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Closed Spaces

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Ahkmenrah x Reader

Closed Spaces

Summary: You discover that Ahk isn’t very fond of small dark spaces. Luckily, you know just how to make him feel better.

It was just supposed to be a simple game of hide and seek. And after you found everyone (Even Jed and Octavius, which was easier said than done), Ahk wandered over to the group. His lower chest was exposed beneath his beads, and the sight of the handsome Pharaoh made your heart flutter.

“What are you doing?” He asked in amusement as you finished counting off. Yep, that was everyone.

“We’re playing hide and seek. Do you want in?”

“If I may. Although, I’m sure you’d have to help me. I don’t know my way around the museum as well as you do.”

“I can help you out.” You winked. He smiled down at you warmly. God, he was hot.

“Am I seeking this time?” asked Nick.


“All right.” He turned around and covered his eyes as he began to count down from sixty. You grabbed Ahk’s hand and began to run up the stairs, through the hall. Ahk pulled you over to a door and opened it. As soon as the door closed behind the two of you, he realized he had made a mistake. This room was much smaller than he had imagined. And worse: the door was locked.

“Oh, no.” He stated, trying to turn the knob in his hand. The door didn’t budge.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. The panic on his face was unlike anything you had ever seen. “Ahk, what’s the matter?”

“I…I don’t like…I can’t-” He motioned to the small room around you and looked at you with wide eyes. His continued attempts on the door weren’t doing anything.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” you pulled out your phone and shot Nicky a text telling him that you were stuck in the upstairs closet, but Ahk was still freaking out. You grabbed his shoulders and turned him away from the door. “You’re fine. We’re fine. We’re not trapped in here. Nicky is coming to get us. It’s okay. Okay?”

“Okay…” he didn’t sound terribly convinced.

“Look at me.” His eyes finally locked onto yours, and he exhaled a huge sigh.

“Thank you.” his voice was soft, grateful, and as he said it, he lowered his head. Slowly, his lips met yours, gently traveling over your own. His hands moved to hold your hips and yours found a spot on his firm chest. It was a kiss to end all kisses, something that could only be described as cosmic. You knew that you would never be able to kiss normal guys the same way again.

“Woah!” Nicky covered his eyes as soon as he got the door open. “Wow, a ‘thank you, Nicky’ would be nice.”

“Thank you, Nicky.” You stated sheepishly. You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks. Ahk’s hand rubbed your back as the two of you stared at Nicky awkwardly.

“So are you two still playing or…?”

“I think,” you looked to Ahk. He only shrugged. “I think Ahk and I are going to wander over to the Egyptian exhibit.”

“I’ll make sure no one goes seeking for you.” Nicky started walking away. “I’m eternally scarred now!”

“Sorry!” You couldn’t help but laugh a little. Poor Nicky. You turned your attention on Ahk, whose arm was still around your waist, fingers drawing lazy circles there. “Are you…feeling better?”

“Much better.” He nodded. His fingers turned your chin towards his, and he pressed a long, soft kiss to the corner of your lips. He pulled his hand away from your face and began walking towards the Egyptian exhibit, over to the sarcophagus. He turned you around to face him and then lifted you onto the lid of it, his hands firmly on your waist. Your heart raced, a new surge of adrenaline coursing through you.

“Now…” He smirked and leaned a little closer, setting your veins ablaze with something you could only describe as magic. “Where were we?”

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re corporate-conspireshipping, who did seto fall for first? was he aware of the conspireshipping going on in the background beforehand, or was he the 'first' of the harem (bc we all know ryou's in charge obvs) to appear?

I sort of answer that in this old post, but here’s an extension to the beginning bit. (So to sum up: he falls for Ryou first, but not until well into the RPG. Yes he knew about the the corporate fracturshipping going on beforehand. Ooops, I just realized that fracturshipping and conspireshipping are different ships [like just this moment realized you said conspireshipping instead of fracturshipping], but I already wrote this so, um, have an extra Bakura on the house?)

Card games, Seto wanted card games, but it was more than card games, Seto wanted the passion. He wanted to be challenged, he wanted the drive to push himself further than he’d ever had before and come through that trial of fire in a new transcended state, and one person had ever given him that level of intensity.


 Thus, Seto restored the Puzzle, fought Diva, acquired the Cube, and build a ship that would allow him to penetrate that impenetrable veil between this world and the Other. In that moment he saw him, the Pharaoh, rising up from a golden throne with an amused grin. There, in the land of gods and spirits, Seto had put everything on the line with a challenge to a card game.

 “If I win,” Atem said in a warning voice. “You can never come back. It’s not time for you to be here, Seto.”

 “Oh I don’t plan on returning.” Seto smirked. “Because after I win, you’re coming back with me.”

 Atem sighed as if he expected no less but didn’t have the heart to tell Seto that his desire to bring Atem back was impossible. Atem descended down the steps, a duel disk that matched Seto’s appeared on his arm. He stood in place- as fiery, determined, and set on winning as Seto remembered him.

 “Let’s duel!”

 Hours later … Seto won.

 And Atem came back.

 His idiot cheerleaders rejoiced. They thanked Kaiba, as if he did it for them. They recounted the old times and explained everything Atem had missed since he left, but Seto didn’t care about any of it. He wanted another match. He’d beaten Atem in one world, now he’d beat him again in this one. Their rivalry picked up where it’d left off, only far more fierce, until one night the tension broke when Seto slammed Atem against a wall and smashed their lips together with angry, graceless, force. Atem grabbed Seto by the hair and pulled them closer, breaking the kiss only to add bites to Seto’s throat.

 They wake the next morning sore, and scratched, and exhausted despite the hard sleep. They do it all again after the next card game, and the card game after that. It’s everything Seto ever wants.

 Except all the empty moments in between.

 The Pharaoh has many admirers, and he loves Yugi most. There are many nights without cardgames. Seto buries himself in work as usual, swears he’d glad for the opportunity to get things done, but there are too many long nights, and too much caffeine. Seto also finds himself being dragged to group gatherings, and he hates it. Seto often forsakes Atem altogether in those moments, and goes off to a quiet room to catch up on his emails via his cellphone, or take a powernap on a spare couch. During one such nap during Honda’s birthday party, Seto can hear voices entering the room. He’s a light sleeper, so it wakes him, but he doesn’t want to participate in the conversation, so he keeps his eyes shut in hopes that the speakers will see him and move on.

 “But how can you live with him? After everything he did to you?”

 It was Atem’s voice, so Seto cracks an eye open, wondering what the conversation is about. The next voice is Ryou’s.

 “I keep telling you, I didn’t bring back the Spirit of the Ring- Marik did. I was trying to rescue the Thief King.”

 “I thought they were the same.”

 “They are, and they aren’t, the spell made them two separate people, although they’re still a little connected. It’s complicated.” Ryou exhaled. “The entire thing was complicated, but no one was really happy until we all came together.” Ryou tapped the spot on Atem’s chest where the Puzzle used to sit. “Our own puzzle, all our broken edges fit together.”

 “But they said Bakura still has Shadow Magic.”

 “Quite honestly,” Ryou said in a straight, upfront manner. “I don’t think he’s completely human, not physiologically. He’s more of a chimera.”

 “Then how can you blame Yugi for asking me to talk to you?”

 “I don’t blame Yugi for anything. I know he’s concerned, and I’ve tried to assuage his fears on multiple occasions, and I do appreciate that everyone cares enough to worry about me, but I’m not leaving them. Atem, I love them all.”

 “But, Ryou-”

 “Oh look, Seto’s asleep on the couch.” Ryou walked over to the sofa and pulled the throw off of the back in order to tuck it around Seto’s body. “We shouldn’t wake him. Let’s go back to the party and finish this conversation later.”

 Seto shut his eyes when Ryou approached, so he didn’t see them leave, only hear footsteps. Before he opened his eyes again, he heard Ryou speaking directly to him.

 “Sorry to use you as a scapegoat, Kaiba, but I had that conversation with Yugi a dozen times already, and I just don’t have the energy for it tonight.”

 “You knew I was awake?” Seto opened his eyes.

 “Of course, unlike Atem I pay attention. I’m sorry if we woke you” Ryou dropped to the end of the sofa, leaning back, but keeping enough space so that he didn’t press too closely to Seto’s feet. “It’d be different if I was bruised, or hurt, or if I cried to them about being mistreated, but things like that never happen. They’re all very sweet to me, even Kek.”

 Seto made an acknowledging sound to show that he was listening.

 “You know, we finished our last Monster World campaign last week, and next week we start a new one. You should come play with us.”

 “I prefer Duel Monsters.”

 “Yes, of course, and I normally wouldn’t invite you, but you see, our next campaign is a dragon universe, and I think you’d love it.”

 “… I’m listening.” Seto tried to resist, but couldn’t. Dragons were the one thing that could still distract him from anything, even Atem.

 Ryou shifted to his side so he could look at Seto. His left arm braced against the couch, making white hair spill down his left side.

 “It’s a world where characters form telepathic bonds with a companion dragon. It makes for an interesting battle system because each character has to play as their job class and as their dragon class, and there’s several species of dragons. There’s a species the size of a large house cats, it’s sort of meant for thief classes. The most common species is a type of wyvern the size of a horse used for knights and mages. There’s even huge, shapeshifting dragons that can masquerade as humans- which also means there are half dragon offspring of all the major races as well.”

 “That… does sound interesting,” Seto confessed. It sounded amazing, actually. Part of him felt like he did as an excited orphan hearing about the Blue Eyes White Dragon trading card for the first time.

 “Join our campaign. It’s only once, sometimes twice, a week, so you’ll still have plenty of time for card games.”

 Noise from the party that went on without them echoed through the closed door. Seto glanced at the barrier keeping Ryou and himself isolated from the rest of the group. Seto never really fully belonged in that group, and he supposed Ryou had always been standing on the edge of it as well.

 And dragons!

 That boyish excitement filled Seto. He could be a dragon knight on a white mount. He could bond with three dragons. Even if it wasn’t part of the campaign, he was sure he could figure out a loophole and do it. He could-

 Spend a night doing something that didn’t involve waiting on his royal majesty to grace Seto with his presence, something that wasn’t work or staring at the ceiling.

 “Okay,” Seto heard himself saying. “Next week. Give me your address and I’ll be there.”

Ahkmenrah x Reader: The Intern

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!
“Y/N!”  You jumped at your boss’s sudden outburst.  You turned around to see Dr. McPhee frantically sorting through the papers in his arms as he speed walked over to you.

“Yes?”  You asked, trying to lower your heart rate back to normal.  Dr. McPhee stopped in front of you and dumped the pile of paper into your arms. 

“I need you to sort through those and organize them chronologically and put these on my desk before opening tomorrow.”  He spun on his heel and rushed off to his office.  The entire exchange had taken no more than ten seconds and left you dumbfounded.  You looked down at the pile of paper in your arms and groaned at the size of the stack.  The joys of being an intern.   You slowly made your way back to your office which was just the rickety table in the back of the locker room.  After closing the door behind you, you pulled an old metal chair over to the table and sat down.  You put the large stack of papers next to you, and fished your phone out of your pocket.  You turned it on, and played some  music.   You were making pretty good progress, and eventually hit the halfway mark.  Deciding to take a break, you got up to stretch and turned up your music.  You grinned as your music transitioned to one of your favorite songs.  Suddenly feeling energized, you began to move to the music.  Within the span of thirty seconds you were bouncing around the room, swaying as you laughed. You heard the door open, but you brushed it off, still caught up in your music.  When the song finally ended, you walked back to the table and turned the volume back down, still giggling.  As you sat down to resume your work, it finally hit you that the door had opened.  You glanced up, and a shriek tore from your throat when your eyes landed on the Egyptian pharaoh watching you with an amused expression.  You stood up suddenly and ran to your bag in the corner, pulling out a can of pepper spray.  You aimed it at him, and he quickly put his hands up in defense.

“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?”  You hissed, your hands slightly shaking

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just—”

“Answer the damn question!”  You shouted.  He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Fine.  My name is Ahkmenrah, and I am the fourth king of the fourth king.”  You rolled your eyes and moved your finger to the trigger.

“Bullshit.”  You deadpanned.  “I’m going to ask you again, and if you try that again I’m calling security.”  He smirked.  You pressed the trigger lightly, letting a cloud of pepper spray release into the space between you.  “Who.  Are.  You?”  You asked, trying to keep the tremor out of your voice.  Honestly, you amazed that you hadn’t gone hysterical yet.  Before the stranger could answer again, the door swung open. 

“Y/N!” Larry exclaimed when he came in.  “What are you still doing here?”

“Larry!”  You shouted.  “I was doing some paperwork for McPhee.”  You turned to the stranger.  “But who the hell is this?”

“Oh, that’s Ahkmenrah.”  He answered.  You stared at him, confused.

“Wait.  You mean to say he was telling the truth the entire time?”    Ahkmenrah nodded.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just trying to hide from Rexy and this is one of the only places he can’t fit in and—”

“Wait a minute,” You held a hand up.  “Who’s Rexy?”  Ahkmenrah and Larry exchanged a look. 

“Give us a second.”  They walked over to a corner of a room and discussed something quietly.  Every once in a while, one of them would glance over at you, making you nervous.  Eventually they came back to stand with you.  “Alright, come with us,” Larry motioned for you to follow the pair as they opened the door.  Screams and whoops drifted through the door along with blaring music. You shrunk back from the sudden change in atmosphere, and wondered if you really wanted to know what was going on.  A hand landed on your shoulder, and you looked up at Ahkmenrah.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” He told you warmly.  “I promise.  You nodded as you tried to fight the heat rushing to your cheeks.  You awkwardly brushed his hand off your shoulder and walked over to where Larry was standing.  He wiggled his eyebrows at you teasingly, prompting you elbow him in the stomach.  He dodged your elbow, laughing, and motioned for you to go through the door.  Just as you were about to step through the door, a massive skeletal foot slammed down just a few feet from where you were standing. With a shriek, you leapt back from the door.  You collided with Ahkmenrah, whose hands shot out to keep you from falling over as Larry began shouting at the massive skeleton.

“Are you alright?”  He asked you.

“Yeah,” You replied breathlessly.  You looked over your shoulder at Ahkmenrah.  You froze at how close his face was to yours.  “Yeah…I’m fine.”  You both stared at each other for a moment.  You both snapped out of your trance and leapt apart when Larry cleared his throat loudly.  You both were blushing madly, and you could’ve sworn that you saw Ahkmenrah glaring at Larry over your head. 

“We can get through now.”  Was all Larry said before striding through the door.  You heard a cough from behind you .  You turned around to see Ahkmenrah holding his arm out. 

“Shall we?”  You smiled and looped your arm through his, trying to ignore your racing heart.  Inwardly you were dumbfounded.  How do I already have crush on this guy?  I’ve only known him for ten minutes!  How does that even work?  But despite your inner debate you still followed him.  You were instantly surrounded by a giant celebration.  There was a T-Rex chasing a bone being dragged along by a little car that you swore you saw people inside.  The little car stopped at your feet, and two little voices shouted up two quick introductions to you, and sped off again as the massive dinosaur raced after them. There was a group of Huns doing the limbo by the information desk that waved and shouted something in another language to you as Teddy Roosevelt rode by with a Native American girl behind him, slowing down to talk to you and Ahkmenrah for a while.  Larry walked over to where you stood with Ahkmenrah.

“So what do you think?”  Larry asked smugly.

“What do I think?  This is amazing!”  You exclaimed.  “How is this happening?”

“The tablet, actually,” You were amazed. 

“Does it happen every night?”  

“Since my first night here.”  You looked around the foyer with wide eyes, trying to take everything in, still in shock that this had been going on for decades and almost no one knew.  Ahkmenrah tapped your shoulder and you turned to face Ahkmenrah again.  He pulled you to the side of the room.  “Y/N, I just want to apologize again.  I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s alright,” You assured him.  “I’m sorry I threatened you with pepper spray.”  You said awkwardly.

“No, it’s fine!”  He exclaimed.  “But I must say, you are quite the dancer.”  You blushed heavily.  He noticed and laughed.  “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you’re really good.”  He reassured you.  You smiled shyly, and he smiled too.  After a few moments of silence, Ahkmenrah spoke again.  “Would you like to dance, Y/N?”  In all honesty, you’d love nothing more, but your thoughts strayed back to the half-finished pile of work lying on the table in the locker room.  “I’d love to,” His face brightened. “But,” His face fell.   “I still have a lot of work I need to finish.  I’m sorry, Ahkmenrah.”  He thought for a moment, before getting an idea. 

“Alright, first of all, call me Ahk. Second of all, would it be alright if I stayed with you while you finish your work?”  You smiled and nodded, your heart fluttering once more. 

“That sounds great.”

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I honestly have a hard time believing you would have ever accepted Yami's offer of frienship. You gave no inclination you were even thinking about doing so, and I think you made that whole thing up just to make everyone- especially Yami- feel bad and regret his choices. Wonderful manipulation, really. In fact, I'm willing that of Yami had admitted you won the duel? You would gave thrown it back in his face somehow. (1/2)

Look at what I got in the mail! Another apologist fooled by the deceitful masquerade of the pharaoh. Very well, I’ll amuse myself by sorting out your bullshit.

It is true that my intentions were not what most might think. Don’t think I entertained the idea of believing in friendship, even for a second! The plan was that next time Yami would insist that he’s friends with me, I would have just let him. He does that a lot. I would have just given in, keeping my own thoughts to myself. Sometimes we, the intelligent ones must take it upon ourselves to patronize the fools and pretend that their silly ideas are worthwile. Friendship is nothing but exploiting those closest around you while acting like you’re looking out for them rather than yourself. It’s a clever facade of virtue signaling, nothing else.  

Despite this, I was willing to let him tell everybody that the great S eto Kaiba is making pals! Just to show him that I’m able to compromise, for the sake of our rivalry. Now that that’s nonexistent, I have no reason to pretend anymore, HAH!

The Pharaoh who Eloped with Death

Will was having a lot of fun, actually. Some would think presiding over the entire Ancient Egyptian civilisation as their Pharaoh would be something he’d avoid, but it was pretty amusing. He got burnt offerings daily, took a cleansing religious bath in his own honour, and then got to look hot in kohl eyeliner, a dress skirt and gold jewellery. The only problem he had was the royal butt-wiper constantly hovering around to… well, the name spoke for itself.

Will leaned back in his throne, thinking about fruit and which ones he might like today. Eating the real thing was so much better than getting high off its fumes.

You see, the current Pharaoh of Egypt wasn’t really what everyone thought he was. Or, he was exactly what they thought he was. It was really confusing.

Egyptians believed that their Pharaoh was a manifestation of the god Horus, and so he was treated as such. Will could confirm however, that they were no such thing. The mortal men and women who’d preceded him were just that – mortal. Now Will, Will was the real deal. It wasn’t every century that the god of the sun came down to earth for a spin in the chair of the privileged.

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