the philadelphia

Teenage Dennis (and by default, Mac) being really into the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So Dennis decides that for Halloween they’re gonna go to the live show and Mac goes over to hang out before they go to the theater and he’s downstairs playing video games while Dennis is getting ready and then Dennis comes downstairs in a Frank N Furter outfit complete with makeup and the fishnets and the corset and Mac looks over and his mouth goes dry and he is so fucking turned on but he’s trying to play it cool. And Dennis goes ‘what about your costume?’ and Mac is like ‘I don’t have a costume, I didn’t know we were dressing up’. And Dennis tosses him the gold Rocky shorts and Mac is like ‘no fucking way’ but after a couple of minutes of Dennis telling him how muscular he is and how good he’d look as Rocky Mac finally puts them on and he looks amazing. And the whole night they both try to secretly sneak glances at each other but they both know that the other is checking them out.