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Don’t get me wrong, I hate how tumblr now forces some posts on our dash because they are the staff picks as much as the next person, but it’s really shocking to me how many people feel the need to comment on these posts things like “I don’t want this crap on my dash”

The staff won’t read the comments. The main person who’s gonna read them is the person who made the post. And it’s not their fault that tumblr now forces their posts on us. 

Don’t insult the person’s work just because you’re pissed at the staff. All you do is discourage that person from creating new things, because getting insulted is never a nice feeling. It doesn’t matter if the insult is directed at the staff or the post itself, when your post gets flooded with negative comments you feel like crap too

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idk how you have no self confidence and yet refuse to listen to anyone telling you that ur being disrespectful about their beliefs/ assuming youre right when they clearly have more authority on the matter as a person who actually follows these beliefs and doesnt collect runes bc theyre "cute"

bc i dont have any self confidence beyond my tiny realm of understanding. runes falls within my tiny realm of understanding because i researched them & i know what each of them means from a lingual and spiritual standpoint, as well as how to use them (like, i literally have a white rabbit fur pelt for them. cuz i know that’s proper, and cuz i also think it looks nice when im using them.) i dunno where u got the idea im collecting runes that r cute, i just said i think the practice & the runes themselves are cute and thats why i use them as opposed to doing it because im genuinely 100% devoted to followin the fuckin word of the aesir.

like i said, this is within my realm of understanding. i know what im talking about, i know abt pagan beliefs & rituals, just because i myself dont devote my faith to following the beliefs doesnt mean i don’t grasp them. i know where i stand & that theres fuckin literally nothin wrong about having runes and not committing to a pagan lifestyle lmao.

like, i could literally just say “okay then im pagan now” and your argument ends because its literally that easy. theres no bare minimum for considering yourself pagan. theres a winding list of pagan faiths to choose from. i could just say “i believe in lots of gods, they are very real to me & i use the runes to commune with them for guidance” and that’d be it. the only thing is that i don’t personally live like that. am i not allowed to use runes suddenly, because i personally attribute the ‘guidance’ to random chance & decide how much faith im going to put into the readings? lmfao. this is stuff i know about.

You know, with Teen Wolf ending and seeing all these posts, it’s got me thinking. For all the times Teen Wolf infuriated me and made me hate it, I’m glad I stuck around til the end. This show undeniably had a major impact on me and my life. It reignited my love of writing. It gave me many characters that I love and adore, some of whom I identify with on such a deep and personal level it’s almost unnerving. It gave me some amazing friendships and romances. It taught me lessons and made me think about things in new ways sometimes. For all the bad I found in fandom, I also found some truly outstanding and amazing people who will surely be life long friends even after this show has ended. I hope we always stay in touch, no matter where we go from here or what fandoms we each join next. You guys are some of the best.

So, for all its bad, there was a lot of good. And, you know what? I’m thankful in the end. I may be salty about the way somethings went, but yeah. Thank you, Teen Wolf.

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The dads reacting to a dadsona who is an amazing artist and showed them his sketchbook? thnx

[thank you anon! hope you enjoy and feel free to send in asks/prompts! also don’t forget to vote for the fic :D ]

🎣Brian :
- “I don’t think I can draw better”
- so weirded out by the fact that you can actually do something better than him
- is the type of person who will say “can you draw me???”

🏋Craig :
- super excited becausd you improved so much since college
- proud of you
- shows off your sketchbook to the girls (if you let him)

🐶Damien :
- surprised and delighted
- think that that’s wonderful and really proud of all the hard work you put in to improve yourself
- sometimes may ask you to sketch a flower or two

📚Hugo :
- smiles a lot when he goes over your sketchbook
- very interested and always asks what inspired you etc
- tries to draw but gives up in like 3 minutes

💒Joseph :
- asks if you can design banners and fliers and stuff for bake sales!
- think that God blessed you with this ability to draw so you need to use it for Him

☕Mat :
- think that it’s pretty rad
- laughs when he sees that you drew him with a flower crown (after Carmensita requested it)
- sometimes if you make a larger drawing he frames it in the Coffee Spoon

🔪Robert :
- may or may not have blushed a little when he sees that you sketched him
- with whiskey and that cute lil double chin
- tells you that it’s embarrassing but loves it anyways

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Are there any trans and autistic people I can look up to? Specifically, trans masculine people? I hardly see anyone in modern media that is one or the other, and never both at the same time. I feel alone.

Roxie says:

Hey there! I’m a trans feminine autistic woman you can look up to if you want; I play Agatha Upshur in the YouTube webseries “The Uncanny Upshurs”, but if that doesn’t hit a home run for you, don’t worry, there’s more – there’s also an autistic trans person who I think IDs as trans masculine (they’re non-binary, but I THINK they ID that way) on the show, who plays the character “Alistair”. Alistair’s a bit of a piece of work himself, but the person who plays him is super awesome and really neat!

Lee says

I’m also Autistic and transmasculine, and so are 3 of the other mods I think. You may not be able to find much media representation, but you can find a lot of community!

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are there any poets on tumblr that you'd rec??

Um all of them lol

I think the best way to find poets on tumblr is to find poems that make you feel hmm dizzy or like longing almost and then check out their tumblrs

You can find poems I like tagged here

I also recommend looking at poems from @inkflowsnetwork who are like… all my faves and also amazing people you’re gonna want to support, with an extra shout out to @moltengoldichor because Kavi is like my writing soulmate so if you like my writing uh go there 

Personally when I look for people to follow it’s from a writing perspective so people whose writing style i respect anyway:

@metvmorqhoses and the dead anon poet society is the reason i started writing here so adljdjlkahda ya i would rec them, their poetry is like the dark side of the catholic church and if you look you’ll understand exactly what I mean

@ibuzoo Is a great writer all around but I also think their poems are special in that they really tell a story so - great storyteller ya know

@caliphascheherazade has a really unique writing style and is really beautiful to read 

@arckhaic has wonderful poetry and but I especially love their flower poetry 

@julykings has a summery quality + their art and wattpad stories are 10/10 as well

@childes has a very summery denim and running through streets feel, although she doesn’t write all the time when they do I am Living

I’m also going to one more time say @inkflowsnetwork is amazing so scroll through the blog and pick out poems you love:

we’ve got @humaintain who is being published and has some amazing personal poetry, @avolitorial who has wonderful fragments like their writing is like sitting in a museum of art + runs @wlwocpoetrynet, I hope you’re following @aavillainess (who has a new novel wow) and @wordtamer who write usually short pieces but you feel like your on the edge of something really great, @calculating–stars–stars @abstractedfocus @quietada all have a quiet way and really beautiful words like your stretched out in the backseat of a car and listening to a soft hum of music, @bluewire13 doesnt post often but its a treat when he does his writing is like a well of emotion and just every poem he gets better i’m amazed i love the rhythm hes got wow, @discardedtwigs and @softrott have beautiful words like imagine butterfly gardens, @chrysoulis just made a new writing blog so special shoutout to them and @slcrowe has powerful snippets, think of kings with too much jewlry + really cool playlist and novel ideas wow and @zzzoinks just published an amazing chapbook, their writing is like neon lights

Ahhh so as you can see i rec everyone umm

Special shoutout to @small-epics wow. um an amazing writer who would have thought, just accepted into another zine this bitch is actually going places amazing and has two chapbooks their working on can yall be leaf amazing. 

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Do you think that Yoongi really likes boys? Because I know they say you shouldn't judge on stereotypes or anything, but I personally really do feel like he does? I mean, he's always so careful with his words in interviews and stuff, but then he's so open with his lyrics. And I feel that even if he might like girls, too, he definitely prefers boys over them. Are there any other members of BTS you think might also like boys? I love your blog! <33!

I really do feel that he likes boys, I definitely don’t think he’s straight. You’re right, he is very careful with his words. While the other members will usually say “girl” or “woman” when in an interview, yoongi will usually go with a gender neutral pronoun. If he is gay or bi it’s understandable that he’s hiding it, seeing as how he doesn’t live in the most accepting of countries, and his fanbase is comprised of mainly hormonal teenagers who would flip there shit if they learned that their nonexistent chance with him is gone. Another thing that really got me thinking was that when the other members accidentally come in close contact with a girl, you can see it on their face that they’re flustered and don’t know what to do. While yoongi usually doesn’t give a fuck, he doesn’t even glance at them. As for the other members, I don’t really know. I don’t pay as close of attention to them as I do for yoongi. Thank you bby! Woo, boy was that a long rant.

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AoaPP is, like,,,,, the MOST relatable song I think you've ever made and like I know that's not necessarily a good thing bc the subject matter is...wrow....but it really articulates a lot of the problems I have defining my personality and it's also like the song I've played on repeat the most often - I already have almost the entire thing memorized. I really like the fact that you changed up the PV style - it's so different from all your other stuff, and it's uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a good 🅱aesthetic.

YEA H ngl i think aoapp might be the most self-descriptive song i’ve written so far? and i’ve seen a LOT of people commenting about how it’s relatable, more so than on my past songs, kinda sucks to hear so many people get it but :’))))

otherwise i’m glad u like it tho!!

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I love the title thingy! How's this as a title: Only Tonight

so i’ve been getting a lot of anon requests which is totally fine but a) I want to be able to tag you to make sure you’ll see it! b) if people are going to mock you for your interests/ships then hex them with bats for bogeys and c) i somehow always think of every anon as the same person. i think it’s the icon. it’s so weird.

also you didn’t pick a pairing so everyone gets to sail on my litle proudly captained fredmione ship for this one

Title: Only Tonight
Pairing: Fred Weasley & Hermione Granger
Summary: The dream of what might have been was as vivid as waking.

“You don’t have to help wash up,” Hermione said to her brother-in-law exasperatedly.

“It’s alright, really,” George assured her. “I think Angie is out back playing with Ron and Freddy. He’s really making his Mum proud. Going to be a first rate Chaser.”

“And Roxy?” asked Hermione with a smile, spelling the drying dishes to their cupboards.

“Nah, she’s more of a Beater, like me,” said George in pride. He glanced over his shoulder up the stairs where there were giggling sounds of children distinctly not sleeping. “What about Hugo?”

“Rose and Hugo have little chance of not ending up in quidditch,” said Hermione in exasperation. “More than half the family is already on broomsticks before they can walk. But it’s sweet of Roxy to try to help Ron get them to bed.”

“She likes babies,” shrugged George. “And since Hugo was born in February like her, she thinks of him as her special cousin.”

“Well he is very cute,” Hermione admitted in spite of herself.

“And Rose is going to be a heartbreaker,” said George easily. At five, Rose already had two girlfriends and three boyfriends in her kindergarten class. 

“Not if she’s anything like her parents,” laughed Hermione. “One relationship apiece? Both bad for different reasons.”

“You had other chances,” said George offhandedly, and Hermione snorted into her mug of hot tea she had let been steeping on the windowsill in front of the kitchen sink.

“You’re sweet,” she told George, making a face. “But I’m no great beauty, and I know that. I think Ron and I were bound to end up together eventually.”

“Maybe,” said George, but this time with a little more evasive offhandedness that sparked Hermione’s interest.

“Why,” she teased. “Did you know someone? Lee maybe?”

George cracked a wry grin. “No, of course not.”

“Not Angelina?” and Hermione was really enjoying herself, pretending to fan the blush in her cheeks. “I don’t know if the world was ready for-”

“It was Fred.”

Hermione stopped short, her breath catching. George so rarely spoke of his twin, just the fact he was mentioning his name aloud was shocking. Hermione shook her head, setting down her mug sharply. 

“Don’t be silly,” she said briskly, trying to be as efficient and sensible as possible to keep George from spiraling as he sometimes did when they talked of Fred. He hadn’t suffered heartbreak at the loss of his twin, he had suffered breaking, period. Part of George would always be absent, always dark, always in shadow. It was up to the Weasley family - and its numerous in laws - to keep the darkness at bay before he could get too far into something.

“I’m not being silly,” George was quiet, but didn’t seem to have that manic, desperate edge they all watched for vigilantly. “He really did like you. Loved you, even.”

Fred?” Hermione asked flatly, trying to make sure they were talking about the same person.

George nodded.

“No he didn’t,” said Hermione, and she knew it was useless to argue with George, his heart, his soul. But it was just so incredibly impossible that - 

“He did. It started in your fourth year. Just a comment here and there.”

Hermione was shaking her head, smiling stupidly, denying it all, but George persisted.

“Ron was hanging out with us, talking about you all the time. Drove Fred batty. He and Ron used to get in fights about imagined slights Ron thought you were taking Harry’s side against him, and of course Fred and I liked Harry so Fred started arguing for you, saying Ron was bonkers about the whole thing. I think it sort of went from there.”

Hermione only stared at him, eyes wide but mouth shut in disbelief.

George continued on, regardless. “But fifth year I thought even you’d notice.”

“What?” asked Hermione faintly.

“That punching telescope? Dabbing cream on your eye? He was head over heels by summertime in Grimmauld Place. Always volunteering to clean with you. Fred. My brother. Cleaning. We avoided our Mum making us clean so much growing up we developed a spell to shove everything into a closet if she came in.”

“No…” said Hermione, but her voice was doubtful.

“And the teasing?” George was incredulous. “Teasing you so badly when we were testing for the shop with the First Years? I admit now, that was well bad, but we didn’t have the real money for focus groups. And Fred just loved when you tried to tell us off. He’d live for it. Sometimes I think he’d wait to start the testing until you were around.”

Hermione’s thoughts were racing, rearranging memory with the tidbit of knowledge George had given her and the years of experience. She sank into a chair, pulling her tea mug closer to her, but not picking it up. The steam was comforting on the underside of her chin. “He can’t have,” she whispered, and she didn’t know why this was such a revelation to her. “He thought I was annoying.”

“Sure,” shrugged George. “When you were twelve. Then you were only Ron’s friend. But you know Mum. Knitting you a Christmas sweater and making you an Easter basket…you sort of became permanent, all the time. None of our friends ever did that.”

Hermione blushed, realizing that George was right. None of Bill, Charlie, Percy, the twins, or even Ginny’s friends had been adopted by Mrs. Weasley the way she and Harry had been.

“Did he really like me?” Hermione asked, her voice smaller than she liked it, “Or was it just a crush?” She didn’t know why that mattered. Either would have been fine. Something not realistic. Not going to happen.

“I think he really loved you,” said George. “Or he would have, if you would have let him.”

Hermione felt hot tears on her face, and for the first time, it was George holding her arm tightly over a mug of tea, while she mourned for their brother. 

“Hermione?” and it was Ron’s voice floating down the stairs. “Have you seen Bun-Bun? Rose says she can’t sleep without him!”

Hermione quickly stood up, brushing tears away and excusing herself from George, grateful for the menial task of looking for her daughter’s stuffed rabbit to take her mind off of all she had learned.


She couldn’t sleep. Not even after Ron had dropped off, exhausted at wrangling Hugo and Rose into bed. Their goodnights to their niece and nephew had been brief; they would see them both in the morning, most likely. Or at least this week at Saturday family dinners with Molly.

She turned over again, forcing her eyes shut. She was loathe to take a sleeping draft lest she miss Hugo crying. Ron had even let her buy a muggle baby monitor, though she usually caught his stirring with her sharp ears even before the radio did.

A heavy, sleepy hand fell on her hip. Ron stirred awake slightly. “Can’t sleep?” he asked drowsily.

“Sorry, love,” said Hermione at once. “I can go out on the couch.”

“No,” yawned Ron. “I thought you’d want to-”

Hermione almost said no, but thought better of it. It might relax her and help her sleep, after all. She had a strange creeping feeling she should never tell Ron what George had said. He might develop some sort of complex over it. 

“Sure,” she said instead, turning into his arms and letting him kiss her. 

Ron was half asleep, but he did the job properly. Hermione felt her face flaming in the darkness, grateful that Ron was no legilimens, when she thought of a different red head down between her legs, this one grinning and teasing as she gasped, instead of methodical, knowledgable, sleepy but happy.

“Thank you,” she said, when Ron rolled over, stretching his arms up above his head like a starfish. She knew he always slept his deepest, most comfortable sleeps like this, and he didn’t even answer before he was dead into one.

Hermione lay for a while in the afterglow, hoping that sleep would creep up on her, but instead her mind only furiously worked over old memories, thinking of the differences that could have happened. If in Grimmauld Place, that summer of anger, he had just acknowledged it once. Their sneaking around old portraits and Order Meetings could have been very different indeed. His messages on the radio horcrux hunting could have been for her. And if he had - 

If he had, she would have asked Fred to the Chamber of Secrets. He wouldn’t have been there to greet Percy. He could have kissed her in front of Ron freeing the house elves. Ron would have been okay with it somehow…

Hermione realized she had drifted into half a daydream and half a waking dream when the baby monitor crackled with Hugo’s cry.

Ron didn’t stir, and Hermione was grateful this once for his insensibility. She did not club him with a pillow for his turn, but gratefully rolled out of bed to get her son, happy for the excuse not to toss and turn. 

“There we go,” Hermione said to Hugo, pulling him from his crib and crossing to the rocking chair. She put him to her breast and he began suckling at once as she set a steady swooping motion with one idle foot, tipping her head back and continuing the thoughts.

“They’re at it again,” said Fred morosely to his audience gathered around the extendable ears. 

“Again?” asked Ginny scathingly.

“Just ignore them Gin,” said George. “Percy can’t help that he was born a bastard.”

“George,” Hermione scolded, but without heart. What was her place to correct siblings?

“Come on,” said Ron moodily, feeling the echoes of the screams up the stairs. “If they don’t can it soon they’ll wake the kraken.”

He meant the painting of Sirius’ mother, and the others drew back, grimacing. 

“Fancy a game of chess?” Ron asked Hermione, but without hope.

“I’ll play you,” said George, resigned.

“I’ll play him,” said a new voice, and Ginny threw herself down the stairs in a rush to get to him.

“Charlie!” she whisper-screamed. “You’re here!”

“And don’t want to interrupt,” her brother grimaced, indicating the sunken kitchen door with their parents behind it. “Plus, Ron’s getting too cocky at chess. Needs a few pegs down.”

“Will you tell us about what’s happening in Romania?” Ginny demanded, and Charlie nodded. 

“Of course.”

“Think you can play gobstones with one hand and chess with another?” George asked slyly.

Charlie grinned. “A sickle says I can.”

Hermione-in-the-dream felt the rest of the memory play out. It was before she and Ron had gotten their prefect letters. Before Harry had arrived. Fred had gone with George and the rest of his siblings, as usual, and Hermione had gone up to the room she shared with Ginny and read a book, trying not to feel excluded. And if she had stayed, she would have only felt she were intruding.

But now.

“Want to see what I’ve done up on the roof?” Fred asked her cheekily - another memory, but not the same day.

Hermione shrugged. 

“Beats sitting around,” Fred challenged, and Hermione nodded.

“Fine. Sure.”

Fred lead the way up the endless tight staircase. The Black Manse was five stories not counting the basement. Each floor only had three or four rooms in a tight square around the staircase balustrade. The top of the Manse was a flat rooftop for a garden or a sitting area. But of course, like the rest of the house, it was a complete decrepit trash receptacle full of rusting parts of things, old nails, broken potion bottles, a broken laundry line, and other molding and odorous things. No one liked to spend time up there if they could help it, not the least of which was the chance of passing too high above the boundary spell to keep 12 Grimmauld Place hidden. There wasn’t even quidditch or broom flying to pass the time.

“Ta-da,” announced Fred, showing her the exact same trash heap she had seen before. 

“You’ve done a lovely job with it,” she said scathingly.

“No, that’s not it,” said Fred, grinning at her irritation. “This is!” And he pulled two old battered golf clubs from behind the door to the stairwell. They were slightly bent, and as rusted and dented as everything else.

“New sport?” she asked sweetly.

“Watch,” said Fred, lining up a half broken bottle. He took a huge swing, and launched the shower of glass over the edge of the building and onto the street. It disappeared halfway down in the barrier spell.

Hermione moved closer, impressed. “That’s one way to clear rubbish.”

“It’s incredibly satisfying,” said Fred, not looking at her. He was still shading his brown eyes, as if looking at an impressive long shot on the green, but really watching the thick haze of South London crowding the power lines across the way. 

“Line me up,” said Hermione at once, and Fred gave her an old dented tin can, with something black congealing out of the mold on its side. Hermione made a disgusted face, wound up the golf club, and thwacked it satisfyingly against the can, sending it and its contents spiraling everywhere before plunking over the edge.

“You’ve hit it too high,” said Fred, coming over and giving her another one. He took the club from behind - how had she not seen this in her memory - before carefully tapping the top of a new piece of metal with the club face.

“Nice and low. Really sweep it out of here. Like my mother with a broom.”

Hermione’s face split into a grin as she drew back. It was so rare to smile in Grimmauld Place. The whole miasma of it grew into the bones until everyone was curt and skittish and angry. 

“You’ve cut up your hands,” said Fred after Hermione sent another projectile launching into the nothingness around the rooftop.

Hermione looked down at her hands. “Oh, no,” she said, somewhat embarrassed. “It was Hedwig.”

“Harry’s owl?” asked Fred, astonished. 

Hermione nodded. “He’s really…really angry, being all by himself.”

“Probably a party compared to here,” Fred muttered. 

Hermione had never seen Fred anything but jocular. He was always trying to get everyone else to laugh. She hadn’t realized it was his way of coping. That he never was laughing. Not really.

“It’s been a hard summer,” she sympathized.

“You only got here last week,” Fred said bitterly, and then looked furious with himself. “Not that we’re not-”

“I know,” said Hermione, and this time she lined up the trash for both of them. In tandem, they swung and launched the garbage over the roofline. “That is satisfying,” she added, and Fred looked gratified.

“We’ll be going back to school, anyway,” Fred continued as they rummaged for more things small enough to hit, stockpiling.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” said Hermione. “About making…an Order for ourselves.”

Fred perked up. “Yeah? With who?”

“I don’t know,” said Hermione self-consciously. “Me, and you. George and Ron. Harry, of course. Ginny.”

“So the people here?” asked Fred dryly.

Hermione blushed. “It was only an idea,” she muttered.

They both launched trash over the roof with the violence they could not bring against the house itself. As they swung, Hermione sensed Fred was putting much more of a Beater’s effort into it than she was. So much, in fact, that he was spattering himself with the backlash of bursting things apart with the force of it, swinging over and over and over.

“I think that’s enough,” said Hermione, pulling the club out of Fred’s hands. That hadn’t happened, she had only thought about it….

Fred was panting, brown eyes hard and angry. “I hate it here,” he said bitterly, all at once. The words came pouring out of him. “And we have to be good for Ginny. And we have to make Mum try to laugh or else she’ll always be crying. Even anger is better than…than…and George and I are in a stupid old bed that someone probably died in and there’s not even beds enough to have separate ones. And Bill and Charlie get to go out and do and we’re in our last year and we’re of age and we’re supposed to sit by and sleep in little beds and pretend it’s fine and-”

Hermione didn’t know how to stop him. She only leaned in and hugged him. It was strange. She and Fred had never been alone together so much. Usually Ron was there, or at least George.

Fred only breathed hard and angry and hot into the top of her hair, his arms finally going around her in return. His breath made her scalp tingle, and his nose came down to find the top of her head. He was shorter than Ron was. Ron would be able to fit Hermione under his chin, but Fred held her near his mouth, his panting not quite slowed, hot against the skin of her head as she stared at the place where his neck met his collarbones, watching the fluttering of his heartbeat in the summer sun.

“Hermione, I-” said Fred, drawing back. He looked embarrassed, and he flicked his eyes to the clubs where they had dropped them. He let go of her to get them and lean them against the brickwork.

“I get it,” she said, her voice full of compassion. “It’s stupid, and not fair. You’ll be eighteen in April and-”

“And you’re going to be sixteen next month,” said Fred in a strange voice.

Hermione was taken aback. She nodded tentatively. “September 19th.”

“You’re older than Ron.”

Hermione smiled a little, lopsided. “I got my letter to Hogwarts almost a year in advance. I had plenty of time to memorize my textbooks. Poor Harry got his only four weeks to wrap his head around being a wizard.”

Fred actually laughed, his eyes growing crinkly at the corners, though she wasn’t sure his mouth was smiling because for some reason she didn’t trust herself to look at it. Against her will, her eyes flicked to it, and his smile grew.

“We’re going to be a year apart for half a year,” said Fred, leaning against the masonry of the house, not ready to go back in the gloom. 

Relaxing a bit, Hermione leaned beside him. “I know. Only eighteen months apart, actually.”

“I am awfully sorry about that punching telescope.”

Was it her, or did he seem closer than a few moments before when she had looked away?

She blushed, looking down. “It’s alright,” she said, though it had hurt, quite a bit.

“Let me see,” Fred commanded, tipping her chin up, and her blush grew at the touch of his fingers, though she didn’t know why.

“It looks better,” he said teasingly, his nose crinkling at her nervous swallow.

“Doesn’t hurt as much,” she managed, and his face grew serious. 

“I am sorry,” he whispered, his other hand creeping up. “Let me make it up to you.”

She had plenty of time to pull away, but she was a deer in the headlights. He cupped her face gently, sweetly, the sun making her squint up at his freckled face as he descended on her slow and sure, making sure she had plenty of time to refuse. 

The kiss lingered. Deepened. Until she felt it sparking through places she wasn’t sure she was ready for. Her mouth opened and - 

“Good morning,” said Ron, self satisfied at her wide eyed astonishment. He had found her sleeping upright, nursing Hugo who had long since fallen back asleep.

“R-Ron,” Hermione stammered.

He grinned at her. “Breakfast is ready,” he announced. She could hear Rose at the kitchen table already. Everything seemed so confusing. She wasn’t sure if Rose was real. She had opened her eyes to see brown and seen blue instead.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked, seeing her blinking astonishment.

“I just…need to wake up,” she managed, flushing to her core. How could she even look at Ron after dreaming about being fifteen again?

“Don’t worry,” said Ron cheerfully, dragging her to the kitchen without noticing her upset. “I made coffee.”

Send me a made up AO3 title and i’ll write you a drabble based off of it!

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Yo the pennywise reading mind thing the anon asked it's L I T!! But imagine pennywise reading your mind and know what you are thinking. Oh this human is thinking about a person she likes. Simple and cute BUT ALSO IT CAN BE BAD!! Like imagine clown boy about to eat you "time to float" and he reads your mind and you're like "yass make me float claddy" and he's like wtf 😭

He unlocks his jaw and is like a millimeter away from munching and crunching but then he gets a hint of your smell and realizes that you wanna floAT ON THAT DICC

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I just wanted to say I really love how you writers over at Telltale make Jesse. They're such a rare type of protagonist, and perfect at that. You find a way to make a hero but also make an interesting character. (They still even feel like a character to me, even it's your choices that you make.) What do you think?

Aw that really means a lot - thanks for the kind words. I think Jesse is a really special protagonist and I’m proud of the fact that we’ve made a character who has a lot of facets to their personality. The team works really hard to make MCSM inclusive to anyone so I love seeing people define who “their Jesse” is and I’m proud of the fact that there’s kind of a Jesse for everyone. :)

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Do you think it's safe to say you've closed the door on writing an ending to your Caution Tape series? :/

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh, Caution Tape… has a lot of things that… as I’m older, I’m not really comfortable… having my name known for? Like, I don’t, personally, have issues with age gap relationships and as far as I’m concerned, once you’re 18, your life is to do with as you please. But I also don’t like the position Jason, as a protagonist, is put in as a result of his and Rika’s situation, and I think the reactions of everyone aside from Eri to their relationship was… highly unrealistic, lol. Like, I’m Jason’s age now and I understand why–when I was 19 and wrote this series–the premise appealed to me, but… I’m now quite… “eh” on the whole thing? Like, I still love the backstories of everyone and the characters and the villains and interactions. And I love Jason and Rika and Levi, but I think that before I go back to it, a lot of it will have to be re-written. 

I realize that part of the appeal of Caution Tape is the forbidden, illicit relationship between Jason and Rika. And I don’t mean that in a sexual way, because anyone who’s read the books knows that while there is sexual tension in Caution Tape, the actual acts of such things are few and far between. It’s the allure of what they’re doing, albeit unintentionally, and how they develop from “enemies” to friends to more, etc, etc, etc. Like, Caution Tape is advertised as an “illicit romance between a teacher and student,” but that’s not what it is. At all. Which is why I know I can take it and update into something that will allow the interactions to retain that forbidden aspect while not making it quite so… ridiculous? 

Like, the whole “Hiromasa doesn’t want Rika to go to college because he needs her to take over the family business, blah blah blah.” Like, that idea was put into motion to create conflict, but there’s no reason Hiromasa wouldn’t want Rika to go to college, especially if he wants her to take over this multi-billion dollar company. Or, like, Jason’s whole family (except Eri, bless him) being okay with his and Rika’s relationship. I don’t care what kind of trauma Jason has (that almost makes it worse, actually), there’s no way they’d just be “well, whatever makes you happy!” Especially Kokoa, who is also a teacher! lol! And just… stuff like that could easily be rectified if Jason was a professor instead of a teacher and Rika in college instead of high school. There can still be the age difference appeal, and she can still go to him for guidance because she’s still going to be coming from a sheltered and fucked up place, but it won’t be as… uh, terrible? I guess? Make her 19 instead and keep him the same age, you still get that “oh no, he’s her teacher!” idea without it being quite so… Yeah, anyway.  

I also don’t like the idea of Jason being villainized because of their relationship, and Levi for his feelings either. Like, to a certain extent you can’t escape that because of the power difference, even if their roles do get swapped later and Rika is the one in the elevated position. And that’s part of the premise as well as the appeal, I get that, but it’s still possible to change a few things without losing that and still make it more socially acceptable. Jason is kind of a villain because of the lies and the deceit anyway, but that’s the kind of villain I want him to be, not some creep who preys on high schoolers (even though that’s not what he did, but you get why others would see it that way). 

No, Rika and Jason’s relationship is never traditionally romantic. Like I said previously, Caution Tape isn’t really a romance at all, and to a certain extent, the relationship they do end up in isn’t romanticized. If there’s any lesson that can be learned from this series, it’s that secrets destroy both relationships and lives. Like… their relationship is a piece of shit and the only reason it worked out alright for a little while was because everyone around them was magically willing to keep their mouths shut (even poor Eri, the only realistic character in the whole series, who then… well… ANYWAY!). 

So the answer to your question is that I LOVE Caution Tape. I wrote it right out of high school and it got me through my depression and it’s four books of some of the best plot building and character development I’ve done, and I’m still proud of a lot of what’s happening there. BUT it also needs a SERIOUS overhaul before I’m willing to affiliate myself with it again on a serious level. And while I wish I had six arms and as many brains so I could write everything I want to right now, I can’t. Caution Tape is a great narrative and it means a lot to me, but it’s not something that is realistically publishable either. It’s too long for the kind of fiction it is and the books don’t support themselves the way stand alone books should. Now, do I agree with this standpoint? No, it’s stupid. If I’m writing a series, the books don’t need to stand alone. But I’m also not a published author that can get away with writing whatever they want, lol. 

Probably what will happen is this–I’ll finish Serendipitous Fate and A Commutual Contract, and then I may shift Caution Tape into focus after that, depending on what I’m doing with Dragon Seer. Caution Tape will be both easy to deal with because it’s already written and annoying because I’ll have to re-write long swaths of it and change so many bits and pieces, which is… a lot more difficult than just outright writing something. And if it weren’t for the fact that there are so many parts of Caution Tape that I love, I would just rewrite it in totality. Maybe what I’ll do, actually, is go through the chapters and highlight main ideas/specific dialogue/etc that I want in the new version and just… write chapter to chapter without going directly off the original skeleton. 

In any case, that was a lot more than you asked for, but I think the readers of Caution Tape deserve to know where I stand on it. Like so many other things, it’s on my list to deal with. And I will get to it eventually, of that I am certain. 

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ok this episode made me really really love Beth. I kinda relate to her in some ways, one cause I was a very violent kid with anger problems, but also cause my dad is extremely smart (not Rick level but who is) and wasn’t the best when I was growing up but still really cares about me. I always feel like I can never be as great or smart as him, and whenever someone tells me I’m really intelligent I always thing “not as smart as him” or that I’m just “tricking people” into thinking I’m smart. And that speech that Rick gave to Beth at the end of the episode is EXACTLY the same as one my dad gave me a year ago. Now me saying this isn’t to say “I’m so great my family is so smart duh der” or that you have to be smart to get the show (cause you don’t and anyone who thinks so is annoying eliltest scum) but just that I really like Beth and Ricks relationship getting better cause that makes me realize how much better me be my dad get along now.

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1/2 Hi, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this: Personally, I don’t see the “attraction regardless of gender” definition of pan to be problematic. To me, it’s not saying that an individual's gender doesn’t matter overall, just that it’s not a factor in determining why a pan person would be attracted to them. So the important part is that “regardless” has to with the *attraction* bit, not feelings about their gender in general.

2/2 You know what I mean? I also think that definition is more inclusive to agender people, rather than the “all genders” definition, since that implies that pan means only attraction to those who have a gender. As an agender person, I feel excluded with that definition. Sorry if anything I’m saying sounds problematic, I genuinely want to know what you think of this.

I’ve explained it a bunch of times, but I do see it as problematic, because people have said it feels dismissive to them. I know that people who use the “regardless of” definition don’t mean that gender in general doesn’t matter, that it’s specifically about their attraction, but intent doesn’t outweigh impact. if people say that that wording feels dismissive of their gender identity, then we should find a different way to word it.

just like how we should find a better wording because you feel “all genders” doesn’t include you, as an agender person. which I have noted before, and I try to say “all genders or lack thereof” for that reason. personally, I use “attraction to all genders/lack thereof” and “attraction that isn’t limited/determined by gender/lack thereof”.

I don’t really see an issue with finding better ways to explain pansexuality that don’t hurt people, even if I’m personally not the one being hurt by it. especially if it ends up as a better, more accurate way to explain it. I mean, what’s the harm in that?

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Why did you choose that song for the last chapter? Sorry but I don't think Reese is pretty on the inside tbh I think she is really ugly on the inside.

Okay so here’s the thing, I didn’t choose that song for the lyrics, I chose it for the way it sounds, and to me it sounds like self destruction which is pretty much the theme of this whole story. Now for Reese not being pretty on the inside. Reese is legitimately sick,she is struggling through a pretty serious drug addiction and she also uses sex as coping mechanism, those two things don’t make her ugly on the inside.She has a good heart and she would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone.I dunno to me she isn’t a bad person, shes just got problems. I understand that we are like a quarter of the way through this story and there is no resolution in sight, but it’s coming. Just be patient, or you know unfollow, whatever. 

Nirvana in Fire Episode 3: Fandom Talk

@orangememory Yes … I have seen Jing get a bit weepy but no actual tears yet. I’m terrified about if/when that actually happens, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep composure. I have a LOT to say about how much I adore his character but that’ll have to wait until a few episode recaps further since at this point in the story I was still figuring out who he is. He is arguably my favorite person in this entire show, at least where I am around ep15. It’s fascinating how slowly he moves from being one of many great characters into definitely THE character that is the most important to the Mei Chang Su storyline. I love him. I hate it when he hurts. And he’s hurting ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Also, I’ve never seen Hu Ge in anything else but he definitely picked a great role here because the character of Lin Shu is such that if he’s in any scene, he’s the focal point. He can be doing literally anything in the background and still our focus will be at least partially on him because of who he is in this story and how his character functions, and that must be so ridiculously fun. He’s certainly rising to the challenge and then some; his acting so far has been spectacular. He makes silence and stillness magnetic. And can I adopt that headcanon? Because I am.

@urihu HE IS A WUXIA HAGRID. THATS PERFECT. I wouldn’t say I find him attraaaaactive, per se, but I don’t find him repulsive? I would want him to be my giant friend who doesn’t mind giving platonic hugs when I need them? Yeah, that.

@cheesey-toast nnnNooooOOOOO I care about Jing Rui I don’t want him to suffer I want to hide him away somewhere safe where he can stay happy and pure and secure in his place in the world

@emulation Jingmum is someone I am so keen to get to know better. Give me more of the awesome ladies, show! (And I’m glad my self-indulgent blatherings are entertaining you ^_^)

@guzhuangheaven I LOVE MEI CHANG SU SO MUCH. He’s like all my favourite tropes combined mercilessly into a single character. And his dramatic flair is just-ahh. So good. Actually watching this I MUCH prefer it to Count of Monte Cristo because he isn’t as selfish as the Count was even if they have similar love of the over-the-top drama (I haven’t read that book in a while but anyways), he is similarly self-destructive in his single-mindedness but he is also trying to work towards ultimately what seems like a “good” thing. What adds extra intrigue is how he is SO focused on that end goal he is seemingly willing to do ANYTHING to get it. That makes him sooooo much more sympathetic and interesting. And terrifying. I want him squirreled away in a safe place too, but preferably a different one to where I hid Jing Rui away.

@liuet AU where the opening credits sequence is all about tangerines instead of butterflies

@moogling So Jing Rui basically has the perfect life balanced between two worlds that both love him is what you’re telling me (lalalala I’m not listening to anything that happens after episode, like, five lalala everything is fine for my Good Boy lalalaaaaa)

@floweringseason Literary analysis is one of my favourite things; I took my BA in English with a focus on fairy-tale studies (and I won top honors in my university for my honors thesis which was about what I called the fairy-tale lexicon used in contemporary storytelling, specifically storytelling on television), I love writing essays and research papers and my plan is to return to school to get my doctorate in further English studies and ultimately teach at a university level, so BASICALLY over-analyzing stories that entertain and intrigue me is 100% My Thing. I’m just happy you are enjoying my turning my attention to NiF, aha. I’m keeping my analysis relatively jokey because that entertains ME but as the story gets deeper I’ll probably have fun with some Serious Talk too ^_^

Hello Hive City! Guess who you should get to know? Mr. Yakumo Oomari, also known by his alias Yamori! Here’s why!

  • He’s the biggest and most psychotic bara daddy you will ever meet.
  • Real good at filling your dash with chaos and discord.
  • Loves to torture almost as much as he loves to dress fancy.
  • Do you love to fight? Good, because this man is the easiest person to piss off on the planet! Don’t believe me? Just tell him that you could land a plane on his nose!
  • Runs a gang of mentally unstable cannibals, and he does it with class!
  • Do you hate men? Wanna hate them some more?
  • Imagine Al Capone but a cannibal with superhuman strength that shoots barbed tentacles from his back.
  • Loves the Backstreet Boys for some reason.
  • Sings and breaks stuff/people when he’s drunk.
  • Thinks he’s the smartest guy in the universe
  • Thinks he’s the coolest guy in the Universe.
  • He’s neither of these things.

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Ahhh!! Have you listened to Change Up yet? What do you think?

YES I HAVE!!! skjgsljhkjs I’m so goddamn weak for all of them I need to get my life together

It was such an earworm! It gave me Check In vibes, but it was also kind of EDM performance unit esque? (also I was spoiled beforehand about rapkingkwon so I wasn’t surprised to see him spitting fire, still very much impressed though) except the high pitch parts made me think of Mingyu 2.0 then I got distracted by the fact that they had to switch up their seating on those human chair scenes just to get that turning around shot and I cracked up. Also who’s cleaning up those crumpled pieces of paper?

Okay but Woozi’s “change up”s really got me, and it makes no sense, he literally wasn’t doing anything fancy. Also I’m going to admit that when I watched it for the first time I just had my eyes glued to him and couldn’t fully focus on anything else. god I love that hair color I love the Wooz suddenly me liking junhoon makes a lot of sense also woozi’s expressions are amazing I love him so much, I’ve lost count of how many times I rewatched that finger gun moment lmao

Coups was adorable LOL idk why that’s the first word I thought of to describe my impression of him, but the scene where he was jamming on the littered floor just made me smile.

ALSO THE INSTRUMENTAL. It had this jazzy vibe to it and that’s just mm my shit right there. Very SVT to have odd combinations of instruments in the background and somehow make them work.

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Hi Amber!!! So my roomate and I are thinking of adopting a cat. She has had one before but I never have, so I am excited to get one but also a little nervous bc I'm not sure what kind of cat/cat personality to look for! We are probably going to the shelter in a couple weeks or so, do you have any advice for first time cat owners? 😻😸

I think it’s great to adopt an adult or senior cat! They’re usually so sweet and as a plus, already house trained! Older cats can also be a bit more mellow so they won’t rip up your house as much.
As a tip, most cats have to get used to their new home for a while! They might be timid and reclusive for a couple days or maybe even a week and will hide under furniture until they get used to all the new scents and sights. There are air diffuser type things you can get on Amazon called Feliway which will fill the house with natural feline pheromones that will make them feel calm and like the house is already filled with familiar scents. That way the transition will be less stressful for your kitty.
The shelter can probably give you more specific care tips! I’ve had cats all my life, though and you will definitely love having one in your home.