the person of the year

im just waiting for the day hoseok releases his mixtape and single handedly slays my entire existence

29 days without any birth control and hormones going into my body and the last weeks has felt like I’ve gotten my life back. I’ve always thought that I’ve been lucky because I haven’t been one of those girls that gained a lot of weight from the birth control but now I’m like, they took a part of my life and happiness and that’s so sad. Anyway, thank god I took the decision to stop

This literally happens once a week:
  • Me: Why did [art teacher] ask you to go to the office?
  • Wild One (clutching the crotch of his pants): [Grumpy Gus] hit me in the privates with his knee.
  • Me: He told me you were in his personal space and when you moved he accidentally hit you.
  • Wild One: Well yeah... I need to go back to art. (Starts limping away)
  • Me: I thought you were in so much pain!

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*

A Good Time: people who use the split attraction model need to “accept that [attraction] works and feels differently for everyone” and then a few paragraphs later “the idea of a split romantic and sexual orientation is an unhealthy, pathologizing way of looking at sexual orientations.”

🎆Magickal Ideas for New Year’s Eve🎇
  • Make a representation of 2016 and burn it
  • Perform a divinatory reading for the upcoming year
  • Do a spell or ritual to achieve your goals in 2017
    • New Year’s Spell Jar
    • The lunar phase on December 31st will be waxing crescent, which is great for growth, wealth, prosperity, luck, and attraction
  • Collect moon water during the waxing crescent moon for later use
  • Cleanse your space to make room for positive energy in 2017
    • Incense: anise, cedarwood, dragon’s blood, pine, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, thyme
    • Essential oils (for cleansing sprays): camphor, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, peppermint, spearmint, tangerine (plus any of the incense scents mentioned above that are also available in the form of essential oils)
  • Perform a ritual bath to cleanse yourself of any negativity from 2016 and to promote positivity, happiness, luck, and wealth in 2017
  • Eat cabbage and black-eyed peas for prosperity and good luck
  • Make a charm to promote good health and positivity for yourself and your loved ones, pets included!
  • Make plans to complete any unfinished projects in 2017

things i learned in 2016:

  • sometimes i’ll try my best in school and i’ll still fall short of my goals, but i’ll still survive because life goes on
  • what’s important is learning how to overcome fear of failure and perfectionism
  • rest is important, but so is knowing how to push myself enough that i can accomplish the goals i have for myself
  • taking care of myself is important, but so is being aware of how to improve myself so i can be happy with the person i am
  • being by myself and having quality Me time is important, but so is interacting with people who uplift me and add positivity and radiance into my life
  • i don’t have to drink if i don’t want to
  • nothing excuses behaviors that hurt other people
  • i don’t have to cut off my friendships from high school just because college is a time to Explore and Meet New People™ 
  • with that being said, i also shouldn’t cling onto past relationships just because they were once a thing. there’s a time to let go for almost everything, and relationships aren’t an exception
  • support systems are important
  • social media breaks are important
  • doing things that are fulfilling in life is important
  • helping other people is important
  • i missed reading books purely for the joy of it
  • the most ‘successful’ people in the world learn to let go of envy or jealousy, and learn + gain motivation/inspiration from those who are better than them
  • negative bias is real, but just its mere existence indicates that good things do happen in this world and i will learn how to appreciate that more in 2017, god damnit.
  • i need to rely more on internal and not external validation