the phase that pays

I met you during the chaotic times
I didn’t know anything but
I was mad that people kept saying to give up
No girl, I only show you the bad sides of me but, oh
Even if my body breaks down and my heart rips
I will keep that promise that I will protect you forever

They were my first Gintama ship. I love them sfm.

Witch concepts

A urban witch spray painting sigils of protection on the door of her store that to the untrained eye look like just another graffiti tag.
A Christian witch whispering a prayer to the Heavenly Father as they mix together a healing potion for their sick grandmother.
A crafting witch imbuing every stitch with purpose. Her homeless best friend will not be cold this winter.
A moon witch paying close attention to their friends during certain phases, knowing the effect it can have on their emotions.
A kitchen witch carving a wooden spoon into a wand that is more powerful than you could believe.

WAIT YOU SEE i really need to know just how long has Victor been thinking about Yuuri???!!! So they’ve both in the same competitions and events, so he must have noticed or been aware of Yuuri. Just imagine Victor, lowkey crushing on Yuuri, like “Oh hey it’s that adorable skater from Japan again. WOw he looks even cuter than usual with that extra bit of weight that he’s been putting on recently” etc. But he never really does anything about it because he’s kind of wrapped up in his own life and his own self-obsession (lbr lmao) to do anything about it. Except for that one time when he sees Yuuri leave after the competition  last year and asks for a commemorative photo (like PAY ATTENTION TO ME YOU ADORABLE MAN. Phase 1 of project Make Yuuri Katsuki my new boyfriend ACTIVATED) but then he walks off and just leaves him there like :o thats not what usually happens. Wellp at least I’m still great, oh well.

BUT omg Victor stanning Yuuri on google and Youtube, looking for new Yuuri videos, (He’s felt this familiar connection betweent their skating styles for a while now, probably from the first time he saw him skate live at the same event as him) and can’t stop re-watchng his favourite ones with a little smile on his face) but then one lazy afternoon he’s just chilling at home, Maccachin cuddling up to him as he’s sitting all cozy and relaxed with his tablet, seeing if there’s any new Yuuri content up today. And of course what comes up first is THAT video. And there’s Yuuri skating to his routine, so beautifully and with such heartfelt sincerity, like he truly feels this piece on visceral level. And Victor suddenly feels this deep pang in his heart and he realises that’s it. There’s no other choice here, he has to go over to Japan this VERY INSTANT and make Yuuri Katsuki HIS BETROTHED HE’s SO GONE


If you take this out of context, it’s the first unrequited phase of the gay movie I would pay all my money to watch, when girl #1 is pining after girl #2 that likes the straight dude who says ‘bro’ in real life, but then you know, they have their happy ending and get married
Helpless to Protect You - WindStainedDreams - Inuyasha - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
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InuYasha doesn’t pay attention to the phases of the moon. He and Kagome might be in trouble.

Being human isn’t easy, but at least there’s lantern-light gleaming in Kagome’s eyes. 


Read the tags for warnings, but just in case you want to skip over them there, here they are again.

Implied potential unwanted sexual advances towards Kagome and InuYasha, but they get out of the situation before anything happens to either of them. 

For the InuKag week on tumblr, Day 1 prompt “Protect”.

I hope that my first foray into this long loved fandom will go smoothly.  Please let me know what you think, comments are life. If you don’t want to comment here, you can do so on my ao3.

Ahh that promising burst of morning energy that leaves you in a slump by 2…

I want to make a quick post to let you guys know:

My magic works. It works for me.

The sigils I use, the meditations, the spells… they work for me.

And I’m a pop culture pagan who uses absolutely no herbs or stones, and never pays attention to what the moon phase is or where the planets are or even which direction I’m facing.

and my magic works.

Never let anybody tell you that because their magic is old, its better.

Never let anybody tell you that because their magic is “traditional”, its better.

Never let anybody tell you that their magic is better for any reason.

Do your magic, I’ll do mine.

A friend of mine in my class had a appointment at the doctor yesterday because she wants to be/is a boy.
I don’t know how this works in other countries but in germany you need to go to a therapist and have a talk with him/her if you really want this and if you are really transgender or if it’s just a phase and shit.
Because if you “pass” this talk the health care pays some of the money for the surgery because this shit is expensive.

Soooo he just texted me that the he can have the surgery and I’m so happy right now I don’t know what to do with myself.
I wish I could run to his house now and hug him but I guess I need to wait till tomorrow :/

I didn’t really know what to do with my joy so I had to make a post here.
Maybe you guys will also get a bit happy about it.

im gay - an original poem

i get sadder and sadder as the days go by,
knowing of this secret im forced to hide

i didn’t doubt myself, i never did
my parents, they think it’s the biggest sin

“its just a phase” they always say
telling me of the price ill pay

they say ill grow out of it, so i shouldn’t rebel
i better get over it or ill go to hell

as i cry myself to sleep each night,
i dream of a time when i will see the light

i didn’t choose to be this way but
“im gay,” i say

WORKING!!! 『これでさいごだよっ!ワグナリア~初夏の大大大大感謝祭~』

source: 日野聡 オフィシャルブログ 『ひとりで晩酌かい?』

Yoppi as MC, OnoD, and HiroC, I knew it gonna be a great event with sweet Onkm episode ←never disappointed me (ゝ∀・)b

Hopefully, they will produce DVD お願いします m(._.)m

Some repos:

OnoD paid for meals episode

Start from the message corner, Jun to Hino: “He will pay for this meals."was a great phase.

Jun: This is an episode related to four people, but own three of them know

HiroC: There were four people went out to dinner. Someone went to the bathroom for so long and didn’t come back. Then, I joked,” I guess it’s time to go.“ Then, the rest two people packing up immediately. Hino said to the waiter, ” Ah, this person will pay for this meal.“ and so it was.

OnoD: I was very shocked. Everyone gone when Im back.

Jun: We were hiding and peeking you after we decided to let you pay. Kamiya-san even filming.

(HiroC explaning while laughing so hard)

HiroC: It was intended to be just a joke! But, the other two were so fast. Consequently, you needed to pay for our meals.

OnoD: Yes, I really did.

HiroC: Sorry, really sorry.

OnoD: It’s fine. It’s really fine. Baka~
((*´艸`*)←Me )

Addition messages

OnoD to HiroC: Please don’t be mad and listen to me. You really suit Soma-san.

HiroC to OnoD: There is no particular! 特にありません!

Onkm DV Counting
kicked three times (One was requested by Ono himself), Mic poked once

①  OnoD saying inexplicable thing again while greeting, ” 大大大大大….感謝祭", kicked on the ass by HiroC

② OnoD was asked to guess how many people(only for male seiyuus) like Space Cobra here, and all male seiyuus could only choose yes but he answered 9 (including female seiyuus).
Yoppi: Really 9 people? Please you, Ono-san.
HiroC poked him with mic and stood Cobra’s pose. Jun and Hino poked too. Then , OnoD answered correctly.
Jun: Im Crystal Boy.
OnoD: Then, I’ll be Lady. (Stood pose, but ass toward the audience)
Kicked by HiroC www

③ Gesture game, OnoD need to do “Rolling”. He signed HiroC to kick him. HiroC softly kicked up, and then OnoD started rolling on round.

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throwemaparade  asked:


Courting Rohais 101 Pt. 5 | Still accepting! 

Rohais has had one person who she is convinced she had a good relationship with from its actual romantic start to the end. That muse spent the entire courting phase paying such intense attention to everything about her, every response, everything that may have inspired the response, to constantly adjust tactics to hold her attention and appeal to her sufficiently every moment they spent together, maintaining extremely delicate balances of advancing in a way that seemed wanting, withdrawing in respect of her preferences, appearing totally taken with and humbled, but also appearing worthy of her, that some would (accurately) say borders on obsessive micromanaging. This still took months to accomplish.
One way if they have the time, the attention span, and (god) the patience, is to think about every response that Rohais has towards anything - and figure out what does or doesn’t have to do with them, and what specific behaviors towards her result in.
Good luck doing that one, though, that was some wild shit.

Compliment her.
As I’ve mentioned 80 times, Rohais’ self-esteem is shit, especially over the past couple of weeks as she slowly turns to the idea that most people who talk to her may only give her the time of day because she’s a pretty hot piece of ass. Aside from flirting, they’ll pay her little to no mind, and above all else, compliments are platitudes or superficial - they’ll call her pretty, gorgeous, cute, what have you. They’ll call her dear.
Something that recently made a heavy impact on Rohais, while the muse didn’t intend to, was paying her a compliment that actually meant something to her.

“It’s something in the way you carry yourself, a glint that you can wield weapons of your choice and move with speed faster than the eye can track. A connection that’s deep with the wilds.”
- Grim

It illustrated her as powerful, resourceful, and sublime (in the Gothic meaning, not in the lofty definition).
This is mirrored with her repeatedly stated and implied kink (which she openly admits to but only because she says it in a way that could be interpreted as a joke, because most mentions of it ARE jokes) of being worshiped.
She desperately needs to be treated as an actual person, but what she appreciates more than being respected as a person is being admired, sometimes adored, sometimes feared, but above all else, she wants to be revered.

Dear Disney,

For your next major film, would you please focus on Roger Radcliffe and Anita and how they fell in love?  I know absolutely nothing that happened between falling in the pond and walking into the church, and, quite frankly, this saddens me.

I have listed below a pros and cons list of doing a movie like this:


  • Every single person who grew up watching 101 Dalmatians will go see it.  That’s a lot of people.  That’s a lot of profit.
  • Those two are probably the biggest and most wonderful dorks the company has ever created.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to revisit them?
  • More Cruella backstory.  Who doesn’t love to write and animate a villain backstory?  My word, you people love that crap right now.
  • Dogs.
  • You’re super into revisiting old movies, what with the revisit to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast.  This could just be another link in that celebration of Disney works phase the company seems to be going through.
  • People pay good money for nostalgia.  Again, think of the profit.
  • This could mean a return to 2D animation, which seriously needs to happen.
  • It would be the most beautiful love story ever written.  Ever.
  • Dogs.  Everyone loves dogs.
  • I will single-handedly earn back production cost by going to see it in theaters.  Seriously.  I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 over fifty times.  Don’t doubt me on this one.
  • Seriously.  I wanted this for my entire life.
  • Half of your profit will come directly from me.  That is a promise.
  • Anita is a delightful being of adorableness and sass, and Roger is the biggest dork on the block.  They’re perfect.
  • Also, dogs.
  • Consider the cost of producing the 2D Princess and the Frog (106 million) with that of Tangled, which came out one year later (260 million).  It is, like, so cost effective to make 2D movies right now.  Which means more money in the box office.
  • Seriously, I know you can afford to do this.  You own, like, a fifth of the world right now.
  • Literally, you could write a 100 million dollar check to make this happen and have the money back by the time its validated.  Maybe that’s not totally true.  But you had a gross income of 20 billion last year.  That’s over three hundred million per week.  You would literally have made back the money for making this movie in less than a week.
  • And you’ll definitely earn it all back in box office sales.  Maybe twice over.  I don’t know.  I’m dedicated.
  • So is the Disney fandom.
  • Think of the merchandise sales.  I know your puppy dog sales have been down because kids haven’t been exposed to 101 Dalmatians in a long time.  I know.  You’ve been cutting back on production.  But think of the increase in sales.  Think of the increase in merchandise.  Barbie-sized dolls of Roger and Anita.  Funko toys of Roger and Anita.  I don’t know.  Just do what you did with Elsa and slap Anita’s face on everything from shampoo to lamps.  It worked once, didn’t it?
  • We don’t need another princess.  We need a starving artist falling in love with a lovely lady he accidentally pushed into a pond.  That’s real love.  That’s real life.  Because not everyone gets a real palace, but a tiny house in London with your own Sir Galahad can definitely be your dream castle.
  • Two words: Park profit.  Kids will flock to get their pictures taken with Anita and Roger and get their autographs in their little books.  And guess what that means?  More tickets sold.
  • One word: Dogs
  • It’s what Walt would have wanted.


  • Honestly, I couldn’t think of any.  But an all pro’s list is just silly, so…
  • You…can’t…write them into Once Upon a Time because you already gave Pongo to someone?  Nah.  I’m sure the writers would figure out how to work with this one too.

In light of the above lists, I see the implementation of this idea as a necessity.




This film would also contain dogs, which is a huge bonus.  Who doesn’t want to see a dog on screen?


I keep listening to this.