the performances in this are what sells the story

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Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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What about school faires? Like my school has Carnival and Holi, and all the dancing groups get together to set up "The Night Market" around Easter where they sell food and have games to play and have performances as a fundraiser. Obviously that posses some serious risks at Elsewhere, but the clubs need money somehow, so maybe on a day that's mostly safe, they have a fair, where all the clubs have a booth, and part of it's recruiting, and the other half is fundraising, and there is (1/2)

An Agreement that nothing too bad will happen during that time. You have to be careful though, in the more shadowy corners of the fair, where odd things are on display and the volunteers sometimes ask for one of your dreams as payment for that one snow globe that shows a city you’ve never seen before and yet is oh so familiar. One time the aquarium/fish caring club had a ring toss with goldfish for prizes, but by the end the fish were a bit… off. They disappeared within a week. (2/2)            

I was reading a sense8 season 2 review and I really liked what they said about capheus’ storyline

“Though I’ve come to appreciate Toby Onwumere as a performer, Capheus has become a strangely passive character this season. And unlike Kala, whose passivity is basically the point of her story, Sense8 keeps trying to sell Capheus as a go-getter despite the fact that he spends most of his time standing around looking bemused while people tell him how amazing he is and/or hold him at gunpoint and tell him how amazing it is.”

And especially:

“it feels like Sense8 is coasting on Capheus’ more active first season persona without really doing the legwork to demonstrate why he’s such a political sensation. I don’t need him to literally be an action star, but I do want to feel like he’s making his own story happen, rather than just having it unfold around him.”

You could have 5 different actors play the same character and they would all bring something different. But in my opinion Aml’s Capheus is almost a different character than what Toby’s shown is in season two. And it’s like the story we had was meant for the capheus we were shown in season one and I hate that I just didn’t feel the connection :\

The Reasoning Behind Underscoring

First off, this post was ¾ deleted by a power surge right when I was about to Copy+Paste it to a doc and save the draft here, so I’m recreating it. And the wording probably isn’t as polished as before, but I’m trying my best through these salty tears.


I was summoned on the IRC chat to help people understand what was up with Yuuri’s low scores, and now I’m taking that and expanding it into a full-fledged post.

It seems most people have understood that his low scores were due in part to his lack of channeling Eros fully, and you’re not wrong, but PCS (Program Component Score)is a little complicated, so here’s an explanation to clarify what happened. This also includes a little about the jump changes.

PCS has 5 components to it.
(stuff in parenthesis are definitions in my own words to help you understand what this looks like, because the textbook definitions can be hard to visualize):

Skating Skills (fancy footwork, skating one one foot, using edges to gain speed with minimum movement, “floating across the ice”),
Transitions (these are the little steps or movements that lead into jumps or spins, they make the program look less disjointed),
Performance (how well can you sell the program? Are the emotions expressed well? This is facial expressions, arm movements, personality, etc.) 
Composition (this is choreography. It’s how all the pieces make a story or image. It tends to blend with Interpretation),
Interpretation (normally called “music interpretation” - interpreting the rhythm of the song, placing jumps and spins and movements with the beat)

So with this Eros performance there was A LOT different.

1. Victor and Yuuri changed the jump layout a bit.

They move the solo jump to the end and bring the combo earlier.

  • This means little things, like timing it to the music, change.
    • (Interpretation)
  • Although, since the quad is the same (4S), the transitions and timing leading into the take-off of the new 4S+3T should be the same. It’s just the transitions and timing OUT of the jump that will look different.

2. The jumps are different
He went from a 4T+3T to a 4S+3T
Remember that Yuuri was having difficulty with the 4S earlier in the season.

  • For the 4T+3T he probably consistently gets +2 or +3 GOE
  • For the 4S+3T he has a chance of getting lower GOE since his 4S isn’t as steady as his 4T. 
    • It’s a bit of a risk, but if he lands it well, it would be worth it. 
    • Plus, the rhythm won’t be too thrown-off since he was already doing a 4S. (Rhythm of a jump is also something judges look for, for GOE and PCS-Skating Skills)

Next, he switched the solo jump from a 4S to a 4F.

  • The 4S is an edge jump while the 4F is a toe jump. All you need to know here is that this would change the entry into the jump – which changes the look of the program a tiny bit.

Yuuri’s success rate was apparently pretty low in practice,

  • there are probably more times he lands it with a shaky edge, than there are times he lands it with +3GOE quality. 
  • but the difference is about 2 points just in base value (4S= 10.5 points 4F=12.3 points), then add the 10% bonus because it’s in the second half of the program. If he lands well, it would be a HUGE score. 
  • as Yuuri said to Victor at Ice Castle, if he could land a +3GOE worthy jump, the impact would also be great ( “don’t you want to see it?”)
    • ( “Hey, Judge! Look at this 4F!” = Performance)

He DOESN’T land well this time: the jump automatically has -1GOE for the hand down (which is -1.2 points), but it looked messy and I’m sure there were some -2GOEs given by the judges. The triplets said it looked round, so we don’t have to worry about underrotation, but it almost looks double-footed. 

At any rate, that’s about 5 points he left on the table there. He was counting on the potential 16.53 points (+3GOE). If the judges were generous and only gave -1GOE, he got 12.33 points. If they were harsh, he may have gotten anywhere from 11.53 points(-2GOE) to just 8.3 points(-3GOE).

A messed-up jump also affects the way that the judges view the program. 
Because it affects the presentation aspect
So even more points are lost on PCS.

(points aren’t really “lost” in PCS, so much as you don’t gain the points you would usually receive)

The PCS tends to follow a “point corridor.”  
If one component falls, judges tend to detract from ALL the other components. You don’t really see high (8.0~10.0) Skating Skills points and low (5.0~6.0)Presentation points, or high Music Interpretation points and low Transitions points. The points across all 5 components will be more-or-less in the same range. It’s sometimes silly, but it’s a thing that happens in most cases.

Additionally, if a skater is consistent over the years, judges are more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s because they KNOW this skater. The judges know what this skater’s skills are, and won’t bring the scores down as much as they would for an inexperienced or inconsistent skater.
You could call this the “human sympathy” factor - when a performance was so striking or courageous that even if the skater makes some mistakes, you reward them by not penalizing them TOO much.

(In the worst of cases, this becomes favoritism. You’ll see the slang term “Chanflation” used in some places, but it’s not… the most diplomatic term, since it references a certain skater’s last name.)

This kind of help only really happens if the skater valiantly skates. What helps salvage PCS is if a skater really SELLS a program.

In which case, the presentation score would stay up, even if the skating skills or transitions or choreography goes down.

But well, we saw that Yuuri wasn’t fully into the Eros mindset.

So to sum it all up:

  1. Gamble with the jumps could net higher points, but the gamble fails.
  2. Change in the layout affects choreo, transitions, and music interpretation
    - if he can sell it, then it can all work out
  3.  He didn’t manage to channel Eros to its fullest extent. 


I only briefly mentioned Transitions up there, but they’re pretty important.

Having transitions also increases what GOE you’ll get for an element. It’s not just about doing a jump (take off, rotate, land) – it’s about doing a jump and being beautiful (good position, nice posture) while making it difficult to enter and exit the jump (transitions). Anything that would make a jump more difficult to execute than normal will help the skater get +GOE. Transitions are like the glue that connects all the jumps, spins, and the step sequence smoothly together. When jumps are switched, the footwork will also slightly change to help the skater do the jump.

So in a way, GOE and PCS are linked - if you have a lot of difficult transitions, you can increase PCS and check off a few of the boxes that judges look for when awarding +2 and +3GOE. 

It’s not like changing a program layout is ridiculous. It’s just that, if the layout is changed, it’s usually done at one of the two assigned GPSeries competitions and not the GPFinal itself. This is so the skater and coach have a chance to see how the program will work in competition. Then they can make any necessary adjustments.


For the record, I do feel that Yuuri should have gotten a couple more points, but the 97.83 isn’t outrageously low. It just means the judges were a little strict in PCS, and he might have missed some levels on spins/step sequence. From a figure skating fan’s perspective, I would be super excited to see Yuuri take this new SP layout and skate a clean program at Worlds.

Too bad the anime is only one season and we won’t get to see that. (Come on OVA/Movie/Season 2, I NEED you.)

Tutor Love (Chapter 1)

Originally posted by taehvnqs

Words: 2522

Pairings: taehyung x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: You are a writer, Taehyung’s a math magician. He is forced to tutor you and things get a little crazy throughout the sessions. You find yourself falling for someone you never thought you would fall for in a million years.

I hope you guys like this!! Ive always wanted to write a series and i’ve done so before but i never got super into it but i feel like i’ll be super into this one, I have a lot of ideas planned out for this and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6


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What's mine and what's yours

Reference: #38
Words: 2,480
Author: Beely

How the devil had gotten himself a friend was a mystery to all of the people who knew about it. That this friend was a human was even more surprising. That this human friend was you, was probably the most surprising thing. You weren’t exactly devilish or demonic and whilst you were working a day job waiting tables at the promenade at the local beach and had to deal with tourists the whole day, you spent your nights either falling exhausted into bed or at the local movie theatre selling popcorn and ice-cream to make ends meet. That’s how you met him.

Lucifer himself had been visiting the cinema, standing in line like any normal person would and putting on a smile when he had seen you rush behind the counter to assist your colleague. “Sorry”, you had said to Daniel, as you had put on the silly hat that came with the even sillier apron. “I had to do extra hours at the library.” “Damn, girl”, Daniel had said in the way every typecast black guy in any Hollywood movie always would. “You’re not even getting paid minimum wages there! You can’t keep working yourself like that. It’ll kill you, I’m telling you!” “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’re right, Dan. Now, who’s next?”

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Hey I was wonder what are your opinion's of Philippa Gregory currently. I believe you said in the past that she was the main reason you fell in love with Anne Boleyn, after reading the Other Boleyn Girl. I too had a similar experience, but since then I've done more research and found that Gregory horrible distorted Anne and Mary's lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with Philippa Gregory’s novels. 

On the one hand, I think they’re well written, and that the characters are pretty relatable. I also think they bring Tudor England to life, which is so important in historical fiction. You really get absorbed into the Tudor world, and it helps you understand the characters and their actions and decisions far better than you would otherwise. She really manages to sell the danger of Henry VIII’s court, while also showing why people still put themselves through the gamble of being near to him and seeking his favour. 

On the other hand, she’s really not historically accurate at all, and I think she performs some truly unnecessary character assassinations for the sake of drama. For example, what she did to Jane Boleyn was atrocious, considering there’s no evidence to say Jane was even remotely scheming or malicious. 

I’m fine with her books being read by people that understand they’re fictional and can take the stories and portrayals with a pinch of salt, but when people start thinking they’re fact, we run into some problems. I also hate it when Philippa is called a ‘Tudor historian’ because she uses rather too much imagination to make a juicy story, disregarding whatever she thinks isn’t important. 

(For example, Anne Boleyn was a highly religious woman utterly entranced and invested in Protestantism and Reformist literature. Both she and George (her brother) were thought of as two of the most radical courtiers of the day. But this huge facet of Anne’s identity is barely referenced, and instead Gregory decides to portray her as a rather two-dimensional ruthless, cruel, spiteful, and utterly ambitious woman who would do anything at all to advance herself. Obviously this characterisation is questionable seeing as Anne was so religious. Also her charitable work, care for Elizabeth, and innocence (which is widely agreed upon by historians) are forgotten or destroyed.)

I would actually recommend reading The Other Boleyn Girl, and The Boleyn Inheritance, but do a bit of research too, and remember that a lot of creative liberties are taken! 

And please, please, please, don’t accept her portrayal of Anne Boleyn as accurate. It’s devastating, as someone who so admires Anne Boleyn, to see that Gregory fell into the trap many many people have fallen into since Anne Boleyn’s downfall. Anne was neither perfect or evil. To try to create a caricature that feeds into the myth that all women must either be innocent and kind, or femme fatales, and are incapable of being anything in between, is both irresponsible and dangerous for her readers, especially young women. 


“Moonlight” was an experience. Gave yet another voice to some silent issues. Although I thought the story was a bit slow, every other aspect made up for it. Mahershala Ali, holding the boy in the photo, gave a strong performance being a symbol for what is right and wrong in some black communities. Ali was a father figure to a fatherless child while simultaneously contributing to the cancer of his community by selling drugs. The film echoed how important a father figure is, along with the need for acceptance for gender fluidity and gays in most communities. Don’t sit in front of the screen closed minded. Open your eyes, and see how important it will be for someone else with relatable circumstances to know that they are not alone. I’m a tough fake critic, so I give it a 7.5 [if you were wondering] . 🌊

Silver Tongue Pt. 3

Summary: You’re a highly trained quick-witted, silver tongued female. Living and working with your boyfriend J… Drama insinues 

Warnings: Swearing…and that’s it I think

Word Count: 1,566

“You’re right J I lied. You’re always right. But I’ll tell you the truth if you want me to… Do you want me too?”

“Take a guess,” he snarled.

"There was a man in a black hoodie in the comer booth when we first got here tonight. I thought he looked suspicious so I kept tabs on him throughout the night. And the more I watched him the shiftier he seemed. I went to go and inspect him a little bit more during your meeting. I was just trying to look out for, I saw him as bigger threat then,”

you nod your head towards the man who shot Frost. Gulping and giving J the puppy dog eyes you could manage and continued, 

 "I was so wrong J, I am so sorry. Can you please ever forgive me?” 

You had intentionally omitted saying that ‘you were drawn to another man’ to your extremely jealous and now extremely angry lover. But rather opting to go for the “just looking out for you” story. Now you just had to wait and see if the Joker bought. 

“Ohh Bravo darling, that was one of your best performances yet.” 

Fuck, you thought.

"You see I was buying what you were selling. And hell you almost had my checkbook in your hands. However, you made one tinsy winsy mistake. If that was your story all along ‘that you were playing my so called protector’ why lie about getting me drink? Huh deary?” 

 He released you from his grip, and slicked his hair back with both hands. 

"See dolly you forgot something very crucial, you can use your silver tongue on all others baby. BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL A JOKER!” He shouted at you laughing mechanically. 

"What nothing to say?! Why I don’t believe this! The infamous quick witted, Y/N has been caught red handed with her hand in the cookie jar. And she has nothing to say. Isn’t that right?” He said, laughing even louder, the thought that you of all people were lost for words, was hilarious to him.

“Take a guess,” you spat his words back at him, and his smile dropped. 

"Oh dolly You might want to consider coming down off your high horse, before I decide to rip you off it by the hair on your pretty little head hmm kay?” He said to you while patting your head with furiously shaking hands.  

“Boss we are going to take him to the clinic and get him stitched up.” One of the henchmen helping Frost interrupted.

J whipped his head around to look at,

"take him to the car, i’ll be right down. But first,”

 He said turning his head back to you, 

 "I have some trash to take out.”

The henchmen being filing out of the room, some helping Frost others taking his shooter out with them. After a moment they were all gone, the room was quite enough to hear a pin drop.

“J?” you talked first, showing him respect.

 "J, I am so sorry.” He just stared at you, his blue eyes piercing your soul.

You thought you could detect a hint of betrayal in them and that broke you more than any torture ever could. This man had saved you, he taught you to laugh and that life isn’t as bad as it seems, especially when you have someone to share it with. And now here you were looking at the only man, only person, only thing, you had ever cared for in the world. And you saw disdain in his eyes. Tears began to fill up in your eyes. Remorse isn’t something you felt easily, but it was collapsing down on you now. Why? Why didn’t you keep your guard up for him? Why were you so damn interested in a stupid guy in a corner booth? Why did you feel the need to lie to the only person you were honest with about it? Why did you always fuck things up? Why?

"I maybe coulda let this slide dolly, if you just. hadn’t. lied. HAHAHA” The tears were streaming down your face now as you ran from the room.


You burst through the front door, ran half a block and then hailed a taxi. Once in the taxi you snapped at him to take you to the nearest hotel. You wiped the tears from with the back of your hand. Trying to keep it together just a little longer. You payed the taxi man and went in the lobby to ask for a room. Which you paid for with cash from your clutch. Once you were in your room sitting on the bed you began to bawl. You clutched your hands to your heart trying to control some of the shaking. You stayed like that most of the night, until sleep finally pulled you under.

-Back at J’s Mansion-

DUMB, DUMB, DUMB J thought. How could she be so dumb. After getting frost stitched up they had come back to the mansion. Frost was asleep in his living quarters, he’d be fine. And a good thing to he thought for Y/N’s sake. His temper would have been a lot worse if the only henchmen he actually tolerated would have been killed. Deep down Joker knew you were  completely at fault. But then again he wasn’t one to take accountability. He had told her not to come home, and at the time he meant it. But now in the early morning before the sun was up, alone in their bed, something inside of him earned for her. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and matching his breathing with hers. That was the only way sleep would find him. Where did she go? When would she be back? He silently asked himself. 

You awake the next morning with a start. It was 7 and you hadn’t slept most of the night but you felt oddly rested. Flipping on the switch in the bathroom you examined yourself in the mirror. You’re make up was intact pretty well thanks to waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Your hair was still down and curled. All in all you didn’t look like the wreck you were expecting. Tying your hair up. You took a nice long shower letting the warm water flow down your body as you thought of the past night’s events. J had said to not bother coming home that night. 

Was it just for one night or did he mean it indefinitely? You knew J cared you, albeit in his own twisted way. But what you wondered was how quickly the affection he felt for you could be taken away. You had been with J for nearly two years and he stilled seemed to like you around, however, you had never messed up as bad as you did last night. Sure he might have become adapted to having you by his side. But how quickly could he break the habit you were and move on? You turned off the water and wrapped yourself in the white fluffy hotel towel. What to do next? You knew that you needed a change of clothes. The only question being should you go buy some? Or go to the house and grab some?

 No you thought it best to buy more. You were going to wait for J to contact you first, and didn’t want to risk bumping into him at the house. The only thing you ever beat J at was being stubborn. 

 You put your dress and shoes from the previous night on and hailed a taxi to (your favorite clothing store). You end up buying some jeans, a flannel shirt, leather jacket and some boots. You paid for the items with J’s card you had on you, not caring if he knew you had been there. You changed in the store and trashed your dress and heels in the trash outside of it. Oddly feeling no sentimental value about either of the items J had gotten for you. Deciding to nurse your caffeine headache you grabbed some coffee. And decided you might as well pick up some hygiene products while you were out.

 After that you went to the ATM and withdrew all the money from your savings account you had before J came into your life. Which was surprisingly a large amount. You then found a new hotel room in downtown Gotham with a view that faced where you knew J’s mansion was. You unpacked your haul and checked your phone to see if you had missed anything from J. Zip. Sighing you fell back onto the bed. You thought you were going to start crying but you didn’t. 

You felt strange you wanted to decipher your emotions and know why you weren’t more upset about J not wanting you. Ultimately you decide that growing up without love must have something to do with it. Maybe deep down you knew the day would come when J decided to toss you away, just like everyone else in your life had. You must have subconsciously been preparing for this day for a while now. 

 Because now that it was here you didn’t take it as hard as expected.

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I just rewatched the scene in which Mycroft appologizes to John for lying to him and I'm so emotional right know... We normally see Mycroft as this cool character "the iceman" and the way he looks at John kills me ><

Right OK my friend, pull up a chair because I’m about to waffle on about this scene. I have a lot of feelings about this scene.

I think this scene is an absolute masterpiece of acting by Mark. It absolutely blows me away and here’s why:

  • The context is very important — when that episode aired people were genuinely confused as to whether Mycroft had actually sold Sherlock out or not (I read the canon long before Sherlock showed up and I have to admit for a second even I was beginning to wonder if they’d broken with canon re Mycroft being Sherlock’s confidant)
  • Mark’s performance is essentially him acting as Mycroft acting. Mycroft knew damn well what was about to really happen.
  • It’s so subtle. When you go back to watch it now KNOWING what Mycroft knew, it’s even more bloody impressive. It gives you a completely different perspective on Mycroft’s sadness in that scene, yet the whole thing is balanced on a knife edge to enable either reading of it.

The obvious interpretation of that scene is that Mycroft’s sadness is because he’s apologising for selling Sherlock out to Moriarty. But that’s not the full story. He’s sat there knowing what he and Sherlock have planned. He knows all the contingency plans and the worse case scenarios. Yes, his words on the surface say “I’m sorry for selling him out” but the motivation behind them seems entirely different to me when you view it again knowing what Mycroft must have been thinking.

He’s apologising to John for what he’s about to go through. What they’re all about to go through. He’s apologising that Sherlock is going to “die” and he can’t tell John a word about it for however long it takes.

“Tell him would you.”  The introspection and resignation in that line speak volumes to me. He’s not sad because he betrayed Sherlock — he’s sad because he knows what’s coming and he can’t stop it. He knows that John’s time with Sherlock is limited, and that as well as John losing Sherlock, Sherlock will lose John. He knows John will probably hate him when Sherlock dies, and hate him all over again for lying when he returns. Mycroft is sad because he’s going to lose his brother and people are going to blame him for it. He’s sad because there’s absolutely nothing he can do other than accept that fact and get through it.

His sadness and pain are heartbreaking when you realise that man is about to lose the one person he appears to deeply care for. Not only that, he’s probably going to be vilified for it along the way. Yet he’s doing it because it has to be done. He’s doing it for Sherlock’s sake, as always.

College student launches new line of dolls for boys of color

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (AP) – When Jennifer Pierre visits the toy store, she sees shelves of dolls that are mostly girls and mostly white. She wants to change that.

Pierre, who’s finishing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Babson College, is launching a new line of dolls designed for boys of color. One is meant to look like an African American boy, with curly natural hair. One is Indian American. Another is biracial.

The goal is to give boys of all races a doll that looks like them, and that they can be proud of. Her new company is called Melanites, a reference to melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color.

“We’re a toy company, but we’re trying to become a whole brand that celebrates brown boyhood,” said Pierre, 23, of Pompano Beach, Florida. “I want it to be normal for a kid to go into the aisle and see themselves on the shelf.”

For now, Pierre is taking orders while she tries to raise $35,000 to manufacture the first dolls. She hopes to have the first batch delivered by Christmas and sell them online and in specialty stores afterward.

The first prototype is an 18-inch doll named Jaylen, designed to look like a young black boy. It’s made of plastic, with limbs that can bend and twist like a big action figure. To boost appeal for boys, Pierre plans to advertise them as “action pals,” not dolls.

But part of her goal is to erode the idea that dolls are for girls. She wants to blur gender lines in the toy industry, and to move away from action figures that depict men with guns and big muscles.

“Parents are tired of the pink aisle and the blue aisle,” Pierre said. “They want something they can give to their sons to teach them empathy, or to inspire them.”

Each doll is meant to have its own personality. Jaylen is an inventor. Aiden, who’s biracial, likes to tinker. Marquis, of Caribbean American heritage, is a performer. Pierre plans to sell story books that take the characters on missions as astronauts, for example, or archaeologists.

The idea struck Pierre while she was working at a community center in Florida before moving to Massachusetts. Time after time, she heard boys say they wanted to become rappers or basketball stars, not doctors, lawyers or engineers.

“It’s not because that doesn’t happen, but because they don’t see it in their community,” she said. “I wanted to change that and give them different options, because you can’t be what you can’t see.”

Her idea reflects broader shifts in the toy industry, experts say. More companies are blending science lessons into their toys, and adding diversity of all types. Hasbro now makes toy guns for girls. Another brand, Guy Gear, sells crafting kits for boys.

“This is where our world is going and we want to make sure we’re addressing those needs,” said Ken Seiter, vice president of marketing communications for the Toy Industry Association in New York.

In a focus group, 4-year-old Zion Dawson tested the Jaylen prototype while his mom, Bernette, watched. He was fascinated by the idea of a toy that looked like him, his mother said.

“It’s a positive influence,” said Dawson, of Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. “There’s a lot of girl empowerment with different girl dolls; why can’t my son have that same experience?”

Despite old stereotypes, some research suggests that it’s normal for boys to play with dolls. A 2013 study at Australia’s Western Sydney University found that baby boys preferred playing with dolls over toy cars or other machines.

Soon after Zion tested the Jaylen doll, his mom submitted an early order to buy one. But Dawson admits that even she used to think dolls were strictly for girls.

“At one point in my life, I was against young boys playing with dolls,” Dawson said. “But I think as society has evolved and I have evolved as a parent, I’m more open to it.”


Today [November 4th] marks the 1 Year anniversary of Lady Gaga’s 2nd promo single of her 3rd Studio Album ‘ARTPOP’

Shortly after Dope became a promo single and was scheduled to be performed at the first YouTube Music Awards, Lady Gaga’s long time manager [Troy Carter] who nurtured her career since 2008 left her. He then told the whole world/media that Gaga had fired him. Under bad management Gaga could not do what she had planned from the beginning for ARTPOP and had felt ‘abandoned’ as her whole team went on to other ‘business adventures’ leaving Gaga hanging right before her new album dropped. Gaga felt like they were ‘let down’ by ARTPOP’s inability to have strong sales as her last albums. Therefore the story for G.U.Y. was made.

Gaga performed Dope at the 2013 YMA’s crying because of what just happened, apologizing to her family for her behavior.

Dope peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #8 becoming Gaga highest charting Promo Single to date selling 132,000 Copies in its first week, but because of strong Youtube Views [14,175,000] in 1 day is what pushed Dope into the Top 10.

As of June 2014 Dope has exceeded 1.1 Million Copies and is Gaga’s 2nd Best Selling Promo Single under Hair [1,750,000]

Dope has been performed numerous times such as: YMA’s, artRAVE Launch, Alan Carr and most recently at her Worldwide tour the artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

Happy Anniversary DOPE!




Before you skip past this long post, which is definitely about pro wrestling, I think you should watch what happens in this video at 3:15 and see what these guys do in 60 seconds flat. Here’s a link that starts at 3:15.

I’m not going to try and convince you to like pro wrestling. But I will say it’s a misunderstood performance art. I’ll just come out and say it, and you’ll either get it or you won’t: 

Professional Wrestling is a Lot Like Improv Comedy.


A Well Performed Wrestling Match is Like a Well Written Sketch Show.


If You Are A Comedy/Comic Book Nerd, Professional Wrestling Might Be More Interesting To You Than You Once Thought.

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The songs mean so much to us, but imagine how much they mean to Taylor.

She went through something that affected her so much that she sat in her room or in a studio and wrote a song about it. She was so proud of the lyrics and the medley she had just written and decided that she wanted to share her story with the rest of the WORLD. So she releases 15 of her stories, her life experiences, that were once personal, into the universe. She realizes that they will be listened to, closely analyzed, and judged by millions of minds, but she is so proud of the songs that she is willing to accept anything that comes to her. I’m sure there’s anxiety that comes along with releasing new music, but Taylor is strong enough to face it. Then comes an hour after the new album is released for the world to hear, and there are millions of people who have listened to every song, every word, every story. And they LOVE it. They bought the album already, and told all of their friends about their favorite songs only for their friends to buy the album too. A week later and all of the fans already know every word, every beat, every background vocal, all of the notes, and have related to at least one of the stories. So she decides that she wants to preform it live. Almost every venue sells out in seconds. Imagine what that must feel like. Now it comes to the concerts. These she’s been planning for months, maybe even some performances since she wrote the song. So much hard work and preparation goes into this world tour and there is probably even more anxiety to hope that the fans think it’s enough. Imagine how proud she is when she comes on stage and there are thousands of people cheering for her. Over half of them are wearing homemade outfits based off of her songs or funny puns off the internet. When she starts singing the crowd sings with her. Every single word. They don’t miss a beat. The same songs that she sat in her room writing about something that happened to her, those same lyrics are being sung right back to her, and a lot of the fans have gone through similar situations. Imagine the pride that comes with having people cry to see you, and meet you. Imagine what it feels like to be thanked a million times over for a song that you wrote, or something you said in an interview that changed somebody’s life forever. We are all so proud of Taylor, and all that she has accomplished in the 25 years she’s had on this Earth and I hope that she has even more pride for her accomplishments.❤️

piratesinthewater  asked:

Hey I was wondering what wasteland weekend is? I tried looking it up and I wasn't sure if it's just a movie festival?


think burning man-esque BUT it’s post-apocalyptic - originally inspired by the Mad Max movies. People go to the middle of nowhere, in the desert, and live out that after the apocalypse lifestyle. With customized cars people built like the ones in Mad Max, to fighting arenas, to performances, to vendors that sell stuff as if it were an actual post-apo bazaar and you can join tribes! create tribes! throw tribe parties and bring people into your world! create a story for your character! the festival is about what you make it. it’s really just about leaving reality behind and really living the fantasy of the post-apocalypse.

Heres a video of someone who had no idea what he was getting himself into exploring and being a part of the event

James Maslow Reveals He's Covering Frozen Hit "Let It Go" With Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice teased earlier this week that she was in the studio with Big Time Rush cutie James Maslow—and the man himself revealed exclusively to E! News yesterday what the big project is!

He and Victoria are covering “Let It Go” from Frozen!

James, who’s also currently the resident hottie on Dancing With the Stars, told us during a shopping trip to Vince in West Hollywood that the cover will be “more Demi Lovato” than Idina Menzel.

PHOTOS: Best moments at the 2014 Oscars

Demi, of course, performed the single version that’s on the Disney film’s platinum-selling soundtrack, while Menzel’s is the version heard in the film sung by Snow Queen Elsa.

But while they’re going with a simpler arrangement more akin to Demi’s, James is a huge fan of the other version, too!

“Idina Menzel—or what is it, Azeem Dameel? Adele Dazeem, yeah,” he said, poking fun at John Travolta’s storied presenting gaffe, “so for those of you who are more familiar with her as that name, she killed it at the Oscars.”

“You guys will get to see/hear soon,” Victoria also promised via Instagram.

We can’t wait!

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There's a lot I'd like to say,fitting into three categories.1)If my blog-trawling has been creeping you out,I'm sorry,2)a whole lot of squeaking and flailing about Toby,since I spent the first week and a half of her namesake month reading all currently published books in the series,&3)an inane,1st grade-like desire to approach you with a drawing of a frog dragon&a wide-eyed "CAN WE BE FRIENDS?"As a theoretically responsible adult,I'll keep it to the first two,with what I hope is - (con't)

Giant Ask is giant!  Here is the rest of it:

“- acceptable elaborations upon the second.  Which are as follows: thank you thank you THANK YOU,ye gods and little fishies,this is the first time since my twelve year old self got a Mercedes Lackey book for Christmas that I’ve encountered queer characters without having to specifically HUNT THEM DOWN and thus get disappointing The Tragedy of Queerness stories. I haven’t cried more than twice since getting on T a few years back, and I was close to weeping in joy over Walther in RRC (con’t,sorry!)

“-because holy SHIT he’s TRANS and he’s been in a bunch of books ALREADY and the “never, and always” line is just so PERFECT and…fuck, that means so much to me.  And BI PEOPLE.  There are never bi people!  Except there ARE and two of them are probably my favourite characters in the series aside from Toby herself - Tybalt and the Luidaeg.  Especially the Luidaeg, except maybe especially Tybalt? A cat character written by a cat person, a Snarky Nonhuman Love Interest who is (con’t)

“- a genuinely caring and responsible person and whose relationship with the main character is explicitly shown to require negotiation because it’s a RELATIONSHIP and who’s heartbroken about outliving his fandom because interests and friendships are important and…fuck I love him so much.  Suffice to say my broke ass dearly anticipates the day Rat Chaser may become available in more affordable format. Thank you, so much, for these characters, this world, and your internet presence.“

That is…a lot of words.  Wow, the words.  I can’t promise that many words, but I can sure try!

First off, if we’re ever at the same convention, please feel 1000% free to come up with a picture of a frog dragon and say hello.  I can’t promise instant friendship, because I’m just as socially awkward and weird as everybody else I know, but I can promise to be happy to meet you and to admire your frog dragon at great length, because hello, frog dragon.

Moving right along!  Walther is one of my favorite book-babies.  I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but he’s just so puzzled all the time.  Like, “wait, what?  Why is there another crisis?  It’s supposed to be one crisis a century, Toby, dammit, cut this shit out.”  And then he’s all running and flailing and having a miserable time.  Ordinary people in terrible situations are one of my secret delights.  Walther also has a life, has shit to do, and is continually vexed when Toby’s shit insists on intruding.  He makes me so happy.

Bi people are important!  We exist in the real world, in what would seem to be staggering numbers if people really believed in us (way too many people don’t, which is like, wow, really?  What do you think we’re doing, a mass, multi-generational performance art piece?), and I’ve always figured that meant we should exist in fiction.  Tybalt and the Luidaeg both lean a little more toward women, which sometimes leads me to the charming image of Tybalt making a pass at the Luidaeg’s girlfriend during the gap between Dylan and Anne, and then I need to giggle.  A lot.

Tybalt is best.  To anyone who doesn’t know what “Rat-Catcher” is, it’s a Tybalt-focused short story published in A Fantasy Medley 2, a limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press.  It’s almost sold out, and once it sells out completely, I’ll be able to reprint the story.  So if you have someone asking what you want for your winter holiday of choice, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you for writing!

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did u read the book before watching carol? also what's up with the critics calling carol COLD?

i just recently read the price of salt, after seeing CAROL twice. i liked the book, but i’m glad i hadn’t read it before seeing the film for the first time. in general, i like to experience a story cinematically before going back to the text and seeing what the screenwriter was working with.

since receiving this question, there have been so many articles about whether CAROL is cold. is is too gay, is it not gay enough? and then the oscar nominations came out and that conversation blew up again. there was another one the other day that i think summarizes all the opposing positions. 

i should say that it’s totally fine if viewers don’t relate to the romance in CAROL. not everything is for everyone. romantic movies, especially, are subjective to the viewers’ experiences and preferences. in the same way that humor is subjective and variable, so’s romance. you can craft a joke, or stage a sex scene, but not everyone will laugh or get turned on by the same thing.

the problem that seems to be coming up here is that there is an understated invisible social construct of universality, of universal relatability, which is reified in most typical hollywood movies (and indeed, in culture at large). to put it bluntly, CAROL is not it. so the people crying “frigid lesbians!” are really just acknowledging they saw something not explicitly catered to their desires or cultural assumptions. this is how a lot of moviegoers feel most of the time. welcome to the club.

criticism couched in “this alienated me!” is quite frankly, weak sauce as far as criticism goes. what about craft? what about performance? criticisms of this sort stem from the “about me” school of media consumption. watching something because you crave to have your opinions and life experiences regurgitated back to you is morally crippling. (as an aside, i believe this goes both ways too. people who champion “representation” apart from artistry or integrity do a disservice to their cause.)

on a personal note, i find it hard to fathom anyone not relating to CAROL, regardless of sexuality (which, although a crucial element of the story, is hardly its only selling point!). the people who find nothing to relate to in this story must have had it very easy. imagine never experiencing fear and trepidation in concert with desire. imagine never keeping a secret about yourself for fear of rejection. imagine never having to circumvent societal mores and expectations to achieve happiness and autonomy. i can’t imagine anyone’s own romantic entanglements have been so worry-free but i guess congratulations to them! CAROL is for the rest of us, i suppose.