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I’m gonna be real with you right now. It’s 8:30 p.m. I spent the day writing fanfic, buying Christmas decorations, buying tempurpedic pillows, decorating our tree, ordering Chinese food, gettin’ it, opening a bottle of Vueve Cliquot, ordering fucking cheesecake delivery from the fucking Cheesecake Factory (what is life?), watching last week’s SNL, all with my amazingly gorgeous and hilarious wife @culturepopper. Because Saturday. Because life is grand.

Since I reached New Mexico, nearly all my anxiety has been laser-focused on the matters of driving and being in charge of a car (a whole car! me!), but I’ve been working on it, and since Wednesday I’ve driven from Albuquerque to Taos to Santa Fe. Once I got on the interstate, it wasn’t so bad! Anyway, I love it here. I’ll catch up with my dash eventually but I’ve been posting on insta if you want to see.
King’s Cross fire victims honoured 30 years on
Guardian, 18 November 2017
By Ben Quinn

Victims’ families, survivors and emergency services staff gathered today at one of London’s busiest Tube stations. to remember those who died in the King’s Cross Underground fire 30 years ago on Wednesday evening, 18 November 1987.

Thirty-one people died and about 60 were injured as a result of an escalator fire thought to have been caused by a dropped match.

I’m posting this link today in memory of everyone affected by the King’s Cross fire, which had a close and traumatic personal impact on me, and also to share for the first time a very personal story.

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If one more asshole asks me if my parents have a son, I swear I’m gonna start flipping tables. Is it my fault that I am the third daughter? Is it my fault that they decided to not have any more kids after me. Is it my god damned fault that the family name is apparently gonna end with me? No!

And I am tired of people pointing it out to me. Like, stop! I know I am not a son and you know what? I can live with that! So you better learn to live with it too.

this is a psa of sorts…
i’m bad at keeping in touch —just a fact. i have moments in which all i want is to isolate myself from people and i will 100% ignore everyone while i’m in those moods. it’s not personal, and usually it passes fairly quickly & i’ll be back to screaming @ you about our muses, etc. 

that being said…
if ever you need someone to talk to —whether we’ve talked in the past, whether or not we’re mutuals, whatever. PLEASE message me and say you need that, and i will be there to the best of my ability, regardless of the situation. i’m bad at keeping in touch but i’m really good at being a sounding board, a shoulder, or someone to validate how you’re feeling. 

in closing (tl;dr)
- don’t take it personal if i’m anti-social
- but also don’t ever think you have to suffer alone.