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Don’t ever tell me that marching band isn’t important.

I have had so many problems with public schools putting all the emphasis on athletics. When a school’s budget is cut, they don’t choose to take a little from each program. No. They choose to completely eradicate the arts programs, usually starting with the marching band. If you don’t play sports, you’re not a valuable asset, you’re not qualified for scholarships, and you mean nothing. Marching band? Why would we be impressed that you’re in marching band?

Anyone can do that.

Okay, fine. Anyone can do marching band. Anyone can spend hours on the field doing the same forty-second section over and over and over and over. Anyone can hit over 75 precise dots on the field with the correct step sizes, the correct amount of steps, the correct timing, without being so much as an inch to either side, in order and without looking at the yard line markers or the field. Anyone can memorize all of those extremely specific points on the grass and varying counts for steps and then execute them with a shako visor pulled down over your eyes and looking up at the press box the whole time. If you look down at the yard line markers to see where you are, congratulations, you just lost points for the group.

Anyone can memorize eight pages of notes, rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, and tempos. (But of course, before you do that you have to learn an instrument with hundreds of different fingerings and learn how to make slight changes in your lips to change notes and stay in tune.) Memorize all seven and a half minutes of music and then marry it to the seventy-five pages of drill you memorized. Do them both perfectly and at the same time. But you can’t just do what you memorized. You have to do it in perfect sync with everyone around you and know how to make the slightest adjustments to fit perfectly within the group. If you’re an inch to the right or barely a thousandth of a step sharp, it’ll throw everything off.

But anyone can do that.

Then add in the fact that you don’t get any individual credit for doing this. The closest you’ll come to recognition is your identity lumped into “The Such-and-Such Marching Band” as you all march onto the field looking exactly the same. You don’t have a number on your back. You have a uniform intended to erase you and turn you into dot T14 and nothing more.

But, for some reason you can’t explain, you love it. You love throwing everything you have into this ridiculously precise pursuit and then not getting any credit for it. You start thanking people when they call you a band geek. You start taping pictures of marching bands into your locker. You start wearing your band shirt everywhere you go. Because you look at the person in an identical uniform next to you and you know that you’ve done this for them and they’ve done this for you. This is more than just a team, this is a family; and if one person is missing from the form, the show can’t ever be the same. 

It costs so much money, so much time. You’re out there on the field in the blazing sun for fourteen hours a day during summer band camp, out in the street getting frostbite on your fingertips during the holiday parade. If anyone knew what you went through for this, they would wonder what made it all worth it.

And the truth is, what makes it all worth it cannot be described. It’s the camaraderie between you and the center snare, the colorguard newbie, the tenor sax player in the set in front of you. It’s the sunset behind you lighting up the back of your plume. It’s the hazy nostalgia that racks your chest with emotion. There’s something about the family you’ve chosen and the experience you’ve internalized that gives you the passion to throw everything down onto that field like nothing else matters in the world… because in that moment, it’s true. 

Your nerves are damaged from the cold. Your skin is damaged from the sun. Your joints are damaged from marching and marching and marching. You’re physically and mentally drained, your body is irreversibly compromised, you’re broke as hell, and all you have to show for it is a polyester jacket and a couple of blurry photographs.

But sports are what require hard work and dedication, not marching band.

Even though you complained basically the entire time you marched and even though you’re done with it, you pull out those photographs and you remember. You remember your first day of high school band camp when you had absolutely no idea what you were getting yourself into. You remember your first final retreat when they announced your band’s name as state champions, and you wanted to cry with happiness but you weren’t allowed to move, so you just clenched your fists so tight that your fingernails dug white crescents into your palms. You remember coming back the next year and thinking you knew everything as a sophomore, only to realize there was still so much to learn. You remember the band trips you spent months fundraising for, all the lame tourist attractions you visited between performances, and how you wouldn’t trade those memories for all the money in the world. You remember being a junior and getting nervous because people looked up to you now: as an upperclassman, as a section leader, as a friend. And then you were a senior and you cried on the final day of band camp. You remember how your life became a series of lasts. You had to decide which of the freshmen would inherit your band cubby, your lucky bottle of valve oil, your bus seat. You went to graduation but it didn’t mean anything because you still had one last band trip coming up. You didn’t shed a tear when you tossed your cap but you cried like a child after your last parade. You remember on the plane ride home, you expected to feel devastated and heartbroken, but you just felt… empty.

You remember printing out what seemed like the most difficult solo in the world. You remember driving up to your college and entering a room with a chair and a stand and a couple of people giving you skeptical looks. You remember getting an email from the college marching band with your audition results and reading it with tears of joy in your eyes because you realized it was starting all over again.

But marching band doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter.

Tell me that it doesn’t matter. Tell me as many times as you want. You could scream it in my face and I still wouldn’t hear because the music we’re making is too damn loud to let anything else in. 

Tell me that it doesn’t matter when I’m standing on the field for the last time, knowing that everything behind me will last forever and that nothing will ever mean more to me than this… and all you’ve got is some money and a jersey with a number on the back.

Do not ever tell me that marching band isn’t important. It is everything to me, and it is everything to millions of other band geeks across the world.

When you refuse to support kids because they participate in the arts rather than athletics, you’re no better than the football player who takes lunch money from nerds.

To all of my fellow band geeks… keep marching, even if the world tells you it’s not worth it. It is. God, it is worth it, in ways no one else but you will ever understand. Continue your band career in college. Audition for a drum corps. Stay active in your high school band as an alumnus supporter. You are all my family. 

Won’t Let Go

Title: Won’t Let Go

Summary: When you return to the bunker with Sam, you realize how shaken Dean is after everything that has happened. All you want to do is comfort him but he ends up promising you something you never thought he would.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1063

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of blood and death. Spoilers for the episode 12x22 “Who We Are”. Bit of fluff because let’s be real, we all need this.

Author’s Note: So. The two hour finale. It killed me. And episode 22? Also killed me. Jensen’s acting killed me. I’m just completely dead right now, okay? So, I had to write this because my Deanie Beanie deserves all the love and comfort in the world *clears throat* *pulls herself together*

Right. This is set right after the last scene of the episode, meaning right after that group hug the three Winchesters share. The gif used is not mine. You can find it here

Enjoy <3 

The steady sound of running water overwhelmed your senses as you bonked your head against the shower door, washing away worries and fears and that little voice in the back of your mind that told you it was impossible for you to be there, to be back in the bunker again, alive and safe and almost unscathed.

Breathing deeply, in and out, you wrapped yourself around a towel, and got out of the shower slowly, eyes already darting towards the fresh scars and wounds covering your skin.

You should be used to it by now, but the thought of dying, of leaving this world, even in a blaze of glory with Dean and Sam next to you, had scared you more than you’d like to admit.

In and out.

Running your fingers through your hair, you let the towel drop to the floor and reached for your underwear, then slipped into one of Dean’s flannels, mind drifting to him almost intuitively. You’d only seen him for a few moments after you and Sam had returned from your mission, but you could tell that, whatever he’d seen in that dream sequence inside Mary’s head had hurt him. Really hurt him, even though he’d never say that out loud.

And, God, you worried about him.

In and out.

Soon enough, you were in the room you shared with Dean, only to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, holding what you knew was a picture of himself and his mother in hand.

Your heart broke.

“Hi there.” You whispered, leaning against the doorframe.

He looked up then, green eyes lighting up just a bit as he registered your presence.

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CP bachelor AU: part 12

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 | part 11


The clouds that threatened rain earlier in the day have subsided, bunching themselves cosily near the horizon as though they’re aware that what Laurent needs more than anything else is a good sunset to serve as a backdrop. Laurent sits in the grass near the edge of the headland, looking down onto the dark sand of the beach. The water shades abruptly from turquoise to teal a few hundred metres offshore, a meandering divide that becomes less and less distinct as the sun creeps down.

Part of the reason Laurent has been so strict with the show’s budget is that he’s been determined, all along, to produce a finale that is truly spectacular. Sunsets over the ocean aren’t exactly easy to come by, on Australia’s east coast, and it’s an irony of geography that the nearest west coast belongs to another country entirely.

But that makes it better, Laurent thinks, gazing out over the vista of Te Henga. Crossing the sea. The romance of destination.

“I don’t suppose you’d be prepared to give us a hint,” says a voice from behind him.

“And spoil your authentic, on-camera emotional response?” Laurent shoots back. “Please, Jokaste.”

Jokaste steps up next to him; Laurent has to tilt his head to take her in. Her hair is braided back, one plait forming a headband and the others looped intricately into a knot at the back of her head. She’s wearing a long flowing dress of pale lavender, just a shade away from overtly bridal, and it somehow manages to accentuate the porcelain of her skin instead of calling out unpleasant pink or yellow tones. Laurent makes a note to give someone in wardrobe a bonus for that.

“You do know who he’s going to choose, don’t you?” she says.

“Of course,” Laurent lies, cool and easy.

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The Tattoo Artist

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 4.450+

Summary: In which everyone gets a name tattoo of their soulmate on their wrist when they turn eighteen but Y/N doesn’t believe in it and wants hers covered up by the male tattoo artists whose shop is right down the street

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Poisoned Soul

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris, JJ Ackles (mentioned), Twins (sorta mentioned)     

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Warnings: Drug use, feeling like you are not enough, this is angsty as hell and there is a warning that I am not listing here but you can find it in the tags if you want.     

Word Count: 2300ish

A/N: This is written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. I am so sorry about this Jen, but no matter what I did my brain kept going angsty with this song <3

My prompt was Angeles by Jensen Ackles - I used the theme of the song and my interpretation of the lyrics rather than the actual lyrics.

Thanks a billion to @blacktithe7 for betaing and helping me get this one just right.

Jensen stared at the TV, and he felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest. This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t be her. Someone must have been staying at her place. This had to be a mistake, but the new anchor seemed sure in his convictions.

“In the early hours this morning, country-rock singer Y/N Y/L/N was found dead in her Beverly Hills apartment. Cause of death is a presumed drug overdose. Last year, Y/L/N spend some time in a recreational home, trying to overcome her battles with addiction, but it seems as the young star lost her battle….  

Jensen’s chest started to tighten, and his ears began ringing, making the speaker’s voice a faint background noise. His breathing got heavier as he started struggling against his tears. This couldn’t be happening. Y/N couldn’t be gone.

“Oh my God,” his wife’s voice sounded a million miles away, and Jensen didn’t realize he had even been holding his breath before her hand rested on his back. As the air left his chest, Jensen fell to his knees, and Danneel followed him down, wrapping her arms around him as Jensen clung to her as if she was his only lifeline.

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Requests: “Hi! How are you? I was wondering if your requests are open, if you could please write a fluff klaus x reader one shot where he finds her asleep in his bath and everything is all peaceful and he is grateful to have her.You can add any detail such as tucking her in bed, cuddling or whatever. Thank you!” (Credits to gif owners!)

Klaus kicked off his boots and tore his jacket away from his body while appreciating the Christmas lights scattered over the inside of the house as well as the outside. It amazed him to see what Y/N could accomplish when he was away with his family for a whole day. In the corner of the livingroom was the Christmas tree with even more lights wrapped around it.

He could picture his human tangled in the lights and accidentally tripping over the wires. Her tongue poking out in concentration as she managed to get them off of her and figure it all out. Then she probably wore herself out lounging around watching Christmas movie and hot chocolate by her side all huddled in her wool socks and thick pajama pants. The hybrid also knew that she was waiting for him to put the topper on the tree and to help her decorate it.

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I’ve been planning to post this since I watched the movie.

So I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday, and let me tell you, I am in love with it. I legit told my parents I was gonna marry that goddamn movie.

The story line and moral lesson was so sweet. The characters were so diverse and funny and heartbreaking and just overall amazing (I was legit screaming when I saw how many POC characters were in it, God bless). And even though some scenes were a bit rushed and auto tune was kinda irritating, I loved it.

But the best part of the movie was the introduction to Disney’s first canon, outed gay character.

When I first heard that there was gonna be some representation in a children’s film, I was so excited. However, I was kinda worried Disney would play it off as some joke or even make the person a rude, sinister jerk. When I heard LeFou was gonna be the gay character, it made me even more nervous.

But I saw him and his role in the movie. I was shook.

It was so beautiful.

LeFou - I’m so proud of Disney. He isn’t played off as a comic relief or a thing that shouldn’t exist, but he was so well-written and actually had layers. He went through so much development in the movie. His crush on Gaston influenced much of his actions, but soon he realized what was happening and ultimately found some good in his heart. He helped the antiques in the battle and he finally learned that he deserved more than a ruthless, heartless monster with a habit of leaving old men to die in the wilderness.

In the end, he got a happy ending. He’s over Gaston and is now happy and joyful at the ball dance, especially when a handsome young man - Stanley, I think - joins him in the revel.

Honestly, this movie made me feel so happy. But I’m not only gonna stop here.

If you don’t like the movie because you hate gay people: fuck you. It’s 2017, get your shit straight - actually, it’s already straight. But still - we live in a changing world, and we all know we can’t control love. If a princess can fall in love with a beast, I’m pretty sure two guys have the right to kiss.

Try to argue with me. Try.

Secondly, I know some people have doubts about LeFou being a good representative. Remember what I said above. His sexuality corresponds with his actions and behavior. It is shown many times that he loves Gaston, but he doesn’t stay in that want for him much longer when he realizes what a monster he actually is. Like what Mrs. Potts says: “You’re too good for him.”

So he learns a lesson and gets some development. But we have a final thing we have to discuss before I end this.

Many people are pretty upset that there isn’t much representation in general. That there isn’t enough, and most of what happens brings you laughing your ass off.

And to that I say: Look.

Look how far Disney has come. We went from a movie about how true love is always the answer (which it isn’t) to a movie with a diverse cast and the lesson that there is always good and kindness in our hearts. I’m proud that Disney has taken it’s first step (but not the last, mind you) in exploring different cultures and peoples from Polynesian tribes to their first gay character that isn’t “just a joke.” And this probably isn’t the last time we’ll see this kind of diversity.

Disney is taking baby steps, but I will wait for the rest of my life for a time where the LGBTQ+ community is nothing but ordinary. That we exist and we are more than just fetishes and stereotypes.

Be patient. This isn’t forever. Just like how it isn’t forever till you finally come to terms with your sexuality or gender identity. How it isn’t forever till you come out. How it isn’t forever till you make a difference in the world and win equality for all.

I hear so much about how little representation was shown and how the movie failed with it - but take the time to realize. We’re lucky we got actual representation. We’re lucky we’re here today, watching the birth of the first gay Disney character who’s outed and he isn’t just some doofus or laughingstock.

We’re lucky Disney finally heard us and listened.

Maybe they screwed up. Maybe they didn’t. You have your own opinion on how they played it out, and I have mine. But I want you all to know this isn’t the last time we’ll see this. This isn’t the last time we’ll find our community on the screen where so many different people can see.

If Disney doesn’t make more movies with more representation, like hell we would rest. We will make our voices heard, and we will make sure they know we aren’t going to rest until we are seen as valuable as a straight or cis person. We will make sure people will see who we are.

But right now, let’s just look. Look at how people are changing, how minds and ideas are changing. How the world is changing.

One day the world will change. One day everyone will be accepted for who they are, regardless of religion, sexuality, race, gender, kin, age, weight, or anything else. One day, love will bring people together instead of driving them apart, and hate would be something of the past.

It sounds poetic, I know. Even downright stupid.

But I hope this day will come.

The movement for equal rights had started long, long ago, and it’s not done yet. We will fight for our rights. And we still fight today.

This movie is not the start of Disney’s diversity, and it isn’t the end. I have a feeling they’re gonna make more representation in the times yet to come. But let’s be happy they took another step. A step that’ll help show the world that we’re all as valid as society’s “norms.”

I’m so proud of LeFou and what Disney has done, and I can’t wait for more.

So…thank you, Disney.

Thank you.

I Love You Most // Archie Andrews

Can you do an Archie x Reader fix where the reader does something and then Archie just out of the blue asks her to marry her? If you’re not comfortable , I understand 💕

Hey! It’s not uncomfortable at all, unless I’ve taken a completely different approach I’m sorry but I don’t do smut etc, I can’t handle that 😂 nonetheless I made a G Rated version so hopefully this is okay! I also wanted to say I love you all very much and care for each and every one of you 💕🌸



Archie woke up without any hint of feeling throughout his body. Every single one of his emotions felt numb; he felt numb. He felt as if he was floating out of his body, wishing he was dead, but, he knew he wasn’t. He couldn’t, he needed to be strong for his dad, he needed to be. After what he witnessed in Pop’s only just yesterday, he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t cope and felt as though he was breaking at the seams, that his father being shot was the breaking point for his sanity and humanity. But, he knew he had someone to remind him that he wasn’t alone.

He turned right, noticing that his girlfriend, Y/N, was nowhere in sight. He panicked a little, sitting up in his bed, feeling his heart rate pick up, that is until he smelt the likes of pancakes coming from downstairs. He sighed of relief, knowing she was alright.

Y/N had stayed with him the whole day yesterday after everything that had happened with Fred, she was basically becoming everything he needed in that moment; a girlfriend, best friend and just a person who loved him enough to stay by his side.

Y/N knew Archie was hurting, breaking even. She didn’t know how to help him, she felt as though she couldn’t make the situation better. Y/N had this habit of trying to make every situation better, always finding the silver lining. But, for the first time, she felt as though there was nothing she could do to take away her boyfriend’s heartache.

Archie finally gained some strength and got up from his bed, walking out of his bedroom and down the stairs, hearing the quiet noise of Y/N humming a song that he couldn’t quite make out properly. She wore one of his t-shirts, a pair of leggings on to keep her warm due to winter. Her soft Y/H/C flowing every time she moved or even slightly tilted her head.

Archie was okay with admiring her, watching everything she did in her own way, she made him feel again, she made him have hope. He leaned against the door frame, resting his head against it whilst watching Y/N hard at work with cooking. He didn’t want her to notice him; he was enjoying her being herself in her own little world, like nothing could touch her. If he’d lost Y/N in any way, he’d be more lost than ever, he could lose her, he refused to lose her.

Archie wish he could do that right about now. Before he knew it, his vision became blurry, a new batch of tears falling.

Y/N heard a sniffle behind her, seeing Archie with his head down, letting out quite sobs as she turned off the gas, running over to him and pulling him into a strong hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. She refused to let go, she never wanted to let him go. His strong arms found their way around her waist, burying his head in the crook of her neck whilst he let the tears fall.

‘I-I can’t lose him, Y/N - I can’t.’ He cried out, feeling his body going weak, starting to drop to the floor. Y/N followed him, refusing to let him go out of her arms, wanting to hold him and take his pain away, but, she knew she couldn’t. They made it to the floor, Archie’s back leaning against the door frame.

He was hurting.

'You won’t, Arch. I know you won’t…if you’re anything like your dad, he’ll fight like hell for you and stay alive.’ Y/N comforted, one of her hands caressing his cheek, holding his teary eyed face up to look at her. He looked like a scared boy, afraid of the future and what could happen…he wasn’t ready for it, heck - how could anyone be ready for it?

'Please don’t leave me…’ he pleaded, biting his lip to try and stop the tears flowing. 'I - I can’t live without you.’ His own hand found her small cheek, watching her own eyes becoming glossy.

'I’ll never leave you, Archie. That’s a promise. I’m by your side, through the good and the bad.’ She whispered to him, running her fingers through his auburn locks.

Archie admired Y/N’s features and her kind heart, wondering how lucky he was to find someone so special and important, that he promised he’d never take her for granted. He knew some before him had done so, losing an amazing, caring person, who’s would do anything for anyone.

'Marry me?’ He asked, making Y/N let out a tearful chuckle. She leaned in, pecking his lips longingly, pulling away to only rest her forehead against his.

'One day, Arch, one day.’ She smiled, closing her eyes.

'Y/N, will you help me find the person who did this?’ Archie asked, looking at her with all seriousness in his brown orbs.

Y/N grabbed his hand from her face, intertwining their fingers together to hold hands. 'Yes. I’ll be with you every step of the way, Archie. I love you.’

'I love you more.’

'I love you most.’

'C'mon, that’s not fair.’ Archie chuckled for the first time since the incident, running his fingers through Y/N’s hair.

'Sorry. Now, I’ve made a decent breakfast for you and I want to share it with you.’ Y/N kissed his lips once more, knowing this boy was always going to be in her life, and was happy to be apart of his.

Fluff Friday, May 26th| fox fire

tfw when you crawl out of hell to participate in @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart ‘s Fluff Friday(s) 

(I have so much respect for them it’s not even funny, every time someone asks me how/why I started writing I tell them a super exciting story about three brilliant writers and if you read their work, you will be BLESSED and inspired its like MAGIC) 

Prompt(s): ghibli, runaway

Pairing: madasaku

there was only one thing in my heart while writing this and that was Kamisama Hajimemashita :((

She was a terrible person, she was sure of it.

Sakura pulled her knees in tighter, trying to merge with the rough bark of the tree that sheltered her from the rain. Her eyes were wet, not from the raindrops but from the guilt of what she had done.

 A tiny part of her told her she hadn’t had a choice, that Ino would be out of there soon enough and Ino was the one who told her to run. Her fingers curled around a broken arrow. It was better than nothing.

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Able - Tommy Shelby

Request: So I know the requests are closed but I am having a terrible week and I just thought about a request so I am sending it in (no rush): so could you write something about tommy being in love with a girl that has a problem on her leg that makes her limp and be very insecure and one day she sees him talking to Grace and gets hurt by it but he assures her she’s the one he loves and is just sweet and devoted? I love your writing sorry to bother

Able pt. 1 | pt. 2 - Tommy Shelby

Most days your disability didn’t hinder you. There were obvious things that you weren’t able to do like running or jumping or anything the doctor deemed strenuous activity and there were less obvious things like your inability to lift anything over five pounds and your easily onset fatigue. The most noticeable thing about your disability was your gait. You had a slight limp to your walk because of the weakness of your muscles. Somedays you woke up so tired that your muscles didn’t even support you and you had to use a wheelchair.  

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Let’s talk about Mickey Milkovich’s shitty life:

Here’s the thing that pisses me off more than any other shit with Mickey haters: they ignore all the shit Mickey went through. So we’re going to talk about it & maybe it’ll change your mind about the beautiful gift that is Mickey.

Originally posted by rosegoldcastiel

Okay, let’s get started. The first thing I’d like to talk about is Mickey’s mom. When we first meet Mickey in 1x03, Lip asks Mickey about Iggy getting out of jail & Mickey tells him his mom went to go get him. Then fast forward to when Monica comes back after Frank’s mom dies. Ian & Mandy are talking about his mom & Ian says “You’re so lucky your mom is dead.” That means that some time between season 1 & 2, Mickey’s mom dies. Now during this time Mickey is also in juvie, so it’s possible she died before he got to say goodbye.

Originally posted by stilestielinski

Now we also see in 1x03 that Mickey is still in school (he thanks Lip for the B on his paper), but later in season 3 when Mickey gets out & comes to find Ian he says he would still be a freshman. So this reveals a couple things about Mickey. One, Mickey is around the same age as Lip & Ian. Two, he drops out some time between season 1 & 3. Now, I want to suggest something, so go with me for a minute. We know during this time that his mom dies & that his dad is in prison during this time (he is picking his dad up when Ian comes looking for Kash’s gun). So is it possible that Mickey dropped out of school in order to take care of his family? The same thing Fiona gets so much credit for? Is it possible that his mom died & his dad was in prison & Mandy needed to eat, so Mickey dropped out to help take care of her? Is it possible that this boy everyone just assumes is a stupid thug (though we know is not the case because he’s a whiz with numbers) is just a kid trying to take care of the ones he loves?

Originally posted by smuchshypush

It always gets me that everyone says Mickey is so unloving because he clearly loved Mandy. Hell…the only reason he even gets involved with Ian is because Mandy said Ian had tried to rape her & Mickey was coming to get him. And the only reason he ends up giving Lip a beat down is because Lip basically calls Mandy a whore & Mickey gets pissed. And then we see his love for her again when she gets beat up by her boyfriend. Mickey brings her to the Gallagher house. He could’ve pretended like he didn’t see anything (Mandy was sure trying to act like it didn’t happen) but he didn’t. He took her out of the scary situation & got her to the safest place he could think of.

Originally posted by smuchshypush

Alright now let’s get into the real shit that gets me:

First, let’s talk about how everyone always talks about what a shit husband Mickey is. I am going to say this very clearly for you all to hear: MICKEY WAS MARRIED TO HIS RAPIST. OK? No he wasn’t a very good husband to her. But for fuck’s sake, why do we expect him to? He was in love with Ian (even if he hadn’t admitted it to himself yet) & he was happy with Ian. But then his dad finds out & pays this woman to rape him. Then he is FORCED to marry her. I mean Fuck! Would you be in love with that? Would you be able to sleep next to that person every night? Sit across the table from them at every meal? And on top of that, he lost the one person he did actually love because of this woman. She & Terry ripped away the only good thing he had. I might be a bitch to her too. But it’s not like she loved him either. Everyone seems to miss that point when talking about their relationship. Lana was just as awful to Mickey as he was to her. She constantly threatened him & belittled him about his feelings for Ian. She didn’t care about him anymore than he did for her. 

Now let’s chat about his son & the whole “he’s a horrible father” thing. Yes, Mickey had his faults when it came to his son. But…..this baby came from his RAPE. This baby is literally a daily reminder of one of the worst days of his life. And he was expected to love him from day one. Yes he responded in a mean way in regards to his son at first, but as we know with Mickey, this is how he responds when he feels scared & vulnerable. But he didn’t stay that way. Mickey steps up in the dad department. It takes him a while but he does it. The thing is that Mickey is a victim, probably suffering with a form of PTSD, who is forced to live with the people who made him a victim. And furthermore, is expected to love them. How is that fair? We can see from the way he loves & cares for Ian that Mickey has it in him to be a wonderful partner & caretaker. Under different circumstances I believe Mickey would be an amazing father & husband.

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Now the final point I want to talk about goes back to something I brought up earlier: Mickey is about the same age as Ian & Lip (we also can assume this because he goes to juvie both times meaning he wasn’t charged as an adult). Now while all this is going on Lip is somewhere around 18 to 19 & Ian is 17. That puts Mickey around that same age. So Mickey is somewhere in his late teens when he drops out of school, gets a “job”, is raped, forced to marry said rapist & becomes a dad. No wonder he is a little messed up. Lip can barely keep his shit together when Karen gets pregnant & that situation is no where near as fucked up as Mickey’s.

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So in conclusion, yes Mickey is a bit of a fuck up & a hot mess. But with all the shit he went through, can you really blame him?? I think the important thing to point out is this: Mickey was always trying. He knew he had faults but he was trying. He was trying to be a good brother. He was trying to be the son his father wanted. He was trying to provide for his family. He was trying to get along with Lana. He was trying to be a good father. He was always trying. And he deserves credit for that. 

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Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest (John Laurens x Reader)

Words: 600+
Warnings: Death, Angst
A/N: I was in my feels and this is the outcome (sorry for the awkward format and spelling errors, mobile)


“What are we going to name it?” John asked, walking next to you in the baby aisle. You shrugged, picking up baby shoes from the shelf.

“John, we have no clue what the baby is going to be. It’s pointless to figure out names now. I’m only a few weeks pregnant,” You said, looking down at your belly. John touched your stomach, a small smile on his face.

“I vote John.”

“Really, Johnny?” You said, rolling your eyes. He kissed your forehead, and picking up a small pair of socks. He held it up to you.

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This is a fanfic based off the song Helium by Sia. If you haven’t listened to it you should definitely check it out! Thanks to @monsteramongmen-tamer for giving me the idea and helping me through the writing process on this one! I’d be lost without you!

Summary: You’ve always been the strong one that put on a brave face and only let your guard down in private. Then one day you break when you see YOUR ring on someone else’s finger. Just like your own personal Superman, Roman comes in and picks you back up. Fluff.

TAGGING: @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo

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serendipia-s  asked:

congrats on 1.5k Mel!!!! 🎉💜 i love your writing and I have a prompt for you: bellarke soulmates au where the first words they say to you are tattoed on your body. person A: I can't believe dumbledore dies! person B: really? at a midnight release, asshole? I don't mind who's who. thanks 😌

ahhh thank you Scarlet <3 tagging @cabeswaterblakes too just to make sure you get your fic!


no pause, no rewind

[also on ao3]

As far as the whole soulmates thing goes, Bellamy’s never been much of a believer.

It’s just kind of hard to see the point, really. His mother didn’t seem to care much when she had him with a guy who wasn’t her soulmate and, as far as Bellamy can tell, took off as soon as he could get his shoes on. She certainly didn’t seem to care much either when she decided to have a second kid with some other random, who knocked her up and got cold feet a mere month before Octavia was born.

Unfortunate life circumstances aside, he supposes the bulk of his disbelief stems from impracticality. There’s just too much logistical baggage to worry about. Like, what if this person’s supposed to be the one person meant for you, but they’re already married to someone else? What if you meet your soulmate on some completely off chance in a foreign city, and then find out that the two of you live thousands of miles apart? What if something happens — an accident or an unexpected tragedy or something — that changes who they are beyond repair or recourse?

Or — and this is, without a doubt, miles worse — what if you’re like his sister, Octavia, and all you have written on your palm is a simple ‘hi’?

That’s it. ‘Hi’.

Octavia could literally have a thousand soulmates. That’s fucking terrifying.

(She insists that she’ll know when it’s the right person. The right ‘hi’, out of the millions she’s bound to hear throughout her life. She’s just gonna know, some way, somehow. And he’s the crazy one for being skeptical.)

She’s always told him he’s an idiot, simply for having rational concerns. Yeah, well, it’s not like she’s ever had to deal with the words ‘Really? At a midnight release, asshole?’ emblazoned across the inside of her forearm in loopy cursive.

“A midnight release, Bell,” she’d say to him whenever he grumbled, grabbing his wrist to point emphatically at the words. “You know where you’re going to meet your soulmate. You know when, too! Don’t you realise how lucky you are?”

Lucky. Yeah, right. Tell that to all the mothers tutting disapprovingly at twelve-year-old him, ushering their kids away like he’s got a myriad of other swear words tattooed all over the rest of his body.

(Why the fuck did he have to get such a fucking foul-mouthed soulmate?!)

And yet, for all his disbelief, it doesn’t quite stop his stomach from turning discomforting little flips whenever he goes to a midnight release for anything, whether it’s a book or a movie or a stupid video game.

Even so, here he is, twenty-three years old, with dozens of midnight releases under his belt, and — nope. Still no soulmate.

It’s a good thing, he supposes. The longer his soulmate takes to show up, the longer he has to gather rational, concrete evidence against this whole melodramatic affair of a genetic arrangement. By the time he does meet his soulmate, he’s pretty sure he’ll be fully capable of presenting a solid argument on why both of them deserve to be let off this very stupid hook.

In the meantime, he can focus on all the other things in his life. 

Stuff that’s actually important.

Stuff like the upcoming release of the latest Harry Potter movie.

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Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1318
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.


Prologue (X) Chapter 1 (X) Chapter 2 (X) Chapter 3 (X)

Chapter 4

As soon as you exited The Garrison you knew you should have walked away from the place as quickly as possible. Yet the thought of going home didn’t seem really appealing to you and because of that you decided to take as much time as possible till going home. You walked away from door, allowing the drunken people to enter the building. The first thing you did after stopping was pulling a pack of cigarettes from your purse, lighting it and taking a deep inhale of the cigarette. You weren’t a huge smoker, finding yourself grabbing a pack of cigarettes every once in a while, especially when you were nervous or angry. And angry you were.

You walked over to a chair that you spotted a little further from The Garrison, sitting on it as you crossed your legs. Your eyes wandered around your surroundings, seeing quite many people walking in and out of the pub. It seemed to be a quite popular place, yet everyone was scared of the Shelby’s. Why in the name of God did they visit the place if they were afraid of its owners?

You were deep in thought and due to that you didn’t even notice one of the Shelby’s spotting you and making their way towards you. As soon as Michael walked out of the pub he saw you sitting alone, deciding to have a chat with you, maybe even a glass of whiskey or two since it seemed that you needed it even more than he did. He stopped in front of you, and that was the moment you noticed him, silently cursing yourself for not leaving the place.

“You mind if I sit?” He asked, pointing towards another empty chair that was placed opposite of yours. You rolled your eyes at his question. He basically owned the chair, if anything you should have asked him whether it was okay for you to sit there, not the other way around.

“Go ahead.” You simply replied, continuing to smoke your cigarette as you looked away from him. You felt him stare at you, but continued to look at the passing people. A part of you wanted to say something, but the other part of you told you to remain silent. Besides, what would you say to him? You didn’t know who he was besides the fact that he was Polly’s son and the Shelby’s cousin. Other than that you didn’t know anything about the man, nor did you really care. Your head was filled with different thoughts, not one of them featuring the man who was currently sitting in front of you.

“Are you always this silent?” He asked you, forcing you to look at him. There was a certain handsomeness in the man, but what strike out were his eyes. You were sure that if you were to look into his eyes you would simply drown in them.

Clearing your throat you decided not to answer to his question. Instead you pointed at his bottle, a smirk on your face.

“Mind if I drink a little? I didn’t get my American whiskey after all.” You asked and with a chuckle Michael passed the bottle to you. You took a large sip from it before placing the bottle onto the table between the two of you.

“I’m sorry you know. About the whole situation you are in.” He said, causing you to look at him. He apologizing for something he wasn’t guilty of caught you off guard. You gave him a small smile before finishing your cigarette and extinguishing it. A chuckle escaped your lips as you turned yourself towards Michael, a smile on your face.

“So, who’s the lucky guy I’m marrying?” You found yourself asking. Surely he was aware of who the person was since you weren’t. You weren’t speaking to your father, and even if you were you were more than sure that he wouldn’t tell you the person’s name.

“Me.” He simply replied, downing the whiskey down from his throat. Your mouth fell open as you stared at him. Gaining your composure you muttered ‘bloody hell’ to yourself, but still loud enough for him to hear you. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow as you realized that you came off very rudely due to your response.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sure you’re a nice guy, it’s just-” You stopped midway, not bothering to finish your sentence. He seemed to understand what you meant as he let out a deep sigh.

“Believe me, I know.”

Your father’s men rushing past you was the first sight you saw when you entered your house. They simply glanced at you as they left the house, not even bothering to say anything to you. You were confused, thinking that something serious had happened while you were away. You saw Lucas standing near you as you decided to ask him what was happening. When he spotted you he let out a deep sigh, clearly relived to see you.

“Bloody hell Y/N, where were you? Your father was worried sick.” Lucas explained as you stood dumb-folded, unsure of what the problem was. You had stayed out maximum three hours, and it wasn’t like you hadn’t been out without guards before.

When your father saw you standing there safely he exhaled deeply. He knew he had to try to talk to you, had to try to explain you why he had done what he had done. It wasn’t because he didn’t love you - he did, he just didn’t show it. He was harsh on you because he at some point he would disappear from this world and leave you alone. He wanted you to be ready for when the moment came; he wanted you to be ready to lead the Pierce gang.

“Y/N? Come to my cabinet please.” Raimond Pierce said, his voice sounding a lot softer than it usually was. You looked over to him, sending a glance at Lucas before you walked into the cabinet, your father closing the doors after you.

You stood still, your arms crossed in front of your chest, waiting for him to say whatever he wanted to say. He silently sat into his chair, his eyes landing on you. For a second he thought about what to say, realizing that whatever he said would not be okay.

“I’m sorry.” And that was it. You couldn’t believe that those were the only words your father said to you after sending you basically off to marry someone you didn’t even know. You knew that even saying those words took a lot from him since he was never a person who apologized for anything really.

“You’re sorry? That really eases the situation that you are forcing me into. That’s nice that you’re sorry, but what about me? Did you ever think about what I wanted? Marrying someone I don’t know isn’t what I bloody want.” You yelled as a tear rolled down your cheek. Never in the past had you cried in front of your father. ‘We’re gangsters Y/N, we don’t have any emotions.’ that’s what your father would say to you. Yet the tear escaped from your eye, but you wiped it quickly away. You would not cry in front of Raimond Pierce.

With a deep breath you calmed yourself down as you looked at your father who looked at you with a stunned expression on his face.

“I will marry a Shelby on one condition: you will teach me everything there is to know about races, about how to lead a gang. And I will marry one month from this date. Do we have a deal?” You asked your father. Raimond looked at you, finding it surprising that you would dare to blackmail something out of him. But he needed a way so that you would forgive him, and that was it.


✰ * º ❛ beverly hills 90210 pt. 2 ask meme. ❜

‘  so tell me, what brings you by?  ’
‘  you know, i’ve been moping around for the past few weeks.  ’
‘  i’ve noticed.  ’
‘  the truth is, i miss your friendship.  ’
‘  i keep avoiding you, but why should i?  ’
‘  you and i are the only two people who haven’t gone completely mad.  ’
‘  i’ll be back next week, so you don’t make any plans.  ’
‘  take it easy, doll.  ’
‘  i did not invite you out this morning to hear you obsessing about it, so don’t do it.  ’
‘  focus has never really been my strong point. ever.  ’
‘  sex with her is just a pleasant diversion.  ’
‘  party was over and i didn’t have anybody to go home with.  ’
‘  i missed you.  ’
‘  i missed you too.  ’
‘  i was wondering something…  ’
‘  why can’t you be more like everybody else?  ’
‘  is that really what you want?  ’
‘  does your mom know you come over here every morning before school?  ’
‘  i don’t know what tastes better: these strawberries or you.  ’
‘  why don’t we just skip school altogether and just stay in bed all day?  ’
‘  we could have breakfast in bed. hell, we could have lunch in bed… dinner in bed. ’
‘  if you don’t, i will.  ’
‘  why don’t you just add that along to the list of things you don’t know.  ’
‘  you are crazy, but thank you.  ’
‘  word to the wise: don’t compliment her on her dress.  ’
‘  he didn’t even have the courtesy to call this time.  ’
‘  last time this happened, i called a friend and we got high in his parents pool house for three days.  ’
‘  i’m saying that was then, but some people do change.  ’
‘  i was so messed up back then.  ’
‘  what did he have to say about me?  ’
‘  i don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  ’
‘  i don’t know if i’m mentioned it or anything, but um… he’s a lucky guy.  ’
‘  you wanna slap him? you’re the closest.  ’
‘  you had to grow up too fast because your old man was a screwed up kid for too long.  ’
‘  you’re a woman i’d love to spend the rest of my life with… would you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?  ’
‘  how long are you back for?  ’
‘  you don’t look happy to see me.  ’
‘  i’m still waiting for my hug.  ’
‘  he’s, um, an old friend.  ’
‘  that feels really good.  ’
‘  two sleeping bags. no foolin’ around, i mean it.  ’
‘  have you ever camped under the stars?  ’
‘  stop it. you’re tempting me.  ’
‘  we might be able to figure out what the two of us have been doing the last couple weeks.  ’
‘  did i kiss? i’m sorry.  ’
‘  you’re bad.  ’
‘  oh god, i’m sorry. i didn’t know you were in here.  ’
‘  you aren’t not too bad on the eyes either.  ’
‘  we’re just friends, remember?  ’
‘  you still mad at me?  ’
‘  since he loved my mother and plucked chickens, it made him a mother lovin’ chicken plucker.  ’
‘  i’ve got you under my skin. i’ve got you deep in the heart of me – so deep in my heart.  ’
‘  is manual labor always this much fun?  ’
‘  do you and him laugh like this?  ’
‘  well, you know me – i don’t do details very well.  ’
‘  i came back because i missed you.  ’
‘  joke all you want, but i am flattered.  ’
‘  we’ll be linked for life.  ’
‘  i like what he said about us… that we’d be linked for life.  ’
‘  maybe you’re not cynical – maybe you’re just unhappy.  ’
‘  he’s cheating on me… with his car.  ’
‘  i hate to break it to you, but guys are gonna look at you. it’s the price you pay for being so beautiful.  ’
‘  why don’t you sleep on it? you might feel different tomorrow.  ’
‘  if you need anything, i’ll just be across the hall… just… right over there.  ’
‘  this feels different. different than the last time we were here.  ’
‘  it’s after midnight, so happy birthday.  ’
‘  thanks for staying.  ’
‘  where else would i want to be?  ’
‘  do me a favor and leave a key under the mat. i’m gonna have to stay at your house tonight. for awhile, actually.  ’
‘  it’s not forever – you’ll survive.  ’
‘  you can stay as long as you’d like.  ’
‘  you ready to be taken away from all your troubles?  ’
‘  you and i have been a lot of things over the years, but never best friends.  ’
‘  what you’re saying is that, somehow, i came between you two.  ’
‘  this has nothing to do with you.  ’
‘  you missed what we had.  ’
‘  you being here scares me because i hadn’t planned on it.  ’
‘  i did not tell you this so you could run over there and punch them out!  ’
‘  whatever, as long as you’re okay. you are okay?  ’
‘  if i am starting to get more inner strength, i think maybe it’s because you were the first person who ever took me seriously.  ’
‘  what happened to us?  ’
‘  we must’ve got lost somewhere.  ’
‘  you sure you don’t want me to whack him? because i will.  ’
‘  i think having a girl telling him to get lost is cruel and unusual punishment enough.  ’
‘  i will walk you to your car. that’s guy stuff, right?  ’
‘  she doesn’t hold a candle to you.  ’
‘  then it hit me: i realized you were going to marry someone else and i didn’t want to see that.  ’
‘  maybe i shouldn’t have brought that up, huh?  ’
‘  i keep telling myself we’re just old friends – something to do with your hands.  ’
‘  it’s an addiction. it’s a terrible thing.  ’
‘  i was doing okay before you came back.  ’
‘  you’re the one who fell asleep in my arms last night.  ’
‘  can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me we have no become more than just ‘good friends’ this summer?  ’
‘  i’ve worked too hard to change my reputation to start sneaking around now.  ’
‘  whatever gets you through the day.  ’
‘  i just think that has to be enough for the both of us.  ’
‘  you don’t have to keep checking up on me.  ’
‘  you can’t have it both ways.  ’
‘  you’re telling me to just go back to her and forget everything that happened?  ’
‘  i guess nothing lasts forever.  ’
‘  i didn’t mean to scare ya.  ’
‘  she said it’s time for us to start seeing other people. i think it’s time i start seeing you.  ’
‘  he’s the last person i wanna kiss right now.  ’
‘  i know that you’re probably still mad at me and i’m definitely still mad at you, but i have to kiss you right now in front of all of these people.  ’
‘  did you say please?  ’
‘  do you have guts enough to make a move in front of everyone?  ’
‘  i was such an idiot. i was selfish and jealous and mean.  ’
‘  i know you’re probably not going to believe this, but i never slept with them. i only said that to make you mad.  ’
‘  i– just realized it’s the second time i’ve seen you in a wedding dress to marry someone else.  ’
‘  can’t it wait till tomorrow?  ’
‘  you look beautiful.  ’
‘  i told you, there’s someone else.  ’
‘  we’re over. you don’t need me anymore.  ’
‘  i’ll always need you.  ’
‘  i think i’ve been swept off my feet.  ’
‘  as i recall, the last time we travelled anywhere together, we fought the whole time.  ’
‘  when you’re with me, you fight with me because that’s when we’re alive.  ’
‘  we were together in another life.  ’
‘  where you belong is with me. together, wherever it is.  ’
‘  wanna dance? it’s not a one-time offer. we can wait.  ’
‘  i know you’re in a tough position, but you can’t keep secrets from me.  ’
‘  this feels nice.  ’
‘  i think we should take it slow.  ’
‘  we have known each other all our lives. we can’t take it any slower.  ’
‘  he got a little jealous – pushed me in front of an oncoming car.  ’
‘  if you bought me that painting because you think there’s something between us – something unfinished – something that’s gonna keep us from being unable from being with other people then i say we finish it. commit to it – to each other. ’
‘  all or nothing?  ’
‘  i’m not gonna pretend it’s easy… it’s not.  ’
‘  i realized a lot of my problems started when i lost you.  ’
‘  it’s better that one of us be happy than both of us being miserable.  ’
‘  i was miserable, now i’m just terrified.  ’
‘  i’m just a stupid, blonde bitch who’s not really worth it.  ’
‘  that’s not what happened! that’s not even close!  ’
‘  we are two little kids who had to walk home from school because our parents forgot to pick us up.  ’
‘  i guess we’re both basket cases.  ’
‘  we’re soulmates.  ’
‘  i’m not unhappy to be alive and most of my life i couldn’t say that.  ’
‘  all i really wanted was hear your voice.  ’
‘  we’re connected in a way that you’ll never understand, ever.  ’
‘  the cool, calm me just knows what he needs for the first time in my life… i need you.  ’
‘  most beautiful or not, i would’ve fallen in love with you either way.  ’
‘  i feel like singing and dancing in the rain.  ’
‘  i want you. i’ve always wanted you.  ’
‘  maybe we each have more than one soulmate.  ’

BTS in Medieval England


The Prince duh

  • The most handsome and kindest prince this kingdom has ever known
  • There are songs written about this mans beauty that will be sung for centuries to come
  • Close friends with the head knight Jimin
  • Most trusted and loyal friend is Taehyung
  • Befriended Taehyung, a homeless peasant as a child when he found him stealing the food from the palace kitchens
  • Would sneak out at night to feed a starving taehyung
  • When Jin become old enough to choose a personal servant he picked Taehyung, who was still living on the streets
  • Jins kindness is viewed as weakness by his father
  • The public view it as strength
  • He goes out regularly with Jimin to villages, providing food to the poorest people in the kingdom
  • Did i mention how handsome he is
  • Refuses to marry for political gain
  • wants to marry for true love
  • already in love but doesn’t realise it taejin
  • Regularly sneaks out peasants arrested for stealing food to try and feed their starving families
  • His father is terrified of what will happen to the kingdom when Jin becomes king
  • Everyone else is excited
  • He becomes the best king the world has known and will be the stuff of legends 

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The Head Knight

  • The most feared and merciless men in the history of the kingdom
  • Will do anything to protect the kingdom
  • Says he only goes out with JIn to protect him but in reality he wants to protect the poor just as and doesn’t want any child to starve
  • Seeing jungkook have to starve as child made him want to help the poor
  • Pretends not to care but cares the most
  • He is ruthless when it comes to enemies of the kingdom
  • Even his own men are scared of him
  • But they trust him with their lives and would not wish for any other leader
  • Very few know a different side of his intimidating personality
  • Jungkook being one of the lucky few to know him for the sweetie he really is
  • Teaches jungkook how to fight with a sword
  • Jungkook ends up being better
  • He tries to find a way to visit Jungkook everyday
  • Jimin is happiest around Jungkook
  • Jin low-key jealous of their friendship
  • Thinks Jhope is one of the kindest, honest men that ever walked this earth

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The Blacksmith

  • He use to dream of becoming a knight, ever since he was young
  • Him and Jimin use to fight in fields using sticks as swords pretending they were in battle 
  • Unlike Jimin, Jungkook didn’t come from a family of nobles
  • He came from a poor farmer family, forced to starve whenever there was a bad harvest
  • One of the most loving boys you could ever meet
  • Jimin would try to give him food often got caught
  • Jimin left Jungkook to become a knight at 16
  • Jungkook took an apprenticeship to become a blacksmith
  • Left his family
  • Built his way up and eventually became a blacksmith for the castle
  • Reunited with Jimin
  • friendship goals af
  • Brings out the best in Jimin
  • Hates how brutal Jimin can be
  • Only person to have seen Jimin cry
  • Lives with Jhope in a small house next the the castle
  • Visits his family and village with food and gold every time there’s a bad harves
  • Bought Jimin a goat once idk why
  • Suspicious of Jhope but doesn’t know why

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Personal Servant

  • Family died of starvation when he was younger
  • Roamed the city streets for years, stealing food to survive
  • He once tried to steal food from the castle kitchens but was caught by Jin
  • Instead of telling the guards he told Tea to meet him at the gates at night
  • They became friends, Jin would sneak out as child to feed and talk to Tae
  • Taehyung is the reason Jin has such a passion for helping the poor
  • One of the most loyal and sweet boys you  could meet
  • Always has a smile on his face
  • He may be just a servant but Jin will always go for him for advice
  • Hates the king with a passion for not helping his family
  • Blames him for his families death
  • The only reason he hasnt tried to kill the king is because of Jin
  • Befriended everyone inside and outside the castle
  • Is as well known as Jin around the kingdom 
  • cute af

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The villian

  • Neighbouring kingdom and wants more power
  • Wants Jins land so he is able to feed his people
  • To stubbern to ask for help hed rather battle for land
  • Close links with J-Hope
  • Gets lots of secret information on Hobie
  • Constantly worried for Hobies safety and everytime they meet up he tries to convinve him to come back home
  • Jimins mortal enemy
  • Was almost killed by Jimin twice
  • Almost killed Jimin 3 times check make jimin
  • Has the best intentions for his kingdom
  • Is only nice to Jhope 
  • Never purposley harms innocent civilians and makes sure his men never attact villages filled with peasants
  • Orders his men to sometimes attack tax collectors and take their collections to piss off  Jin
  • Petty af
  • Stubbern
  • Refuses to acknowlege that if he asked for help Jin would help his kingdom
  • Too ashamed to ask for help
  • Would never forgive himself if anything happened to J-Hope

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The Jester

  • lives with Jungkook 
  • The funniest man around
  • Handsome af
  • In love with Suga
  • Is torn between Suga and the Jins kingdom
  • Hes made so many friends
  • Knows how dissapointed they would be is they found out
  • Hates himself for it
  • Cares little for being caught, the only reason he is still doing this is for Suga
  • Would never tell Suga how hopeless and sad he feels 
  • Has cried at night on many occasions not knwoing what to do
  • Fears for the future
  • Wishes Jin doesnt trust him as much as he does
  • Knows Jimin is suspicious
  • Wants Suga to ask for help 
  • Tries to tell him he souldnt be ashamed and hell always be there for him
  • Will be with Suga until the day he dies

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  • Intelligent af
  • Worked his way up from the bottom
  • Was born a bastard
  • Taught himself to read and write with the posters and signs around his village
  • Saved up for 2 years to buy his first medical book
  • Moved to the city within the castle walls looking for work
  • Became an apprentice
  • The king made him the royals Apothecary after he manages to made a remedy to solve the kings illness
  • The worlds best apothecary 
  • His knew discoveries are hears ahead of his time
  • Is close friends with J-hope
  • Is also known as one of the wisest among his old village
  • He will often go to villages with Jin and Jimin to help the poor and provide them medical care
  • Provides free care to those in need
  • Actual bean 
  • One of the few that isnt scared by Jimin
  • Once made Jimin laugh

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Knock, Chapter 5

You might be pregnant but that doesn’t mean you wanna get married. 

Simon/Reader, Angst, Fluff

Words: 1687

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4

On the drive back to the Sanctuary Simon’s Jeep is filled with other Savior’s making it impossible for you to ‘talk’ to your soon to be ‘husband’ or in other words making it impossible for you to shout at the dickhead with the moustache. So although he’s sat you in pride of place next to him you don’t look him in the eye as you stew in silence and when he reaches his hand to rest on your knee you shove it away, edging your body closer to the door, the word ‘asshole’ running around your brain and begging for release from your sealed lips.

Lucky for Simon, you want to keep hold of at least a shred of your dignity so you wait for the Jeep to pull over and everyone to file out before you finally turn your attention to him. It’s not the speech you’d been perfecting in your head but it gets the general message across, “you’re a fucking idiot!”

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