the philadelphia

  • Bonnie: I put us all in a rank system so you would all care about your jobs.
  • Elena: What's my rank?
  • Bonnie: Second after me.
  • Tyler: Wait, what's my rank?
  • Bonnie: Third.
  • Tyler: What!? Why am I third?
  • Bonnie: Too volatile.
  • Tyler: Bullshit! This is bullshit!!
  • Bonnie: Stefan, you're fourth.
  • Damon: So what am I?
  • Bonnie: Fifth.
  • Damon: Fifth? That's last! Why in the hell would I be last?!
  • Bonnie: Too much lip and very sassy.

Requested, thank you

“We need a plan” You nodded as you walked over to Charlie. “Exactly, just what I was thinking!” Charlie agreed grabbing another bucket of paint. “Now we can’t just run up and grab one” you said as you watched Charlie take a swing from the paint, before moving it down from his lips to furrow his brows at you. “Why not?” he asked, shaking his head lightly. You paused for a minute as you looked at him. “True, let’s go” you grinned as you spun on your heels. “Bring the paint!” you called back. “Obviously” Charlie scoffed playfully.