The (Extended) Podrace Wager

In the Guide to the Galaxy that accompanies the Star Wars the Complete Saga blu ray thingie I noticed “Extended Podrace Wager” written below the Deleted/Extended Scenes bullet point.

Obviously, I got the bonus disc on the reader before I could even finish reading the Guide.

So, here’s the transcript of the extended Podrace Wager between Qui-Gon and Watto:



Qui-Gon: You don’t think Anakin can win?

Watto: Don’t get me wrong, no. I have great faith in the boy. He’s a credit to your race, but, uh, Sebulba there is going to win, I think. [Laughs]

Jar Jar [notices Sebulba, is scared]: Oh, no!

QG: Why do you think that?

W: He always wins! [Laughs] I am betting heavily on Sebulba.

QG: I’ll take that bet.

W: You what?!

QG: I’ll wager my new racing Pod against, say, the boy and his mother.

W: A pod for slaves? Well, perhaps, um, just one. The mother, maybe. The boy isn’t for sale.

QG: He’s just a small boy. He can’t be worth that much.

W: No, no.

QG: For the fastest racing Pod ever built?

W: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

QG: Both, or the bet’s off.

W: No Pod is worth two slaves, not by a long shot. One slave, or nothing.

QG: The boy, then.

W: [Laughs] I don’t think so. The boy isn’t for sale. {at this point Qui-Gon starts turning to the side, using body language to disagree} Hmm. Well. {Qui-Gon turns to Watto again} We’ll let fate decide.

/ends here/

Okay, so some meta-like stuff I’d like to point out:

1) I believe that if given the chance to free both Shmi and Anakin, Qui-Gon would take it. He seemed pretty insistent in freeing both of them, but Watto wasn’t keen at all to free Anakin. If Watto had his way, the pod would be waged against Shmi alone.

2) Watto’s chance cube was definitely weighted in a way so that the red sides stood up. That’s why he said that color would mean Shmi would be chosen for the wager. Anakin was too great a mechanic to sell. No wonder Watto was so mad when Qui-Gon used the Force to force turn the cube and Anakin was the chosen one (pardon the pun).

3) In the final cut of the film it looks like Qui-Gon doesn’t make an effort at all to free Shmi. And I agree. It doesn’t look that way. Viewing the extended scene makes me believe otherwise. Qui-Gon was willing to take both Anakin and Shmi, and Watto didn’t want to loose Anakin’s valuable skills. Watto insists that the pod is only worth one slave and that the boy is not for sale. Qui-Gon insists on both and Watto insists on one (Shmi). Qui-Gon relents it being only one and insists on Anakin.
[Which is comprehensible. Ignoring the ridiculously high midi-chlorian count, Anakin is a child who hasn’t even hit double digits, while Shmi is a fully functional adult woman who knows how the cruel world she lives in and survived in it for at least 34 years (according to some accounts she was enslaved as a six-year old). ]
Watto decides to speed things up with the cheater’s chance cube so Shmi can be the one wagered against the pod, only Qui-Gon is actually a Jedi and can use the Force to cheat the cheater. Karma’s a bitch, Watto.

4) Even though I believe Qui-Gon shouldn’t have left Mos Espa without Shmi, putting a lightsaber to that flying blueberry’s throat until he sang another tune would be detrimental to the need of secrecy that is extremely important for the sucess of the mission, and that is Taking the Queen to Coruscant Unscathed. Picking up Anakin was just a sidequest. And he couldn’t straight up kidnap Shmi from Watto, courtesy of the bomb-chip.

At the end of the day, Qui-Gon is still a Jedi on a mission, and has to do his duty. Even if I feel he could do more, it would be out of character for Qui-Gon to kill Watto, as Qui-Gon isn’t an inherent violent character.

I think that nevertheless Qui-Gon would free Shmi if given the chance. Maybe even go back and free her later if only he had lived *sideyes Maul*.

I rest my case.

ok but at what point did Qui-Gon realize he’d said “The Queen doesn’t need to know” to the actual Queen.

at what point in the battle planning did Padme very deadpan say to him, “the council doesn’t need to know?” or something like that

at what point did Qui-Gon realize that under no circumstances should Obi-Wan and Padme be allowed to become friends because they will sass him to death

at what point did the young Queen realize she and Qui-Gon were saltmates

i identify with C-3PO so hard bcuz like….he’s just along for the ride?? has no clue what he’s doing? no special powers…just a bunch of crazy friends and shit just happens and he’s like “O MY SWEET BANTHA” and he somehow, by the sheen of his metal coating, manages to keep himself together while also managing to bitch every single minute he’s on screen..he’s just so real

  • star wars piano lullaby
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Star Wars Piano Lullaby // arranged by onefine-morning, themes by John Williams

Force Theme • Across the Stars • Rey’s Theme • Imperial March • Duel of the Fates • Han Solo and the Princess • Main Title

These songs were such an integral part of my childhood… I took advantage of the snowy day to throw this together (and made sure to add Rey’s theme from TFA!) Hope you enjoy. 

Other lullabies: Rogue One, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, LOST


I apologize for the humungo post, I wanted all the images together in a master post instead of separate installments.

Remember the Jedi Knight Japanese Dictionary I posted about, with the artists Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano? Well, @ciette on tumblr actually purchased the book (so lucky!) and was so kind in letting me see the inside by scanning all the A/P images. I haven’t gotten the book myself yet (I will someday, hopefully) but getting these scans was a major relief as I’m not all over the place wondering what I was missing out on. To top it off, it was right near my birthday; such a great gift! I wanted to post these one the 16th but circumstances made it too difficult. I’m just happy all over. I did my best; ran them through lots of filters, and with some personal touches, I think I just about re-created the look as they are in the book.

For more inside, check out ciette’s post as she also shares images from the Padawan Learners Dictionary. :D

Lots of Love.