the perfect triangle

hairy vulva positivity is great but it all seems to be for women who have a perfect little triangle bush, what about women who don’t want to trim at all? women who’s hair grows down on the inside of their thighs? thick dark hair higher on the belly? hairy butt and asshole? that’s the positivity i want to see tbh 🤷

Fall in love with perfection.

Want ice cream?
You can only have the perfect flavour in a perfectly shaped scoop.

Want bread?
You can only have those perfectly formed rolls or that one piece that’s not squished at all.

Want apples?
No bruises, bumps, or discoloured spots.

Want cheese?
It needs to be smooth, natural, in perfect squares/circles.

Want cereal?
Only eat the pieces that are absolutely perfect. Apple Jacks or Cheerios in perfect circles. Lucky Charms marshmallows in their perfect shape.

Want pizza?
Perfect triangle. Perfect amount of cheese. Fluffy crust, no visible grease.

There’s no excuse for eating junk food but god damn it if you’re gonna ruin your body with junk food, it’d better look fucking perfect. Pretty people don’t eat ugly things. And you are what you eat, so act like you give a damn what you are.

Digital Notes: a how to

Alrighty guys I’m going to make a master post of how I use the app Goodnotes. Ive been getting some questions and I think this shoud answer a bunch!

*extremely long post- sorry!*

All of your files show up in your library organized to your liking.

You can choose whatever kind of paper that suits your fancy!

If you click the zoom tool at the top of the tool bar you get this handy dude. Its zoomed in box that you write in to make it easier.

change your pen color to whatever makes you happy…

You can even change the color of your ink after the fact! Use the little lasso tool in the tool bar to circle what you want changed. Hold down and some options come up- choose color and then go to town.

writing is super smooth because of this fantastic blue box- every time you get close to the edge of your ipad screen, it’ll come up. Simply start writting in it and the box will shift over.

If you use that lasso tool again you can convert your handwriting to text!

Click the 3 little circles in the upper right> search and you can search within your stuff!

Theres also an insert bubble for whatever glorious thing you want

use the shape guide tool to make perfect squares/lines/triangles/etc..

(You can import images too! ^)

Don’t forget your highlighter!

Change your line thickness under pen settings…

Print!! Perfect for getting physical copies of your notes to mark up.

Also export…

There you have it! Happy note-taking :)

Guys, I am literally in Stormlight Archive hell. Haha!!! And I don’t care. I LOVE it! Last time I drew Shalladin and now I’ve got Adolin and Shallan. To be honest, I love Shallan with both Kaladin and Adolin. Sanderson, why did you give us such a perfect love triangle? Haha! I hope you all enjoy this depiction of Shallan’s first official date with Adolin. 

Kookmin Terms and Definitions For Fans by Fans
  • Jikook: The general, catch-all International name for the JK x JM pairing. Used primarily outside of East Asia.
  • 국민 (Kookmin): Korean name for the JK x JM couple. It strictly means top Jungkook, bottom Jimin. Used in Korea, Japan, and many other East Asian countries. It’s the most well-known, widely used name by Koreans including casual fans and fan sites.
  • 국짐 (Kookjim): The alternative name for Kookmin.
  • 지정 (Jijung): Korean name for top Min, bottom Kook.

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