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if pacific rim 2 isn’t happening, we might as well write up a petition and pool up our money to pay burn and charlie to dress up as newt and hermann and kiss

if i go through the white house petition site, then obama would have to acknowledge it


The Best Caribbean Island for Those Who Love Adventure: St. Lucia

Most people head out to the Caribbean in search of endless beaches and turquoise blue waters that offer warm water snorkeling, fishing and sailing opportunities. But if you want all that and a little bit more in the way of adventure, St Lucia is the island for you. The volcanic island is best known for the Pitons, (Gros and Petit) a World Heritage Site, and one of the island’s most recognizable symbols. Read more >

Kevin photographe

Vous connaissez Kevin le photographe ? Surement un jeune né dans les années 90, à l’époque de Kevin Costner, les parents ont adoré l’acteur, et ils ont attribué le prénom à leur fils. Celui ci a eu un smatphone à 12 ans, a commencé à prendre tout ce qu’il voit en photos, on a commencé à l’appeler le Kéké photographe, puis il a monté sa petite affaire, son site web kevin photographe, puis s’est planté écrasé sous la concurrence, et voilà.

tumblr literally needs to chill about everything like

little petitions on these sites with 100k signers aren’t going to change shit

the words shota/loli were used before they were porns mainly used for porn so nah it ain’t pedophilic

genderbend isn’t even transphobic i really dont understand that please chill

Tablet Users Beware!

So, there’s this fake FBI message that popped up on two of my tablets. Both are fake, as they demand payment of Walmart, iTunes, or other gift cards. It won’t let you exit, and if you can turn it sideways, you can see the code break and reveal that it is pulling images from porn sites to “prove” that you’re looking at illegal porn. It’s also against what the FBI does, as they wouldn’t give a perpetrator a heads up.

One of these sites it pulled the pictures from is zoophilia, but the others show pictures from sites with petite, legal age people.

As much as it sucks, the only way to get rid of this scam pop up is to reset your you device.

If you have time, spread this information.

@takashi0 if you wouldn’t mind.
S.M. Entertainment, SHINee: Give Europe a SHINee World tour
Shawols from all over europe are waiting for a SHINee europe tour for years now. We're really hoping it is possible for SHINee to have a SHINee World Tour in Europe. European Shawols will definitely attend these concerts when it happens!

Since another concert has happend today and it made even the I-shawols happy and emotional

I think we need to work harder! Please sign and share this petition! Let korean news sites know about this! Let SHInee fansites know about this! Ask them for help! As a european shawols, I’m begging even the non european shawols to help us.

Please help us, we would be so so grateful!

Reblog, Reblog, REBLOG!!!

Hey, fellas!! I REALLY love the progress we’re making; I absolutely do! But word won’t get out very quickly if you just LIKE our posts. Please, PLEASE, reblog the important posts! This includes contact information, petition links, savewoy site links, and the recent photo post (once we get permission to repost it, of course)! I wish I could say that this isn’t to gain attention, but it kind of is. After all, we need as many people as possible to know about this blog so that everyone knows what to do and who to contact to #SAVEWOY !

- Mod Wander