the personal pouch

Hello my fellow student witches! 💕⭐️

So I know most of you guys are enjoying your carefree summer vacation (lucky ;-;), but for those who are stuck taking summer classes like me, you might need a little support since they’re fast paced as heck. I will say that this is my first ever spell, so if things seem a bit funky, that’s why. 😅 Now without further adieu, I present to you…

✨🔮The 4.0 GPA Magic Charm Bag🔮✨

This bag is full of goodies to help promote mental focus, stability, and luck, which in turn will help you get the grades you want (if you work hard too, of course). I made sure to use relatively common ingredients so it doesn’t break the bank if you ever have to go out and buy any of them. Also, you can omit or add anything you like. After all, this is a magic charm bag for your own personal needs!


  • White Pouch — For purifying the mind of any unnecessary thoughts to make way for new knowledge.
  • Tiger’s Eye — To enhance your personal power by allowing you to focus clearly on your goals and obtain the ambition you need to make them a reality. Also helps in maintaining a positive and confident  attitude.
  • Amethyst — To calm your test anxiety and instill inner peace, as well as to reduce stress, insomnia, and headaches. Also helps to end bad procrastination habits.
  • Fluorite - For amplifying mental focus, converting feelings of chaos to stability, and promoting clear thinking with unbiased reasoning. Also absorbs negativity and stress.  
  • Rosemary —  To purify your mind of those pesky procrastination thoughts.
  • Peppermint — To wake up your senses and make you more alert when you’re feeling groggy from late night/all day studying.
  • Lemon juice — To cleanse your “I hate studying” feelings and give you the zest and spark of energy you need to get through your study marathon day.
  • Dried Bay Leaves — For mental strength and purification + protection from distracting thoughts.
  • ½ Cinnamon Stick— For mental focus and clarity.
  • Fern Sprig— For good health, good fortune (because sometimes you just need an ounce of luck 😋), and success
  • Paper cut-outs of sigils with phrases designed for acing your tests — Create duplicate copies of a sigil so that one sigil cut-out can be burned/erased to infuse the symbol with energy, while the other paper cut-out can go into your bag as reference. You can use your own sigils or ones made by others. I also recommend adding multiple sigil phrases into your bag if you need it.

I recommend lightly wrapping the herbs in thin tissue paper so you can benefit from the healing effects of their smells and storing the lemon juice in its own separate vial.

To cleanse and charge your charm bag, you can place it under the light of the full moon. I don’t recommend using sunlight because some of the crystals (amethyst and fluorite) are sensitive to light and may fade.

Well I hope this helps any student witches out there! If you’re on summer vacation, you’ll need it eventually when you get back to school, so it’d be best to start gathering this stuff early and not wait until finals week comes around, haha!

Wishing you all good grades, productive study sessions, and success! 💕☺️

Love and light blessings,

Malina ❤️

Spell to Ward Your Person from Harm

I saw a version of this spell, that was very lacking. It literally said to just add crushed peppers and broken glass shards to a container, and then bury them on your property. The problem, the intent isn’t super clear, and the ingredients are a bit of a mixed signal. The concept is good though. It got me thinking. So here’s what I would do for a protective spell pouch.


You’ll need a small pouch to keep your spell in. A box or jar would also work. 

  • A hot chili pepper, preferably whole
  • An iron nail
  • Soil from your own home
  • A lock of your hair 

If you’re making the spell for someone else, then you need soil from their home, and something of theirs to use for the focus. A photograph would work if you don’t have access to something like a few strands of hair.

You need to have a clear, quiet area to focus from start to finish. Try to set everything out in a way that makes sense to you, for how you’re going to use it. Charge every item as you added it to your spell pouch. 

Hot peppers. Peppers are for warding things away, averting them from you. You can use peppers in cursing and attack spells, but they are also extremely useful in warding and cleansing. Focus on the warmth of the pepper being soothing for you, and painful for those who would do you harm. If you’re visual, then picture this. If you’re tactile, then maybe handle the pepper, feel how it warms your hands after a while, internalize that the pepper is not meant to burn you, but will scar your enemies.

An iron nail. This should not be rusted if possible. Iron is strong, unyielding. It is used for both building and destroying. The iron nail is your sword. It is your shield. The cold metal keeps you safe and damages those foolish enough to try your defenses. It also has the added benefit of warding off some spirits and fae. 

Soil from your home. Your home is your safe place, your castle, your base of operations. It’s where you gather your energy. The soil ties the spell to your home, so it can continue to feed from the energy of your house.

A lock of hair. This ties the spell directly to you. It focuses the spell so that it will serve to protect you. Without this, it’s a very general spell that can serve to protect an area. With a lock or few strands of your hair though, it focuses the spell in on protecting you from harm.

Focus on what each item brings to the spell as you add it to the bag. When you’re finished, close up the bag. Seal the spell now. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sew up the bag. If you’re using a jar or box, you can seal it with wax or clay. You can also seal it by tying a knot in the bag strings, or something similar. This indicates the spell is finished working, and severed from your active energy. This “finishes” the spell, and allows it to start working without drawing on you for power. Now store the spell somewhere safe.



FANIME 2017 !!

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Feedback Time! Mr. Jinbei-San, Whale Shark by SanX

Hello all!

I was introduced to this character awhile ago and personally loved him (dat pouch!)

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz and interest in this character here and there so I decided to make a post to get some feedback if you would like us to stock merchandise from this character.

Because the line is so extensive, please let me know what items you would like to see! You can PM or email at or replies!

Thank you!

Yesterday I saw my sisters and brother in law for dinner then today I’ve been cleaning, cleansing, practicing yoga, performing rituals and will spend the remainder of the night reading tarot 🙏🏼 I’m also going to end w a nice meditation before medicating again, this super moon is extra special as the moon hasn’t been this close to the earth since 1948, and won’t be again until 2034!! ⌛️🙌🏼
I’ve already crafted a spell pouch, herbal candle, did a salt sweep, made more of my crystal sprays and have everything on my windowsill to be charged 💓 it’s so incredibly beautiful and radiant, a little cloudy but it’s still shining so brightly with the most wonderful, uplifting and inspiring energies 😍✨

healingwixh  asked:


     sᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴀ “👗” && ᴍʏ ᴍᴜsᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ ᴅʀᴇss ᴛᴏᴜʀs ~ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ

  • A more out there look. The color’s are a mix of warm && cool color’s, but they blend nicely.

  • The jewelry is just because Lugia think’s pink is a complimenting color on Nora, but the necklace is a choker, watch is on her left wrist && the ring’s are switched between her hands. 

  • Her bag holds all her medical supplies && change of clothing, but a few key item’s are … Her little personal pouch, her travel shampoo && conditioner, along with a handy pack of band aids. 

Soldier A
Occupation : Soldier Apprentice
Sex : Man
Level : 2
HP : 18
MP : 7
Left Hand : Soldier’s Sword
Body : Soldier’s Armor
Waist : Leather Belt
Shoes : Leather Boots
Power : 11
Speed : 87
Physical Fitness : 22
Intelligence : 27
Luck : 1
Maximum HP : 18
Maximum MP : 7
Attack : 2
Defense : 5
Loyalty of Heart: 279
Ex : 14

Occupation : Magician
Sex : Woman
Level : 30
HP : 214
MP : 153
Right Hand : Wiseman’s Rod
Head : Three-Cornered Hat
Back : Jet-Black Cape
Personal Item : Jet-Black Book
Power : 38
Speed : 68
Physical Fitness : 31
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 121
Maximum HP : 214
Maximum MP : 153
Attack : 50
Defense : 62
Chuuni Level : 279
Ex : 241766

Occupation : Priest
Sex : Man
Level : 31
HP : 238
MP : 25
Right Hand : Hardcore Mace
Body : Holy Clothes
Head : Holy Hat
Personal Item: Bible
Power : 253
Speed : 60
Physical Fitness : 140
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 78
Maximum HP : 238
Maximum MP : 25
Attack : 219
Defense : 121
Faith in God : (Crossed Out (15)) (Written In (999))
Ex : 298105

Occupation : King (The Greatest)
Sex : (Crossed Out (Woman)) (Written In (Girl))
Level : 1
HP : 10
MP : 10
Head : Crown of Ramitonia
Body 1 : Cashmere Clothes
Body 2 : King’s Robe
Personal Item : Girl’s Secret Pouch
Power : 3
Speed : 8
Physical Fitness : 2
Intelligence : ???
Luck : 255
Maximum HP : 10
Maximum MP : 10
Attack : 1
Defense : 4
Financial Assets : National Budget
Ex : 0

Occupation : Demon Lord Army Soldier
Sex : Man
Level : 37
HP : 402
MP : 185
Right Hand : Demon Blade Kusanagi
Body : Armor of Legend
Back : Cloak of Curse
Power : 249
Speed : 130
Physical Fitness : 167
Intelligence : 140
Luck : 21
Maximum HP : 402
Maximum MP : 185
Attack : 320
Defense : 140
Evil Eye Power Level : 333
Ex : 417771