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Plz tell me more abt ur dennis gender headcanons

hell yes… i will….. 

so some of these (a lot of them) were developed with @angrydennisreynolds and so i can’t take full credit but yea :) so, imo dennis is somewhere along the lines of genderfluid/bigender (not that those are the same thing but like i can’t decide which, if either, he might actually use).

i think dee is trans, and started her transition pretty young: socially transitioning early, going on blockers, and then starting estrogen sometime in high school, ffs coming after she was 18. frank and barbara weren’t thrilled but at the same time dee was very persuasive and it’s not like they didn’t have the money for the medical parts of the process. 

so by the time dee’s 20 or so she’s like, pretty happy with herself and her body. yea she has Huge Other Issues, but on the dysphoria front that’s practically nonexistent and socially… well she really only hangs out with dennis mac and charlie, but they don’t misgender her (and imo i don’t think that mac and charlie know she’s trans, nor would they know about any of dennis’ gender issues). 

ok so i’m getting to dennis, this was relevant i promise ;)

basically our headcanons go that dennis was pretty unaware of being trans until after he and dee became adults and he realized that like, dee looks so good and she’s like way happier and he’s getting these weird feelings of jealousy towards her that he never had before (probably because he was always the favorite child when they were living with their parents so he didn’t feel he had any reason to be jealous of dee). 

he also probs, being the artíste that he is, spent a lot of time drawing his “girl side” before he connected the dots that he might be trans, and then a lot more time drawing himself afterwards now that he knew what he was doing. 

as for in-canon stuff that might work with these headcanons, i’m traveling into some prickly territory because canon is super transmisogynstic and so there may  be some cruddy elements to this but i’ll try to steer us out of the woods so t’ speak. 

aluminum monster ep reads to us very much like Dysphoric Dennis Ep with his search to find the perfect model to show off the clothes he designed and projecting his own insecurities/dysphoria onto the models. not that i think he’d be out to his dad, but in the paddy’s next top billboard model contest ep whenever frank says “ok, you take the girls, i’ll take dennis and the dudes,” we’re like alright dennis confirmed for not a dude!

i headcanon dennis’ gender (and identity in general *insert ven diagram with one circle labeled “identity” and one circle labeled “gender”, the gender circle is smaller and completely inside the “identity” circle) as being pretty constructed both ways. his personality, and his gender is based on characters like martin riggs, maybe just because he was brought up around those characters, maybe because he has a weak sense of identity, but i think unlike dee, who immediately knew who she was and has a strong sense of identity, dennis’ is weak and he needs to hang it on things to make sense out of it. this is true of lots of people, cis and trans, but he def has some characters/celebrities that he looks up to in terms of how they present their gender. probs some genderfuck role models too (all his “80s glam rock femme shit”). 

i can’t imagine dennis being super out about it, maybe ever, but it’s possible he’s told dee in a moment of weakness, and i’d love to see a cute fic where he comes out to mac. heck, maybe mac could be trans in the fic too. under trans twins, i could see transmasc mac next most easily out of the main group. 

this is all complicated by the fact that dennis has had some unfortunate coding that falls both into biphobic and transphobic territory as the ~evil bisexual hedonist~ and allusions to silence of the lambs as well as other gross tropes, but hopefully we can kinda steer around that stuff in this here post and just think about dennis without the veneer of the straight cis white dudes writing him (yes sunny does have writers who aren’t all of those things but you know im talkin mostly about rcg). 


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