the perfect trip is happening

Another goodbye

Lucy, once again, boarded a plane back to England bright and early this morning, breaking my heart into pieces.  We spent eight days together total, two of which I was horribly ill, two of which I was in the hospital, and two of which I worked all day.  But despite the unfortunate events that happened during this trip, it was absolutely perfect.  We put down the camera, disregarded a schedule, and appreciated the monotony of life with one another.  There won’t be a December 2013 montage video this time or a thousand pictures to post.  But the memories that Lucy and I share in our hearts and minds will forever carry us through any hardship.  Lucy and I were horribly boring - folding the laundry, doing the dishes, playing with the cats, writing back to all our letters, and filming some short videos for all of you - but it was the best kind of boring because we were together.  We left each other today with a glimmer of positivity and hope because soon, there will be no more countdown.

The last night Lucy was here, we were dreading the alarm going off at 5:30am so we could make it to the airport for her 8am flight.  But instead of getting to our hotel and falling asleep early, we filmed an amazing interview with The HUSH project, ordered Chicago style pizza, french fries, and mozzarella sticks at 2am, and snuggled in bed watching the Food network until we drifted off holding each other’s hand.  For me, that was the definition of happiness.

Thank you to all of you who countdown with us, send us amazing letters, make us awesome videos, and support us through all of our ups and downs. And thank you Lucy, for being not only my sanity but my inspiration to live life to the fullest.  Thank you Lucy for being the peace in my chaos and my stable ground.  Thank you Lucy for allowing me the privilege of being your other half.  I love you.  87 more days. 


It’s happening.

I’ve had the TCR tickets for a while now but as I vented about double booking TDS and TCR for the 4th, I just got immensely lucky and I have the DailyTix instant tweet alert to thank.

Final two nights in NYC (and the United States, for that matter) will include the company of Jon Stewart (If he does in fact return on September 3rd to host!) and Stephen Colbert.

Extra lucky that I wasn’t driving home when I got the alert, much like what happened when I nabbed the TCR tickets and sped home.

Downside is that my cousin has just experienced me at my absolute worst. The alert said there were only 2 tickets available for the 3rd and I might’ve done some severe damage to her ear drums.

Okay but when’s the cliche summer beach trip episode happening

Marinette stressing over buying the perfect swimsuit to show off to Adrien (Alya in a deadpan voice goes “aren’t you a fashion designer”)

Adrien imagining what it’d be like to go to the beach with Ladybug

There’s an akuma attack that leaves a brand or scar on Chat and Ladybug, forcing them to stay covered when they go to the beach, also foreshadowing how they’ll discover each other’s identities in time