the perfect roadtrip


Sterek AU

On their way to Quantico, Virginia, Derek and Stiles go on a cross-country road trip and they take turns driving while they hit all the tourist attractions along the way. They’re on their way to a new life, a happier life with some peace and normalcy, with a newfound relationship as well, and they could not be more excited to be away from Beacon Hills and to explore not only the country, but each other’s company.

Final Fantasy XV

Prompto: Annnnd are we ready? One… Two… THREE! (ʃ📷ƪ)  

… Ah, the camera loves you! One more! Say, “Fuzzy pickles”! (ʃ📷ƪ`)

… Last one! Give me a pose I’ll never forget!  (ʃ📷ƪヮ⊙)