the person in said picture is taylor

Ok, I have to tell you about one of my amazing meetings with Robin Lord Taylor at HVFF in London, just a few days ago. 
The audio in the video should be pretty clear, but if you have an hard time hearing it, or do you want more background to the story, here it is:
So we all agree that “nygmobblepot” is a fucking difficult word right? It’s sound made up, especially if you’re talking in Italian, believe me it’s a nightmare. And I’m talking about nygmobblepot 24/7, even with a few of my best friends who don’t watch the show…but, they want to be supportive and, well they want to understand why I’m crying all the time, so the TRY to ask me about that but…they can’t pronounce the word, it’s to hard.
So at first they were like: “how is going with nygmhdkfdfskfjirjgk?”
But then, they got creative, and started to come up with real names, like “nygmwobafett” or funny stuff like that. BUT, the name that sticked, my personal favourite, was “NYGMPOWERBOTTOM” (and let’s just face it, it’s also kinda accurate because…well we all know Oswald, wink wink). It’s been MONTHS and we still call them just “nygmpowerbottom”, so at some point we were like “ok…Robin needs to know. He needs to know.”

At the signing table I brought him this beautiful aesthetic one of my friend made ( I will add the picture later) with “Nygmpowerbottom” written at the top of the picture, and this was his reaction, AND IT WAS PRICELESS!
He was so cute, so appreciative, he blushed and was total supportive, we laughed both so hard it was making my heart exploding, and HE TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIS PHONE. That’s the biggest achievement of my life, I’m not even kidding! When he said “it so funny, I love it, it’s brilliant” i think I was going to faint! I’m so happy I’ve made him laugh so hard! He was so precious, you can see it with your eyes…
I want to share this because Robin Lord Taylor is the most precious person in the world and everyone needs to see that!!! He’s a pure ray of sunshine and I had the best time of my life with him!

So just remember……..NYGMPOWERBOTTOM!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

(sorry if there are a few mistakes, english is not my first language çç) 


George Chapman was born in 1865 in the Warsaw Governate of Congress Poland. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to a senior surgeon in Zwoland, Poland, though he only lasted half a year. He later left Poland for London. The exact time of his arrival has never been reliably ascertained but it is thought that he arrived around 1888. He married a young Polish girl named Lucy Badowski and had two kids. Soon after this he was confronted by his first wife from Poland, something his new wife had no idea about. He had at least four mistresses who would alternately pose as his wife, but eventually three of them were dead, poisoned by Chapman. He gave them a compound of tartar-emetic, which he purchased from a pharmacy in Hastings. Rich in the metallic element antimony, tartar-emetic causes a painful death with symptoms similar to arsenic poisoning. Although his motives for the murders remain completely unclear, in one case his victim left him 500 pounds in her will. One of the girls, named Maud Marsh, was suspected of being a murder victim. Upon further investigation they found out she had indeed been poisoned. The other two women, Bessie Taylor and Mary Isabella Spink, were exhumed and also found to have poison in their system. British law only allowed one count of murder to be on a charge against someone, so it was Maud Marsh that condemned him to death. After his trial, he was convicted of murder and on April 7th 1903, he was hanged. He is one of the many, many Jack the Ripper suspects we have going today. At the time of his arrest, Scotland Yard detective Frederick Abberline stated “you’ve got Jack the Ripper at last”, however there’s no real concrete evidence that says it was him. On one hand he is a killer and his wife said he we used to go out a lot at night during the time of Jack the Ripper was killing, on the other hand, he was a poisoner, and serial killers don’t often change their M.O. There is more evidence for both sides, but i personally don’t think it was him. Pictured above: George Chapman with 2 of his victims, fist pic is with Maud Marsh and the second is Bessie Taylor, a picture of Chapman, a copy of what his death certificate looked like, and a book about him possibly being Jack the Ripper. Source: Wikipedia

May these memories break our fall - (1989 Tour Toronto + Meeting Taylor)

We were running to get back to our seats because the lights went down and the show was starting and Mama Swift grabbed Julie by the hand because she wanted to give us B-Stage bracelets and told her to get me but I was running SO fast. Then I think she saw Julie’s excitement and she took off her bracelet saying people who get B-Stage can’t meet Taylor and said she had something special for us and that she will come back later, she promised. So the girl from Taylor Nation which I think was Erica (she was very nice!) looked at where our section was and left. I missed everything because I ran very fast and then Julie had disappear and I was like what is going on?!! And when she told me I nearly died. We had the best time EVER the show was amazing and Taylor was so fierce and cute at the same time, we were jumping up and down with our hearts in the hands and during How You Get The Girl I hear Julie screaming “it’s themmmmmmm” so I look back and I see Mama Swift entering our section!!!!! The noice that came out of my mouth was not even human. We tried to pretend like we didn’t see her and continued to jump to be polite cause she could’ve been there for other people. But then she says “Hi girlsss” and hug us and “would you like to get loft 89?” And we died, it was the end of us. Our biggest dream coming true. Erica put the bracelets on our wrists and gave me the loft 89 sheet and I don’t know how many times we thank them probably a hundred in total. Julie was sobbing and I was screaming and jumping and people were asking us what happened. Then after the show we sit and they told us the rules as usual and we entered the Loft 89 which was the doors of heaven for us. We’ve been waiting for this for so long and I couldn’t stop saying oh my god oh my god. We talked to Mama Swift, honestly she was incredibly sweet and she asked us were we live and how we got there and we told her “Quebec city” and “by plane” and she even spoke French for us a little and showed us the photobooth. And Taylor came in and I was wonderstruck looking at her. She was SO pretty, she had this bronze gold blush situation going on and the “red lips classic thing that you like”. And we were the last one to talk to her, she said “Hey guys where were you all this time? Were you hiding?” because she haven’t seen us. She said “You look so cute, you look like two fairies!” And she hugged Julie and said there’s a lot of emotions here because she was crying. And then she hugged me and I showed her the message she wrote me a year ago on instagram and she said “Oh and it’s finally happening, awesome!” And Julie showed her book and Taylor loved the stickers and said she will read it and I told her I gave mine to Toshi and she said he will definitely give it to her which I really hope he will. Also we told her we speak French and she was like “Oh you speak French, I really wish I could speak French, I really wish” she was looking at me and I was at my happiest in that moment. When I spelled my name she said my accent was so cute :) And I told her I’ve been listenning to her music for 5 years and she was like “Thank you babe, I love you so much” and hugged me. Julie told Taylor a secret in her ear and Taylor make her promise something which I won’t tell, I’ll let that to her. We took the picture and hugged one last time, Julie told her she didn’t want her to leave but she said she gotta go get some sleep, at the end I told her I really wish she would follow me and I was a little shy to ask but I had to, she said “borninswiftieland I can definitely write that out!” and she did it before we had time to get to the hotel. She’s the sweetest person we’ve ever met honestly. She even told a guy one of her car would get him to his hotel because he had no lift I think.

Taylor we love you so much, thank you for this incredible night and for the memories. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you’ll be back in Quebec city (We have a new arena called “Centre Vidéotron”) or in Montreal soon, because we miss you already. We promise you that we’ll stand by you forever and if we have children someday when they point to the pictures, we’ll tell them your name, how the crowds went wild and how you hope they shine. xoxo

-Elizabeth and Julie

Tenerife Sea - An Analysis Master Post

So to start Tenerife Sea has the same initials as Taylor Swift: TS

Also note that “Taylor Swift” and “Tenerife Sea” are both 11 letters long which I didn’t realize until just today. And he could have chosen any sea right? Caribbean, Mediterranean, all beautiful blue seas! Why not pick one of them right? Well because their initials aren’t TS … These clues are just in the title but now onto the lyrics!

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Alright, so I think it is about time that I write a 1989 tour appreciation post. I have no words, yet I have so much to say about this tour. October 27th, 2014 I had no idea what was about to come in 2015 when the tour started. I never in a million years even thought that I would be going to four shows! I went to Philly Night 2, Seattle, LA Night 5, and Tampa. All of these shows were very spontaneously planned. When I planned to go the the Philly show I booked my plane ticket two weeks before the show, same thing with LA. I never would imagine all the things that happened to me and my friends. In Philly, Taylor Nation upgraded us to front row! All I can remember Ali saying is that we got these tickets because Taylor appreciates us going all out for her. I was DEAD on the floor! I think what made this tour so special is how much Taylor catered to her fans. She cares so much that they all have a good time, its as if when she is talking to the audience she is only talking to you as an individual. As if I wasn’t a big enough Swiftie already, this tour grew my love for Taylor. I feel like she made me more of an independent person this year. I literally flew to New York by myself. So a lot of people think I look like Taylor. A very surreal thing that happened at every show is the lines of people wanting pictures. Especially Tampa! Another thing about this tour that makes it so much more personal is the interaction with Taylor Nation. Kevin followed me at the LA show in person. Once again I was DEAD! In Tampa I died when he saw me and said “Hello again!” Like what!? He had probably met over a thousand new people since the last time I saw him, and he remembered my face. Since then my relationship with them has grown over Twitter, and that is just one step closer to Taylor. Even though I didn’t get to meet her this Tour, I am totally okay with that. A lot of people didn’t get to. I will truly miss this era of my life, it has been the craziest so far, and it is all because of Taylor. I love you, and miss you Tay!

There’s so many more stories I want to share about each individual show, but for now I’ll leave it at this.


anonymous asked:

Please tell about taylor swift cake, was it really so, I am a fan from 2015 only. Thank you 😊

this is how they tried to sell it: louis tomlinson buys eleanor calder a personalized cake for her bday. and they used this photo where you can’t see all the tswift stuff

this was a time he was still capable of smiling in pics with her lmao

and then later there more pictures that surfaced including this one and her friends said it was a gag gift from them for her 

my fav part here tho - look at his face he knows lmao he knows how they’ll sell it and he knows it is a taylor cake and he is living the shady life

Magcon Preference: He Cheats and You Leave Him *Requested* Part 1/2

Hey guys so it’s been a while and i decided to get back at it, i want to apologize beforehand to all of you that had requested something a while back and never got it, i had some difficulties with this account but i’m going to try to work with it. I won’t keep you waiting, enjoy! :)

Nash: It was Friday night and the boys had been wanting to go clubbing for weeks. You weren’t feeling well lately and decided to just let Nash go out and have some fun instead of ruining his plans. “You sure you don’t want me to stay babe?” he asked. You smiled at him and shook your head “no you go have fun”. Nash smiled at you and kissed your head as he walked out the door getting in the car with the guys. You woke up a few hours later realizing you had dozed off in the couch, as you looked around you checked the time and saw that it was 3:30 in the morning and Nash was still not back. You got worried and grabbed your phone calling Nash, once it send you to voicemail you decided to Call Cam. “Hey y/n wharf’s up?” he sounded sleepy. “Um Cam i’m sorry to call you but um is Nash with you?” The line wen’t silent. “Cam?” you asked. “Y/n Nash and I left the club two hours ago, he said he had to go meet a friend.” A friend? “Thanks Cam, Night” You heard Cam sigh “Whatever he did y/n i’m sure he’ll regret it tomorrow.” “Yeah me too.” You logged into twitter and typed in his name trying to see if his fans had spotted him anywhere, and once you saw at least 50 pictures of him all over some girl you decided that was enough. You ran up to the room you both shared and angrily threw some clothe into a bag. You took the notepad that was in your nightstand and grabbed a pen leaving Nash a note ‘I hope you and your friend had fun, don’t bother looking for me - y/n’

Cameron: It was almost your one year anniversary with Cameron and you couldn’t be more excited. You knew he was very busy filming for his new movie  and had to go out of town so you decided to be a good girlfriend and surprise him. You had talked to Nash earlier and agreed on picking you up from the airport at noon so you could surprise your boyfriend in the studio. You had it all planned out, you’d surprise him and then hand him the new camera you got him, you knew he had been wanting this one for a while now and he never got the chance to buy it. Once your plane arrived you received a message from Nash who was waiting outside baggage claim for you, once you spotted him you ran to him and gave him a big hug. “Nashy! i haven’t seen you in a while” Nash laughed and hugged you back “Damn y/n you’re a little too excited, you looking to get some tonight?” he said while wiggling his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes and took the bag that was waiting for you and walked into the car. “So does he have the slightest idea?” you asked. Nash shook his head “No as a matter of fact he was just about to send flowers to get delivered to your house, which by the way you should warn someone about before they die” You laughed and looked out the window not being able to contain your excitement. Once you reached the studio Nash lead the way in, you could tell they were done filming and looked for Cam’s trailer. You were right outside and nervously looked at Nash before opening the door until you couldn’t. You froze when you heard the conversation from the other side of the door. “I-I can’t do this anymore Lia it isn’t fair to y/n or Jc this has been going on for far too long” you heard Cam say. You looked at Nash and pressed your ear to the door. “But Cam i love you, and you know you love me too these have been the best two months i’ve ever had and let’s face it you haven’t even mentioned y/n once” Lia answered back. holy crap two months?! “y/n i think we should go” Nash whispered. You could feel the tears forming but you weren’t going to let that stop you. You furiously opened the door and looked at Cam dead in the eye which caught him completely off guard. “Y-Y/N what are you doing here?” Cam asked “I WAS HERE TO SURPRISE YOU FOR OUR ONE FUCKING YEAR BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT US CAUSE YOU BLEW IT CAMERON” the tears were already out and you knew they weren’t going to stop until you calmed down. You looked at Nash who gave you an understanding look and left the studio leaving Cameron standing speechless. He was the one you had trusted with your heart, and the one who broke it.

(A/N: WOAH Guys that one was longer than i thought)

Taylor: When you first started dating Taylor you knew that a relationship with him also meant a relationship with rumors but you always tried your hardest to ignore the hate and lies sent your way because he made you happy. It was Sunday afternoon and you were alone at home, your parents were gone for the weekend and you hadn’t seen taylor in a while since your parents didn’t really like him around. It’s not that they didn’t like Taylor personally, they just didn’t like the image of him. You weren’t going to let them stop you from seeing him so you texted him as soon as you had the house to yourself. 'Babe i miss you x -y/n’ You texted him. Seconds later you got a reply 'Aw baby i miss you too, but i’m sick and i don’t want you to catch anything, see you next week? :( -Tay’ You sighed and put your phone back in our pocket. You really were looking forward to spending some time with your boyfriend, so getting a little sick didn’t bother you. You got in your car and drove to the store to buy some chicken soup, as you made your way into Taylor’s drive way you too out your spare keys and made your way inside. You stopped mid way when you heard a giggly giggle and a trail of clothing that lead to his room. “Are you sure she doesn’t know?” you heard her say. “Yes she doesn’t know” Taylor answered. You were fuming. you grabbed the soup and walked into his room where they both layed naked. They weren’t facing your way so they still had no idea you were inside. You grabbed the soup and threw it at both of them. “What the fuck?!” Taylor yelled and his face softened when he saw you “Y/N oh my god i swear this is not what it looks like.” “Please Taylor enlighten me what does this look like to me then?” Taylor was about to answer you but you just couldn’t stand being inside his room where he was naked with some other girl “You know what i don’t even care we’re done” You ran out of his room and got into your car pulling out of the drive way before he had the chance to chase you. You tried your hardest to hold the tears in but it wasn’t working. Guess your parents were right, he was the kind of boy you should’ve stayed away from. (A/N: i know throwing hot soup seems kinda harsh but let’s pretend it wasn’t hot enough to seriously burn him)

Shawn: You weren’t used to seeing your boyfriend like this, so drawn by fame. You felt like as if all the popularity was changing him. Of course he would’t admit to it and every time you brought it up he would deny it or say you were just being paranoid. You got fed up with it and decided to just keep your mouth shut instead. You were backstage in the Austin Mahone concert, Shawn was about to perform as an opening and Becky and him were rehearsing some lyrics. Their friendship always kinda bothered you but you didn’t want to add jealousy onto the list of things you were being ’Paranoid’ about so you just let it go. She wasn’t really fond of you and you weren’t fond of her but you made it work for Shawn by playing friendly. You sighed as you checked your watch seeing that there was only 5 minutes before Shawn made his way to the stage. You decided to wish him good luck and walked towards him but were caught off guard when you saw Becky dive in for a kiss, what shocked you was the fact  that he actually kissed back. You stood there waiting for him to notice you and once he finally did his eyes grew wide. “Y/N nononono you weren’t supposed to see that we uh this uh isn’t oh my god..” You shook your head and let the tears fall “Just admit it Shawn, admit you changed, for the love of god just own up to it” Shawn stayed quiet. “I take that as a yes then?” you said while wiping the tears of your face “This wasn’t going to workout anyways, from the minute you made top charts you changed into a different person, and you just aren’t the Shawn i fell in love with.” You gave him a while to process what you just said but nothing seemed to come out. “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Shawn Mendes!” they called out. Shawn walked towards the stage and then back at you but you had already been making your way out to the exit.

Aaron: I’m sorry guys i just can’t picture him cheating 

The day I went to Taylor Swift's house.

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

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My Loft 89 Experience - 23/06/15

Basically just writing this so I never forget what actually happened and because a lot of you were asking how I got picked etc.

Firstly, just want to say a big thank you to Taylor, Andrea, Taylor Nation, her dancers, her crew and just everyone involved! And an even bigger thank you to everyone who text, tweeted, messaged, instagramed, dm’d me saying congratulations and that I deserved it - you have no idea how happy those made me feel 💕

(Apologies for this being so long)

During IKYWT I saw Andrea walking around the block below me (I was in block 230). I tried to just ignore her and hoped she come up to the block I was in. So during HYGTG I decided I’d go and see if Andrea was still around. I grabbed the card I had for Taylor in my bag and ran down loads of stairs and through doors and I finally saw her at the end of a block. I began running towards her but this big man in a black suit stopped me and was like “No!” and I was like “please please please” and I ended up just pushing him out of the way and going over to Andrea.

Andrea was taking a picture of the show on her iPhone - it literally took her like 5 minutes so I just dancing beside as she got the best pic 😂 The look of concentration on her face was real!!
I then gave her the card and was like “I’m so sorry to bother you Andrea, but do you think you could pass this on to Taylor for me?” And she said she would and was all like “thank you that’s so sweet!” Andrea then asked who I was with and where I was sitting. I told her I was with my mam and that we are sitting “way back there!” Andrea said “WAY BACK THERE?” She said “do you not think you’d prefer to see the show from the sound booth?” And then told me to get my mom and my stuff and to come back to her.

I ran for my life back up all the stairs and grabbed my mam and my stuff and went back to Andrea. Andrea and these 2 security men took us down to the sound booth and while we were walking there I was telling her how I came from Ireland to the show and that I’m seeing her in Dublin next week and how I went to London for the RED tour and about the SNWT. She then asked where I was going to be for Dublin and I told her I had a standing ticket and she said “so you’ll be beside the stage?” And I was like “YES ODYOSOYDUPF I’m so excited!” Then she said “so maybe we can sort sometime else if you’re already going to see the show up close!” In my head I was like “huuuuh 😕?”
And then, OH MY GOD and then she said “So you’ve never been to Club RED have you?” And I died. I died right there. The end.


I was like “NO NEVER!” She then said “What if I told you that you were going to Loft 89 tonight?” Hodiydigsigdyifdigdcih
Andrea then went on to say that to keep things fair she doesn’t give people both Loft and sound booth and then she said we could stay at the sound booth until we got our passes and wristbands and then we would go back to our seats. And I was like “yeah I completely understand and ohsgkicrtcufdgbb”. I was at the sound booth for about two songs and I was so close to Taylor but I can’t even remember it because crying/sobbing/dying 😂

We then got given the wristband and pass and taken back to our seats and oh my god I couldn’t stop sobbing then dancing then sobbing again. Can I just take a moment to say You are in Love and Clean live are everything.

When the show was over, I ran to find block 58 where we were supposed to meet. While I was trying to find it I saw Suzie and I was shouting “SUZIE SUZIE LOFT LOFT LOFT!!” and then I almost fell down the escalator. Suzie then came running after me and we screamed in each other’s faces for a solid minute before I ran into the block. Everyone who got picked waited there for about 5 minutes - there was about 20 people in total. We were taken backstage by security into this long corridor where everyone waited and died together for about 15 minutes. We were told the rules like, no phone out when Taylor enters the room, no selfie, vine, phone call and just one picture
Then we had to enter our details into a computer and I was like “WHATS HAPPENING I CANT EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN NAME??!!” And Sierra said “Yep! That’s he Taylor affect!” We were brought into another long corridor and waited there for another 5-10 minutes.
Then Loft 89 NLSIEJDIWJKDKEJWJS! I walked in a took pictures of EVERYTHING! I literally have like 10 pictures of the different plants in there and I have no recollection of taking them 😂 I ate some pizza (can I just say it was the best pizza I have ever eaten!) and some cookies, which I think Taylor baked herself! Update: Ate the cookie and OH MY GOD IT WAS DEVINE! I just stood around waiting and absorbing everything for a good 10 minutes. Then these 3 really lovely girls came over to me and were like “oh my god I saw your Tumblr posts and I really hoped you would get into loft 89” and I was like THANK YOU SO MUCH kdkejfnkendje. We then talked for ages about Taylor and Scotland and everything - it was fab!

About 10 of Taylor’s dancers came in to the loft and I started talking to them about the show, working for Taylor, heelies, Ireland, Scott and Mason was talking about how beautiful Amsterdam is - my Mam now wants to visit 😂 I was asking them if they were looking forward to coming to Dublin and they were like “wait where are you from?” And I said Ireland and they were all so interested and asked where exactly in Ireland and they told me that they have 6 days free in Dublin and they had nothing planned.
We were then told to put our phones away because TAYLORNFREAKING SWIF T WAS COMING! I literally lost it and the dancers were just laughing at me and fangirling with me. She walked in and said “HEY GUYS!” In which everyone responded with “AHHHHH DI FJIEJDOKS”

After a while most of the dancers left but Mason stayed chatting to me. I asked if Scott had come to the show and he told me he hadn’t and said “AWH, I’ve missed him at every show!” He was like “yeah don’t be too disappointed he just talks about boats and boating all the time. He’s the only person who can keep a 1 hour conversation about boats! Haha” I started giving Mason suggestions of places to go and things to do in Ireland. He handed me his phone and was like “just tell be everything to do!” We stayed talking for ages and then he said “I totally forgot to ask for your name” and i was like “oh I’m Rita!” He was like “I’m mason its so nice meeting you!” I then asked if I could get a picture because at this stage Taylor was in the room and it was strict. Mason was like “what do you want to get a picture of?” And I was like “a picture together!” He then said “yeah of course, I won’t tell anyone!” We then talked some more and he then gave me a hug and thanked me for all the suggestions.

I then just stood around watching Taylor meet everyone! And omg Taylor is stunning beautiful, I swear professional photo shoots don’t even do her justice!

I was the very last to meet her in the room. As Taylor was walking toward me, my eyes started filling up with tears but I was like “NO IM NOT CRYING IN FRONT OF TAYLOR SWIFT!!” She came over to me and said “HEY GIRL! HOW ARE YOU YOU?” Taylor is so tall and she was wearing heels so I was basically at her waist and she had to bend down talking to me 😂 She gave me the biggest hug and again I died. I then said “I’m SOOO good!!” And “I’m so glad this is finally happening!” She said “YES! I saw you on Tumblr!”
Me: owndoejrorkfkekdjrjr
Then i said “TAYLOR YOU TWEETED THAT PCITURE OF ME!” And she said “YES! Yeah I kinda have a lurking problem!”
She then said: “Yeah I loved the photo and I gave all your details to Taylor Nation to come find you”
This is the point when my legs collapsed and I said “NO TAYLOR NO YOU DIDNT”
And she said: “YES YES I DID!!”
Me: dojdidjeodjdorkekr
I then told Taylor that she met Suzie before the show and she was like “YES she was the first person I met today, she’s so sweet!”
I was saying how we only know each other from listening to your music and she said “I’m so glad you guys are friends!”

I went on to tell her how I’m seeing her next week in Dublin and she was all like “YESS!” And she said “I’m REALLY looking forward to those shows!” I told her about the Irish Swiftie squad and she said “Yeah I’ve heard about the Irish Swiftie Squad!”
And said how we have a group chat and that we basically just spend all day talking about how much you love you! She said “haha that’s amazing! Tell them all I said Hey!
Me: “I WILL! Taylor they are all going to die!!”
Taylor then said “would you like me to sign th-WHATS YOUR NAME???” And I was like “Rita” and taylor said something like “Treeda?” She signed my ticket and my mom showed Taylor her t-shirt - it said “it feels like a purr-fact night!” And taylor said “Haha I love the cat puns!!”
I asked her if she was missing the cats and she said “Yes so much!!”
I then told her that I left my dogs at home and I missed them too!
She said “Thank you so much for leaving them for me!”
And I said: “yeah they probably hate me now!”
Taylor: “I was reading online that animals don’t have a persecutive of time. They don’t know the difference between 5 minutes or 5 days. Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself!”
She then said “Should we get a picture?”
And I was like “ieidjsk yeah!!”
I asked “Should we do cute, funny or sassy?
Taylor looked around the room and was like why don’t we sit at this table and pretend like we don’t care about anything!
I was like “YES!”

At this point Taylor was being rushed by security because she had to catch a flight but Taylor remained so graceful and listened to my blab on about how I’ve been listening to her music since I was 10 and she told me that I HAVE to visit New York someday! I told her that I have Andrea a card earlier and was like I hope you get and that Andrea hasn’t lost it and Taylor said “NO! I get everything that people give Mom!” And “Thank you so much, I can’t wait to get it!” I thanked her for following me on Tumblr and I was like “Taylor you have no idea how much I died when I got the notification!” Taylor laughed so hard and my mam was saying how she literally thought I wasn’t breathing and Taylor was said “Did you have to bring her back to life like…” and then she started doing air resuscitation 😂 Taylor gave me one last hug and my whole body melted. She said bye and I said “see you next week in Dublin” and she said “YES! See you next week!”

And that my friends is the story of my death.


My 1989 Secret Session experience

So, here’s my story about the best day of my life. It all started on Tuesday 7th October when I woke up to an email from Taylor Nation asking to know more about me, I cannot tell you how surprised I was for this email to appear as I had been desperately hoping Taylor would do a UK secret session but of course, I never thought I would actually get picked to go since Taylor has never noticed me online at all - but as I learnt Taylor never liked a post on my Instagram so she could surprise me, can you believe that?! So when I got this email, I was literally screaming with excitement - my mum thought it was because my dog died! 

But to be honest, when I read over the email I honestly didn’t believe it was real and thought someone was playing a sick trick on me. Though, I had some hope from the fact I had read multiple fans secret session stories which said they received a call soon after the Taylor Nation email. 

So this email basically resulted in me literally having my phone glued to my side waiting for a call - to say the least it was stressful because I was so scared they would never call me back if I missed their call. However, on Wednesday I left my phone for just 5 minutes and came back to a missed call which was from Taylor Nation, I then panicked as I kept calling them receiving and was getting no response, but then I finally got called back and I found out the best news of my life: I was being invited to a secret event in London involving Taylor Swift on Friday, 10th October!

On Friday I travelled to London from where I live in Wales, then went to where I was told to meet for the secret event which had the code name of ‘Enchanted Galaxy Party.’ When in the location, I got told to go in to a room full of other Taylor fans, this moment was where it started to sink in: I was soon about to experience a dream sequence of events this night.

In the room full of fans, Taylor’s team checked off we were here, took our belongings from us, and then scanned us (for security and all that). This took at least an hour and I was growing SO anxious about what was to come. But finally, we were told we were going up to a different room following a security guy’s heart-warming speech all about us being chosen specifically by Taylor to come to this event (not gonna lie, he made me cry).

Once we were then taken up in groups to Taylor’s room I was overwhelmed by the lovely looking food set out, however sadly no one ate it! The excitement was too much for anyone to have an appetite I think. So we all quickly went up to the little living room area of the room where there were pillows set up in front of the chair the actual Taylor Swift would soon be sat in.

Then out of nowhere the queen herself, T Swift, walked in the room and I started crying because my inspiration was there, right in front of me. Now what was next was she played her new album 1989 exclusively for us and explained the story behind each song – it was soooo fascinating as being the Taylor worshipper I am what’s better than to hear the meaning behind your favourite artists songs? However, this part of the event I’m not going to go in to much detail about as Taylor trusted us with keeping the album secret and I will for sure not disrespect her. But, oh my god, what I will say is 1989 is the most beautiful, smart, catchy album my ears have ever been blessed with hearing! Yes, I knew 1989 was gonna be good but hearing it finally for myself was a whole new level of amazing and way better than anything she has done it the past. That comment about her other albums being practice is 100% accurate and that’s a big statement since I’m obsessed with all her albums - obviously. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time whilst hearing it.

Halfway through the album listening session Taylor gave us cookies and cupcakes and shared a cookie with a fan which was extremely cute. Now i’m gonna list some more memorable things I want to mention: 1. Her iPhone lock screen is adorable fan art of her cats 2. Her well know dance moves were amazing and her lip syncing whilst she played us her new song was the best thing to watch,  she’s the cutest 3. Random, but I feel like her hair looks darker in person and she is so petite but crazy, crazy tall, I couldn’t get over it! 4. There is no denying that she’s genuinely the kindest person ever 5. She made a sweet comment thanking us fans for “fighting the battle” when loads of people sent her hate, she mentioned how really people should focus on her music 6. She told us about the “back in the studio uh oh” tweet she made a while back 7. She said how her dream collaboration was once Kanye West and laughed about it 8. Taylor wanted to play the songs louder for us saying “I feel like they can’t even hear it” but wasn’t allowed too cus it would be heard outside her room 9. She mentioned how she likes how these days interviewers are asking her about important things like feminism and not so much about her love life.

Once she played us all the new sons she put on ‘Shake It Off’ and we all got up and had a full on dance party, this was so surreal and for half of the song she was dancing right in front of me, I couldn’t quite believe it!

Then it was time for each one of us to meet Taylor and take the Polaroids. I have never been so happy in my life as when I went up to Taylor and she said “Hi Millie!” Inside I died right there, I couldn’t believe my favourite person in the world knew my name! She said how in my photos on Instagram - which might I add she ‘taylurked’ me on - she thought I looked “beautiful without makeup" in (BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER). In addition Taylor also said to me how she was glad I could make it to the event since she had to make sure people were actually British by “checking if they put a ‘u’ in colour” and things.  Then, when I hugged Taylor, of course I said how much I love her, how happy she makes me, how she is my favourite person and how ultimately this is the best day of my life, her smile was the most beautiful thing and I have never felt so happy. Then she asked me what pose I wanted to do for our picture together and I said I wanted to do “something cute, you choose” and she suggested lying on the floor “it would be cute, like we are lying on the cold hard ground get it?” Then she led on the floor and I led next to her and I was freaking out inside that the actual Taylor Swift’s face was by mine! Then afterwards, my Mum came up to take a Polaroid with me and Taylor, we talked about my sister and the video Taylor recorded for me when she met my sister, Taylor said “that was for YOU??? Where I sounded creepy right?!” She also said how me and my sister both had pretty names. Then soon it was time to go and she thanked us for coming and for supporting her, I told her “I will support you forever” - ahh she makes me so cheesy. 

It was amazing. I couldn’t believe I had just had a conversation with Taylor, listened to her unreleased album and spent like 4 hours in her hotel room. Yes, life seems unreal right now!

Endless thank you’s Taylor!! I never thought I would ever meet you, I can’t explain how genuinely happy you make me and thankful I am for you, I will never forget that night. I’m in dream land.

So in conclusion, my life has well and truly been made.


So…..about last night.

I guess I should tell you guys that I was contacted on Thursday by Taylor Nation through Taylor’s tumblr and……….I freaked out a little bit. Okay, more than a little bit. Way more than a little bit. We all knew about the secret session she’d done prior and I was thinking to myself that maybe this is what they were referring to in the message. I only say that because all they wanted to know was my full name, age, where I lived, etc, etc. It could only mean one thing.

Flash forward an hour after I email them what they wanted. The phone finally rings with a 615 area code. It was Taylor Nation, and long story short, I was invited to a “top secret event,” meaning I couldn’t say a word to ANYONE ABOUT IT. So up until Sunday night was literally awful because I COULDN’T say anything to you guys!!! AND I SO DESPERATELY WANTED TO!!!!!! 

My parents were down with it from the get go and I couldn’t be more thankful for that because they’re the whole reason I was able to get to Nashville. It wasn’t even a thought to NOT let me go because they knew how important this experience was going to be for me. So, on Sunday morning, we all woke up at 5 am and left the house for Nashville at 6, and ended up at the hotel at 1:30 pm. 

3:30 rolls around and we arrive at the meeting destination. The line was considerably long and I was kind of bummed that I didn’t see any familiar faces, but I didn’t let that get me down because I knew what was about to happen. We were escorted onto the bus after showing our IDs and we actually ended up being the loudest bus. So loud that the camera man that had been standing around at the meeting place decided to ride along with us.

In about ten minutes, we arrived at Andrea and Scott’s home. It was beautiful. We were directed to the back patio where we were told to help ourselves to the food and drinks (literally I went ham the sushi was fuckin FIRE shout out to whoever made that) and that we would be getting things started shortly. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After standing around in the backyard, we were finally let into their home. It was gorgeous. It had these tall black walls with white accents all over and it looked very Autumn-y (Taylor said they did that on purpose lol). The living room floor was covered with pillows and we all sat down and waited for the next thing to happen.

The next thing that happened was something that I will never, ever, ever forget. Taylor walked into the room and I absolutely lose it. She looked gorgeous (literally I wasn’t surprised) and even more beautiful in person and honestly she is so cute I’m starting to lose my good puncuation and sentence formation BUT HONESTLY JESUS CHRSIT I WANTED TO DO A SOMERSAULT THROUGH THE CROWD AND JUST…………..HUG HER……..

But I couldn’t. Yet. Because the first thing we did was listen to the first half of the album. Just by listening to the first half I already knew that 1989 is going to be her best album. There isn’t a doubt in my mind about it. But…I want to keep the songs a surprise, so I’m not going to really talk much about.

It’s finally time for “intermission” aka a break where Taylor passes out cookies, we use the bathroom, talk to her parents, etc etc. During this intermission I got to do all of these things. Except use to bathroom. I was too excited to use the bathroom. I got to speak with Andrea and she is so kind and warm hearted, I understand why people adore her so much now. I asked her if I could hug her and she said yes ofhbghh!!!!!!!!!! Then we had a conversation about how much Taylor appreciates all of the things we do for her and that we were hand picked (I lost it because I didn’t KNOW R I P) and how special this is for HER. Andrea Swift is the love of my life tbh

THEN. FINALLY. NO BIG DEAL. TAYLOR STARTED TALKING TO THE PEOPLE AROUND ME. I WAS LITERALLY CONVULSING NEXT TO HER AND MY SISTER WAS LIKE KYLEE. STAY. COOL. REMAIN. CLAM. AND I WAS JUST…………..?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.1.1.1!?!?!.,11MNUHGIGUK But I did. I kept my cool (surprisingly) and I had a conversation with THE Taylor Swift about how Olivia looked like a baby polar bear. She made direct eye contact and gave me her full attention despite being crowded around 54678900756658 other people. She gave me a hug and after that, passed out some more cookies and then we finished listening to the second half of the album.

Then we all were taken outside and seperated into groups according to the number we had on our wristband. I was group 4. FOUR. F O U R. 1. 2. 3. 4!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going to talk much about what happened between then and me meeting Taylor because nothing really happened besides a lot of heavy breathing and mental preperation.

When my group got taken into the house, Scott stopped and talked to us for a good ten minutes about how much Taylor loves what she does. He talked about how she’ll wake up in the middle of the night and tell him about ideas for songs that she has. He told us how on a day off Taylor’s just like “Hey, dad. I want to go to the hospital today. Let’s go.” He also talked about when she toured with Brad Paisley, that she would stay out until 1 or 2 am just signing things for fans because she wanted to get to absolutely everyone. We also spoke about how the media portrays her and how hard that is for him sometimes. But he reminded us that Taylor knows who she is and there’s no use in getting upset over it because of that. He was radiating pride and you could tell how much love he has for Taylor.

Finally, it was my time to meet Taylor. I’m so happy I remember all of this so I can share it with you guys. 

I approached Taylor but didn’t have time to even get one word in because she grabbed my hands and looked at me and said, “You are so beautiful. You are so pretty, oh my God. You are SO pretty.” I just shook my head and told her to not say that because I’d start crying, I tried to tell her that SHE was beautiful but she wouldn’t let me (R I P ME SHE’S AN ANGEL) because she went on to tell me that I remind her of an actress, that I cannot remember the name of for the LIFE of me and it makes me so angry. 

Then I clarified that I was the particle girl from the video. I had to explain a bit and her eyes lit up, still holding my hands from earlier, and said, “Oh my God! I am so excited to be meeting you right now! I love your creativity.” I told her how I had school the next day and how hard I was trying and how I had just gotten out of the shower, but she just told me how much she loved the video. It was……so…………I just………….

She wouldn’t let go of my hands. She told me I smelled good. (R I P ME AGAIN FOR LIKE THE EIGHTH TIME!!!!!) 

We talked a bit about tumblr and I said, “I don’t even know if you see what I post.” and she was like “You are /so/ hilarious, like, you are /so/ funny! I love your dark sense of humor. I love what you reblog!” and I felt like fainting because….you guys know how much I love making you guys laugh…I spend so much time on here because you guys GET me and let me say these weird things and LAUGH and you tell me I’m funny and I love making you guys laugh. It makes me so happy. And for Taylor to tell me that was one of the most important things that has ever happened to me.

I then told her I had to get the ~serious~ stuff out of the way. I told her and I guess you guys should know, too. 

First, I had to tell her about the night before the Speak Now show. I was making my big, elaborate poster (that I ended up not bringing because the arena said I couldn’t bring it in. I told Taylor that she said “That’s so lame! It’s like not letting you in because you’re too awesome.)

Anyway, I told her about how I struggled a lot with self harm at that time because of a lot of things. School. Family. Etc, etc. I told her that when I was making my poster, I was so invested in what I was doing that I kind of thought to myself, "Why do I get sad about things when this is what my life is? Taylor Swift, a literal ball of sunshine. Why do I get sad and hurt myself when the person I look up to is so happy?" 

I told Taylor that I stared at the picture of her I had put on the poster and said to myself, "You know what. I am going to stop. I am going to stop for her.” I told her that I haven’t done it since.

Her whole demeanor changed and suddenly she became really concerned. It was so reassuring to see her like that while looking at me. It’s unexplainable. 

I also told her something else.

I sometimes make these long, annoying, sad posts about my mom because a long time ago, way back in 2012, she left us for about seven months. It was just me, my two sisters, and my dad. My dad barely got us by and just had enough money to put food onto the table. My sisters and I had to reconstruct our entire lives because our mom wasn’t there to do the things she normally did. Sometimes I would get left alone a lot because I was the youngest and my sisters were at school or work and my dad was out trying to get every ounce of money he could to raise us three growing girls. In those times, it got very dark. I don’t mean that literally, but it was just a dark time. I would sit alone on the couch crying, asking the fucking wind why my mom wasn’t here. I didn’t know why.

During all of those months, I turned to Taylor a lot. I told her everything above (in tears, gripping onto her hands), but I also told her that I didn’t want to say she was like a mother figure for me, but she definitely filled the void that my mom had created when she left. Taylor was there to tell me it was okay, Taylor was there when I woke up for school, Taylor was there to tell me to do all of the things that I didn’t want to do just because I felt like I was too weak and I felt like there was no point. She showed me that there was purpose. Of course, I don’t mean that she was there LITERALLY because. Obviously. Hello. But her and her music guided me through a lot. And I had to thank her for that, so I did.

She held onto my hands and said, “I am so, so proud of you. Everything that you specifically have gone through and what you and your family has gone through, I am so proud. That was all you guys. It wasn’t me. That was you.” I managed to hold back my tears but I thanked her about a gazillion times because at that moment I knew that Taylor Swift was proud of me. Taylor Swift is proud of me. 13 year old me was sobbing in a corner about that somewhere.

My sister Ashlee was walked over and Taylor explained to us how important it was that we stuck together when my mom left. Ashlee said, “This is so important to me, seeing her get to meet you, because this girl right here is my best friend, my baby. And you make her so happy. I’ve never seen her this happy. Thank you.”

We took our pictures and I got to go first. I said, “The duck face and the peace sign are kind of my thing.” She said, “Oh, like this.” And threw up the deuces and did a duck face (R I P ME!!!!!!!!“ I was like yes!!! and she said, "Okay, let’s do this!” So we did. It was amazing. Rip. Me. Forever. I am dead. In the grave. Then Ashlee came over and we took a group shot. Rip. Me. Again. Dead. 

I hugged her one last time and told her I love her to the moon and back and she told me that she loves me too. I didn’t want to let go tbh my whole life was in my arms honestly I walked away in tears, holding my sister’s hand.

That day will never leave my mind. Those moments will never leave my mind. I will never, ever forget what Taylor did for me yesterday and I am so thankful that she thought I was worthy enough to come spend five hours with her and a bunch of other fans. I will never comprehend that. I will never, ever understand.

I want to end this with reminding you all that I was the girl who had accepted the fact that I was never going to meet Taylor. I had decided that it wasn’t meant to be and I was just going to have to get over that. I’d spend nights crying in my room because I was so sad. I’d make posts about it that went on for HOURS about how I would never get to thank Taylor for all that she’s done for me.

But last night, I got to do all of those things. Nothing went unsaid and I am so happy I told her everything I wanted to. 

Thank you again, taylorswift, for absolutely everything. I miss you already.

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True you're right. We don't have any right to know what is happening in her personal life. I guess the thought of trying to hide a relationship gives me anxiety cause she's thinking too much about what the media/gp would think and can't just live her life, you know? I just imagine having to worry about being seen with a secret bf and not being able to go out whenever she wants and do what she wants can turn into a burden. If she's hiding it's cause she's afraid of the backlash. Part 1

Part 2: & I feel like when she dated Calvin she finally was in a place where she felt comfortable enough to date someone publicly even if they were also private most of the time. It’s like everything she worked for to live as freely as she could went to hell once she was w/ Tom. & I kind of makes me sad that IF she’s secretly dating someone that she feels the need to hide it & isn’t comfortable to be seen in public cause of what the media will say. So I just hope whatever is going on shes happy

i think when we make decisions, especially important ones, most of the time, we weigh the pros and cons of our choice. Perhaps the privacy and avoiding everyone spouting off an opinion about her choices in her personal life is well worth not being able to waltz into chipotle for dinner together.    

I honestly dont think it’s that big of a deal if she’s hiding a rs, and whatever else she isn’t sharing either. In fact i say good for her.  I think she’s done sharing her personal life with the public - and i would be too. The press is ruthless and honestly i think this has been a long time coming. One day she’s got a boob job, the next day she’s eating her weight due to misery, or she’s freezing her eggs, the next day she’s mocked for being in a band of skinny girls only, the following week she’s working out because a/b/c - but not because exercising makes you feel strong and healthy. They twist and turn every little thing.  She cant even go to the gym and bring a purse w/o articles mocking her choice saying “her purse is worth more than your macbook!” 

I mean damn. Wouldn’t you be done sharing anything ? She and her friends get made fun of for being in a #squad, it’s now this whole Thing going on two years now, and that gets torn apart (too skinny, too white, too pretty, too rich, too privileged, whatever the soup du jour is for the press that week). Her most recent rs got mocked for being fake, for being a music video, for being PR, for being to get back at her last boyfriend, it was called anything BUT what it probably was which was two people who were attracted to each other and even though the timing was god awful they went for it anyway bc that is just what you do sometimes in life, you see the odds stacked against you and you give it a shot anyway.  And for about 2.5 weeks they were “public” you could SEE it wearing on her, and they cut if off after the SwiftyCam arrival in Australia. 2 weeks of trying to live like normal people for once and they both paid for it for months. 

And icing on the cake, TMZ is a bunch of assholes and releases a picture of her being groped thats like the most personal and private thing she didnt want out there.  So IMO it’s with her middle finger in the air she’s gone and said Game Over Bitches, my life is mine now and no one elses, she’s avoiding cameras and sightings and only giving the press what she chooses, and for once in her life getting to be Taylor. I couldnt be happier for her taking control like this, it must be great. 

So if those who keep saying she would never hide a rs, or why would she hide a rs, if you would put yourself in her shoes for 0.01 seconds i think you might see why she is acting the way she is. Don’t let it give you anxiety or feel sad for her, be glad that she has been courageous and brave to say enough is enough and do things on her terms. 

Hiddleswift and Brangelina

The spiritual similarities have been nagging at me ever since Tom and Taylor’s first Rhode Island pictures, and I think it would do us all a lot of good to examine the past for the sake of realistically looking at the present and future.

EDIT 7/7/16 at 10:40PM - I made a rather silly factual error and have now corrected both it and my approach to the topic. Thanks to the anon who made me realize the mistake.

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I can’t believe I get to say that. Holy Shit. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I have wanted this for 8 years and I NEVER expected it to happen like this. So let’s go back to the beginning of the show….

So once the doors opened at 5pm, I SPRINTED to the Taylor Nation booth to be one of the first few in line. I ended up being the fifth one in line! Once my turn came up, the girl who worked for Taylor Nation (I guess it was Ali?) complimented my costume as she was like “THAT IS EPIC! I love that. OMG such a perfect space needle.” She took my picture for, and then took my picture for me! Meanwhile, she was texting someone ferociously. It seemed a bit odd, since she was kinda hiding her phone from my view, but I didn’t think much of it (hint: she may have been texting Taylor I have no idea!!!!!!!)

Anyways, so I get to my spot in the pit and I am EXACTLY where I want to be. I meet a few peeps and say hi. Shawn comes on, Vance comes on (they were both amazing, as usual), and FINALLY TAYLOR COMES ON!!!!!

I was raging hardcore to Welcome to New York. I was thinking a little bit about Loft like “maybe, just maybe” but I knew I had like no chance since I was in the pit. As soon as New Romantics started, I looked to my left. All the way down the floor I see Mama Swift. I was already raging, and seeing her made me even more excited and jumpy. I looked back at Taylor, but, naturally, I looked to my left again a few seconds later. Mama Swift was even closer now (about a section away from me). I was like “No. she isn’t coming for me so calm down.” Suddenly, I look to my left and MAMA SWIFT IS RIGHT THERE. HADGHAJGHSH.

I give her a MASSIVE hug and started screaming, and she turned my head and whispered in my ear: “Taylor wanted me to come find you.” They put a Loft 89 wristband on me and handed me the slip, and I lose what little chill I had left. I thanked Mama Swift and hugged her again.

The rest of the show was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. So many surprises. So much joy. I was in such a happy place, and Taylor seemed like she was too.

So flash forward to Loft. IT WAS SO COOL IN THERE. The furniture and food and everything - they were all just AMAZING. Soon, they tell us to put our phones away and TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT WALTZES INTO THE ROOM AND GOES “HEY GUYSSSSSSSS!!!!!”

As Taylor gets closer and closer to me, I get so nervous. Soon, I am next. I am shaking. I AM SO NERVOUS AND EXCITED. But then everything just goes calm. I relax. I feel at ease.

Taylor finishes with the people next to me, and turns to look at me. We make eye contact and she goes “ALECCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!” and I yelled “TAYLOR!!!!!!!!” Everyone in the room looked at us in shock because Taylor actually knew my name. I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO TELL HER MY FREAKING NAME. I PUT MY HAND OVER MY MOUTH TO PREVENT MYSELF FROM SCREAMING. SHE KNEW WHO I WAS.

Taylor gave me a little hug (since my space needle costume was in the way hahahah) and she pulled away and looked at my costume. She said “Okay, Alec, this costume is amazing!” She started playing with it and poking it (hahahah she is so weird I love her) and was like “It’s so architecturally sound. This is like my favorite thing.”

I thanked her over and over and I was like “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL” and she was all “I KNOW! It’s been a long time coming. But you totally deserve it. I wanted to meet you!” I started smiling so big.

She then went on: “I didn’t even know you were coming today until I saw your picture of your costume earlier! I saw it and I knew I had to meet you. I took a screenshot of it on my phone and I sent it to my mom and was all ‘MOM you have to find Alec! He is in the right pit. You won’t miss him: he is literally a giant space needle.’” 


I mentioned how I was raging super hard in the pit, but “this time I didn’t rage my glasses off!” and she giggled and said “GOOD YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MISTAKES! That’s super important.” hhahahha.

So then she looks at me in the eyes and was all “So how’s life?! HOW’S DATING???” 


I told her ALLLLLLL about how happy I was and how dating is good. And she was all “It is!?!?? YES!” And I told her about Ian and how we have been dating for about four months now and how happy we were. And she was like “I’m so happy for you. What’s his name?” and I said “Ian!” and she said “Alec and Ian. I like it.” And I said “Yeah, together we are Alian (like alien lol).” and she did that thing where she laughs and claps her hands together and throws her head back. She was SO CUTE. She was like “YASSSS embrace it. Gotta embrace it.”

Then she said “Did you like the show??? Were you surprised by the guests??” And I said “YES I DIED. When Ciara came out I screamed like I was NOT expecting that.” and she said “YES I’M GLAD! I actually didn’t even know that her and Russell were coming until about an hour before the show. And then I saw them backstage and was like ‘YASSSS’” (she is adorable).

I told her that when Russell came out, all the boyfriends in the pit who were dragged there by their girlfriends were freaking out. She laughed so hard and was like “YES!” and I said “You just appeal to everyone with these guests!”

So then she asked me if she wanted me to sign something for Ian. She ended up signing the top of the space needle costume that he made for me and wrote “Ian, I am so happy about you.” My heart swelled with happiness. I was so happy she thought of him.

She then signed my Loft 89 slip for me (AND WHEN SHE WROTE “MY LOVE”, I DIED DEAD. RIP ME.)

Then we took our picture. I took my costume off for it so I could actually hug her, and she even helped me wiggle out of it. The picture was the most special thing ever and SHE SMELT SO GOOD. I asked her if the picture was good because I felt like I may have had crazy eyes hahaha. She took my phone (!!!!!) and looked at it and was like “No, this is adorable.” 

Then she turned to me and looked in my eyes and said “I am so happy I finally got to meet you.” and I said “Same with me, Taylor! Thank you so much for this and for everything.” She hugged me super tight and squealed a little in my ear in excitement.

She started to turn away to go to the next person, but then she turned back and hugged me again even harder. She was like “I love you!” and I was like “I love you too!!!” and then she said “See you online.” and went onto the next group.

Later that night, I also met Mama Swift and thanked her again for everything. When Taylor was with another group, Scott came up to Taylor and talked to her for a minute, then gave guitar picks to the group she was talking to and left. She turned and looked directly at me and said “Did you see that?” and I said “Oh yeah” and she said “Literally he just comes and gives guitar picks and leaves. Classic.” I started giggling and was just so happy.

After that, Taylor thanked us all for coming and was like “I was so happy to see all of you!!!!!” As she was about to leave the room, she looked across at me and gave me a little smile, and then she left. 

It was the most magical night ever. I can never thank you enough, Taylor, for everything. You are so amazing and I feel so lucky and happy right now. 

I was enchanted to meet you. ❤️❤️❤️

Loft 89 Experience

My mom and I got to the arena at around 4:25 (two hours until doors open), went straight to the tour trucks, took pictures and headed to the front of the arena but on our way we met 4 of her dancers and got a picture!!! We walked around and visited the radio station booths, bought merchandise and danced around. We were both starving so we ate at the restaurant in the arena (I believe it was called Club Red… i know exactly what you’re thinking and I’m thinking it too). so when the doors opened my mom and I headed for the Taylor nation booth.. when we got there, there was a huge lineup so we waited behind this couple who were very friendly and we talked with them the majority of the time. When it was their turn to take the picture Kevin (you should know him) upgraded their seats so they were like “where are you guys sitting” we told them “227” and then they were like “we just got upgraded.. do you want to take our seats in the 100 level, right by the end of the stage?” “of course thank you so much youre so kind bla blah blah”…. so we find our seats in section 103 row G seats 9-10 and i cover myself in 140 fairy lights and start dancing to Vance Joy who was incredible..Then it was like intermission? between him and Tay.. so Taylor comes on and im freaking out and screaming and jumping and dancing and singing and having the time of my life.. then half way through the show, while taylor was playing clean (like oh great I’m already crying enough from her speech and now this) this lady comes up beside me, puts her arm around me and goes “wow youve been rocking out all night.. who are you with?” i pointed at my mom.. “have you ever met Taylor?” i start crying.. “do you want to go to loft 89?” I nodded my head and gave her a hug (cried a bit tbh).. She then gave us the paper and Bracelets and we enjoyed the rest of the show, Which was absolutely phenomenal i have no words mainly because my voice is gone. after the show we met in section 117 and were given the rules.. they then brought us to loft 89 (heaven) and we could take as many pictures as we wanted before taylor came in… so I did. Taylor came in after about 15/20 minutes and was like “oh hey guys!” and went to the first group… after she finished with them she walked to me said “hey!” and gave me a huge hug (my head was on her boob because she is so tall) and then she goes (pointing at my costume) and wen “Oh youre so cute! Whats your name? how old are you?” I said “Brady I’m 14″ she asked “what is this whole costume?” and i go “rumours Fly” and shes like “OH its a pun!” and starts giggling (which was insanely adorable) then i did this little flappy move and she goes “oh its even got its own move to make the wings flap more” and I was like oh my gosh yes. Then she gave me another hug and was like “oh my gosh you’re so cool i love you” and then asked “did you enjoy the show?” so i was like “yes it was amazing!” she was like “good!” and then i said “i hit so many people with my lights” and she was like “im okay with that but you know security might get mad” and then i was like “ya” and then i was like “you haven’t been here in so long” and then we said 5 years at the same time and then i was like “ya i saw you on the Fearless tour” and she was like “No? AW you must’ve been like a baby like 9 years old” then i was like “actually 8!” then she was like aw and i said “my mom and I also saw you on the Red Tour in toronto” and she was like “thanks for coming to so many shows thats awesome” and then she said “what would you like me to sign” i pointed at my pass and she went and signed my paper and said “to my favourite person, brady. love, Taylor” then my mom went “youre such a good role model thank you so much” and she was like “aw thank you” and I was like “oh my gosh” and she hugged me again and said I was adorable then looked at me and went “okay i want to take a picture with you and then one with your mom” and the said “so what do you want do in our picture.. we could hug or” (she was in like hug position)  then i said “i want to do something crazy and then she said "i could kiss you on the cheek?” and i was like ummmmmm OKAY!!!!! and so she did and the lady took our picture and went oh its blurry i should take another one so i was like UMMMMMM YES and Taylor was like “do you have any tips for us” and the lady said no… so then TAYLOR SWIFT KISSED MY CHEEK AGAIN. and then that one was good so she brought in my mom and took an adorable picture with her head leaning on mine, my arms wrapped around her like a seat belt, and my head on her shoulder. and then i hugged her again (this time she bent down) and said i love you so much and she was like “omg i love you too.. ill see you soon” and then i watched her for like 30 minutes while she talked to other groups and then she left and was like “BYe guys I love you so much” and everyone was like “we love you Taylor!” and then we were escorted out…. Best night of my entire existence.. side notes… She smelt really good, her lips are so soft, she is absolutely beautiful in person, so tall, so perfect and so adorable. She is so caring and such a great woman. I love her to death.

Thank you so much Taylor.


all-time-rian-dawson  asked:

Let me tell you the story of when I met Taylor Momsen. It was at a meet and greet and we were leaving after getting a picture with them and she called me back to the table and said she saw my cuts and she made me pinky promise not to cut anymore even tho we weren't supposed to touch them cause they had the flu and she called me sweetie and I sobbed my head off and she's the nicest fucking person EVER