the perfection that is series five

The Flick Of A Switch // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 3 of 6) 

Series: Part One Part Two - Part Four Part Five Part Six Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Public Smut, Jealousy, and Swearing. 

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC 

Word Count: 6,165

Song: I Think I’m In Love by Kat Dahlia 

A/N: I highly recommend you listen to the song after you finish reading because it is just spot on with this chapter.

“And what about the Dread Doctors?” Theo asked the question we all had in our heads as we sat around the table.

The pack was currently at Scott’s house for our regular meeting. Everyone was trying to come up with seemingly impossible solutions to the insane problems we we’re facing in the supernatural department.

And, yet, all I could truly think about was the way Stiles was staring at me from across the table. How our eyes connected along with our imagination, both of us clearly thinking about how we could just leave and pleasure each other right now.

“I think we should just leave them be.” I stated, my eyes never leaving Stiles’.

“What?” Scott’s confused voice broke my trance away from him and I was back in reality.

“Look,” I sighed, now looking at my Alpha. “We know nothing about them or what they actually want. It won’t make a difference if we try to stop them when we don’t even understand what we’re up against. I say, until we get more information, we should just leave them alone.”

“You know, Scott, that actually makes sense.” Stiles spoke up for the first time tonight and I felt warmth on my skin at his approval. “I have to agree with her.”

“Me, too.” Malia confessed and I looked around the table to see everyone nodding at me.

“No, we can’t do that.” Scott shook his head in denial. “They’re killing people.”

“And if we try something prematurely, they might just get away and kill more people in the process.” Stiles instinctively expressed his opinions through his hand gestures. “We just can’t risk it.”

“Fine.” Scott sighed, after pondering his words for a while and gave in. “You guys are right.”

Stiles and I shared glances again, this time smiling at each other. It’s something we’ve been doing a lot, lately.

“Great, so can we get to the fun part of this meeting now?” Lydia asked, clapping her hands together in excitement. “How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

“What is it with you and the typical middle school games that you like so much?” I smirked, my attention leaving Stiles and now focused on the banshee.

“I have no shame in enjoying good fun that’s equally as scandalous.” She smirked back and I couldn’t hide my small laughter.

“I’m up for it.” Malia shrugged and soon enough a chorus of agreement filled the McCall dining room.

“Awesome, let me just get something to drink first.” Stiles quickly ran to the kitchen and everyone was mentally leaving the serious supernatural mode to careless fun mode.

“I’ll get an empty bottle.” I offered, getting up from the chair and walking towards the kitchen.

I smiled once I was inside and spotted Stiles getting two glasses from the cupboard. I watched as he placed them on the counter and strode over to the fridge.

“Why two?” I asked, pulling him out of his own little world. Stiles’ head popped up from behind the refrigerator door and I surprisingly felt myself swoon at his cocky smile.

“I thought you’d like one, too.” He shrugged, pulling out a small bottle of soda and closing the door with his elbow.

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” I smirked, leaning against the kitchen’s door frame.

Stiles opened up the bottle of soda and poured all of its liquid into the two glasses in front of him. Just as he was finished, he turned around to throw the container away in the trash bin.

“No, no, no!” I shouted, stopping him in his tracks. Stiles, immediately, froze and turned around just enough to look at me with a confused expression. “We need that to play.”

“Oh, right.” He nodded, pointing at me and stuck the empty plastic bottle under his arm. Stiles grabbed the two full glasses and approached me with a grin. His face was inches from mine and we playfully stared into each other’s eyes.

“Thanks.” I grinned back, taking the drink from his hand and the bottle from his underarm.

“No problem, princess.”

And then Stiles, suddenly, did something he has never done before. It was as if the entire world had gone into slow motion as I watched him lean in closer to me and place a chaste kiss on my lips.

Stiles and I have been having constant sex for about a month now and we only ever kiss went its sole purpose is to turn the other one on and spark profound lust. We have never just kissed before, not without expecting hot sex to come right after.

For Stiles to randomly kiss me and not have any other intention behind it was news for us… and it actually brought butterflies to my stomach. Yes, butterflies.

Stiles didn’t seem to recognize what he just did because he left the room without another word. I decided to follow him in his footsteps and just push away any questions I had. If Stiles wasn’t going to dwell on this, then, neither would I.

“Sorry, man.” I heard Theo speak as I entered the dining room. Once I was inside I noticed him sitting in the seat Stiles was originally in.

“It’s fine.” Stiles stated, but not without suspiciously narrowing his eyes at the werewolf he didn’t trust first.

With my drink in one hand and the empty bottle in the other, I sat back down in my seat. Which was coincidently next to Stiles and for the first time since this has all started, I felt a bit nervous.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” I exclaimed, placing the bottle in the middle of the table. “I’ll go first.”

I anxiously spun the bottle and all eyes watched in awe as it stopped moving and pointed towards, the one and only, Kira Yukimura.

“Which will it be, kitsune?” I smirked, leaning back on my chair. “Truth or Dare?”

“Let’s go with truth.”

“Such a prude.” Stiles said through fake coughs and everyone laughed at his witty comment.

“I am not a prude!” Kira protested and she looked like an adorable puppy as she pouted at us.

“Okay, then answer this.” I proposed, slowly taking a sip from my drink to add suspense. “Is sex with Scott sweet or is it… kinky?”

Her face immediately became flushed with embarrasment and Scott nervously laughed beside her, scratching the back of his neck. I didn’t need to have supernatural hearing to know her heart rate must be off the charts right now.

“Kinky.” Kira answered with such a low voice, I almost didn’t hear her just confess she and her boyfriend were freaks in bed.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Stiles bursted out laughing, completely shocked like the rest of us. “Attaboy, Scott!”

I laughed, along with the rest of the pack, as Stiles stood up and reached over the table, excitedly high-fiving his best friend.

“Okay, my turn.” Kira quickly spoke, desperately wanting to get out of this uncomfortable topic.

She spun the empty bottle and it landed on Stiles, everyone else was relieved they wouldn’t be the one suffering Kira Yukimura’s wrath.

“Dare.” Stiles smirked, challenging the japonese descendant.

The mischevious grin on her face hadn’t gone unnoticed as she folded her arms on the table and leaned in closer.

“I dare you to kiss Lydia.”

“Okay.” Stiles carelessly shrugged, getting up from his chair.

“I’m not finished.” Kira intervened and he stood there, waiting for her to speak. “With tongue.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in response. It was a known fact that Stiles was in love with Lydia, heck even she knew it. And Kira asking him to do this dare would be so nerve-wrecking for him.

This is the girl he’s always wanted to be with, afterall. Kissing her alone wasn’t going to be easy for him and Kira knew that. Especially since this would be their first official kiss together. It’s Kira’s revenge for his snarky comment, to make him feel all flustered and shy.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Stiles easily walked over to Lydia. He didn’t seem to be nervous at all, instead he actually seemed to move without a single care.

He hovered over the redhead and placed his hand behind her neck. I watched as they both leaned in and their lips touched.

A strange and unkown feeling came over me, seeing Stiles kiss Lydia. It was an unpleasant feeling and, for some reason, I felt inclined to turn my head away. And that’s what I did, my eyes focusing on the clock hanging up on the wall.

I could hear the pack cheer around me and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t shouting along with them. I’ve always wanted Stiles and Lydia to get together, so why am I not celebrating right now? And why do I feel like actual crap right this moment?

When I heard Stiles walk behind me and in front of his chair was when I looked back at the pack. They all were smirking at the two that had recently kissed and I just wanted them to stop.

“I do believe that it is, in fact, my turn.” Stiles sat back down and my heart fell into my stomach as I watched him wipe away her lipstick from his lips.

He spun the bottle in the middle of the table and I stared at his fingers, the same fingers that have done absolute wonders on my body.

I swooned, thinking back at how just this morning they were buried deep inside of me. Expertly moving against my sensitive walls, pushing me over my edge.

“Emma.” The sound of my name leaving Stiles’ lips had me pulled back into reality.

“Huh?” I asked, my eyes looking up at his golden brown ones.

“It landed on you.” Stiles pointed to the bottle and I noticed that it had, indeed, landed on me.

“Oh, uh.” I cleared my throat, swiftly pushing back my dirty thoughts and saving them for later. “Truth.”

“You, too?” Malia questioned, laughing at how I was also being a prude.

“Okay, then, Dare.” I shrugged, my interest in this game beginning to fade as I gazed at Stiles’ plump lips.

“No, no, no.” Stiles shook his head, smirking. “You chose Truth, now stick with it.”

“Fine.” I narrowed my eyes at him. Everyone else percieved it as me challenging him, but by the way Stiles’ eyes dialated slightly, he certainly took it as a seduction attempt.

“I think we can all agree that you’ve had your fair share of boyfriends in the past-”

“Where are you going with this, Stilinski?” I interrupted and Stiles chose to ignore my question.

“Which means you’ve had different sexual partners and different experiences.” He stated and I, immediately, knew where he was trying to get to.

“Just ask the question already.” I sighed, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Who was your best?” Stiles asked, genuinely wanting to know the answer.

“Not one of my ex-boyfriends, that’s for sure.” I practically whispered, but by the look on Stiles face, everyone had heard me.

“Oooh, this is getting juicy.” Lydia squealed, but all I could do was study Stiles’ expression.

His eyebrows lifted in wonder and I could read the very obvious question swimming in his pupils: Am I your best?

“Wait, who was it, then?!” Scott’s excited voice rang in my ears and I watched as Stiles’ eyes widened in fear.

“Let’s just say, he’s the person I last had sex with.” I answered not Scott’s but Stiles’ burning question.

He pursed his lips, trying to hide the incoming smirk, and grabbed his drink. Stiles’ intense stare leaving mine as he took a sip from his glass. I could feel the cockiness radiate off of him, clearly thrilled at the knowledge that he’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

“Seriously?” Malia audibly groaned. “You’re gonna be that vague?”

“I answered the question.” I shrugged, now looking over at the were-coyote.

She rolled her eyes at me and I mentally thanked every possible god out there for her not pressing further. Or any other pack member for that matter.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Stiles’ body relaxing back into the chair and I reached over to spin the bottle.

The game went on for an hour and it was, actually, fun. Laughter was the constant theme of the night as we watched each other do some pretty stupid and embarassing dares. Not only that, but we discovered a lot of dirt on one another and I was contantly shocked. Like Kira, for example, lets Scott chain her up in bed.

“Theo.” Lydia raised an eyebrow once the bottle stopped in his direction. “Which will it be?”

The werewolf that wasn’t in our pack, but still hung out with us anyway, thought for a bit before answering. I took the last sip of my beverage, everyone waiting for him to respond.


“Is it true that you have a crush on Emma?” Lydia smirked and I, immediately, spit my drink out in shock.

“What?!” I exclaimed along with a very familiar voice, the same voice that makes me melt whenever he sexily whispers into my ear.

I turned around to see Stiles looking at him in surprise and I’m certain we have the very same expression planted on our faces.

“You like Emma?!” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, continuing our previous question.

Theo cleared his throat and I could see the faint blush on his cheeks. He sat up straighter in his seat, trying to shake off his embarrasment.

“Yes.” He confessed and my eyes widened in response. Theo looked at me for the first time since the bottle landed on him and he seemed actually nervous. “I do.”

I felt anxious and it wasn’t a good kind of anxious. It was the type that you felt in a very bad and terrifying situation. Usually how I feel everytime I have to face the scary side of the supernatural.

“Oh.” I stated and from my peripheral vision I could see Stiles staring intently at me. “Okay, well you answered the question. Now you have to spin the bottle.”

I quickly tried to change the subject away from me. Look, Theo is great looking and what not but just… God, no.

Theo’s face faltered just for a second and if I hadn’t been paying close attention, I would’ve missed it. He reached over to the bottle and spun it. It didn’t take long for it to find it’s next victim and I, immediately, felt my body go rigid as it picked me.

“Of course.” Stiles sighed and I didn’t have to look at him to know he just rolled his eyes.

“Emma,” Theo grinned and my skin itched. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I let out a sigh of defeat.

“I dare you to go on a date with me.” Theo smirked and my stomach, instantly, turned.

My first instincts wanted me to look at Stiles and plead for help through eye contact. But, I knew that if I looked at him right now it could possibly raise suspicion. So, to save our own personal fun, I had to figure this out by myself.

“No.” I shook my head, folding my arms against my chest.

“No? You can’t say no to a dare.”

“I can when it’s invalid.” I pointed out, leaning into my seat.

“How is this invalid?” Theo raised an eyebrow, challenging me.

I felt all eyes on me, including Stiles’. They desperately wanted to know what I would come up with to keep myself from going out with Theo Raeken.

“Because if we were to go on a date, it wouldn’t be tonight. And since we’re playing right now, you have to pick a dare for me to complete at this exact moment.”

“Fine.” Theo sighed. “Then, I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the game.”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed, offended at his request.

“Well, I was going to dare you to kiss me. But, I don’t want our first kiss to be in front of everyone. So…” Theo lifted his hand and called me towards him with his index finger.

“Why do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“So, we can chat.” Theo shrugged. “And to get closer to each other.”

“Theo, you’re disg-” I began to protest but he interrupted me, instead.

“A dare’s a dare, Emma.” He taunted. “And I triple-dog-dare you.”

Everyone let out quite comical gasps at his challenge and I rolled my eyes. That is, everyone except for Stiles. If looks could kill, Theo would be long executed by now.

A sense of comfort flushed over me as I thought about how protective Stiles is. I know for a fact that he’s just glaring at Theo because he doesn’t trust the guy and would do anything to keep his friends safe. I profoundly admire his dedication to his close loved ones.

But, Theo’s got the upperhand here. A dare’s a dare, afterall.

“Fine.” I sighed and the entire pack looked shocked as I stood from my seat and made my way towards him.

I watched Stiles carefully as I relunctantly sat on Theo’s lap. To say he was furious was a complete understatement.

“Hi.” Theo whispered in my ear and an eerie chill ran up my spine. “You’re very beautiful.”

“I am here to fufill the dare and not your nasty little fantasies.” I turned to talk to him, our faces inches apart.

“Alright.” Theo stated, but not without smirking first. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, anyway.”

“Too late.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

The game went in full spin and about two hours later, we all decided we had enough. It was, without a doubt, the most interesting game of Truth or Dare I’ve ever played.

Stiles’ eyes never left me the entire time. Well, occacionally he would glare over at Theo, but for the most part his attention was on me. It made my skin tingle and my cheeks blush.

There was even a moment when Theo’s hand settled on my upper thigh and I could feel the anger coming off of Stiles from where I was seated. His eyes were so furious I, honestly, thought that a laser beam would, suddenly, burst through his pupils and destroy the werewolf.

When I was finally able to get off of Theo’s lap and be free, I had never been more grateful. Look, Theo is handsome and all, but he’s just not for me.

My first instinct when the game was over and everyone stood up to either eat or use the bathroom was to walk over to Stiles.

However, a finger lightly tapping on my shoulder stopped me before I even could. I hesitantly turned around to whomever was trying to grab my attention, but not without noticing the roll in Stiles’ eyes first.

Of course it’s you.

“Hey, Emma.” Theo smiled too wide and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Look, I’m sorry if that made you uneasy in anyway.”

“Whatever, Theo.” I sighed, turning back around. But he placed his hand on my arm instead.

“Wait.” He called and I watched Stiles’ eyes look at his hand on my skin before I returned to the werewolf.

“What is it?”

“I, um-” Theo nervously scratched the back of his head. “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me this Friday. Not as a dare, but as an actual date.”

“Not gonna happen, Theo.” I denied, immediately.

“Emma, I know I can come off as a bit cocky sometimes. But, I need you to know that I’m not.” Theo sighed, letting go of my arm. “I really do like you. I think you’re amazing and so beautiful. All I ask is for one simple date. One chance to show you there’s so much more to me than meets the eye.”

A pang of pity hit me as I watched him talk with such innocence in his voice. He really seemed to be telling the truth and normally I would be into a guy like this, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel compelled to him.

“I’ll think about it.” I sighed, looking for an answer that wouldn’t hurt him. “Okay?”

“Okay.” Theo smiled sweetly and I smiled right back.

The second I turned around I was met with a very annoyed Stiles Stilinski. His eyes watched closely as Theo walked passed him, his attention focused on the werewolf until he finally left the room. Funny enough, that’s when I noticed everyone else had dispersed as well. Stiles and I were alone for the first time tonight.

“What’s with the look of murder on your face?” I chuckled, grabbing the packet of peanuts that were on the table and popping a few in my mouth. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s actually very hot.”

“Who the hell does Theo think he is?” Stiles scoffed, finally looking at me.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, sitting down on my original chair. “But, he clearly thinks he’s the shit.”

“How uncomfortable was it? To sit on his lap?” Stiles asked, his expression worried as he sat in the seat beside mine. “O-Or did you like it?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, a scoff making its way out of mouth.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Sorry.” Stiles sighed, rubbing his face with his right hand. “It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” I leaned in closer to him, noticing a small glimpse of fear in his brown eyes. “Stiles?”

Stiles blinked quickly before shaking his head and leaning against the back of the chair.

“I don’t trust him.” He spoke the statement he’s said to all of us over and over again. It’s practically written on his forehead at this point.

“I know-”

“Emma, did he ask you out after the game?” Stiles interrupted, his nerves too anxious not to.

“Yes.” I answered, eating more peanuts.

Stiles didn’t say anything, he just nodded. I am certain that I’m mistaken, but a part of me feels like I just saw hurt flash quickly in his eyes. However, it was gone before I could even check twice.

“What did you, uh, say?”

“I said I’d think about it.” I wiped the salt from the peanuts off on my blue jeans. “But, I lied.”

“You don’t want to go on a date with him?” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hell, no.” I shook my head and chuckled.

“But, he’s like super good looking?”

“Do you not remember when I said I don’t ever want a boyfriend, again?” I questioned and Stiles’ eyes fell to the floor.

“Vividly.” He whispered so low it was almost inaudable.

“Stiles.” I spoke his name in a seductive tone and his head snapped up to look at me. “I know you care about my safety, but I could care less about Theo Raeken, right now. Do you know what I really want?”

He shook his head and with a smirk on my lips, I rested my hand on his right thigh.

“To go in that bathroom and let you have your way with me.” I grinned, my fingers lightly squeezing him.

“Here?” Stiles swallowed nervously, peering around the room to see if anyone was near.

“Mmhm.” I nodded, standing up to plant a kiss on his lips and then his jaw. Working my way up to Stiles’ earlobe, nibbling on it and scraping his skin with my teeth.

Stiles let out a satisfied hiss and I knew he’d be putty in my hands in a matter of seconds.

“What if they hear?” Stiles asked, closing his eyes as his fingers gripped my waist. “This house is in fact filled with werewolves.”

“Then, I guess we have to be really quiet.” I mumbled against his neck, the vibrations making him moan.

“Shit, let’s go.” Stiles excitedly spoke, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bathroom.

A hushed giggle escaped my lips as I let him rush me to the small room. I gently closed the door behind us and Stiles picked me up to place me down on the sink counter.

His mouth desperately crashed on mine and my hands grabbed his cheeks, keeping his lips in place. They felt so amazing moving against mine and I softly moaned into his mouth when he pushed his tongue inside.

Stiles’ tongue played with my tongue as his fingers rapidly unbottoned my jeans. Goosebumps made their way on my skin and he unzipped my pants, pulling them down and off my legs.

The denim fell on the floor and I spread my legs for him to settle between them.

“Damn, you’re such a good kisser.” I whispered when Stiles’ lips moved from my lips to my jaw and across my neck.

“You, too.” He smiled against my skin, lightly sucking on my pulse point. But, he didn’t dwell for too long beause we have a strict rule about no hickies.

The second he no longer had his lips pressed against me, I took the advantage to pull his shirt off his body. My teeth biting down on my lip as I appreciated his toned stomach.

“I don’t get how you swoon every single time you see me naked.” Stiles chuckled in a quiet voice as he opened the buttons of my pink blouse.

“Stiles, the sooner you realize you’re sexy as fuck, the better.” I whispered straight into his ear and he smirked at me before placing a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“Holy shit.” Stiles breathed out when he slid my shirt off my arms and, finally, noticed the pair of matching red laced panties I was wearing.

“Do you like it?” I smirked, looking up at him seductively.

“You have no fucking idea.” Stiles quietly moaned, attaching his lips back on mine.

All of the whispering and sneaking around had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and my core getting wetter by the second. But, it was when Stiles removed my panties and put them up on a towel hook that I felt my skin tingle with excitement.

Stiles’ fingers slid the slickness in my folds and his lips worked fervently against mine, his middle finger moving slowly up and down.

My hands were wrapped around the back of his neck, my mouth concentrated on his and my mind focused on how he circled his finger on my clitoris.

He drew patterns against my nub and I felt my body relax into him. Stiles is definitely great with his mouth, but damn… his fingers are my true weakness.

Stiles’ other hand slid across my back and unclasped my bra. He quickly took it off and threw it some place unkown when he sqeezed my breast with his hand.

I let out a breath of satisfaction and his fingers increased his pace on my core. I moaned into his mouth at the feeling of two of his skillfull fingers now pumping inside of me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he quickly moved inside of me, my body clenching in pleasure. It was when Stiles’ hooked his fingers against a sensitive spot that I knew I needed all of him right now.

Without even saying anything or detaching my mouth from his, I pushed his fingers out of me.

“Did I hurt you?” Stiles broke our heated kiss and looked at me, confused. “I’m so sorry.”

My heart swelled at his genuine concern and I bit down on my lip, shaking my head. Stiles, finally, understood why I had taken his hand away when I opened his pants and let them drop onto the floor.

He smirked at me as I licked my lips, appreciating the view of his boner straining against his boxers. Stretching out my hand, I palmed him over the cotton and Stiles hung his head with his eyes closed.

Pressing my mouth back on his, I pushed his boxers down enough to expose his dick. My hand wrapped around him and slowly pumped, Stiles’ forehead resting on my bare shoulder.

I took my time to work him and he kept kissing my skin when I increased my pace. My fingers grazed the precum on his slit and his hips twitched.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” Stiles whispered and I smiled. He let out a hushed groan when I stopped pumping him.

Something seemed to snap inside of him because he roughly gripped onto my thighs and quickly positioned himself in my entrance.

I bit down harshly on my lip, grabbing his shoulders, as he slid inside of me. My nails dug into his skin with his cock filling me up entirely.

He was buried deep inside me and both of our bodies throbbed in excitement. Stiles fit his face in between my breasts and pressed soft kisses before I hitched my hips up, begging for him to do something.

He waited a few seconds before moving and I leaned my head on the bathroom mirror hanging right above the sink.

Stiles’ cock slipped in and out of me with ease thanks to how wet I was for him. I mean, kowing that I can have sex with this attractive boy whenever I damn please has kept me constantly wet and ready for Stiles to just take me and fuck my brains out.

Which was was he was currently doing.

A strangled moan escaped my lips when he attached his mouth on my nipple and Stiles immediately brought his hand up to my mouth. His fingers pushed past my lips and made their way inside.

“Suck them.” Stiles commanded with a husky voice and my core clenched around him in response.

Never breaking eye contact, I grazed my tongue on his skin and I could taste myself on it. Stiles picked up the pace of our connecting bodies as he watched me gladly suck on his fingers. Sure, it’s main purpose was to hide my moans, but it certainly didn’t fail to make us both even hornier.

Reattaching his mouth on my nipple, Stiles pounded his hips harder into me and I was thankfull his hand covered my filthy moans.

All I could think about was how much I loved this whilst being consumed by the feeling of him fucking me with no mercy.

It was when he bit down harshly on my nipple that I felt my peak near itself. My back arched and my core throbbing against his member.

“Fuck, I’m not gonna last much longer.” Stiles whispered and I hummed against his skin.

His lips moved to my neck, nibbling as one of his hands let go of my thigh and moved to massage the back of my knee.

“Go ahead, cum for me.” Stiles whispered straight into my ear, his hot breath dancing on my now sweaty skin.

My toes curled at his dirty words. It wasn’t often then he used them, but damn when he did… God help us all.

Stiles moaned into my neck when my hand moved towards our connecting bodies and pressed against my clit. It took me about three seconds of rubbing my nub before the wave of ecstasy crashed down on me and I was drowning in the waters of my own intense orgasm.

My body shook with such force that the cup that held toothbrushes fell into the sink. Stiles didn’t even bother to care because the feeling of my core clenching tightly around him had his own release reach him.

Stiles bit down on my shoulder and I could feel the muscles of his back arching against my hand as his hot liquid spilled into me.

The only sound that followed our incredible orgasms was the both of us panting whilst we came down from our highs. Stiles breathed into my neck and my legs and arms fell limp in exhaustion.

When we were both back into reality, Stiles pulled out of me and I felt cold without him there. He grabbed toilet paper and wet it, cleaning his dick from both of our juices. Stiles kindly cleaned me next and I blushed at his actions.

He helped me down from the sink and placed me on the floor. The second he let go of me, my knees went weak and I began falling.

“Whoa, there.” Stiles chuckled, grabbing me by the waist before I could actually hit the ground. “Having trouble standing?”

“Apparently.” I quietly laughed and he laughed with me.

“Here, hold onto the counter while I put your clothes back on.” He helped guide my hands to the surface and I gripped it.

Stiles slowly let go, trying to see wether or not I would slip again. My legs were wobbly, but I managed to hold on tight.

He took my panties off the hook and kneeled down in front of me. Carefully, I lifted one foot at a time for him to place them on my legs. Stiles slid them up as he stood.

I smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed, when he lifted it over my ass and snapped the waistband against my hips.

The jeans were a bit harder to put on me, but Stiles managed to do it suprisingly well. His arm wrapped around my waist and he told me to let go of the counter. I did what he requested and he pulled me towards the lid-covered toilet, sitting me down on it.

“Can you put your shirt and bra on?” Stiles asked, grabbing the two pieces of clothing and I nodded.

I took them from his hand and put them on my body, watching with a smirk as he put his own clothes back on. I don’t really know why, but I always get turned on whenever I see him either taking off or putting on his belt. It’s a strange confession that I have yet to tell him.

“Do you think they’re right outside?” I asked when he was fully dressed again and fixing his hair so it didn’t look like he just had sex.

“Shit, I forgot about that.” Stiles groaned.

With a sigh, he slowly opened the door just enough to peek through the small crack. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before pushing the door all the way open.

“They’re not even here.” Stiles stated, looking around to see if he could find anyone and eventually gave up. “Can you stand now?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, getting a grip of the hands he extending to me. “Let’s see.”

Once I stood up from the toilet seat, he slowly let go of my hands. Watching me carefully the entire time. We both immediately smiled when I was actually able to stand on my own again.

“You did it!” Stiles exclaimed, celebrating my conquest. “Good job!”

And then, for the second time tonight, Stiles kissed me unexpectedly. It wasn’t a kiss full of lust and it wasn’t chaste either.

One of his hands slid around my waist and the other got a hold of my cheek. I was so surprised that I didn’t even have the idea to stop him. I kissed him back fully and I could feel my head spinning in response.

Stiles slowly broke the kiss, but he kept his face close to mine. He pushed a loose hair behind my ear and my cheeks heated with a blush. Stiles smiled as his gorgeous brown eyes pierced into mine, making my heart flutter.

Suddenly, everything changed in one instant. I felt myself falling into a pit that I desperately wanted nothing to be a part of.

It was as if a switch has been flicked and it turned on this feeling that was deep inside of me, now bringing it to the surface.

It now all made perfect sense why I felt horrible when Lydia and Stiles kissed. Why I kept looking over at him when I was on Theo’s lap. Why, even though he’s cute and would be great to get into bed with, I wasn’t the least bit interested in going out with the new werewolf.

Looking at him now, I realize I see something I didn’t the night before. The person who was just a friend moments ago is now the only person I ever imagine myself with.

“Come on.” Stiles grinned, slipping a hand into mine. “Let’s go find our friends.”

My heart beated faster than ever as I let him pull me outside of the bathroom. He looked around the dining room, trying to find the others.

But, I couldn’t concentrate on helping him. I was too terrified at that fact that I fell in love with the one person I wasn’t supposed to.

I fell in love with my friend with benefits.

I fell in love with Stiles Stilinski.

Netflix’s adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events is exactly how you should adapt it.

You can clearly see they actually understood the tone of the books and tried to show it onscreen (especially with the usage of a corporeal narrator interrupting the plot every five minutes) and the details on everything are also perfect, and the tv original scenes also fit the narrative and tone. I especially loved that we can see what seems to be an airballoon outside “Lemony Snicket’s” room in ep03


that feel when your incorporeal Dark Lord cbf coming up with a Cool Villain Name for his least fav follower X)

based on this post, and because I can’t get over learning that Asmodean literally means “Musician” in the official Wheel of Time companion book, I’m still flipping out poor Asmo, this is why I love you

oppafeels Masterlist

Curious to who I write for?

Solution: Send me a ask asking me who I write for or ask if I write for a specific group! 

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crzcorgi’s Negan x reader fics

Negan’s Five Senses - Negan’s love of women enjoyed with all five senses. A stand alone fic. 

Number 6 - The reader’s life as one of Negan’s wives. The first fic in the series. 

Just a Little Shower Fun - The reader enjoys her time with Negan. Next in the series.

Dreams - The reader finds out a secret of Negan’s. Third in the Number 6 series.

Perfect - The reader learns to accept her differences with the help of Negan. Just a side fic of Number 6.

Rub a Dub Dub - Fun With Negan in a Tub - The reader enjoys bathtime. Fourth in the Number 6 series.

Home - The reader realizes where she belongs.Fifth in the Number 6 series.

Snow Day - The reader enjoys a rare snowstorm with Negan. A side story with Number 6.

A Christmas Miracle part one - Number 6 receives a Christmas miracle with Negan’s help. 

A Christmas Miracle part two -   A little festive fun with Negan 

A Christmas Miracle part three - Negan celebrates with Number 6 a little early 

A Christmas Miracle part four - Enjoying your presents with Negan

Wife, Singular (ACM part five) - Big changes are coming

All of the above fics except Snow Day and A Christmas Miracle part one are NSFW

Goddamn, I fucking love that girl series -

Shorter side fics of life with Negan x Number 6 (reader) from Negan’s POV

This series just contains Negan language and is a bit suggestive. Basically SFW


Tiny Surprise




The Bet




Understood (second part to Misunderstood)

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“Man, I used to be such a good student, what happened?”-masterpost

Hullo, and welcome!

I have wandered the earth…

…found the secret elixir that makes a once-good student good again…

..tested it for one semester…

…refined it…

…and am now here to present it to you!

This’ll be a long one. See, I think many of us don’t (yet) need help with beautiful fonts, the perfect writing tools, or organizational details. Many of us aren’t anywhere near the level of worrying about these things. 
Many of us have knots in their brains that prevent them from just studying in general. I hope to open some of the big knots, so that you can finally make use of the wealth of studyblrs about specific techniques and approaches out there and can have fun studying again :)

This’ll be a five-part series.
In every post I’ll focus on one particular question/problem and I’ll answer it with an analogy and a solution.
Maybe not all of them will work for you.
Hell, maybe none of them will.
I just know that they worked wonders for me and I suspect they’ll work for other “natural learners”, as well. I’d love to hear your feedback on this, though, so I’ll open my ask box while this series is on-going!

Knot 1: I’m not going in the right direction and/or I’m not going fast enough! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a direction

Solution: Slow down to speed up

Knot 2: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 1 (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a weapon

Solution: Tolerate to conquer yourself

Knot 3:  There are so many things I want to do, I don’t want to sacrifice my whole life just for this one thing and to-do lists and fixed routines scare me!

Analogy: Student as a friend

Solution: Yearn for friendship - not worship, not debasement

Knot 4: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 2, a.k.a. What’s the deal with procrastination?

Analogy: Student as a seperate being

Solution: Layer yourself to merge yourself

Knot 5: Everything I do seems so pointless!

Analogy: Student as part of the whole world

Solution: Engage to empower

So, what you need is to 

S (low down)

T (olerate)

Y (earn for friendship)

L (ayer yourself)

E (ngage)

…to study in style :D 

(….eyyyy? :D This worked out so much more perfectly than I expected!)

So, look forward to seeing at least one of these a week!
I hope you’re all great and I wish you a wonderful new year :)

Guilty Pleasures // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 2 of 6)

Series: Part One - Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Epilogue

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC 

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral, Swearing, Public Fingering, and Public Sex. 

Song: Body On Me by Rita Ora Ft. Chris Brown 

Word Count: 5,169

A/N: Okay, but this song with this smut tho. Also, thank you so much for reading the first part to my series and I hope you enjoy this one as well!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the night Stiles and I decided to explore further into our friendship and boy has it been nothing other than fucking mind blowing.

The sex isn’t lazy and careless sex, it’s sex with a purpose: bringing the best quality pleasure to the other.

It hasn’t been about just fucking each other and hoping to quickly reach an easy orgasm. Stiles and I have made it our own personal missions to make sure we were really feeling pleasure in all its glory.

In the past few weeks, I have experienced simply the greatest orgasms in all my life and I even found out things about myself that I hadn’t known before. Like, how being touched right behind my left knee is an extreme turn on for me. Or how I actually love it when Stiles massages my thighs while he’s working down there, it cranks up my high about ten times stronger. 

And, I’m not the only one with new found guilty pleasures. Stiles easily cums whenever I give his nipples attention, something he never even knew about. Or how he’ll get turned on if I scratch his earlobe, it’s a strange kink but I’m certainly not against it.

So, needless to say, our time as friends with benefits has been nothing other than the fucking best. 

“Stiles, we have to go to school.“ I called, rolling to face him and attempting to shake the brown-eyed boy awake. 

“Mhm, let’s just skip it.” Stiles mumbled through a sea of sleepiness and I rolled my eyes. 

“You know we can’t skip school.“ I sighed, pushing the blue blanket off my body and sitting up on his bed. “We are already absent enough thanks to the supernatural.“ 

“Just ten more minutes.” Stiles pleaded with a groggy voice, pulling the blanket over his face. 

A grin stretched across my lips with a devious little idea as I jumped out of Stiles’ bed and immediately pulled the blanket off his entire sleeping body. 

My eyes flickered across him to appreciate his impressive form. Stiles currently had only boxers on and I was enjoying every moment of staring at him. 

Stiles, instantly, bunched his body together to keep warm and let out a grunt of frustration. 

“Emmaaa.” He whined and I couldn’t hold back my laughter. “Just let me sleep. Pretty, please?“ 

“No, Stiles.” I smiled as I jumped back onto the bed and on top of him, but careful not to hurt him. “We have to get ready. Come on.“ 

I tried to unwrap his arms from his body, but he was much stronger than me and my attempts were all failures. 

“Tell you what.” I smirked, letting go of him to whisper into his ear. “If you wake up right now, we might just have time to sneak in a little fun before leaving.“ 

Stiles’ eyes snapped open and I laughed at the fact that I now finally have his full and undivided attention. 

“What kind of fun are we talking about, here?” His eyebrows raised in anticipation and I smiled. 

“Well, if you lay down straight, you might just find out.“ I smirked, grazing my tongue against the bottom of my lip. 

Stiles didn’t need to be told more than once as he shifted from under me until he was laying flat on the mattress. With a cocky smirk planted on his face, Stiles rested his hands under his head. 

I playfully rolled my eyes at his eagerness as I placed lingering kisses on his chest. My lips wrapped around his right nipple and Stiles’ hand gripped onto my bare back. 

The feeling of my skin against his had me in goosebumps. I wasn’t too sure about just sleeping in my panties at first, but now I’ve certainly gotten used to it. And if I have to admit, I might just prefer it this way. 

I gently bit down on his nipple and pulled, Stiles letting out a throaty moan in appreciation. My lips made their way to his happy trail and that’s when his drool-provoking bulge came into sight. 

With my teeth biting against my bottom lip, I quickly slid his boxers off of his legs. 

Stiles was already at his full potential and I could feel my mouth beginning to water in desire.

I wrapped my lips around his pink head and Stiles moaned embarrassingly loud. Gripping onto his thighs and never breaking my eye contact with him, I gently sucked onto his tip. Stiles’ eyes rolled to the back of his head and they flickered shut.

My tongue slid across the slit on his tip, gathering his precum and Stiles’ hands flew onto grab my hair.

"Fuck.” Stiles breathed heavily when I swallowed his precum, my mouth still on him causing me to suck a little harder then before.

As if right on cue, just as I took him out of my mouth, Stiles’ phone immediately rang.

My eyebrows shot up in surprise and Stiles let out a very frustrated groan. He opened his eyes and reached for his phone on the nightstand.

“It’s Scott.“ Stiles stated, furrowing his eyebrows at his ringing cell. 

“Put it on speakerphone.” I requested right as he was about to press the button to answer.

“Just, don’t say anything.”

“Why the hell would I do that?” I narrowed my eyes at him and he chuckled.

Stiles and I haven’t exactly told anyone about our new little secret. We’ve just been having such a good time with each other that we don’t want any chance of it getting ruined. We know for a fact that the pack wouldn’t approve of this and neither one of us want to deal with that kind of unnecessary judgement. 

Stiles answered the ringing phone and put it on speakerphone, just for my benefit. He rested the device on his bare chest.

“Hey, Scotty.” Stiles greeted and was met with a surprisingly angry Scott on the other line.

“Where the hell are you?” The Alpha complained. “Did you forget we were supposed to meet up before school?”

Stiles let go of my hair and smacked his forehead with his own hand. 

“Oh shit, Scott. I’m sorry, I completely spaced.“

"Yeah, that’s what I thought.” I could hear the disappointment in his best friend’s voice. “Figures." 

Figures? What is that supposed to mean?" 

“It means you have been acting really strange, lately." Scott let out a sigh over the phone. "You’re always late to pack meetings, which used to never happen! And, then, at the meetings it’s like your attention is forever glued onto something else. Whenever I call you, it’s an actual miracle that you pick up! Come on, Stiles! What’s going on? You know you can tell me.”

Stiles’ wide and worried eyes were glued onto mine. A pang of guilt flushed over me as I heard Scott’s words.

“It’s nothing, Scott.” Stiles lied, his lips turning up into a smirk. “I guess I’ve just been a bit distracted, lately.”

“No, Stiles. You’ve been completely off the grid!“

Stiles let out a sigh of frustration and grabbed his phone, turning the speakerphone off. My eyes narrowed in annoyance as he talked to Scott by himself.

"Oh, really?” I whispered low enough that Scott wouldn’t be able to hear over the phone and a deviant idea sparked in my mind.

With a grin planted on my face, I wrapped ny fingers around Stiles’ member and his eyes grew wide in fear.

Stiles began shaking his head nervously and anxiously mouthing the word No

“Just put it on speakerphone.“ I shrugged, grazing my tongue up his prominent vein.

Stiles opened his mouth in an o-shape as his hips jumped up in response, his eyes shutting close once again.

He continued to shake his head and I decided to also continue what I was doing, but take it a little further.

"Fuck.” Stiles loudly groaned as soon as I took him fully into my mouth and his eyes snapped open in pure terror. I can only guess Scott asked him something on the other line because Stiles immediately began to stutter. “N-No, uh, I-I just banged my toe against my nightstand.”

I didn’t stop my teasing there. I began bobbing my head up and down his cock, in a steady pace. My tongue slid across his member, making sure to cover all of his skin.

Stiles was trying his hardest to keep his moans from escaping his lips and it was actually amazing to see him completely powerless against me. Stiles’ delicious taste had my panties getting wetter by the second as I continued to suck him, my pace increasing.

“S-Shit.” Stiles moaned when his cock twitched inside my mouth and I hummed in response. “Scott, I-I really need to go get ready for school.”

My hands made their way to Stiles’ testicles and I gave them much deserved attention.

“Look, I’m sorry. But, I can’t-” He let out a hitched breath when I began to gently message him. “I can’t talk right now.”

My pace was at its peak now, ready to get Stiles to reach his high. He was harshly biting down on his bottom lip, desperate not to moan again on the phone.

“I have to go, Scotty. I’ll see you at school.”

Stiles urgently hung up the phone and threw it back on the nightstand, but it slid off the wood and onto his bedroom floor. He didn’t even seem to notice as his hands flew back onto my hair and he, finally, let his hot and filthy moans free.

Looking up at him and seeing him in this way is such a fucking turn on. Stiles’ eyes shut in pure pleasure, his eyebrows furrowed together in concentration and his mouth slightly open as he panted heavily.

When my tongue grazed up against his prominent vein again was when Stiles’ reached his much needed release. I watched in awe as his back arched with a faint “holy fuck” leaving his plump lips.

Stiles’ hot liquid spilled out of his slit and into my mouth. The salty taste consuming my palate as I gladly swallowed his load. 

I slowly took him out of my mouth, my tongue sliding across his skin, and his hips jumped in response due to his oversensitivity after an orgasm. 

“Fuck, I love doing that.“ I moaned, wiping any spilled cum off my lips with my fingers.

"You are so gonna be the death of me.” Stiles scoffed out of breath as he stared at me.

I smirked back at him, reaching up to hover my face over his and place a lingering kiss against his lips.

“I’m not paying for your funeral.” I grinned, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. “But, I do promise to request you a beautiful and respectful one.”

“Ah, thanks.“ Stiles laughed as his fingers played with my hair. "I guess." 

I smiled before kissing him one last time and letting go to get off the bed I’ve grown so acostumed to.

"I should go home and get ready for school.” I sighed, looking around his bedroom to try and find my clothes.

“Yeah, I should get up, too.” From my peripheral vision, I could see Stiles sitting up on his bed. That’s when I found my jeans thrown on top of his desk and my blouse hanging off his detective board.

Man, we truly are reckless when it comes to where we throw our clothes. I grabbed my two pieces and continued to peer around to find my bra.

“Over here.” Stiles stated and my head snapped to look at him. He took the piece of intimate clothing that was resting on top of his lamp on his nightstand and I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips.

“Thanks.” I blushed, taking my black lace bra from his hand and walking towards the bathroom to change. 

I quickly put my clothes back on and grabbed a hair tie from my jeans’ pocket to put it up in a ponytail.

When I left the bathroom, I came into sight with a very naked Stiles standing up and putting his boxers back on. I bit down on my lip as I stared in appreciation. 

“Really?” He laughed once he slid his underwear back on and saw me gazing. “You’ve seen me naked so many times, already.”

“And your body has, yet, ceased to amaze me.” I smiled, walking over to where my flats were and slipping my feet into them. “See you later, Stilinski." 

“Bye.” Stiles waved as I left his bedroom, a cocky smile planted on his lips.


Running down the school’s halls and into my classroom for first period, I was astonished at the fact that I was actually able to make it to class on time.

With my lungs breathing heavily, I sat down at the first empty desk I could find and placed my notebook in front of me.

“You actually made it into class with time to spare.“ My chemistry teacher spoke up to me in front of the entire class, his eyes narrowing. "That’s new for you.”

“Thanks?” I answered, furrowing my eyebrows.

“No problem.” He smiled in a provocative manner and I rolled my eyes at him. 

The next few periods were completely boring and I just wanted to go home and meet up with Stiles. That was, until I remembered that I had English next and it was a class we shared.

With a smile across my lips, I walked into the classroom and spotted a very sleepy Stiles sitting in a table alone at the back of the room. The desks here in English were actually made for two students to share and I looked around to see if anyone would be sitting next to him.

Lydia and Malia were seated in one of the first rows and I waved to them. Once they saw me, they smiled and waved back. I approached Stiles’ table in the back and placed my notebooks down on the surface.

Stiles’ head snapped up to see me and he grinned, instantly. I sat down on the stool and I could sense him scoot himself closer to me. 

“Good morning.“ I smirked, staring up at him. 

“It is indeed.” He smiled cockily and the images of earlier today came into mind. Knowing grins spreading across both of our faces.

“Alright, class!” The English teacher suddenly spoke, our heads snapping up to look at her. “Glad you all made it in today.”

I, suddenly, felt a familiar hand rest itself on my exposed thigh and I peered down to see Stiles’ hand just below the hem of my skirt. I looked up at him with an expression of confusion, but his eyes were glued to the front of the room. 

Stiles and I are never touchy in public, only ever behind close doors. So, why the hell is placing his hand on my leg like this?

“Now.” The teacher clapped her hands together. “Today, I will be giving you all an assignment to hand in next week.”

The entire class groaned in response and Stiles crept his hand under the fabric of the skirt, his fingers sliding against the thin cotton layer of my panties.

“No.” I whisper-shouted to him when I was struck with the realization as to why he put his hand on my thigh in the first place. “Don’t you dare.”

“It’s payback for what you did while I was on the phone with Scott.” Stiles whispered into my ear, his hot breath sending goosebumps all over my body.

I could already feel myself getting wet just from his voice and feather-like touches over my underwear. Damn, I am a weak woman.

“Oh, now, don’t whine.” Mrs. Dawson pointed towards the class as Stiles’ hand entered past my panties and a finger slid up my soaked folds. 

I heard him slightly moan against my ear, his finger coming into contact with my clitoris. Stiles rubbed small circles around my nub and I had to keep myself from moaning in response.

“It’s a fun project!” The woman in front of the classroom spoke and I could barely hear her, my attention focused mainly on Stiles’ sliding a finger inside me. “I want you all to write a short story.”

Stiles’ thumb continued to rub against my clit as he pumped his finger a little faster. I bit down on my lip hard, my moans desperately wanting to escape.

“It can be romance, sci-fi, horror, comedy… whatever the hell inspires you the most!”

He pushed another finger in and I spread my legs wider, giving him more access to work on me. The fact that we’re doing this in class, with a bunch of students around us, is both terrifying and such a turn on.

Stiles pumped his two fingers inside of me in such a delicious pace and when he curled them against an extremely sensitive spot, a small whimper escaped my mouth.

My eyes fearfully peered around the room to see if anyone had noticed and I was thankful no one did. Most of the students were asleep on their desks as Mrs. Dawson talked about the assignment. 

“How does it feel having to keep from moaning?“ Stiles whispered to me and I could feel my body begin to tighten. "I’m going to make you cum and you won’t even be able to scream.”

“Please don’t.” I whispered back, my voice breathless. 

“Why shouldn’t I?“ Stiles’ pace increased and my release was nearing. 

“Because you didn’t have to hold back when you came. You hung up on Scott just before it.” My hands flew up to the edge of my desk and held on for dear life when Stiles’ other hand gripped onto my thigh. “Stiles, please.”

I never thought I would be so grateful to have someone stop fingering me right before I came. Stiles sighed before sliding his fingers out of me and putting them into his mouth, sucking all of my juices off.

My head fell onto my desk in pure weakness as to what he just did to me. My core throbbed achingly, furious for not getting to cum.

I hadn’t relalized how hard my forehead banged onto the desk until I heard Mrs. Dawson stop talking about the project and call out my name.

“Emma, are you alright?” I faintly heard her ask, but my mind was still spinning from Stiles’ fingers.

Suddenly, his hand gripped my thigh again and my head snapped up in response, a gasp releasing from my lips. 

“Emma?“ She repeated. 

"Uh, y-yes, Mrs. Dawson?” My head turned towards her as a chuckling Stiles removed his hand from my thigh.

“Are you okay? You just hit your head pretty hard, there.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I waved her off nonchalantly, trying to hide my nerves. 

“Great, then, we’ll start with you.“ 

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, mentally cursing myself for tuning out the teacher before.

"Sorry, Mrs. Dawson, but I really must have hit my head harder than I thought.” I began to lie. “For some reason, I can’t remember the last few things you said." 

Stiles let out a laugh beside me and, immediately, tried to cover it up with coughs. I had to hide back the grin forming on my face.

"Okay. Well, I said that this assignment is in groups of four.” She explained and I was thankfull she believed my story. “You guys can pick your project partners. Emma, you start.”

“Oh, uh.” I looked over to the front of the room to see Malia and Lydia smiling at me and the banshee frantically waving at me. “Me, Malia, Lydia, and Stiles." 

"Great.” Our teacher wrote down the group’s names on the board and moved onto other students.

As soon as she and the rest of the class no longer had their attentions on me, I turned my head towards Stiles to glare at him.

“Oh, come on.” He chuckled, smirking at me. “It’s not like you didn’t like it." 

"What I would like is to cum!” I whisper-shouted at him and he smiled cockily. 

“You’re the one that denied it.“ Stiles raised his eyebrows, challenging me.

"Just…” I let out a sigh of defeat. “Meet me outside in five minutes.”

“How the hell am I supposed to leave after you?”

“I don’t care.” I shrugged, impatient with him. “You’re smart, you can figure it out.”

Stiles narrowed his eyes at me as I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. Mrs. Dawson granted me access and I turned to look at him.

“Five minutes, Stilinski.” I stated, getting up from my seat. “No more than that." 

With a sway in my hips because I knew Stiles was watching me leave, I walked out of the classroom and down the hall.

I leaned against a row of lockers as I waited for Stiles to leave the class. And to my surprise, not five minutes later but two minutes later, the door to our classroom opened and out walked a smirking Stiles.

Standing up straight, I grinned at him as soon as his eyes landed on mine. He approached me and it took all of the self control I had in me not to just grab him out here in the hallway and let him have his way with me.

Stiles and I peered around the hall and his eyes lit up the second he found an empty classroom. He slipped his hand into mine and opened the door, pulling us both inside. 

I shut the door behind us and Stiles rushed us over to the back of the room. An excited giggle escaped my lips when he pushed me against the wall and crashed his mouth on mine.

My fingers crept up the back of his neck and settled in his silky dark hair. Gently tugging at his strands, Stiles let out a moan of satisfaction.

The kiss became more desperate as the rush of excitement buzzed through our veins. We’ve never hooked up anywhere other than our own bedrooms and the thought of possibly getting caught was turning us both on immensely.

I let out a whimper of lust when Stiles grabbed my leg and hitched it around his waist, his fingers resting behind my left knee and purposely massaging my weak spot. The mixture of our passionate kissing, my sensitivity cranking up, and the feeling of Stiles’ growing bulge against my thigh had my head spinning. 

“Stiles, we don’t have much time.” I panted, breaking our kiss. His lips, however, didn’t stop moving as he planted wet kisses on my neck.

Stiles took my suggestion and already moved into action. He rested his hands on my ass and lifted me of the ground, his mouth never leaving my skin, and sat me down on the nearest desk.

The boy with freckles painted across his body slid my panties off my legs before putting them into his back pocket and settling between my thighs.

My hands flew to his belt, quickly unlooping it and unbottoning his crimson red pants. I desperately pushed both his pants and boxers down just enough to release his member.

Stiles moaned against my neck when I began slowly pumping him, working his erection even further. His hands gripped onto my thighs as he spread my legs wider.

I bit down on my lip in anticipation when he took my hand off of him and carefully positioned his cock right at my entrance.

The aching throb, finally, began to die down as Stiles slid into me and filled me up. We both let out breathy moans whilst he settled deep within me. 

“Permission to move, Miller?” Stiles asked and I could feel my core throbbing around him.

“Permission granted, Stilinski.” I stated and he began to slowly pull out, only to push back in.

My hands held onto his clothed back as he created a steady pace of thrusting. I couldn’t hold in the filthy moans at the delicious feeling of our bodies working together to create pleasure.

“Fuck, I’ll never get tired of how tight you are.” Stiles manged to say in between lustful grunts, his hot breath lingering on my skin.

“Stiles, I’m gonna need you to go a little faster.” I panted and he did something unexpected.

Stiles pushed me back further onto the desk and hitched my feet up on the surface. He was hitting me at an entirely new angle and I screamed in response.  

The boy pounding into me, immediately, detached his lips from my neck and crashed them onto mine, silencing my screams thanks to the new incredible feeling.

Stiles was thrusting into me hard and fast, my nails digging into his shirt and my head tilted back. My eyes were shut tight, my mouth whimpering into his.

My body was building its nearing peak and I felt like I could actually cry with how fucking good this feels right now.

Stiles’ fingers dug into my thighs and my legs shook in response. His body pushing up against mine, his tongue working wonders in my mouth, his staff deliciously pumping inside of me, and the thrill of possibly getting caught had me at the edge of my release.

I couldn’t handle my own body weight anymore and laid down on the desk, my head basically hanging off on the other side. But, I didn’t mind and neither did Stiles. One of his hands slid past my shirt and unclasped the hook of my bra that was conveniently in the front. His fingers pushed aside the fabric and kneaded my left breast.

“Stiles.” I moaned, my skin full of goosebumps at how fucking ready I was to cum. “Please.”

Stiles didn’t need anymore words to understand what I was asking for as his right hand rushed over to my clitoris, drawing imaginary circles with his middle finger, and his left hand pinched my nipple. It was everything I desired to push my body over the edge and fall into the incredible fire of an orgasm.

I could feel my core clench around him and Stiles had to, immediately, lean down and bite onto my shoulder to keep from screaming out. I also had to hide my own moans by covering my mouth with both of my hands.

Stiles came right when I tightened around his member, spilling all of his juice inside of me. The incredibly warm and welcoming feeling of his liquid shooting up inside me, amped up my orgasm even more. It’s a good thing I religiously take the pill or else Stiles cumming inside of me would’ve been an absolute nightmare.

My legs fell from their position on the desk, too weak to hold themselves up anymore and Stiles stopped thrusting into me. He rested his head on my chest, his eyes closed, as we both panted.

“Sex at school?” I began to say through attempts to regain my breath. “Didn’t think I’d ever be brave enough to pull it off, but fuck that was super hot.”

“That was one of our best fucks.” Stiles stated and I couldn’t agree more. This little session has definitely made it up to our top ten.

Our euphoric state of bliss had us completely tune out the sound of the dismissal bell ringing, declaring that it was lunch time. It was only when we heard chattering and numerous footsteps outside of the door that we had realized it was time to go. 

Stiles carefully pulled out, both of us still sensitive, slid his boxers back up and followed by his red pants. As he buckled his belt, I sat back up. My attention now focused on the state of my lower body. My core was drenched in our arousals and our juices were dripping down my thighs. 

“Well, damn.“ I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose as I thought of a solution. 

“Don’t worry.” Stiles voice pulled me out of my own head and I looked up at him, his stare focused on my core. “I got it.”

Before I could even ask what he could possibly do about this, Stiles knealed down in front of me and grabbed my legs. His tongue scraped up the juice from my thighs and he gladly swallowed. I was in pure shock when he gently licked and sucked all of our juices off of me, my eyes watching in amusement.

“There we go.” Stiles wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his plaid shirt, but he still managed to have a smirk planted on it.

“Thanks.” I chuckled as I clasped my bra back into place. Stiles just continued to smirk and politely helped me get off the desk.

“Can you stand?” He asked with genuine concern.

“I think so.” I stated, letting go of him and successfully standing on my own. We grinned at each other and I quickly fixed my skirt before he opened the door and we walked out of the empty classroom.

The second I closed the door behind me, Scott immediately appeared in front of us with that kind smile he always had on his face.

Normally, I would be happy to see Scott, but as soon as he ran into us in the halls was when I noticed my quite obvious panties sticking out of Stiles’ back pocket.

“Hey, Scott!” I quickly greeted, rushing past Stiles and reaching him first.

I extended ny hand in a fist as I felt Stiles walking up beside me. Scott and I fist bumped each other’s hands, his expression changing. The Alpha’s eyebrows furrowed, lost in thought, while he looked at me strangely. 

“Hi, Emma.“ Scott shook off whatever he was just thinking about and returned to his normal behavior.

"Sup, Scotty.” Stiles greeted his best friend, extending his hand. Scott gazed at their hands as they high-fived. That’s when I took the opportunity to sneakily grab my panties from Stiles’ pocket and hold it behind my back.

I quickly stuck it under my shirt and tucked the fabric into my skirt to keep it in place and avoid the risk of it falling.

My entire body relaxed when the situation was, finally, under control.

“Let’s go get some lunch.” Stiles suggested, resting his arm across Scott’s shoulder and walking him towards the cafeteria.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later.” I stated, beginning to walk the opposite way. “I’m just gonna head over to the bathroom first.”

“Want us to save you a seat?” Scott called, looking over his shoulder to me. 

“Yeah, that’d be great!” I smiled, giving him two thumbs up and he turned back to look in front of him.

I let out a sigh of relief when they took a turn and entered a different hallway. 

But, not without Stiles smirking at me and giving me a cocky wink, first.


Imagine. Jerome claiming you as soon as you walk through the doors at the Arkham asylum. 

Everybody turned to see you, the first girl who had walked in those doors in months. The red haired psycho eyed you and knew from this short view that you were his perfect partner in crime. Five minutes later you were already being dragged down to one of the isolation cells for fighting with one of the other girls when you “stole” her spot, which you didn’t give a shit about. The girl you hit was dead shortly after, no one knew why, she just died. 

imagine if we had gotten a tv series for harry potter like a series of unfortunate events! i mean its so book accurate so far and including basically everything

we could have had three - five one hour episodes per season depending on the size of the book

and included everything and even little extra things that are mentioned in the books and not seen

it would have been perfect


“Tell her,” Frederick urges with a slow nod.
Connor doesn’t balk, not once. He slowly but surely rotates to face me. Calmly, he says, “Five seconds. I tried leaving sooner, but I did see you half-dressed.” He pauses. “I didn’t see you giving head, if that’s what you’re asking.”
“That’s what I always thought, and I really, really appreciate it. What you did…”
“Don’t.” Connor’s deep blue eyes never dart away from mine. “Don’t appreciate me, Daisy. Because it wasn’t for you. I manipulated a man and used your evidence to further a ploy that benefited me and my family.”
He can paint the selfish portrait, but that picture is only half-complete.
“Maybe your intentions were never to help me, but you did. And it’s not the only thing you did.” It’s more than just interrupting Julian and me during Princesses of Philly. “How many photographs have you bought? The ones that photographers took of me backstage when I modeled?” I’m not sure if there’s more than just the one from Paris, but I remember that one like a deep, visceral scar in my body. Photographers captured pictures of me naked backstage at a Paris fashion show.
I never knew what happened to them.
They never leaked online. In time, I realized that Connor Cobalt is the only one who had the resources to buy them. To stop them.
To help me.
I believe he did it because he loves Rose, and Rose loves me. What power their love truly has.
Connor observes me for a second, his features harder to interpret. Then he turns to our therapist. “You see, I’m not as self-serving as you believe me to be.”
“As you believe yourself to be,” Frederick corrects.

Million Reasons // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 6 of 6)

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Mentions of Sexual Content, Mentions of Smut, Angst, Jealousy, Fight, Making Out,and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,094

Song: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

A/N: Well folks, this is it. We’ve officially reached the Finale. I absolutely loved writing this little series and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend you listen to the song after finishing, it’s gonna make you all kinds of happy and it definitely inspired some quotes. Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support! 

P.s. I will be posting an Epilogue with more smut for y'all!

Wiping away the last remaining tears on my cheeks and taking a much needed deep breath, I knocked on the front door of the Martin household and just waited for my fate. I don’t even need to have supernatural powers or senses to know that this night is going to be a complete bust. Lydia, on the other hand, would literally behead me if I even consider missing this event.

Ever since last night, when I drove Stiles into the arms of another girl, all I’ve wanted to do is just hide away in my own house and hopefully never have to leave again. But, no, now I have to come to this stupid party Lydia threw for the pack because it’s basically mandatory.

The front door flew open when I least expected it and I even jumped slightly in shock. On the other side of the door was a very well dressed, as always, Lydia Martin. Her face lit up into a smile instantly when she realized I was the one that had arrived.

“Whoa, you scared me there.” I chuckled and the smile on her face grew even wider.

“Ah, always a pleasure.” The red head slightly lifted her skirt to bow and I laughed.

Lydia took a step aside and opened the front door more, pointing inside. “Come on in.”

I smiled at her one last time before walking past the door and into her beautiful home, the sound of the banshee closing it behind me. We walked all the way to her backyard and the bonfire Lydia had promised was already in full swing.

I entered and felt content to see everyone so happy and just enjoying themselves. Scott and Kira were dancing together in front of the bonfire, both too drunk with each other to even care who could possibly see. Malia was engaged in a conversation with Theo and my stomach turned in disgust at the sight of him. Mason and Liam were chugging down cups of, what I assume is, beer and the last person my eyes laid on was him.

Stiles was sitting slightly away from the bonfire, alone, with a red plastic cup in his hand as he quietly sung along to the music playing. The butterflies in my stomach, which have declared it as their home at this point, had woken up from their slumber and began flying around crazily just at the sight of this boy. It took everything I had not to cry and give into my emotions I was trying so hard to hold back.

“Hey guys!” Scott’s voice shouting pulled me out of my trance. It’s amazing how Stiles doesn’t even need to say or do anything for me to already feel completely lost in him. “Emma’s here!”

I blushed at the Alpha’s excitement to see me and my eyes peered around the room to see everyone smile, even Theo, at my arrival. Well, everyone except for Stiles that is. His eyes, immediately, pierced into mine and I could feel my entire body ignite on fire. I gave him a weak smile and saw awe and wonder quickly flicker in his pupils.

“Alright, now the party’s started!” Scott exclaimed, approaching me and giving me a big bear hug. It was a tight hug, but surprisingly pleasant. To be honest, I didn’t even mind the lack of air when we finished our embrace. “Somebody get this girl a drink!”

“Thanks, Scotty.” I laughed, watching as the host of the party made her way into the kitchen just to get me one.

I immediately ran after her, feeling bad that she would have to go through the trouble of making me a drink. Lydia was already grabbing a plastic cup when I entered the kitchen and stopped her.

“Thanks Lydia, but you really don’t have to.” I stated, approaching her.

“Oh, it’s okay.” The banshee shrugged and waved her hand at me, getting the vodka on the counter to pour a small amount in the shaker. “I like making drinks for my friends.”

I smiled at her kindess and politely thanked her as I watched Lydia put a juice mixer into the container. Putting on the lid, she shook it to blend the two different liquids together and, then, opened it. I leaned on the counter at the same time that she poured the drink into a plastic cup just like the one Stiles was holding and handed it to me. I took a sip and the alchohol burned it’s way down my throat, but the sweet taste of the tropical juice made it worth it.

“Hey, so how’d your date with Theo go last night?” Lydia turned her entire body to face me with a smirk planted on her lips as she leaned against the counter, as well. “Did you guys, you know…?”

I audibly groaned as I took another swig of my drink and she furrowed her eyebrows in interest.

“What?” The red head chuckled. “Is he that bad in bed?”

“Lydia!” I laughed, shouting and she lifted her hands in surrender. “It didn’t even get to that. God, I would never let that lame excuse of a man into my pants.”

“Oh, my God!” She laughed with me and it felt nice to just talk to her without thinking about last night. “How terrible was the date?”

The problem wasn’t really the date, per se. It’s that I’m in love with Stiles Stilinski. But, I can’t exactly tell you that.

“The date wasn’t that awful. It’s what happened after the date that’s the problem.” I told her and Lydia had never looked more intrigued in her entire life. “The guy is the worst kisser I have ever met.”

Lydia bursted out laughing and it made me happy that I was the one to cause that. She had to literally get a hold of the counter to stop herself from falling over and I noticed water gather up in her eyes.

“Oh, man.” She wiped away a fallen tear from laughing too hard and I smiled at her actions. “What a shame.”

The sound of Scott shouting our names at the top of his lungs broke our little bubble and we instantly ran towards the backyard. Fear flooded in my veins, my mind already imagining the worst case scenarios possible.

“Yay, you’re back! Let’s play games!” Scott celebrated and as soon as I realized we weren’t actually facing a supernatural threat, I let myself relax again.

The pack had turned the music down and everyone was sitting in a small circle around the fire, content smiles on their faces.

“Dammit, Scott!” Lydia yelled with a scowl, approaching him to slap his arm. “You can’t just scream like that!”

“Yeah.” I agreed, slightly laughing at her anger. “You scared us both.”

“Sorry.” The Alpha shrugged, a mischevious smile plastered on his face. “But, I really want to play Suck & Blow.”

“Do I even want to know what that is?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him as I sat down in between Liam and Malia.

“It’s when you have to pass a playing card to the person next to you with your mouth.” Lydia explained, taking her own seat in between Kira and Theo. “You blow as the other sucks the card away from your lips. If you let the card fall, you two have to kiss.”

“Is this really a game we should be playing?” I scoffed.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!” Scott shrugged, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. “But, I mean, we’re definitely gonna have to make some seating arrangements. Exes can’t sit with each other.”

The Alpha pointed to the were-coyote sitting next to me and that’s when I had noticed Stiles sitting next to her. Malia looked like she couldn’t care less about this situation, but was grateful of Scott’s thoughtfullness, anyway.

“Okay, uh-” Scott peered around the group to see who could take her spot, his face full of concetration. He didn’t even bother to look at Kira because there’s no way in hell she’s sitting away from him, but carefully looked at the rest of us girls. Scott took his time staring at Lydia thinking whether or not he should suggest her, until his brown eyes fell on mine.

My heart, immediately, stopped and I seriously considered just making a run for it. My eyes widened immensely as I noticed his lips curl into a sly smirk.

“Emma.” The werewolf pointed at me and, then, the girl beside me. I watched in horror as he said the words I didn’t want to hear. “You switch places with Malia.”

Everything in my head seemed to spin as I nervously took Malia’s spot. I didn’t even have it in me to react or say a single word to my Alpha, I didn’t trust my voice enough. My eyes prickled with possible tears just at the idea of being beside Stiles after everything that happened and I have never felt more defenseless. Every supernatural creature I have faced is nothing compared to my fear of facing Stiles.

With a quick glance, I turned to look at him. His eyes didn’t even dare to meet mine as they were glued to the floor. That’s when I noticed he was nervously fidgeting with his hands, something he does whenever he’s scared or anxious.

I shut my eyes before taking a deep breath and turning back to Scott to watch him attach the playing card to his mouth and pass it to Kira. It was a success and everyone payed close attention, with intrigue in their eyes, as she passed it to Lydia. When the red head passed it to Theo, I couldn’t help but notice her quickly glance at me and smirk. I smirked back at her at the memory of me confessing the guy is an awful kisser. Lydia was able to pass it to him without letting it fall and I had to hold back my shameless laughter when she looked me straight in the eye and mouthed “thank God”.

After Theo sat Mason, then, Liam and Malia. The card was getting by just fine as everyone did surprisingly well. Everybody playing it off cool and I was shocked that no one had dropped it yet.

When it was my turn to receive the card from Malia, I felt the excitement of the game run through my veins. She passed it to me and I was in awe that we managed to keep it flowing. I mentally prepared myself before turning around to Stiles and approaching him.

His eyes were wide as they observed me place the card on his lips. The second I got so close to him, I felt his familiar smell that I loved so much and I became instantly consumed by Stiles. I was slightly distracted as I remembered all of those intimate times we spent together, but he was able to get the card.

For about two seconds.

The entire world seemed to slow down when we watched the card detach from his mouth and fall onto the ground as if the universe was stuck in slow motion. I could feel my heart fall into the deepest pit of my stomach at the same time that everyone yelled excitedly.

“Wonderful.” Stiles scoffed and I looked up at him, his eyes now on my own.

“Oh, you know what that means!” Kira squeeled, clapping her hands together as Mason and Liam made annoying smooching noises.

I tried desperately to speak with Stiles through our eyes, asking him if he was okay with this or if he’d like me to come up with some excuse. But, either he didn’t pick up what I was putting down or he just chose to ignore me.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but were only a few seconds. There were so many different emotions on his face and I didn’t know how to decifer any one of them. All I could really understand was the incredibly strong tension between us right now and I wondered if any of the werewolves could sense it.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Scott shouted, way too eager for my liking. “Stiles, kiss her already!”

A feeling of comfort, suddenly, rushed into me when Stiles’ eyes changed and they flickered in the same way they did the night we last had sex before, well, our “breakup”. They were soft and warm and I already sensed myself getting lost in them.

Goosebumps made their way onto my skin when he settled his hand on my cheek and pulled me in towards him. My breath hitched in my throat with how nervous I was as he placed his lips on mine. I, immediately, closed my eyes and let myself enjoy this one moment of weakness.

His mouth back on my own felt like I was finally home after a really long and painful day. All of my fear and hurt melted away as his lips brushed with mine in such a soft and delicate pace, I could barely feel it. But, then, the sound of the pack cheering loudly seemed to, suddenly, spark something in him and he put his other hand on my other cheek.

I grabbed his plaid shirt with my fingers, the kiss now deeper than before. I wanted to moan, I wanted to smile, I wanted to cry at all of the different feelings I was facing with this breath-taking kiss. To the rest of them it was just some heated little makeout session we were having, but to us it was so much more.

It was the feeling of the ice in between Stiles and I starting to melt. It was the beginning of a possible fix in our broken relationship. It was the weight jumping off our shoulders as we began to feel at peace. It was a conversation our bodies were having, confessing how much we desperately wanted and needed each other.

I interally groaned when Stiles slowly pulled away and let me go. It felt cold not to have him with me anymore, but I could still feel the tingle of his touch on my lips. My body thankfull they got to taste my one drug I’m so addicted to, again.

“Damn!” Liam laughed and the majority laughed along with him.

The blush on Stiles’ and my own cheeks were obvious as we nervously recomposed ourselves. I looked over at him and he was smiling, my heart felt like it could fly at the beautiful sight before me. It amazes me how in love I am with this boy and how he truly has my entire heart in his hands.

The game went on for about an hour and everyone was having the greatest time, including Stiles and I. It was nice to just be able to relax with him and not have to pretend like everything was okay because, in some way, things we’re starting to be okay again.

When the smoke coming from the bonfire became so strong that practically everyone was coughing and having a hard time breathing, we knew it was time to move the party inside the house.

“I say we play Never Have I Ever next.” Lydia suggested once we all sat at the dining room table, each of us now with glasses of wine in our hands. Sure, we’re just teenagers but we’re very classy teenagers.

“How does that game work?” Malia asked, taking one of the many bottles on the table and refilling her glass.

“It’s simple.” The banshee smiled and I listened carefully because I also have no idea how to play. “It starts by someone saying something they’ve never done before and all of those who have done that thing before must take a sip of their drink. For example, if I say I’ve never eaten an apple before, everyone who has eaten an apple drinks.”

“Oh, alright. Then, let’s start!” The were-coyote exclaimed, clearly excited to play. “Who goes first?”

“I’ll go.” Kira offered and everyone smiled at her. “Okay, never have I ever gone fishing before.”

“Oh, come on Kira!” Lydia laughed, getting popcorn from the bowl on the table and tossing some at the kitsune. “You’re always the prude!”

“Yeah, you have to have scandelous confessions.” Mason agreed and I couldn’t hold back my smile. “They need to be intense.”

“Fine, then.” Kira pouted and Scott tried to comfort her. “You start.”

“Gladly.” Mason smirked, his face mischevious as he came up with his statement. “Never have I ever thought about having sex with someone in this very room.”

The rest of the table looked around at each other before literally all of us lifted our glasses and took a sip. The laughter was uncontrollable at how everyone just confessed that they’ve thought about sleeping with one another and it was refreshing.

“Okay, my turn.” Liam chuckled at Mason’s shocked reaction. “Never have I ever actually had sex with someone in this very room.”

My eyes grew wide and I internally cursed myself when I felt my heart begin to beat faster. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles all took sips as my hands felt clammy. My mind was running a mile a minute and I didn’t know what to do.

“Emma, why is your heart beating so fast?” Theo narrowed his eyes at me and everyone at the table turned their heads to stare at my blushing cheeks.

“Yeah, it totally is.” Malia agreed, her face curious. “It’s like it’s about to jump out of your chest.”

I could already feel Stiles’ heated stare on me, he lifted up his hand to nervously bite his nails and I felt like I could be sick. The entire table cautiously waited for an answer and my stomach knotted in anxiety. With my heartbeat pounding in my ears and shaking my entire body, I picked up my glass and slowly took a sip.

The room went silent with realization and I could even hear a few gasps coming from my friends when everything made sense. Only five of us took sips and everyone knows that Scott is comitted to Kira and was to Allison before her, which means he never would have had sex with me. Leaving the only other possibility in the circle… Stiles Stilinski.

My heart twisted and sunk with nerves at the pack staring at me in such awe and shock that they had no idea how to even properly react to this. Anxiety flooded my entire body as Scott was the first person to speak up.

“I knew it!” He shouted and my heart stopped, Stiles also snapping his head towards his best friend.

“What?” I gawked, completely astonished.

“You guys have been reeking of sex the past month! I knew that couldn’t be just a coincidence and I eventually put it all together.”

“Well, nice detective work.” I answered shyly, my eyes falling to the floor in embarassment.

“Wait, wait, wait. Is he the one you’re in love with?” Theo suddenly stood up, severe anger in his eyes. “Is Stiles the one you dropped me for?”

I, immediately, turned to look at Stiles and he was both perplexed and flustered. The awe and hope in his eyes were obivous and I gave him a weak smile. He smiled back and it felt like the world was, finally, falling into the right place again.

“You fucking bitch!” Theo snapped, pulling our attentions back to him. “Stiles Stilinski?! I am so much better than that pathetic loser!”

Anger boiled in me like never before and I instantly stood up, approaching Theo. He was slightly surprised at my sudden action, but stood his ground anyway. I didn’t even say anything, too furious at his remark towards Stiles, and I just lifted my hand and slapped him across the face.

“Oh, shit!” Liam shouted, clearly amused at my actions.

“Don’t ever talk about him like that again.” I threatened with a low and stern voice as Theo’s hand clutched his reddened cheek. “You are nothing compared to Stiles and not even worth wasting my breath on.”

Before I even knew what was happening as it all happened so fast, Theo pushed me up against the wall. It felt as if all of the wind was immediately knocked out of me the second my back hit it. Theo’s enraged face was just inches from mine. Fear consumed my thoughts as I watched him lift one hand to attack me, the claws already sprouting out of his nails. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what was about to come.

Suddenly, Theo was ripped away from my body before he could sink his claws into my flesh and it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I looked beside me to see him being dragged to the front door against his will by my saviour. My heart fluttered at the sight of Stiles protecting me as he pushed the werewolf outside, Theo falling to the ground immediately.

“Don’t ever fucking touch her again.” He threatened, grabbing the door handle. “Or I’ll kill you myself.”

Stiles didn’t even wait for a possible answer, he just shut the door in Theo’s face instead.

The entire room was silent with everything that just happened, no one even daring to say a single word. All of their eyes were switching from Stiles to me, back and forth. That was when I noticed the boy I love glance over to Lydia and they shared a conversation through their eyes. My heart sunk in response and I’ve never felt more stupid in my entire life.  

I can’t believe for the slightest second I actually thought that I had the chance of being with Stiles again. He’s with Lydia now and would never take me back, not after I rejected him.

This was all way too overwhelming and I felt like I was going to explode.

“Excuse me.” I quickly stated, before running out towards the backyard. My face heated with embarassment and my eyes warning me they were about to cry.

I took a deep breath once I was alone and rested my hands on my knees, trying everything I can to pull myself together. This entire night kept replaying in my head over and over again and I wanted to scream. The tears had now escaped my eyes and I didn’t even bother to stop them, I was too hurt to care.

The faint sound of footsteps walking towards me rung in my ears and I didn’t need to turn around to know who they belonged to. The memory of when I found Trevor cheating on me and running away only to be chased after by Stiles, before any of this happened, flooded my thoughts and it made my heart sting. God, that feels like so long ago.

“Stiles, I’m so sorry.” I turned around to see him standing behind me, his hands tucked into his pockets. “If I had known that suggesting we become friends with benefits would have resulted in all of this, I swear I never would’ve. Because of me, I’ve brought so much pain into our lives and I’ll never forgive myself for that.”

He stared at me for a few seconds before clearing his throat and answering.

“Well, I’m not sorry.” Stiles shrugged, his voice full of kindness. “I don’t regret a single encounter of ours and I really hope you don’t either.”

“Of course not.” I shook my head, not caring that so many tears were flowing down my cheek and he could see them. “I just regret hurting you.”

His eyes fell to the ground and my heart bled at the sight.

“I made a mistake rejecting you. There’s not a second that goes by that I haven’t beat myself up for it.” I confessed, my voice small and nervous. “B-But, I’m glad that you’re happy with Lydia now.”

Stiles’ head snapped up to look at me, confusion imminent in his features, as he took a step towards me. “What makes you think I’m with Lydia?”

“W-What?” I was completely baffled, this new information suprising me. “That doesn’t make any sense. I saw her at your house last night and you two were kissing.”

“You saw her at my house?” He narrowed his eyes at me, a smirk on his face. “Emma, were you stalking me?”

“No!” I shouted a little too quickly and Stiles laughed. “Stiles, I swear to God, I wasn’t stalking you.”

“Then, what were you doing at my house last night?” The freckled boy folding his arms across his chest, challenging me.

“I-I-” Letting out a nervous sigh, I tried to stop my stuttering. “I turned down Theo on our date because I realized that I loved you and only you. I went to your house t-to tell you and I secretly hoped you’d take me back, but then I saw you kissing her and I just… left.”

Stiles took another step closer to me and I felt my hands start to get clammy.

“You should’ve stayed.” He announced, a smile plastered on his face and I had never been more puzzled in my entire life.

“Why would I have done that?”

“Because you would’ve seen what came after the kiss.” Stiles stated, his hands coming out of his pockets to settle on my waist. “I confessed to Lydia that you’re the only love of my life and I could never be with her. She took it really well, actually.”

My heart fluttered at his confession and the tears started to slow down. Every single nerve in my body that was anxious and terrified a few seconds ago are now calming down and I could feel myself breathe again.

“Stiles, I don’t deserve you.” My voice was small and weak, but Stiles didn’t mind. He just shook his head at me and smiled.

“Emma, we’ve all made mistakes before-”

“No, but what I did was cruel and mean. You shouldn’t be loving towards me right now, you should be walking away and looking for someone better.”

“I guess you’re right.” Stiles shrugged and my knees went weak. “With everything that’s happened, I’ve got about a hundred million reasons to just walk away and leave without ever looking back.”

My eyes fell to the ground in pain as those words left his mouth, my heart churning in agony. However, the feeling of Stiles’ finger on my chin, gently lifting my face to look deep into his warm and golden eyes, had my breath hitching in my throat.

“But, Emma, I just need one good one to stay.”

It felt as if all of the ice in my veins was immediately set on fire and my entire body breathed again, relief and love taking over my emotions. There were tears rolling down my cheeks again, but this time they weren’t full of grief. For the first time, the tears falling from my eyes were tears of joy. I smiled at Stiles and I had never felt more safe and content in all my life.

“Remember when I said I couldn’t risk being in a relationship again?” My eyes pierced in his and he smiled, nodding. “Well, Stiles you are the risk I am willing to take. The risk I will always take.”

We were both smiling at each other like two idiots as he placed his hands on my cheeks, his eyes never breaking from my own. That’s when I felt the warmth start by tingling in my toes and fingers before passing through my entire body like a wave, washing away all of the stress and the pain of everything that happened between us. It left me refreshed inside and by the gleam in Stiles’ eyes, I knew this same waved passed through him, too.

His lips touched mine and I sunk into him. This kiss wasn’t just a simple kiss, it was kiss that helped mend everything we had broken together. The entire world ceased to exist as I focused on the feeling of his steady heartbeat against my own chest. Everything was soft and warm, the sensation of heat flooded our skin after spending cold and lonely nights away from each other. This kiss is the greatest kiss I’ve ever experienced because it wasn’t filled with passion and lust, it was filled with love and I will carry this feeling for the rest of my life. When I die, I will die with this memory of his lips against mine.

I inaudibly groaned when Stiles pulled away for us to breathe and he settled his forehead on my own, his thumbs softly caressing my cheeks.

“I know you’re scared of giving yourself to me but, Emma, I promise you I’ll never leave or hurt you. I’ll cherish you forever, making sure that every single day you know just how important and beautiful you are.” Stiles spoke, his words making me blush. “Over the course of this past month, you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and if you let me, I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way.”

Stiles wiped away the tears on my cheeks and I melted into his soft hand. Bringing my own hand to hold onto his, I let myself be fully consumed by him. I was nervous to let my walls down for someone, but I already felt so safe in his arms.

“Emma,” He stated my name when I couldn’t find the words to answer him. “Three words, eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.”

My entire body and mind were screaming at me, desperately trying to convince me to not give in. They reminded me of all the times I was vulnerable to past boyfriends and how I was constantly thrown down a deep precipice of pain and despair.

But, as I gazed into Stiles’ mesmerizing eyes, they were tuned out and all I could hear was the faint voice of my heart. Telling me, no- begging me to do the one thing I was originally against.

With my heart pushing me into a defenseless territory where I would, without a doubt, be emotionally exposed to this boy holding me together, I let the words roll off my tongue.

“I love you.”


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Part 2 of the keroro requests from last week! (Here’s part 1) The first image is totally self indulgent, since I was asked to draw something with my 2 favourite Keronians. It was basically the perfect chance to crossover my 2 favourite series, as well lmfao. 

Thanks for these awesome requests! 

The Five Stages of Grief: Tadashi Hamada fandom edition
  • Denial: Tadashi totally survived that blast. There wasn't a body, and Callaghan escaped. Yep. Totally alive hahaha
  • Bargaining: Please Disney, bring him back in the TV series. I promise to buy shitloads of merchandise and watch every Disney movie ever made, just please don't kill my cinnamon roll!
  • Depression: *watches big hero 6 with a pint of ice cream and a never ending stream of tears*
  • Acceptence: .........
  • Denial: Tadashi totally survived that blast.
“When we cast Jason [Bateman], we knew we needed Nick to be snarky and kind of a wise-ass, but he had to have a warmth to him,” Howard said. “Jason was perfect. He was our only choice. And people do just fall in love with Nick. The first thing I heard when I went to China was, ’Nick would be a perfect boyfriend.’ And it goes back to that warmth and kindness. It also helps that there’s a little bit of an edge, too.”Whether Nick is truly perfect boyfriend material has yet to be officially discussed by Howard and Moore, who both admit that they’d love to revisit the lush world of Zootopia for a potential sequel or series of short films, but they have been paying attention to the fandom.

In many ways, Zootopia has found a second life on Tumblr, where impassioned fans can engage with the material Howard and Moore spent five years creating. After all, Zootopia is so much more than a movie; it’s a world. It’s a space that gives fans ample room to play, create, and put their own spin on characters like Judy and Nick.

fuckyeahbethdixon  asked:

I just watched The Final Problem and I am not famous here on Tumblr but I desperately need a little hug after I saw that finale. The fact that it seemed like a goodbye was so sad. Please tell me everything will be okay. *sobs while clinging onto crumbling hope for Season 5*

come here, friend. come into the warmth of my embrace

the final problem was perfect, to me. I firmly believe there won’t be a series five but I’ll be dancing along with everyone else in the retirement home if we ever do ;)

I’m not sure which way you swing ship wise so I’ll not say anythign about that but personally I was very satisfied with the outcome. it’ll be very interesting to see where they do go if series five ever comes about…absolute fucking mystery as to whom I ship, I know. just have to guess :D

and wait forget sherlock a minute, THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK NEXT MONTH. WE HAVE TO PREPARE FOR PAIN ALL OVER AGAIN. now I’m the one that needs a hug

Tagged by the stupendous @agentmarymargaretskitz to pick five OTPs from five fandoms.

Most of these will surprise exactly no one.

1.  Whouffaldi.  This is the one that really got me into shipping.  I don’t this I consciously shipped them in series 8, but then came Last Christmas, and everything was wonderful and life was perfect.  Series 9 was glorious, right up until Face the Raven.  It broke me.  There was ugly sobbing.  You’d think an actual, real live person had died.  She was.  Whouffaldi permanently changed how I watch Doctor Who, and I can never go back.

2.  Butterfly Bog.  Or as I like to call it, the Whouffaldi Happy Ending AU.  Strange Magic is a wonderful, completely underrated gem, and Marianne and Bog are everything right and good in the world.  What more do you need in life than a sword-fighting fairy princess and a grumpy Scot that’s secretly a marshmallow?

3.  Gallya.  This one snuck up behind me in a dark alley and hit me over the head with a monkey wrench.  I went into Man from UNCLE expecting a fun, retro spy flick.  I was not expecting to become emotionally invested in the thwarted romance of a Russian giant with anger management issues and a tiny, salty, German mechanic.  I need a sequel dagnabbit!  I NEED TO SEE THEM KISS.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT NAPOLEON’S EXPLOITS, WE JUST WANT GABBY AND ILLYA TO KISS.  IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!


4.  Sherlolly.  I’ve shipped them off and on from series 1, and they’ve come so far.  I love the way Molly continues to be a ray of sunshine and refused to become bitter, and the way Sherlock’s become a better person in spite of himself, due to all his friend, but especially because of Molly.  I never really thought anything would come of it until the Empty Hearse (you know what I’m talking about).  I really don’t care if it’s canon or not - there’s so many lovely fics that feed my obsessions just fine, thank you very much (it’s my private theory that Sherlolly shippers are very much like Molly - we love our ship unconditionally, without expectation of anything in return).

Also, I just watched The Final Problem, and I’m mildly in shock.  I need a blanket.

5.  Jassandra.  These guys.  THESE GUYS.  I’ve shipped them from episode one.  The way they complement and encourage each other is beautiful, and you can see their relationship grow so much over the show.  Plus, the amount of casually invading each other’s personal space is insane since they’re not actually canon.  Yet.

*in Yoda voice*  They will be.  They. will. be…

Bonus:  Darcy Lewis/Stephen Strange.  I’ve been sucked into Darcyland in a big way, as anyone who follows me knows.  And I absolutely adored Doctor Strange, much more than I was expecting.  I wrote a Darcy/Stephen oneshot, and I was surprised at how much I like them together.  They’ll never be canon (they’ll probably never meet, since Darcy and Jane got kicked out of Ragnarok *rude*), and they’ll probably never be that popular (there’s exactly two Darcy/Stephen fics on Ao3, and I wrote one of them), but I think they’re my favourite Darcy ship, and that’s saying something.  Plus, the Cloak of Levitation gives me life.

They need a ship name, though.  MagicShock?  SpellShock?  TaserSpark? *shrugs*

I tag @gleefully-macabre @bgeiner @infiniteregress17 @levele3 @livvy1800

Superkicked Into Love|Young Bucks x Ofc| Soulmate A/B/O AU

Author’s Note: Heyo so this took me a very long time to make. And I deleted it and rewrote it five times so please, please at least give a me moment and see I tried to get this right and perfected to my standards and hopefully all of yours. So please. Enjoy now. Kisses! Also feed back would be great and the second part of Love Bites (my Jeff Hardy series) will come out tomorrow or Sunday 

Word Count:  13,153 words people. 13,153 fucking words. 

Warnings: Threesome, cursing, mentions of past abuse, anxiety, public abuse and humiliation, and attempted rape. If there’s anything else tell me and I will add it to the warnings here. 


Tag List: @grungegirlmo (<<< That chick right there is the reason I made this fic to begin with so thank her and give her a follow. She has the most beautiful and funny personality and she slays my existence with her physical beauty)  @finnbalorsbabygirl @covergirlcollarbones @thathpchick @withwordslikeweapons @iamnotthrowingawaymytitleshot @xxmaddhatter39xx and whoever else 

Eirene was slammed back first onto the mat and ended up getting pinned by Adam Cole as his friends, Matt and Nick Jackson aka the Young Bucks, kept her brothers busy outside of the ring. Her vision blurred as she got that vicious spinebuster from Adam. She didn’t have the energy to kick out which she knew her brothers would chew her ass out about. Probably in front of everyone again. But she didn’t care anymore. When the Bucks and Adam rushed up the ramp backstage immediately her brothers got her case with mics in hand pulling her up by her mutli colored hair yelped as her older brother, Derrick spoke into the mic,

“You know Nonnie I think it’s time for David and I to let go of our weak link…That weak link is you. Ever since you were born you’ve been nothing but a burden. You followed us into this business that you shouldn’t ever set foot in. You’re not good enough. You’re pathetic. You’re weak. You costed us every title match. You killed mom. Everything here ends here tonight, Eirene. We are going to break very damn bone in your body. We are going to ruin your career. Hell, we’re gonna ruin your life more than your ex, Cabana, has.” Eirene let out a weak cry in response. She was still trying to recover from Adam’s previous assault as she listened to her older brother’s words. Tears threatened to fall as her other older brother, David, let go of her and Derrick grabbed her. The five foot 25 year old woman watched David to under the ring knowing he was getting a steel chair or kendo stick. She prayed to whatever god or higher being that was listening that her brothers would make this quick or someone to save her.

Once she shut her when David got into the ring and Derrick forced her onto her feet as David repeatedly hit her with a kendo stick that broke after the 11th hit to her abdomen. She was shoved onto her the ground and kicked her causing her to roll over onto her back and her brothers to stomp on her chest and stomach. Her brothers were over six foot and over two hundred fifteen pounds while Eirene was five foot and one hundred and two pounds. Tears streamed down her face finally when she heard a crack in her chest and pain flood over her body. The Bullet Club theme once again flooded the arena they were in. It managed to catch her brothers off guard and stop what they were doing. She craned her neck to see those boys running to her aid, hopefully. Yet she didn’t want to get her hopes up.

The Greek/Norwegian native let out a relieved sigh, or at least an attempted one, when she saw Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa and her brothers go at it as the Bucks slid into in the ring helping her up. “Come on sweetheart, Adam’s dealing with Cabana backstage so he can’t hurt you either.” The older Jackson brother, Matt, told her in a soft tone in her ear. But the second mention of her ex made her whimper again. She winced when they assisted her out of the ring and mumbled trying not to cry again into Nick’s shoulder, “I think they broke my ribs.” No matter how much they were helping her walk, she was hurting like hell. Finally after some sort of the brotherly thought communication Matt picked her up bridal style as Nick walked behind and looking behind once in awhile making sure no one was going to jump them and hurt her even more. Eirene had never felt even more safe, though, in her life as the Bucks graced her with their somewhat shockingly, calm presence.

As the weeks went by and Eirene healed up and became closer to the men in the Bullet Club she began to realize that she had the same mark as Matt and Nick. Hers though was on her hip bone while Matt and Nick had theirs on their wrist. It was a skull with a cross on its forehead. Though hers could pass as a tattoo considering she did have tattoos. She sat on stacked up crates as Adam and the Bucks dealt with Cabana and her brothers. She was accompanying by Tama and Tanga who were making her laugh, which didn’t hurt anymore since her ribs were practically almost healed.

“Soooo are you gonna tell Nicky and Matty about the mark?” Tama asked Eirene as he nudged her playfully and Tanga told his brother, “Shhh! Not so loud, bro! Poor thing looks like she’s gonna faint.” “Shut up both of you. You’re both loud…But to answer you, Tama. I don’t know. Even Addy and Kenny are bothering me about it. I just gotta get rid of my own fears right now.” She groaned. “They wouldn’t ever hurt you like what Cabana and your brothers did, Nonnie.” Both Samoans let the small Beta female know. “I know. My mind’s just not in a good place. Not after Cabana cornered me last week at the other hotel.” She rubbed her temples. “Hey at least your knights in black armor came for you making that little bitch run for the hills.” Tama snickered.

Before she could reply she felt a pair of lips kiss her cheek and jumped and almost fell off the crates if Nick didn’t steady her. “Guess what?” Matt propped his elbows on the crates smiling at Eirene. Immediately she knew it was Matt that gave her the peck on the cheek. When she was about to answered Matt, Nick gave her a kiss on the other cheek making Tama and Tanga say, “Not in front of us, ewww.” She rolled her eyes the older males that were now her brothers and replied to Matt, “I dunno. What, Cali boy?” “Adam, Nick, and I have a match next pay-per-view. If we win, they all quit and never approach you ever again…But if they win-” Matt got cut off by Nick, “We’re so sorry, beautiful. The boss was out there and it made the match.” She felt her anxiety raise and asked them, “What happens if you guys lose?” “They get you back. Cabana gets you back.” The brothers answered with guilt in their eyes.

Immediately chaos erupted with the members until Adam roared, “Enough!” It got quiet quick. “If Kenny was here, he’d be pissed that you guys are fighting like this. We don’t have any choice but to win this. Nonnie’s family now. We protect our own.” Adam was always quick to sense her anxiety which made her relieved to be honest. “But right now we focus on present. And right now I’m sure all of us are tired, so let’s go to the locker room and get ready to go.” He rubbed his face as Tama and Tanga shot nasty looks at Nick and Matt.

Eirene went to her own dressing room much to the guys, mostly the Bucks, dismay, but they understood she needed her shower before going to the hotel that was a city away as was their next show before heading to Japan for their, well the guys’, shows for New Japan. That’s when it hit her she didn’t have a place to live now. “Fuck!” The small Beta hit her fist on the shower wall. Suddenly the shower curtain flew open there stood Colt fucking Cabana with sinister smile on his face. Eirene let out the loudest scream she could prior to Colt slamming her into the shower wall putting a hand over her mouth telling, “Shut up or I’ll snap your neck like a toothpick…Or better yet I’ll do it to one of those Bucks you love so much.”

A terrified cry came from her mouth but was muffled as tears welled up in her green eyes. Instantly Colt was ripped off of her and she slid down the wall crying and shaking like a leaf. She heard Nick and Matt beating Colt, yelling at him and even threatening him. “You sick fuckin bastard! We told you if you even thought of her we’d fuckin kill you!” Matt snarled anger burning in his brown eyes. She looked up and saw half of the roster and guards coming in ripping the boys off of Colt. “Nick! Matt! Go to Nonnie! She needs you. Let us deal with Colt.” Adam snapped at them making them look over at their mate who was looking at them with fear. But she wasn’t afraid of them, that they knew. She was still crying and shaking as the brothers carefully approached her. Nick turned off the water as Matt grabbed a towel for Eirene.

“Come on.” Nick said as Matt added, “They won’t see you. We’re blocking you, baby.” Eventually she stood up with their help as Matt wrapped the towel around her. “We’ll stay here until you’re ready to go.” Both boys gave her a kiss on lips separately. It seemed to stop her tears for now but the shaking didn’t cease. Nick murmured to her, “You’re gonna be okay.” He glanced with his blue eyes at his older brother who grabbed a pair of sweat pants, panties, a sports bra, and Young Bucks shirt for her to wear from Eirene’s bag that was in the corner. It was no lie that they knew that Eirene was their mate. A small, but fierce Beta at that. And tonight seeing her mark on her hip bone sealed the deal for them.

After the fallout after the show and they made it safely to the hotel in the next city she asked them, “Why are all of you guys putting your careers on the line for me? Hell why do you guys even care about me? Especially after all of the shit I gave you guys when I was still with my brothers.” They were walking in the parking lot of the hotel they were staying at with almost everyone else. “Because..” Nick gazed at Matt before Matt gave him a nod to tell her. “Because we knew from day one you are ours. But we didn’t say anything because you wouldn’t have listened and your brothers were always around you controlling and hurting you as much as we hated it. As for the others, since they knew they immediately saw you as family.” The blue eyed brother spoke softly. For the rest of the time no one said a word on their way to their rooms. Adam, Tama, and Tanga were rooming together this time around as Nick, Matt, and Eirene roomed together for the first time in two weeks.

When the trio went to their room they were surprised to see one bed. A queen sized one to be exact. “So…I’ll sleep on the couch since I’m the smallest.” The five footer told the older males. “Uh no you’re not.” Both of them said whipping their heads to her looking at her like she was crazy…Or at least crazier than usual. “Well what then? I’m not letting you guys share it or sleep on the ground.” She said tapping her foot like bunny thumping its foot. “We can all just share the bed. You’re small enough. We’re not crazy big like Tama and Tanga. And we promise to keep it clean unless you give us the word.” Matt said winking at her with Nick making her drop her bag and smack both of the them in the chest pretty hard. “Fuck. That hurt.” Nick whined as Matt moaned in pain, “You’re strong for a Beta.”

At last, they all got comfortable in the bed and left the little light on they had in the room so when they had to get up in the middle of the night no one would fall over and hurt themselves. “Guys?” Sh gasped out at their tight grips on her since she was in the middle of them. “What, bunny?” Both mumbled. “I can’t breathe.” The green eyed beauty told them as they instantly loosened their grips mumbling ‘sorry’ to her. She laughed softly at them. A couple minutes passed and she tossed and turned keeping the guys up unknowingly. Nick said in her ear, “Knock it off and hold still, dammit.” She let out a huff and groaned, “I can’t get comfortable and I’m not tired now.” Matt sighed rolling onto his back, “What do you want us to do about it?” He felt her shrug but suddenly a whimper escaped her lips he cocked his head to the side and saw his younger brother nibbling on their tiny mate’s exposed neck.

Matt let a grin spread across his face and he turned onto his side facing Eirene and Nick. “I guess there’s only one way to put you to sleep then.” His hand went down her sweat pants but teased her through her black satin panties making her whine and grind against his hand. She let out a yelp when Nick bit down on her neck probably almost drawing blood. She heard Matt letting out a chuckle and gave her a sudden harsh kiss forcing his tongue into her mouth. He bit on her lip earning a sexy, helpless sound from her. “Aww man, she super wet already.” Matt told Nick as he finally slipped two of his fingers into her wet core making her moan loudly prior to Nick turning her head to kiss him. “Atta girl.” Matt said pumping his fingers in and out of her causing her to buck her hips and moan into Nick’s mouth.

Eirene let out a displeased sound when Nick stopped kissing her and Matt pulled his digits from her. She felt Nick pull on her pants and panties clearly wanting them off and wanting to have a taste of her to. She glimpsed back at Matt who was licking his fingers clean and gave her a wink. “Sit up.” Nick demanded making her turn her head to him now with a shocked expression. She looked back at Matt who told her, “Listen to him, bunny.” She nodded and did what Nick said. After she did what the younger Jackson wanted she got her pants and panties pulled off and Matt was behind her pulling off her shirt and sports bra.

She was quick to cover herself but Matt pried her arms from her chest and Nick put a knee in between her legs. “Stop that. You’re gorgeous.” Nick told her grabbing a hold of her chin making her stare up at him. She could barely nod at him due to being lost in his intense blue eyes that made her even more wet. A grin spread across his face as he lightly shoved her back against his brother’s naked, who also had a hard on which didn’t help her current urges, chest making her lay back as Nick put one of her legs over his naked shoulder assaulting her folds with that skillful tongue of his. She really wanted to hate them for being all Alpha-y right now but it was doing unimaginable things to her.

Eirene cried out and gripped onto Matt hair, since he let go of her arms and he was nipping at her neck and sunk his teeth down marking her much like Nick had. Her legs were trembling as she felt an orgasm in her near future. Nick’s tongue was harshly moving against her clit making the pit in her lower stomach build up a lot quicker than it probably should’ve. “C’mon, bunny, come for him.” Matt told her grinning widely as his brother chuckled sending vibrations straight to her oncoming orgasm that took over her body, satisfying the boys with a loud moan that fell from their innocent looking mate.

Before the mutli colored hair Beta could recover the boys were quick with shoving their sweats and boxers off and putting Eirene into the position they wanted her in. Which meant she was on top of Matt while Nick was behind her both of their erections making contact with her making her want to somehow push against them and have them both buried inside of her dripping wet cunt. But fuck could they even fit in her at the same time? “Matty, Nicky.” She whined squirming against Matt’s cock making him groan.

“Just hold still, bunny, we’ll take good care of you.” The younger Jackson said gripping his cock pushing gently into her core as did Matt causing her to whined in pain at first. But the boys slowly moved in and out of her until she gave them the go ahead to go crazy. She put her hands on Matt’s chest and her hair covered her face slightly and her mouth gaped open a bit, panting, feeling full, but so fucking satisfied at her Alphas filling her up like this. “Fuck, go faster.” She gasped out and it didn’t take another word for them to do what they were told.

Eirene let out much louder moans, almost screams, as the Alpha brothers moved in and out of her with a brutal fast pace, their cocks hitting her g spot simultaneously. The only thing keeping her up right were both men as she was shaking from an approaching climax.. “Thatta girl. Come for us.” Matt rasped and with one hand he pressed his thumb on her clit rubbing it roughly. And with that motion she came undone, trembling violently as she tried hold back a scream that Nick coaxed her into letting out. Their thrusts picked up more speed before coming inside of her making her moan pathetically and them groan loudly. They both pulled out their cocks of her which made her whimper at the lost of them being in her.

Both Alphas laughed at her quietly as Nick rolled off to the side and both of them pulled her to the middle of them. “You tired now?” Nick asked and she nodded drowsily. “We’ll order room service in the morning.” Matt told her kissing her shoulder as Nick kissed her forehead. “Does this mean we’re together now?” She questioned the brothers. “Yep. You’re stuck with us now, Nonnie.” Matt said as Nick gave her a light ass slap that caused her to giggle before they all fell asleep, cuddling each other.  

hellyeahtitans67  asked:

In a perfect reboot DCU world, which of these "founding five" members of the Titans would've worked better for New 52: Nightwing, Troia, Wally West, Red Arrow and Tempest (Original Silver Age Team) or Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven (Animated Series team)?

That’s tough! On the one hand, the TV team would seem to be out as the originals - Cyborg as a JLA founder is pretty set in stone now, especially after the Justice League movie, and I can’t think of Beast Boy and to a lesser extent Raven as anything other than eternal teenagers. But at the same time, Starfire and Dick as peers is kind of a big deal. And yet on top of that, I’m afraid I really do not care for the most part about Donna Troy or Garth. I guess I have to come down on the side of the original Silver Age team for the flashback book I mentioned - like I said, that’d be the place to explore the classic setups, while the book set in the present should probably be the one with a more TV-friendly lineup.