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yo can you tell us about your dnd pc? she seems so cool!

Ok so, her name is duly and she grew up in a smaller goblin society (she’s apart of a different sub-race of goblin) The community itself is peaceful and generally just has basic rules and expectations on how people should hold themselves and act. But Duli was just a rowdy gal? She was just like that naturally and she didn’t really like the expectations that were set onto her by her family and friends. She always wished for more to see and experience, so she ran away from home. She traveled for a long while before she really figured out that she wanted to do music. So, ok, there comes to be a point where she needs money to buy more supplies and higher quality instruments so she borrows money from a lone shark while staying in this town. She runs off without paying the debt and continues to street perform and travel from city to city (all the while this dude’s got his goons tracking her down). She ends up riding with this caravan for a while and she meets a drown woman named maya. The two grow really close and end up leaving the caravan together. They actually spend a couple of years just traveling together and duli performing but dulis shit catches up to her and the two get robbed of almost all of their stuff by guys that work for the loan shark and maya actually gets killed in the process. Duli has kinda secluded herself from then on (she was slow to trust in the first place but now even more so) and has just been traveling by herself, performing in pubs and street corners, sometimes taking small jobs of helping to escort supplies or other things like that.


Seriously if you havent seen this skills of this girl on the violin… you are missing out. 

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JC + prolonged high notes

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