the person who once loved me mv

Am I the only one who had this happen? I got into got7 and their music and their mvs. But then once I learned every single foreign word of the songs, I fell in love with their personalities and spent any time on them in variety shows or vlives and loved them so much as people that I kind of forgot they made music. Then Hard Carry happens and that they made that whole album basically and it kind of reminded me that their whole thing is music. Like you have a family member that you know and love, but since you don’t see them other than FaceTime you kind of forget they’re a doctor or lawyer or whatever. Like I love them so much as people I forgot how awesome they are at making music. Like I forgot they were idols and their music is the only way I would know them. So now I go back to listen to their older music and it’s so different than the first time I got into it. Like it sounds better and I appreciate it more and I still know the words and I can tell their voices apart and appreciate that this is their careers and they love doing this. I just love got7.