the person picking these were blind...maybe


Member: Jisoo/Joshua
Genre: Smut
Word count: 3,937 of Father forgive me

All it took was a simple snap. Like a string pulled taut, everything was fragile, fragile, fragile. You hated it. Every glance, every smile, every word made you breathless. You wanted it. The way he moved gracefully or how the droplets of sweat sticking to his brow caused shivers to run up and down your spine. You needed it.

And by God, you were going to get it, even if it were to be the very last thing you did.

Unfortunately, Jisoo was oblivious. He was a kind person, that’s for sure, but he was just so… blind. Honestly, you really just wanted to bash your head against a wall at times. You knew that he didn’t pick up on many things, but maybe some of the fault also rested on you as well. As badly as you wanted to show him, you knew you couldn’t, especially with him surrounded by the other members. Maybe they were the problem.

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RFA: MC Moved On


So you moved on. Out of curiosity, and maybe a bit of sadness, he had found a social media account of yours. He certainly didn’t expect it to be covered with images of another man.. 


    He rapidly scrolled down and down past all the images, heart aching at every new picture. It wasn’t true, right? You had to leave for your own safety, right? Or did you leave to meet this strange guy? 

    Tears dripped onto his keyboard. Yoosung swiped off the droplets with a rushed hand, nearly knocking the keyboard off the table. Crying was a childish thing to do. This new boyfriend of yours probably didn’t cry at everything. He lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. What used to calm him only frustrated him more. Why could he not stop crying?

    A week later, tears were a thing of the past for Yoosung. Emotions were a thing of the past. He never smiled, and never loved. Was this what you wanted? A mature man who could handle his emotions? 

Because I can meet your expectations now. 


    Zen frowned as he scrolled down further into your account. This man had to be just a friend. But every picture screamed in his face that you had moved on. Photographed kisses, captions filled with hearts, and pictures of you smiling. With him. 

    Zen got up from his computer, fuming. Why he was angry, he wasn’t sure. He walked to the sink, and tried to splash himself with cold water. But he ended up just staring right into his mirrored eyes. He wasn’t handsome. He was ugly. Just like what his family had said. If he really was attractive, it shouldn’t have been that hard to keep you with him. 

    Of course facial features weren’t the only thing you could have loved, but it was the only thing he could see in himself. Even his personality. His narcissism disappeared, and he began to hate himself.

You’re the beauty, I’ll always just be the beast. [NOT THE “RELEASE THE BEAST” KIND]


    Jaehee smiled softly as she saw your smile again. The pain in her heart was not to be ignored, but at least you were happy. Maybe you were never happy with her. Maybe she was just an experiment on your sexual orientation. 

    But what could she do now? Nothing. So she drowned herself in work. She took documents home, and worked till dawn. Her sleeping schedule further deteriorated, but she was happy. Because you had found happiness. Even if it was with another. 

   The other members grew worried about her health, but she claimed all was well. And in a morbid sense, that was true. She was okay with living a life of constant work. Because no matter how happy you were, she could still feel a little bit of pain. 

If you’re happy, I’m content. 


    With a frustrated sigh, Jumin continued looking at the images. Every kiss, every smile, every picture. They hurt him. But he took some form of twisted satisfaction from them. 

    Feeling such an intense emotion comforted him. It reminded him of the days when you were there. Even intense pain soothed him. After all, that must mean that he was capable of emotion, right? And he coped with the pain in the only one way he knew. Wine. 

    He drank more than he ever had that night. The next day his head complained harshly, but the worst pain of all was still remembering. Remembering how happier you looked with the new, strange man. One who could smile in public without any coaxing. 

Perhaps I was never enough. 


    He chuckled, glancing at the photos. You must have known that he would see these images. And yet you had posted them. He continued to laugh, but his vision was blurring. And before he knew it, tears were cascading down his cheeks. 

    He was weak. But he couldn’t stop. The first person to actually see and care for his true self was gone. Maybe it was his cold demeanor, maybe it was his depressed reality. Whatever it was, it had made her run away. But his 707 personality had drawn her in. 

    Chip bags and soda cans littered his floor. The only light in the room was a monitor, as Seven typed away. Bzzt. Seven picked up his phone. With a deep sigh, and a drink of Dr. Pepper, he entered the chat with a digital smile.

Why make jokes when my entire life is a joke? 

[Unknown and V]

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catfish 01/ park jimin

note: a little surprise I decided to make a new (short) series because I hit 600 followers and I wanted to thank you all for that, so tysm for supporting my work it means a lot to me 💕💕💕, this was actually one of my upcoming imagines and I changed it up a bit so the summary is a little different. 

anyway enjoy the story ! 

Originally posted by sosjimin

summary: You have been talking to someone named Ji-sung for the past couple of months. Or so you thought.

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and last part

sometimes we all need that person that can pick us up when we feel down or hard on ourselves..
So why exactly is UT!gaster feeling down on himself? Well, I have this idea that the reason the other AU gasters are with him is because he did fell into the void erasing himself from existence in his world. In doing so it created a ripple effect to the other universes the ones that were closes to his universe and timeline got hit the worse(a.k.a US, OT, UF, and blind!gaster…maybe more) and were pulled into the void with him. While others that have been far away may not have even been affected by it. So overall UT feels as though it’s his fault that they’re stuck there and is taking responsibility on an action that was just a simple mistake…that can be alot burden on one person so OT usually does his best to keep him grounded and helps in anyway

Rant I

It frustrated the hell out of me after reading the comment section of CBAW *sigh*

Why Haebom is so timid?

Come on. His parents’ friend takes him into her family and treat him equally or probably more than her own son. I don’t think Taesung’s family did adopt him anyone that said this is an incest can drop it now. He must have wanted to live his life quietly without causing any trouble. If ahjumma gets to know that he’s bullied, she would probably come to school without any second thought. But Haebom doesn’t want to be a burden.

Why their classmates aren’t doing anything when Haebom is being picked on?

If someone who can’t even fight the bullies properly interferes, that person would probably become his victim too. That’s why all of them turn a blind eye. Maybe they want to help Haebom or they feel pity for him, but what if they were bullied too if they help him? Who’s gonna help them?

Why Taesung takes the money and uses it?

He used it, no more like he pretends to use it. The bully is so full of himself that he thought it’s not easy to talk to him. If someone bigger and intimidating than him tries fight him, of course he can’t do anything. He can’t fight back. It’s lucky that Taesung is in same class with Haebom. When he used the money and treated his friends, he probably wants to show to the bully, “I can do this too but you can’t fight me, so I’m in the highest hierarchy here. Don’t mess with me.” Well, probably.