the pharaoh is not amused

The Pharaoh who Eloped with Death

Will was having a lot of fun, actually. Some would think presiding over the entire Ancient Egyptian civilisation as their Pharaoh would be something he’d avoid, but it was pretty amusing. He got burnt offerings daily, took a cleansing religious bath in his own honour, and then got to look hot in kohl eyeliner, a dress skirt and gold jewellery. The only problem he had was the royal butt-wiper constantly hovering around to… well, the name spoke for itself.

Will leaned back in his throne, thinking about fruit and which ones he might like today. Eating the real thing was so much better than getting high off its fumes.

You see, the current Pharaoh of Egypt wasn’t really what everyone thought he was. Or, he was exactly what they thought he was. It was really confusing.

Egyptians believed that their Pharaoh was a manifestation of the god Horus, and so he was treated as such. Will could confirm however, that they were no such thing. The mortal men and women who’d preceded him were just that – mortal. Now Will, Will was the real deal. It wasn’t every century that the god of the sun came down to earth for a spin in the chair of the privileged.

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