the person in said picture is taylor

karlie’s birthday wishes for taylor rated based on level of gayness:

2014 - 0/10. normal birthday wishes. not very gay. they aint even touching in the goddamn picture. not impressed.

2015 - 10/10. actual fucking vows. karlie calm down. this year was so extra. karlie calls taylor her partner in crime. also says she’s “looking forward to a lifetime of adventures ahead together”(maybe the gayest thing ever said -no heterosexual explanation for it). personal polaroid of just the two on them on the set of that very sapphic vogue photoshoot. one (1) heart emoji. very homosexual. super gay. wow.

2016 - 9/10. not quite vows but still decently gay. karlie calls taylor her ride or die, basically saying they’d die for each other and thats pretty fucking gay. they are still partners in crime (see above). three (3) heart emojis and the two dancing girls. a picture of taylor GRABBING KARLIE BY THE NECK AND KISSING HER CHEEK. karlie ends it by letting us all know she’ll be seeing taylor very soon (the gayness of that implication i will leave open to interpretation). overall a pretty gay year.


My two favorite pictures from the RED Tour Berlin. Yes I made this pictures, I will never forget this night, I really don’t remember that I made a picture in the perfect moment after IKYWT, but I love that picture. And taylorswift when you said you have a surprise for us, I was like please please Ed and as you can see Ed Sheeran came to Berlin, I never screamed so loud. My two favorite person in the world together on the stage. This version of I see fire was just perfect. And than Ed high five me. taylorswift you high five me two times. And after the show I was like this hand touched Taylor swift and this one Ed Sheeran. This was all I could say. So this was the best night in my life (and also the speak now world tour in Oberhausen)
And taylorswift your smile is just so adorable! 💓

The Calvin+Taylor Thing

Okay, just want to clear something up. I’ve been seeing some posts pop up on my dashboard being all, “oh you guys are making such a big deal out of their relationship! Calm down, its people like you Taylor hates!” and I just want to point out that is a load of bullshit. Do not let anyone make you feel bad for being genuinely happy for someone you owe your life to. This person has been there for us for so many years and loved us through all the shit we’ve spewed, and if in the end, we don’t allow ourselves to be over-the-roof ecstatic because she is, that’s just plain stupid.

Do you guys remember her French Vogue interview? Taylor said that for her to be seen in open PDA with a guy, it means that she’s really into him for good after all the drama that 2013′s shit storm brought her. And the below picture illustrates basically that. Look at that smile.

You should also remember all the depressing stuff Taylor used to say, how she’s completely given up on love and how she doesn’t think she’ll be married by the time she’s 30. And for someone like that, who’d completely lost faith in the possibility of finding someone, to be seen with this awesome dude who seems so gentlemanly and amazing to her, I’ll let you know: it’s a huge change. And we’re all so thrilled about that.

And I don’t know about you, but Taylor finding Calvin to be good enough to want to have a relationship with him, means he’s special enough. And I don’t know, look at the pictures above. Karlie and Abigail obviously approve, and if that doesn’t tell you that being happy about Taylor’s happiness and posting about it isn’t stupid and not “making a ruckus about it”, just shut up.


Hey Taylor! This is me, and my best friend alltootay13. We’ve been best friends since we were 4 years old, and we are now nearly 17. We’ve been there for each other through everything, and I can’t imagine a better person to have in my life. When we were 10 years old, we were at school when Meg said to me “have you heard that song Love Story from that new singer Taylor Swift?” I hadn’t at the time, but I went home and listened to it and fell in love with you, in fact, that was the moment that we both fell in love with you. The first picture is the first time we ever saw you live together, the speak now tour, 22nd of March 2011. It was one of the best night of our lives, being best friends and seeing our idol together, at the age of just 12. The next picture is a similar one we took at the red tour, 1st of February 2014. This was most definitely the best night of our lives. The night we finally met you. The night you hugged us and after waiting nearly 6 years, just telling you how much we love you and how you’ve made our lives and our friendship so wonderful. Sharing the best day of your life with your best friend is something that you can never forget, and we talk about it pretty much every single day. It’s incredible having a best friend who loves you as much as I do, we talk about you every day at school, we have days where we go around each other’s houses and just listen to your music, and have so much fun (as can be seen in the other pictures!) From events such as release days, to going to the Giver on opening night just to see you, it’s been some of the best moments ever. You’ve been there for both of us while growing up through our teenage years, you’ve been our other best friend in our group. You’ve made our lives something so incredibly special, and we could never thank you enough for all the memories you’ve given us, and the happiness you’ve made us felt. We are seeing you at the 1989 tour on the 24th of June 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited to be seeing our idol together again. So thank you Taylor, for making us both so happy and we love you so so much. See you soon!
Beth and Meg x

Do you all remember the “Red Dress Anon” from last summer?

In the hours leading up to the July 11th, MetLife Stadium “1989″ concert, an anon messaged @cari373 and told her that ‘Karlie and Kimby would be at Taylor’s show that evening’. Karlie had just flown into NYC from Rome that afternoon. The anon said that they did not have pictures to submit, but ‘Karlie will be wearing a red dress’, and that the anon’s credibility would be proven when pictures of Karlie wearing a red dress at the concert show up later.

I was the Red Dress Anon. 💅 

I sent the message anonymously at the time to @cari373 because 1) I was pretty new to tumblr, and 2) I did not want to risk revealing my personal identity. 

Note: The picture above is not mine. It is a pap picture.

As I have mentioned before, we don’t know who bloggers are on here, what circles they travel in, or who they know. 

On that note, Kaylor is very real. 😘

There it is, my picture with the queen <3
Now, I was waiting for this to share a story with you guys.
One of the things Eliza has talked about in her M&G was about struggling with anxiety, she said that she had a panic attack right on the day before (not related to the con, okay? Her point was that it’s important to talk openly and normally about this. Basically, normalize neurodivergency.)

Coincidentally, I, myself, had an anxiety attack in public that morning, because I almost didn’t make to the M&G thanks to issues with the subway and such, so after what I had been through, hearing this angel talk about this subject really touched me deeply.

So later on, before the picture, I thanked her for talking so openly about it, I told her I have really bad anxiety and you know what she told me? I quote:
I get you, you’re not alone”

And then she pulled me to her. We’re in that position in the picture because of her, I didn’t ask for it. 

She is just so warm and so wonderful and I’m so very thankful for her to exist and that I can admire such a beautiful soul <3

I’m not sure why people are so mixed up about Loft 89. It’s the same as all other tours with just a different name.

Taylor does not choose people for Loft 89. She might mention to her team in occasional instances, hey I saw a picture of this person, can you find them and invite them.

But 95% of the people are chosen at the concert by her team and Mama Swift if she is at the shows, which thus far she has been but like Taylor said, she might not be there for as many because she has an important battle to fight.

That said. Please don’t be discouraged because Taylor isn’t following you online or because you don’t have a strong social media presence. That’s not needed!

Having a fun and positive attitude and having the time of your life at the show is! :)

Also just try to have a good time! If you focus on getting loft 89 it will literally zap all the fun out of the experience.

Getting picked doesn’t mean you’re the best fans and not getting picked doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough.

Have fun guys!!


STORY TIME so me and kait dresses as pegacorns in 90° weather and we were ALL THE WAY at the top and we were having such a blast but during love story we took a walk and after 10 mins or so we ran into Mama Swift herself and security was all “no more pictures shes done” but kait being kait was all “CAN WE HAVE A SELFIE” and she said “of corse!” and we got the pic and then she said “you know, I really love your costumes, wanna come watch the show with me?” and I immediately started crying so kait had to tell her yes and we ran down with her (i lost a wing in the process) and next thing we knew we were right behind Mariska Hargitay and Perez Hilton and we JAMMED and I told my mom but she didnt believe me so I spammed her phone and I saw TAYLOR so CLOSE and I couldn’t stop crying and dancing and tonight has been such a blessing and I really love you taylorswift please tell your mother we’re always praying for her and we are sorry we didnt get a chance to thank her for everything. Were still in the parking lot bc of all this traffic and We still have smiles all over our faces! Hurry back to philly :-)

Sorry but I just got this moment of disbelief a minute ago. Like WORLDWIDE SUPERSTAR, TOPING CHARTS ARTIST, MULTIMILLIONAIRE, FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD, FLAWLESS QUEEN TAYLOR SWIFT posed her eyes on my picture, saw my face and said “I love your flower crown in your profile pic”, and she wrote those 4 heartwarming sentences with the same hands she writes songs that goes number 1 on Itunes. HOLD ME. TAYLOR YOU ARE THE SWEETEST PERSON THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR KINDNESS, ARE YOU EVEN REAL? taylorswift

HEEYYYY TAYLOR! I’m Peyton and I’m coming to see you on May 30th at Ford Field in Detroit. I’m in section 104 so you can feel free to come and find me. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* I’m kinda of a funny person and also a kinda short one (5'4) so I made this ironic photoshop edit where I can hold you in my hand. Not really sure why I did it? Like I said my personality is a bit over the top. All I know is I’ve been laughing at this picture for hours now. (I have more on my page, if you want to check those out! Even some were you’re holding me in your hands!) anyways this is a totally ramble of my thoughts (as most conversations with me are), and I’m gonna head to bed now. love you! taylorswift

I was the last person to meet Taylor in Loft ‘89, and a few minutes before she came over her security told her she has a police escort to the airport in 5 minutes. She could have rushed talking to me. She SHOULD have rushed talking to me. But, instead, when she saw me she smiled so widely and squealed, “my buddy!!!” and gave me a hug. She could have just came over and said hello, taken a picture, and left. But she took her time with me, cradled me when I cried, gave me advice, told me incredibly nice things, and said how much she loved me. She didn’t rush me or force me to take a picture when I was in the middle of talking, she didn’t mind taking the time to meet me. She enjoyed it. Forget the fact that she had to go to the airport and take a flight from Philly to California so that she can host one of her best friends’ baby shower……she took her time. And it just makes me think how lucky we are to have such a close bond and friendship with her.

Dear Taylor. (Thank you for following me!)

Dear Taylor,

Words cannot come to me to paint an accurate picture of what I feel. I’m hoping my attempt will be successful. A lot of things have happened for the past couple of weeks and my friend Ari told me to write to you since you follow me. She said it’ll make me feel better.

My name is Erika Crispin. I’m 20 years old. I’m Mexican-American and live in Carson, California. I’m a dancer on pointe. Dancing gives me poise and grace, however I’m the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet.  I am a book lover, I can go through a day just dedicating myself to reading.  I knit, and currently I’m learning how to sow (IN TIME FOR 1989 TOUR :) You bet that I’m working on a pattern for my outfit. I’m majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. I go to CSUN, and I’m hoping to have my bachelor’s degree in 2 years.  When I’m having a moment, I have the tendency to write down your lyrics because they always seem to accurately describe how I feel. I simply adore you. No words can describe how much you saved my life these past 8 months. I cried and cried when I saw that you followed me. Because I did it on my own and it feels like MY accomplishment. I’m so thankful those who shared my photos though. I will always be extremely be grateful for my followers for that.

I’m a domestic violence survivor. These past two years, I’ve been through hell and back in an abusive relationship. It’s been 8 months since I finally left, and the anxiety, paranoia, and the nightmares have subsided thanks to this blog. It’s been about 3 months since I made this blog into “MY BLOG”, blogging about my healing process and the one thing I adore most: You. I started with 22 followers in February and now I have 2150 followers and counting. I gain on an average of 20 followers every time I post. Besides running this blog I dedicate my time to fashion outfits at the boutique that I work at, work out, and go to Disneyland. Many will ask “Why Disneyland?”, and my answer always is the lights. The lights are like magic, they’re so beautiful. I guess you could say that magic, fairytales, and romance are my thing.

Lately I’ve been feeling jaded about love because you could say I got the worst of the end of the stick. I had found out my boyfriend of 2 years, was not only cheating on me, but had online sexual sites (Tinder/Hookup sites). The horror was when I found out he had a profile saying he was looking for transgender sex. He lived about an hour and half away from me. The night when I made this horrifying discovery, he shut off his phone. I could feel my chest on fire. I could feel feelings of betrayal washing over me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a good friend of mine to accompany me the next morning. We ended up finding a girl at his apartment. (Oh god writing this hurts so much). I had given him a vinyl for his birthday, which included your “RED” vinyl. So I had asked for them back when I found out. Chaos ensued. It consisted of him screaming, and me crying. He was finally able to get his hands on me. I, unknowingly, had lost 20 pounds because it happened over a span of 6 months. The last moment I remember is when he coerced me into his car and he pressed the brakes of his car so hard so the seatbelt would choke me. Then he choked me again with some sort of circular ceramic object, and drove a couple blocks from my house. He left me there. I was hysterical and I couldn’t stop crying.  I can still remember every detail of the tree I had grabbed onto so I could calm down. I could feel my stomach on fire. I was shaking, and sobbing. I couldn’t grasp a moment to breathe. Everything happened so suddenly. (Okay now I’m crying.) It hurts to remember. I can remember it like yesterday. His good friend gave justification to my friends saying I deserved it because I had broken his vinyl in the whirlwind of the moment (as if I was going to break a Taylor Swift vinyl, please).  That same day, I was sent to the hospital for me being underweight, I was 94 pounds when I was admitted. I had colitis, and I was fed through tubes over the course of a month. The last thing he said to me “I hope you know that you made me do all of this. If Taylor Swift could see you now, she would be disgusted to see how much of ugly and horrible human being you are. You always preach that you always want to be like her, but let’s get one thing straight, you will never be like her. Goodbye and good riddance, Erika Crispin.”

I’m getting better Taylor. I have you to thank for that. I’m reckless. I’m naïve. I try my best to be kind. I try to love with all my might. Some people make it so hard. Sometimes their words get to me. I have to remind myself to “shake it off”. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me. I wish I didn’t care about the people who probably wouldn’t care about me. I do though, and I try to give them the best of me. Every day I try to be a better person. I try to hold my tongue as much as possible and avoid saying things that I might regret later. There are days where I wish I wasn’t me. People can be so cruel, and even friends shine light on your insecurities. This whole situation with my ex-boyfriend still follows me wherever I go. Sometimes there will be days where I can’t breathe because I just want it to go away. It seems like I have a scarlet letter because I fell in love with the wrong person.  I wish people could see past that because every time I’m reminded of what I did wrong, I can feel my heart sinking with guilt and regret. It’s kind of like “Lord forgive me for the things I’ve done. I was never meant to hurt anyone.” And it’s true I never meant to hurt anyone. I never meant for things to go down the way they did. And I’m working towards a better me and a better future. Taylor, I’m a better person because of you. I know you get that all the time. I know sometimes you close your eyes and wish for a moment of peace without the media being in your face. I’m not going to stalk you at your apartment. I hope to meet you the right way. I hope that there will be right time where you’re there and I can just hug you. A really long hug.  Because there are days where I just need someone to hold me tight, so tight that I’ll forget the chaos clouding my mind. I hope one day that the person will be you. I love you Taylor. I just spent my lonely Sunday night talking to my best friend: You. And I can’t think of a better way to spend it.

With much Love,



People moaning about the photo taylor put up for karlies birthday can you just take a moment to breathe and re-evaluate the situation please? Yes she put up a picture of Karlie in her kitchen (in context) with Calvin in front

1- you don’t know what was happening in that moment maybe she said something or they were laughing about something and maybe that moment in their friendship stuck in her mind and the only picture she had was one with Calvin in it.

2- Like it or not Calvin is part of her life
If this was another person with a partner or a husband/wife you wouldn’t think anything of it you’d just put it down to her having fun with them both

3- “she deserves better” Karlie and Taylor have an amazing friendship which at no point should be measured by a picture she posted on social media
They probably facetimed or had a phonecall which is so much more personal that posting a picture on social media


Lol, this is meant as a joke, but I can imagine it going like this…

Tree: Taylor, there were no pictures of you last night with him. The one person who saw you said you left separately, and that he had company. And you didn’t even kiss him?!

Taylor: *posts a tb pic with blurry amoebas in the reflection*

Tree: Taylor, add a caption, because the reflection in the metal looks like something out of a horror movie.

Taylor: *edits the photo to add photo credits*

Tree: *sighs* You’re supposed to add the credits when you post it! Now the Kaylor fandom knows that you posted that for a reason.