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@danisnotonfire: i have fully embraced pastel and have rebranded to DanielDreamX subscribe for flower crown hauls and nail painting tutorials
AU inspired by Dan’s tweet this morning.
I did this instead of studying for a test in bio this morning.

So 14 year old Phil made a game

He had no idea that 16 years later he’d be playing that game with a person he hadn’t even met yet

And that person would get all the references and know all the songs

And be so immensely proud and complimentary about this game

It’s just so amazing to me how life can change, how you could be doing things now and have no idea how they will turn out and who you’ll be sharing things with

I just, yeah.

If you’re about to write a post that says, I need a fic where- stop.

Please. Just stop.

What I want you to do IS WRITE THAT FIC. I don’t care whether or not you think you’re a good writer or not, and if you’re going to say, I don’t have the time! do you think Lin-Manuel Miranda had time to write Hamilton, or J.K Rowling to write Harry Potter? No. They made time.


hi there so after the OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to my last video (thank you for that by the way, it made me so happy), i decided to do another dear evan hansen song! so here’s a lil snippet of me singing and playing all the parts to “You Will Be Found” :) i hope ya like it

ps the app makes it sound better with headphones

hi everyone !!! so me n camille @galaxydnp have decided to host a self improvement meetup !!

what it is:

  • a time to express how u have improved urself so far this year 
    • art
    • writing
    • music
    • sports
    • mental health
    • appearance
    • blog
    • anything bab !! u can do multiple of these at once too ofc !!!!
  • a way to spread positivity and encourage others to keep growing
  • basically, sweet validation of ur self development

how to participate:

  • reblog this so it doesn’t flop lol
  • post a selfie, drawing, textpost, anything
  • under #self improvement phandom meetup and #phandom meetup 
  • no h8ers tolerated

when and where:

  • saturday, june third
  • 11 am pst / 2 pm est / 6 pm gmt
  • if ure not in any of those google can convert it for ya

thanks to everyone who participates and/or reblogs ! we r very excited :’)


Dan and Phil Games’ Channel turns Three!

Speed Paint:

My first ever Dan and Phil art was to express my excitement for this channel- and thanks to it, I’ve been introduced to the Phandom. I’ve had my ups and downs here and there, but I’ve made amazing friends and mutuals through the years, and I can’t express my appreciation more.

Do Not Repost Without Permission. Reblogs are appreciated :)

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I reached 800 followers! ♥

So i made some fresh Dan icons for you guys if you want to use them! If you do, just credit me and let me know if you want me to make you a specific icon! (like if you want a plain colored one) 

Thank you all so much for following me and all of the support! :)

Casual reminder to all the people replying to Phil's tweets yelling at him to "Do it!"


His body his choice. 

While obviously we should support him is he wears nail polish, we shouldn’t try to make him do it or feel like he has to. 

Yes, it’s cool when guys where nail polish because it breaks gender roles BUT it’s still a preference that goes beyond societal standards of what’s feminine or masculinity and involves things as simple as time. 

Phil may not want to wear it because he simply doesn’t have the patience for it. Or maybe the smell. Or maybe how he thinks it will look on him. 

Personally I like nail polish. But I rarely wear it because it’s too much work. 

Me choosing not to wear it is about me. 

Phil choosing not to wear it is about Phil. 

So please don’t start spamming him like with what happened with Dan. Obviously it’s great when men wear polish, but it should be their choice. Not to please others. (I am not saying Dan didn’t want to paint his nails, just saying tweeting him to do it 24/7 was probably annoying and made him feel some pressure)


hey people its your girl philledwithpuns aka Hannah and this is the first meetup im hosting bc im just that hyped for my first concert ever being panic! at the disco lol anyway i made this real crappy banner so im sorry for that also @ailens is hosting this with me :^) she’s a pretty cool dude


24 hours 

timezones  listed below

6 PM - 6 PM GMT

10 AM - 10 AM PST

11 PM - 11 PM MST

12 PM - 12PM CST

1 PM - 1 PM ET 


in this meetup you can post selfies, art, fanfic, edits, or anything else you want and use the meetup tags so people can see it! by doing this you can meet new people and see what people can make! 


anyone can participate as long as they like panic!at the disco and dan and phil! :^)

you DO NOT need to be a phan or panic! account you just need to like them :^)




#phandom meetup


this is my first meetup so im gonna do my best lol pls reblog to spread the word even if youre not going! tysm :^)

‘let this moment be the first chapter’ - phan

Summary: dan has a crisis about whether or not he will be a good father after they receive the confirmation letter that their adoption application has been accepted.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Trigger Warning: some swearing, a panic attack, talks of medical drug use, night terrors

Additional Tags: adoption, future, angst, anxiety

Author’s Note: this is the first of three one-shots based on three songs from ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’, based on the song 'that would be enough’

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Husband and Wife Tag Challenge (Danisnotonfire x reader)

Requested by @trueblue80s  : Hello can I request a imagine where Dan Howell is my husband and I’m a famous YouTuber and we do the husband and wife tag featuring Phil!

A/N: Thank you for the request! Okay so I hope I did this justice! First request, very happy. Please send more!

Summary: You and Dan are a happily married Youtube couple doing a husband and wife Tag video, but with a twist! Phil being happy to help and to tell you to quit kissing!

Warnings: Bit of fluff.

Female pronouns.


“Hello?” You hear someone yell from downstairs.
You turn and shout down the hall, “hey Phil! Come on up!” You continue to cut up the pieces of paper with questions on them into little strips and place them in the ceramic bowl filled with others. Phil clumps up the stairs and smiles at you.
“Hey (Y/N)! Good to see you!” He says with a wave.
“You too, Phil.” You glance behind him and see Dan behind him, a finger over his grin. You suppress a smirk and continue. “Did Dan tell you what we’re doing today?”
Phil shrugs, “he said it was a tag and that- Aahhhhh!” Dan makes an animalistic sound and grips Phil’s shoulders and causes Phil to jump. You and Dan laugh as Phil tries to recover. “No- no fair-” Phil says in between laughs.
“Totally fair, that was great,” Dan laughs.
When you’ve all calmed down, Dan and Phil hug quickly catch up like they haven’t seen each other in years, when in fact they had talked on Skype the night before. “Okay you two let’s film a video.” They smile and join you on the bed. Dan sat next to you on the edge of the bed, your hands linked. Phil sat crisscrossed behind the two of you with the bowl in his lap. You quickly get up again to turn on the camera, expertly frame everything up and check the lighting. You sit back down and countdown from three.
“Hey guys-” you and Dan say at the same time and then look at each other.
“Wait, is this going on your channel or mine?” Dan asks.
You roll your eyes sarcastically  and flip your hair, “obviously my channel.” Dan laughs and shakes his head. “This is going on my channel because the vlog is going on yours.” Dan makes a face like oh yeah…. and you shake your head, smiling.
“That’s gotta be the intro,” Phil says, laughing at you two bantering like the married couple you are.
“Oh I almost forgot!” You get up suddenly and running to grab the buttons from the closet. You hand one to Dan and take your own.
“What are these,” Dan asks incredulously. You sit down next to him and press your button, it makes a train noise. “There to determine who locked in first,” you explain, “because today, we’re going to be doing the ‘Husband and Wife Tag Challange!’” You say dramatically.
“Woooooooooo,” Dan and Phil say sarcastically. You giggle and continue.
“Okay so today I am joined by Danisnotonfire-” gesture to Dan, who gives your hand a squeeze. “And AmazingPhil, for a Game show style- Challenge- I have no idea what to call this.” You say in an undertone. “Where Phil is going to be asking us the questions you guys were kind enough to send in regarding Dan and I’s marriage.”
Dan gets a confused look on his face and turns to you, “wait we’re married?”
Your eyes widen dramatically, “I don’t know, I thought I was married to Phil.” You look at Phil, who shakes his head at you. “Phil-” you stop to laugh at Dan’s dramatic face. “Phil is gonna be asking us the questions and we buzz in with these buttons that Dan and I are holding.” Dan presses his button and it makes a loud “Moooooooooo!” The three of you laugh.
“What was that?” Phil breaths.
“That was the indicator noise for Dan,” you say. “So whoever-” Dan presses his button again. “Whoever buzzes in first and answers correctly gets the point. And the loser has to buy dinner.”
“Oooh,” Dan says with a grin. “If I win you’re taking me and Phil to Chez Llama.”
“Which doesn’t exist,” You mutter. “And if I win we’re going to (Your favorite restaurant).”
“And Phil gets a free dinner either way,” Dan says hugging his buddy.
“I like that plan,” Phil agrees. “First question time?”
“First question time,” You confirm.
“Okay. First question: what was your first video together?” You buzz in just before Dan and he groans in disappointment.
“The first video Dan and I did together was when Phil went out of town and I helped with your guys’s Gaming Channel for Spooky week.”
“But what was the video?” Phil asked.
“Until Dawn!” You practically scream.
“Okay. Point to (Y/N),” Phil hands you the little slip of paper and continues to the next one. “Who was Dan’s best man at your wedd-” Phil doesn’t get to finish as Dan instantly hits his button and answers.
“Phiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllll!” Dan also screams. It was true, when Dan finally popped the question, he had asked Phil to be the best man, since Dan’s brother was already married. Phil laughs at Dan’s answer and hands him the slip of paper.
It continued like that for quite a few questions. You and Dan racing to be first to answer the questions. For the most part, you and Dan knew all the answers to questions such as “what was your honeymoon spot?” and “what was the first movie you watched together?” The questions made you reminisce about little intimate moments with Dan you’d shared in the past. Like when you both visited a pet shop and cooed at all the animals, or when you had a classic picnic in the park by a lake. Little things like that.
“Okay so it looks like you guys are all tied up so….” Phil paused for drama, though Dan and I knew what was coming. “All or Nothing!”
“So glad you’ve learned that the meaning of all or nothing is a tie breaker, Phil,” Dan sarcastically comments.
Phil laughs and reads the notes for a good question. “Oh this is a good one. Okay for all the points and dinner of your choice here’s the final question: Who said I love you first, and when?” You press your button in a split second before Dan, who let’s out an annoyed 'ughhh’
“Oh hush,” You tell him, slapping his arm playfully.
“Whatever. There’s no way you remember,” Dan said confidently.
“I do remember. We were on the train back from visiting your parents for Christmas. We were sitting next to eachother and talking, and I started falling asleep,” you explain, looking at Dan. Normally you’d answer looking at the camera, but talking about the story made you want to look at Dan. “You made a comment about me starting to get tired, and you got me to lay down on your lap.” You thought back to the rocking of the train, Dan staring down at you with what the Phandom referred to as 'heart eyes Howell’ eyes. His curly hair falling into his eyes. You weakly protest, saying you weren’t tired, he chuckled and brushed a peice of hair off your cheeks and tucked it behind your ear. You softly smile at his gesture, your eyes start to close and Dan absentmindedly runs his finger through your hair and plays with it. Just as you fall asleep Dan quietly mutters, almost to himself “I love you, (Y/N).”
Even though you were losing consciousness you let out a quick “I love you too.” Before falling into a peaceful slumber.

Time Skip brought to you by Crazy Face

“I still can’t believe you remember the first time I said I love you,” Dan said, stabbing a meatball and smiling at you. You giggle and take a sip of your drink. Needless, to say, you won, and were now with the boys at (Your favorite restaurant). Dan’s right hand took your left, you smiled and went back to your meal.
“Course I remember. I said it back didn’t I?”
“Well, you know, you were half conscious and thought you were talking to your dream guy,” Dan says sheepishly.
“You are my dream guy,” You say, kissing him on the cheek.
“You missed.” You roll your eyes and kiss him on the lips. “Boo. Get a room,” Phil said playfully. You and Dan pull away and continue your meal, smiling and stealing kisses when Phil wasn’t looking the rest of the night.

(A/N): Okay so when I pasted this into the draft edit it didn’t show spelling mistakes until I double clicked each paragraph, so I’m sorry if I missed anything. 

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summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?
word count: 2318/20,000
warnings (this chapter): anxiety attacks, angsty!dan


The first thing Dan notices when he wakes up is that it’s bright. The bed’s still warm, and there’s a lump where Phil had been. Dan notices Phil isn’t there anymore. He doesn’t have time to question the weirdness of this fact because his stomach growls and he comes to the realization that he hasn’t eaten anything since the last morning and that’s just unacceptable.

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I hate it when people pretend to hit me or throw something at me and then laugh and say “made you flinch” and I’m like, do you want me to just let things hit me in the face, is that your ultimate goal

Freckles in the Phandom

As a person with pale skin and therefore a lot of freckles it makes me ridiculously happy to see the phandom go crazy over Dan and Phil’s freckles.
I have seen quite a lot people complaining about their freckles and although I never thought anything negative about them, the fact that people need to include freckles in body positivity posts made me think that maybe people do think freckles are something ugly.
Now that everyone is saying positive things about these cute little spots and Dan and Phil themselves posting pictures of them proudly, I regained my initial opinion on them ^^