the person of the year

I wasn’t going to post anything on here, but this means so much to me that I really don’t want to forget the moment… After having a tough time last year and working everyday pretty much all day for the past 9 months (and also watching a fair amount of ‘Homeland’ over lunch breaks to clear my mind, so thanks where thanks is due to Claire Danes), I am absolutely OVER THE MOON to find that I’m graduating Cambridge with a starred first and firsts in all of my exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m also so, so happy to have found this out when I was completely immersed in directing and performing in Shakespeare’s 'All’s Well That Ends Well’ (a very suitable title) in my college’s gardens and I hope Shake my man is smiling down somewhere and thinks I did his plays justice in my rambling essays - because he’s the guy who made me want to do this! I might just go dance for a while, now that Cambridge looks beautiful while the sun is out! What a day xxxx


legitimately sick in bed rn, but bless snapchat for making me not look sick and instead make me feel better for a few minutes, both aesthetically with fake make-up + a flower crown and whatever it is that made me laugh with that second photo

Still laughing at this:

If I’ve “contributed nothing but stress” to you by sending a whopping four messages over a span of two months because you’ve been harassing my friends, it’s probably because you’re legitimately shitty people that know you’re in the wrong, and can’t handle being exposed.  You are literally the ones that are “toxic” here.

I’m still going to side with the people that actually provided evidence of the lot of you being a bunch of hypocritical liars.

(And, by the way, you can stop acting like I’ve ever even acknowledged Mod Shay’s existence prior to yesterday, after hearing about how she stalked a minor.  I’m pretty sure you have me confused with someone else.  I only regret not screencapping  when at least three of your mods were sending me incredibly rude private messages, even after I told them flat-out to stop.  But, no–they insisted on me being “wrong”, and trying to “correct” me, which–yes–is manipulative as hell, especially after the person has explicitly stated that your presence isn’t welcome.  It’s disgusting that you’re trying to portray yourselves as the “victims” here)

Okay so 1) my fitbit battery ran out and Saturday is usually my most active day. I don’t have a charger here. Sad :C

Also, 2) I dreamt some really weird shit about my ex (he was suddenly a contractor instead of graphic designer and had built huge buildings and had a kid?) and now I’m wondering how he’s doing. Like - I have this curiosity that may be sliiightly fueled by a sense of “I’m doing way better without you” but it feels super nosy, and it leaves me wondering whether it’s normal/healthy to feel like that.

Guess who’s going to Disney World this weekend?

What? No, not the Chocobros… Me.

(Prompto, sweetie, sit right in the boat or you’re gonna fall out.)