the phantom confronts christine

Love Never Dies, Song By Song, Act 1
  • <p> <b>Prologue:</b> Madame Giry talks about some vague disaster and no one really knows what's going on. Also, there's a mysterious bird-lady<p/><b>The Coney Island Waltz:</b> Literally just three minutes of this crappy music<p/><b>That's The Place That You Ruined You Fool:</b> More vagueness! Featuring mysterious bird-lady<p/><b>Heaven By The Sea:</b> Disney crowd song<p/><b>Only For Him/Only For You:</b> Meg's an attention whore now, apparently<p/><b>The Aerie:</b> This music isn't too bad. Here's more of it<p/><b>'Til I Hear You Sing:</b> The Phantom fondels an automation of Christine while singing about his terrible, lonely life<p/><b>Giry Confronts The Phantom/'Til I Hear You Sing (Reprise):</b> Meg has the hots for The Phantom. Madame Giry feels underappreciated. The Phantom doesn't give a fuck<p/><b>Christine Disembarks:</b> The de Changy's arrive to Coney. Gustave is an angel and Raoul is an asshole<p/><b>Arrival of the Trio/Are You Ready to Begin:</b> Some freaks come to pick the family up. Raoul's still an asshole in case you were wondering<p/><b>What a Dreadul Town:</b> Gustave really wants to play with Raoul but Raoul's too busy complaining and being an asshole<p/><b>Look With Your Heart:</b> Look with your heart because your dad is ugly<p/><b>Beneath A Moonless Sky:</b> Christine and The Phantom had sex. They sing about it. Surprisingly good for being a song about a nail-and-bail<p/><b>Once Upon Another Time:</b> We could've worked if you weren't such a little bitch<p/><b>"Mother Please I'm Scared!":</b> Gustave wakes up and The Phantom promises to show him "all that's strange and wild and dark" (aka he's going to show him all the wonders of his basement)<p/><b>Dear Old Friend:</b> Haha we're such good friends. Just kidding I hate you. Also Gustave is kidnapped by the freaks and no one seems to give a shit<p/><b>Beautiful:</b> Gustave plays a simple tune on the piano and sings okay so The Phantom thinks that Gustave is his child<p/><b>The Beauty Underneath:</b> I'm gonna show you what's under there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p/><b>The Phantom Confronts Christine:</b> Just because we fucked and this child has a tiny bit of musical talent he's definitely my son. Also, Madame Giry is mad and says some more vague stuff<p/><b></b> -End of Act 1-<p/></p>