones like this anyway. But now that he thought about it, this was the first time since coming to his city that he’d gone somewhere without the purpose of work. He felt a little strange, truthfully, being completely free.

It wasn’t long before Niles caught sight of Phoenix. He held a hand up in greeting as he drew closer. “Evening, Mr. Wright. Ready for an evening of fun?” He grinned teasingly. “Of course, I am a good date, and brought you a gift.” That was the folder in his hands, which he held out to Phoenix. He’d had a bit of a peek in it, out of curiosity, but he figured Phoenix wouldn’t want to know that.

Technology Help || Griff and Cassie

Cassiopeia made her way to the address that Professor Griff had texted to her. She was coming from her last class of the day and still had her backpack slung over her shoulder. His house was off into the woods and at one point she wondered if she was lost. However, the house appeared from behind some trees and the Phoenix made her way closer to it. It was a cute little cabin and it looked very cozy and warm. It was quite the difference from the cold and imposing house that she grew up in. Walking up tot he door, she tugged down her skirt of her sundress before knocking. Hopefully she could help him with his problem. The laptop being dark and not responding was a serious problem. Hopefully it wasn’t anything that he couldn’t fix. 



there are two things i want to point out:

1. we can see how miles is slowly accepting the thought that having somebody close to him does not have to be a bad thing. he is getting closer and closer to admitting to himself that he needs phoenix, and that pushing him away may not have been a wisest choice.
going from harsh ‘don’t ever talk to me anymore’ to unsure ‘i don’t know’ is quite a progress, i would say.

2. we’re gonna see this, and miles asking phoenix to defense him next week in the anime and let’s just say i am not ready for this.
so. not. ready.



Technically, this shouldn’t have happened yet ‘coz it is only AFTER Wright beats Edgeworth in Turnabout Sisters does Miles get a bit wary of Phoenix. OR DOES HE?

It can be totally just a production error, but it could also be that ever since Edgeworth’s first case against Mia (yeah, that Dahlia case), he’d been keeping tabs on Phoenix? Or sometime before Turnabout Sisters, he’d already been keeping tabs on Phoenix and found him as a threat? Though, to be honest, I don’t see how Miles would think Phoenix was even a threat, in the first place.

Whatever the case may be– if it really was NOT a production error (there are just so many wrongs in this scene because we all know Edgeworth’s office in game by heart), then Wright obviously meant a great deal to Miles even before their first faceoff in Turnabout Sisters.

Blue Day

Welcome to the official start of Narumitsu Week!

Today’s Blue Day- let’s take a closer look at Phoenix Wright, the beloved protagonist of a majority of the series and the defense attorney half of our favorite lawyer pairing!

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Today’s Prompt:

Create something based around Phoenix! It can pertain to pretty much any aspect of him.

Today’s Writing Challenge:

Write a poem about Phoenix!

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Character Progression - Phoenix Wright: The original Ace Attorney

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Skin and Bones

(Closed starter with @ask-lucida-the-skeleton!)

*Phoenix is traversing Waterfall in his armor after finally finding an area free from other monsters.

*Or… so he thought at least.

*After walking for a while, Phoenix sees a very strange house. Prolly home to a skeleton or someone into bones. All the same, he keeps walking towards the house. There’s not really anywhere else to go right now. I mean there’s still Capital to find, but for now he wants to explore a bit of Waterfall while he’s got the chance.

*Besides… if Capital’s a Royal Guard as well… would be a good idea to rest up while Phoenix can…

*That aside, Phoenix gets closer and closer to the house, and upon further inspection, he sees a fallen monster. To which he speeds his pace up. Nothing too much, or he won’t be able to stop where he needs.

*Once he’s over with the fallen monster, he kneels down and shakes her a bit. Gently, as to not aggravate any possible injuries.

“Hey, wake up! I need to know if you’re alright!”


✿ - “I don’t like this.”

Micha pursed his lips and rubbed his temples. His brother had taken him to a concert and while Micha was pretty open-minded when it came to music, the loud sounds and bright stage lights were making his head ache tremendously.

“Phoenix, can I go home?” He asked, shouting so that he could be heard over the music. He was certain that his throat would be sore in the morning.

“Go home? But the concert’s barely started!” Phoenix protested.

“I don’t really feel so good …” The end of his sentence could hardly be heard because the crowd suddenly went wild, screaming and hooting. Micha wondered what had happened before he noticed that a few people had come up on the stage. They began performing, but Micha hardly paid attention to that. He was staring at them with an open mouth. Phoenix noticed his twin’s unusual behavior and smirked. He leaned closer, nudging Micha in the ribs.

“They’re pretty hot, huh?” He asked.

“Hm?” Micha blinked and then looked at his twin. In the neon bright lights his brother’s ginger hair was as red as blood. Micha wondered briefly what his hair looked like. “Oh, it’s not that.” He said. “I mean, you can kind of expect from them to be handsome. But I have a feeling I’ve seen this guy somewhere.” He said, pointing to one of the performers.

“Well, they are kinda famous, Micha …”

The blond shook his head. There was no use explaining how he felt to Phoenix, he himself couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Noo … I mean … I think I’ve seen him in real life …”