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Karamel 2x13 couch scene – Extended version

Summary: The extended 2x13 couch scene, according to my perv heart.

BEWARE THE (sort of) SMUT!!!

Notes: Once again, I couldnโ€™t think of a proper title yet; Iโ€™ll come up with something when I publish it on AO3 and FFNet. :P

Mon-Elโ€™s head was already spinning when he fell with Kara on her couch in the middle of their passionate kiss. He was barely able to think coherently, but he did try to be careful when he climbed on the couch on top of her, but then Kara pulled his body closer to hers without a second thought and he simply gave in. His heart was beating so fast that he thought it might explode. He had longed so much for this momentโ€ฆ Only a few days ago, he thought it would never happen, he thought he would never be with Kara, and here she was, kissing him with the same passion and hunger as he was kissing her.

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I clearly stated I'm TALKING to him and he lives AN HOUR away which clearly states I'm in no way shape or form getting with this guy or in some unhealthy relationship I am literally having some friendly talk getting to know him people need to calm down as it's not fair on him either why does he have to be called some pedo or perv or whatever when all the guy is doing is having friendly chat,no one can even talk to people these days without having it sexualised and in no way do you deserve the bs

Exactly, coming from the girl herself x

They were working back late. He always enjoyed perving on the officer manager. Her short skirts and heels were such a fucking turn on. Her blouse buttons always looked like they were being stressed. How much tit could they hold before popping open. Why the fuck wouldn’t they just POP?! And what was this beautiful blonde hiding under her skirt? She was the cause of quite a few sneaky self handling jobs in the staff amenities. She noticed his bulge and was instantly turned on.
“What do we have here?” she brushed her hand along his slacks, the whole length of his erection. She lifted her skirt revealing sexy stockings and knickers. His dick was taking over, rendering his brain useless. He kissed her on the neck, she unbuttoned releasing the roundest tits he’d ever seen and no fucking bra. His mouth watered, moving straight to the nipple, sucking, hungry for a taste of her. His finger moved into her panties parting her pussy lips. Her wetness made him harder. He slid two fingers into her. She thrust her hips on his fingers wanting more. She unzipped him releasing a lush hard cock dripping with sticky pre cum. She swirled the cum around his knob, removed her knickers and climbed on top. Her round ass in clear view. His groans were intense. She rode him like a wild animal in a rush to eat. She was as horny for him as he was for her. He had to look away several times to stop himself exploding. She grind up against his cock, deep inside her, balls covered in beautiful pussy juices. This was better than any visuals he had imagined with her. He was swelling for her and she just kept taking him all the way in. She yelled with shear delight as she orgasmed all over his cock. He could feel her pussy tightening on him and throbbing as she came making him instantly cum inside her too. A lot of cum between them. “Thank you for your help Tom, I’ll need you to stay back tomorrow too.” she insisted. He grinned, no answer required. Plus the brain still wasn’t working. By me

Was it just my imagination or...

… this moment between them…  


Just look at Victor’s pervy eyes in the image above. Sure, he says ‘I want to kiss the gold medal’ but then he looks at Yuri with those fucking bedroom eyes in such a fucking playful manner and the whole scene is literally screaming “I want to kiss the hell out of you but now is really not the time. People are watching us.” 

And Yuri totally notices that which he why his eyes suddenly go wider and then he starts laughing. 

I’m aware some people are disappointed that they didn’t kiss here but Victor totally eye-fucked Yuri in this scene and to me this was hotter than any kiss. 


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’